Smart Preparations for Tomorrow’s Tough Times

So, you’re thinking about preparing (prepping) for an uncertain future, or maybe you’ve already made the decision to prepare? Well, you’re not alone.  Many of your brothers and sisters out there are concerned that America’s future could take such a drastic and negative turn that our everyday life could be forever altered.  Even if it turns out to not be a long-term change, many of us fear it could be a more difficult time than we’ve ever known before.  This article is designed with that in mind; and to encourage you and help you methodically plan for the basics of prepping and caring for your family.

Perhaps like me, you had an epiphany about the whole idea of prepping in the first place. (see my 7/14/11 article on DTOM: The Only 6 Choices in Your Russian Roulette Future).  No doubt this awakening started a whole new set of thought processes in your mind, many of which made you feel like you were way too far behind the curve and that time was short.  I know it did for me.  I finally woke up.

Relax…don’t be so hard on yourself. Yes, time may be short, but you’ve GOT to be smart about prepping and have a logical and methodical plan of attack toward that end.  After all, money may be tight for you and maybe you’ve got to go through that important first step of convincing your spouse that the money you will spend is necessary and critical to your future survival.  In formulating your plan of action, emotion and fear are not your friends, but a logical approach, having diversified and sound knowledge, and then wise decision making will pay off big dividends for you in the long run.

Once you’ve decided to prep (and hopefully gotten the go-ahead from your better half), you need to become intelligently informed.  Read everything you can, study up, search the web, learn all you can, see what others are or aren’t doing, learn from their mistakes, and then get your spouse involved in all of this.  If your kids are old enough to grasp it, don’t hide what you’re doing from them.  Prepping can be a huge undertaking, and you’re going to need all the help and ideas you can get.  You will find that with your family on board, you will develop a new closeness, a tighter bond, and a newfound trust and admiration for each other.  Get your family’s input.  Make them feel important in the process – like they have a say-so.  You need your family as allies, not adversaries.  Above all, with everything you plan to buy/invest in, do your due-diligence.  Find out what the best, most efficient, sturdiest, longest lasting items/products are, be honest with yourself about what you are willing to live without and what you aren’t (what you have to have versus like to have – at least at first), and then make your purchases.  You-Tube has literally thousands of great videos put out by folks like us that are filled with very helpful hints and advice.  You can learn a lot from those who have been about the business of prepping for years now.

Number 1: you cannot survive without water.  Water to drink, water to cook with, water to clean and bathe with, etc.  All these are necessities.  I’ve seen statistics that say the average person can go through 100 gallons of water or more a day in peacetime conditions.  If we’re in a future where there is no rule of law (WROL – without rule of law – no law enforcement, no emergency services, no help available or coming – essentially martial law) in this country, and/or the electric grid is down and it could be down long term, your water consumption by necessity will have to drop dramatically.  Still, you need to expect and plan for an absolute minimum of 3-5 gallons of water per person, per day.  Assume that your use of water will be much higher than 3-5 gallons per day at the onset until you get used to rationing it and changing old water usage habits.  If you’re not on a well, have you ever thought about how long it would take for the public water supply to play out when there’s no electricity to fill the water towers?  My guess is less than a week, maybe only days.  Bottled water has a shelf-life, so while it’s good for short term emergencies lasting less than a few weeks, you will need to have a natural source of water identified before the SHTF (you-know-what hits the fan!).  After all, a family of 4 will use 20+ gallons of water per day or around 600+ gallons a month, and much more than that at first because it will take time to learn water-discipline.

So your immediate need will be water to drink, followed closely by water to cook with.  Either way, the water has to be potable (safe).  You’ll need a filtration system.  Better yet, you’ll need a purification system, like a Berkey Water Purification System.  They’re not cheap, but they’re about the best you can buy.  I own one and swear by it.  Beyond that, you’ll need a way to obtain water.  With a Berkey, you can use rain water collected from gutter downspouts, or lake, pond, or river water.  If none of those sources are available (remember, travel of even short distances may not be practical or safe at that time), you’ll have to come up with a Plan B, which may mean relocating your family.  If you’re on well water, can you get the water out without electricity to run the well pump?

What about a way to catch and store water? 55-gallon drums placed under downspouts have been used by our Australian friends for many years to catch rainwater runoff with great success.  I’ve read that 1,000 square feet of roof provides 630 gallons of water from 1” of rain!  Do you have a hot tub that you could run a downspout to?  A hot tub or other large reservoir would be great source of water for showers and flushing the toilet.  Remember, a family of 4 could easily use 600+ gallons of water in just 4 weeks or less.

After solving the issues of water collection and purification for drinking and cooking, you’re going to have to figure out how to provide for showers (baths are likely to be a luxury you won’t be able to have), cleaning dishes and washing up, and how to flush toilets if you’re not a position/location to dig and maintain latrines.  I researched camp shower bags, and found that most of them were junk, ripping at the seams in no time.  Stearns makes a really hefty one.  Just fill it with 3 gallons of water or so in the morning, then leave it in the sun to warm and presto, instant shower.  Consider having one for each family member as the bags take several hours in the sun to warm up, plus that way you have backups if one tears – and it eventually will.  If you’re on a septic system, you can hang the bag from the rafters above your tub with hooks and take a shower indoors.  In the summer, rig up a stand outside to allow for outdoor showers right before bedtime.  Showers are something that will be a wonderful luxury in those days and being able to take one will help to keep the family’s spirits up.  As far as going to the bathroom is concerned, if you live in the country, we’ve all learned to “go outside” as the need arises, but when it’s freezing cold and/or raining it would be nice to use a toilet at that time, especially for the ladies.  Toilets take 3-4 gallons of water to flush, and this will have to be carried in from your outdoor source.  My suggestion is to only flush once or twice a day, depending on the number of people in the household.  Also, do you know how to use a wash tub to wash clothes and bedding the old fashioned way?  Read and learn, friends!  One more thing to consider, if you’re on city sewer you will have no way of knowing how long those services may last until they begin to fail or back up.

Number 2:  Food. Most state and federal agencies are now telling us to have a minimum of 3-days supply of food on hand.  To that I say, BUNK!  If you don’t have a minimum of 1-2 months or more, you could be in big trouble.  You don’t want to have to live on granola bars, cold beans, chips, and sodas.  Food fatigue sets in very quickly, so think!  Do you have children to worry about, or people with special nutritional needs?  Start planning now.  Find out what the REAL shelf lives are for canned foods, dried foods, and everything else you may consume.  Assume there will be no electricity to keep things cold (or to cook with on an electric stove or with a microwave).  Your family will need vegetables, fruits, canned meats, spices, and much, much more.  It wouldn’t hurt to have some long-term foods like those sold by Mountain House.  They’re expensive but they taste pretty darn good and last just about forever.  Now that you’re starting to gather supplies, you’re going to find that they can take up a lot of space to store properly.  If you have a basement or a root cellar…lucky you!  Remember that without air conditioning, items stored in your house when the SHTF are going to be at ambient temperature, which could easily climb above 90˚F in the summer months.  Can you bake from scratch?  Bread has been a staple food for millennia.  It will be again should the SHTF.  With the right ingredients, you can bake sweets and casseroles, beans, and more.  Perhaps you should consider wheat berries and a manual mill.  More to think about!  You’re going to need food, people.  Lots of it, and lots of nutritional variety.

Number 3:  This is a large section for what I would call support equipment. First to consider…how will you cook?  Kerosene or Coleman stoves?  Propane?  Wood stoves or fires?  If things get bad enough with society, it’s entirely possible there won’t be any electricity or natural gas.  You’ll need to plan for that.  Kerosene keeps for years and Butterfly makes an inexpensive kerosene 1-, 2-, or 3-burner stove that’s used in millions of households in third-world countries.  They are handy, portable, and Butterfly also makes an oven that sits on the open flame of one of the stove burners so you can bake bread, etc.  Also please consider this…if you’re not rural and well removed from your neighbors, remaining anonymous will be important and you won’t want to draw attention to yourself at any time, but especially when cooking food.  I’d consider avoiding fires that produce smoke and certainly certainly cooking in any way that releases the wonderful smells into a neighborhood where there may be people who are starving and desperate.

There will be no electric light, possibly long term. Batteries will only last so long in your gear and have limited shelf lives.  Consider getting a couple old-fashioned kerosene lamps.  There are some really fine ones out there like Aladdins, which will produce wonderful light for many years if you’ll plan ahead and buy an extra supply of wicks, mantles, and kerosene.  Whatever you decide, try to limit the number of different fuels you’ll need to buy and store.  Buy products that burn similar fuels whenever possible.  Dependable, powerful flashlights are also a must.  I’m talking about the latest in beam technology that produces intensely bright light capable of blinding unwanted guests.  Here’s another idea.  Wal-Mart sells those cheap solar yard lights.  Leave them outside during the day, then use them in at night to read by, etc., then throw a towel over one when you’re ready to “turn out the lights”.  Once you start thinking like a “prepper”, you’ll be amazed at the neat ideas that you and your family will come up with!  I am currently considering a small solar system, enough to keep all of my rechargeable items going strong, plus it will run small electrical appliances.  Consider rechargeable batteries if you’re going that direction.  Buy the best you can find.  I like the new Sanyo Eneloop batteries.  They’re inexpensive and very dependable, and keep the majority of their charge when not in use over long periods of time.  One other thing concerning security…whether you’re rural or not, you may seriously want to consider thick dark drapes on the windows of your house that face roads.  You won’t want to draw attention to your house at night if the situation outside is unsafe.

Books. You should strongly consider starting a library if you don’t have one already.  Go to garage sales, etc., but you’re going to want books and lots of them, especially when the TV and the internet no longer exist.  Self help books about making repairs, fixing/building things, growing a garden, first aid, and the like, will be indispensible.  Along the same line, board games, cards, dice games, etc., will be most welcome.  You’re going to want entertainment for the mind that doesn’t need electricity or batteries.

Tools. The more tools, the better, unless your storage space is limited.  Service men, or a way to pay someone with repair knowledge may not be an option in this future environment.  Yard tools, a chain saw…just whatever you will think you need for your location.  Small screwdrivers to fix eyeglasses (and spare screws?), cutting tools like bow saws, hack saws, etc., will be necessary.  Get on line and find lists that other people are putting together.  It will get you thinking!  Again, learning all you can about home repair, upkeep, and pre-modern living will be very advantageous to you and your family.

Gasoline and Fuels. I keep my truck and my Jeep topped off almost all the time now, plus I purchased ten 5 gallon gas cans and keep them filled with gas and Sta-Bil (available at any auto parts store or Wal-Mart).  I write the date I added the gas and Sta-Bil on the cans, then about 9 months from that date, I’ll empty them into the truck or Jeep, then go refill them and start the process over.  Sta-Bil is said to keep gas fresh for up to a year, and it’s cheap.  I have enough gas for a fill-up for both vehicles from empty, so I’ve got a range of at least 500 miles for both of them, and both vehicles will be pulling trailers if I have to bug out.  Remember, gas will be in very short supply once the grid (or the dollar) goes down, and it may not be very safe to go looking for it either – even if you could buy it.  Other fuels, like kerosene, Coleman Fuel, and the like need to be considered also – and a safe place to keep them.

Medical and Cleaning Supplies. This list will need to be personalized by any special prescriptions you may need to take.  Unfortunately, the need for prescriptions could create serious problems for many whose lives are dependent on them.  Talk to your doctor, and look into getting extra pills, then rotate your inventory as you stockpile it!  As with all things with an expiration date, practice FIFO – first in, first out inventory management.  Beyond this, there are a lot of comprehensive medical supply lists are available on the internet to get you started with a proper inventory.   Also, consider a good supply of multi-vitamins and other vitamin supplements.  Then, you’ll need to think about general cleaning supplies for both the house and your family; cleansers, soaps, shampoos, and paper products (especially toilet paper!).  They make a 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash now that just might come in handy for those short showers!  But wait, we’re only just getting started!

The list seems endless and there’s no denying…it’s big. I haven’t even talked about taking care of babies, or the needs of pregnant women or the elderly or the infirm or sick, or wound treatment and dental problems, or, or…  Again, follow your plan methodically, modify as necessary, and then stick to it.  As you go, you will think of more and more things to do, or buy, or look up on-line, or study up on.  Carry a small notepad and write these things down as you think of them.  The old saying “you can’t eat an elephant in one bite” was never truer than with prepping.  But you can eat an elephant one bite at a time if you’ll keep after it!

Weapons and ammunition.  This seems to be everybody’s favorite topic, and perhaps the one with the most varied opinions.  It’s also a controversial one, so before you read further, you need to understand that I’m a veteran and the son of a career military NCO and all my uncles served as well.  I have thought out my options carefully.  I need to know what I will do if the situation presents itself.  The reason I write this is to make you think…what will I do?  The main question here is…do you have the resolve to defend yourself, your property, your spouse, and your children if it comes to that? If the SHTF and there’s no ROL (rule of law) and you’re on your own with no hope of outside help, you need to come to terms with the fact that you may have to defend the property and people who are in your care.  If the situation in this country gets desperate enough and lasts long term, virtually no one defending their property and family will be truly safe.  My wife and I have two beautiful teenage girls, and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would defend them with all at my disposal.  It won’t be the good old USA we all grew up in, and it could become a medieval society where only the strong survive.  Are you comfortable with guns?  If not, you should probably get that way.  Practice and learn the art, and learn how to take down and clean every weapon you own.  Teach your kids how to do so also if you think they’re old/mature enough.  If we are at our bug-out destination (I’ll talk about this later) and without ROL, the teens will always carry a sidearm (at the very least), and no one will go anywhere outside alone.  The buddy system will always apply.  We will have each other’s backs and will always need to be vigilant and alert.  Even indoors, everyone will be armed if it’s bad enough outside.  There will always be one person on watch at night.  We can use air horns (the kind in cans) if necessary to wake or alert the family to potential danger.  This may sound like overkill, but you may only get one chance, and you may have to take it to the offensive extreme in a heartbeat if the threat even appears real.  Next, decide on the weapons you think you will need.  Something to hunt with?  Several rifles and a shotgun or two for bird hunting and home defense.  Handguns and holsters (for everyone in the family old enough to carry?).  Perhaps an AR or other type of assault rifle for you (and the spouse?), and a couple of large caliber handguns.  Then stock up on all the different types of ammunition you’ll need.  Some would say that thousands of rounds would never be enough, while others might be content with just a couple of hundred rounds.  All of this is personal, as everyone’s tastes and needs run differently.  Remember, ammunition will be essential, but it’s expensive.  Find a balance. You don’t need 20,000 rounds of ammo and then have only a 7-day supply of food and water for a family of 4.  Some folks equate large ammo stockpiles with survivability, but do you know how long it would take you to shoot 20,000 rounds of ammo through a single-shot gun?  Longer than your 7-day supply of food would last, I’ll wager.  I have more ammo and guns than I’ll probably ever need or use at the house now, but I derive a lot of comfort from their presence and the fact that I’m stocked up on ammunition, and so does my family.  And I never sell or trade my guns anymore.  I’ve regretted doing that with every gun in the past, but no more!

Develop Systems, Discipline, and Rules – then stick to them! Like I said above, when we’re outdoors without ROL the buddy system will always apply.  This is just one of many rules we will have.  From simple things like using less toilet paper to using only one paper towel when you would have used two or more, to always cleaning your plate, to defense/offensive tactics that could include the kids if necessary – all these things need to be thought out, practiced as a family team, and then adhered to.  Run through drills with your family…intruder in the front yard, intruder in the back yard, intruder at the door, intruder in the house, intruder at night during sleep shifts, etc.  In this new environment, everyone is accountable to everyone else in the family.  No sneaking food, no wasting anything.  Always telling the truth, always communicating, and NEVER STOP PRAYING.  Every family member must know his or her role in every scenario you could possibly think of and then practice for.  In a worst-case future, there will likely be no neighbors to help, no 911 to dial, no cops, no National Guard, no sheriff’s department, no ambulances, no hospitals, no emergency rooms…no help coming.  It’s likely there will be gangs canvassing neighborhoods or lone houses in the country looking for anything of value.  In their minds, anything you have will be fair game; from your food and water, to your guns and ammo, to your wife and daughters.  Your life will mean nothing to them, and they will do anything to get what they want and they will not fight fair to get it.  The fact that you have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours preparing for your family and then all the while just trying to be a good citizen and loving parent will be lost on them.  Remember, hunger removes all fear.  The godless are capable of anything.  Expect the unexpected.  Always.

Bugging out. This a tough and somewhat controversial subject.  In the end, I think it boils down to this question: would your current residence be relatively safe and defensible when no rule of law (WROL) exists and the S has HTF (the you-know-what has hit the fan), and could you live in your present house in seclusion and with anonymity if necessary?  If the answer to those questions is no, is there another location you could reach quickly where you would be safer or stand a better chance of surviving?  This decision is going to be different for each family.  If you’re in a large city, you probably need to seriously consider making evacuation (bug-out) plans to a less populated area and also establish an alternate bug-out location (safe-house), perhaps with close relatives in the country.  Think about your average large city when there’s been no electricity for 30+ days, then the water supply is used up, law enforcement is completely overwhelmed and hopelessly outnumbered, lawlessness and looting are rampant, the hospitals are overflowing and medicine is largely unavailable, gasoline has become scarce or nonexistent, and what’s left of the food and water is pretty much only available in homes because the stores have all shut down and/or been looted.  Think about all the folks who are addicted to drugs and then can’t get them anymore at any price.  In those days, if you’re house is ostentatious and gives the appearance of wealth, well… I’d be nervous about living in a house that says “money lives here”.  My personal decision was that my current house was defensible only to a point, but the local population, city conditions, and climate conditions (way too hot and humid in the summer) made me think it wouldn’t be defensible or safe for the long-term.  We now have a remotely located house with acreage on a large lake with a well and a septic system.  We can hunt on the property and fish in the lake.  It’s very clear water, and we’re well above the flood plane.  Before now, I would have never considered such an extravagance, but we get to enjoy it now as a weekend and vacation getaway location.  Becoming debt free was an important and integral part of our prepping plan, so the house is paid for, which makes it a relatively safe hedge for another portion of our money.

Speaking of money, one of the most important aspects of prepping is to protect your wealth. Let’s face it folks, the dollar is failing.  If and when it does fail, all your cash, checking, savings, 401K’s, CD’s, IRA’s and everything else based on the dollar that you’ve worked so hard all your life for will be worthless.  You probably won’t even be able to retrieve it from the bank if the SHTF in a big way.  I keep a fair amount of cash on hand so if the grid fails or I know it’s going to, I can (hopefully) still fairly quickly buy some last minute supplies for cash, where a credit or debit card could be useless by then.  Additionally, I’ve hedged a sizeable portion of our liquid reserves by buying gold and silver bullion coins, and I don’t keep them in a safe-deposit box, either!  The coins will come in handy should trading or bartering ever come into play, and they’re recognized around the world, which helps, too.  A good place to start is with the 1 ounce silver American Eagles.  Once you hold one in your hand, you’ll understand why.  Silver and gold are both true hedges against our failing dollar and the loss of your cash “wealth”.  It’s wealth you’ll always have, even should America come out of a future disaster.  Just hide it well, and make sure someone you trust completely knows where it’s at.  Another epiphany I had…I finally got to hold my first one ounce gold American Eagle.  When I did, I asked myself…”how in the world can this small round coin be worth $1,600?  I mean…that’s just crazy!”  Then I realized…it’s because the dollar is worth next to nothing, my friends.  When you realize that, hyperinflation will mean that gold will go sky high (and so will my silver!)!!

That’s a lot, isn’t it? There’s even more to it than what we’ve discussed, but this was enough for now.  Folks, the electrical supply grid in this country is a house of cards and it’s all interdependent.  The threat of terrorist activity is warned about on most federal and state government emergency sites nowadays.  Dirty bombs are on people’s minds, as are poisoned water supplies and the like.  Our dollar and our economy are failing.  This country is on a knife edge, as are our markets.  This year we’re hearing that Greece, Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal are all in trouble, as are Japan and China and others.  Inflation is rampant around the globe.  If you believe in the Bible (and I do), Scripture in several places warns us quite clearly that the future will not get better.  Things are only going to worsen for mankind.  It’s what the Apostle Paul referred to as the “mystery of iniquity” that is at work in the world.  The things we are seeing now – the changes happening for the worse?  These are not anomalous random situations…they represent a trend.  Even if you don’t believe in the Bible, you can see this is true.

The Change in You. Be ready…your whole outlook is very likely to change once you are convinced prepping is essential, and you begin spending your first big money on it.  You will begin to look at society differently.  You’ll walk through all the big stores and see them through new eyes.  You’ll see people differently.  You’ll look at your family and your evening meal and your clean cool sheets and the shower you just took in a new way.  Everything will be filtered through your new senses which are now being geared toward survival.  And you know what?  You will finally feel like you’re doing something that has importance and lasting value.  And once your spouse is on board, he/she will look at you differently as well.  A new respect will develop between you.  You are a team now, in a truer sense of the word than it’s ever been before.  The two of you are now planning for your own survival.  The enormity of that will not be lost on you and you will feel a new closeness and intimacy with your spouse.  Then, you’ll be walking through a Costco or a Sam’s with a flatbed cart full of prep food and bags of rice or beans and the big containers of spices.  You’ll get peculiar looks from some of the folks shopping there, and then you’ll run across another prepper.  You’ll know him by his cart.  You’ll briefly study each others’ cart, then nod and maybe smile at each other.  You know.  They know.  Then a guy with 50 pounds of frozen French fries in his cart will come by and it jerks you back to the reality of the moment.  They don’t get it.  And that’s just it…some will never get it.  Some of them will be people you know and love.  Some will look at you like you’ve gone off the deep end.  Stay strong, folks.  Stay convicted.  Stay a strong team with your family. Stay strong with your faith. Even if you end up never needing most of your preps, you’ll be glad you have them, and some you’ll be able to pass along to the next generation.

My wife and I are born-again Christians and so are our daughters.  We believe Christ is our personal savior.  We believe in the rapture of the Church.  I teach advanced studies at my church.  But I can’t be sure that the rapture will happen before the collapse of our society – if that’s what it comes to in America.  But whether or not it comes to that, I will prepare.  I will take care of my family.  I will use the wisdom and gifts God has given me to do all this and to plan in advance for it.  I won’t back away from society until I’m forced to, but I will back away to ensure our survival.  I have developed a systematic and logical approach to prepping, and then we as a family have started “eating the elephant one bite at a time”.  Shouldn’t you, too?

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  • I believe the most important part of this post is the last paragraph.

    In my quiet times with God he reminds me that the most important thing is to focus our attention on Christ daily and what He has done.

    He is our provider.

    He is our peace in the uneasy times when wickedness seems to abound.

    More and more I believe He is waking believers and separating those who truly seek the truth and those who are deceived. After all, is that not why people come to sites like this, to find the truth?

    After all the preparations are made it is important to remember that no matter how much we prepare our true protection comes from Christ!

  • Ragnar

    This is the second of your articles I’ve read. They are fantastic and informative and frankly help me to realize I’m not alone, both in preparations and mindset. You sir, are definitely a kindred spirit. I wish we were neighbors. Please keep up these amazing writings as you have the time, but don’t dare sacrifice it when it’s needed elsewhere. Thank you.

  • bobinsherwood

    I also love your articles but it is a love-hate relationship. If most of us really do need to rely on the preparations that you suggest, then I really don’t see how we don’t end up with a society similar to Kevin Costner’s “The Postman” or the TV series “Jericho” or some other Post-Apocalyptic type society where whoever builds the best-equipped militia makes all the rules. I really hope that you are wrong because I just do not see how we aren’t all screwed! I live in the Pacific NW and if things collapse I just do not think it will be long before China swarms in for “Humanitarian Rescue” operations. My wife is Chinese so I hope I get a pass! LOL

  • justetgal

    VEA (very excellent article) I just made that up :) I particularly like the aspect of that we have to get going NOW> I recently (3 months ago) began an adventure in baking bread. Who knew that it’s an art that every grandma (or great grandma once did without a second thought). I have finally perfected it – really. (really part is that it took 3 months). All efforts were ok and ‘eatable’, but like with all things – it took practice, patience and a ‘won’t give up attitude’. I’ve had the great luxury of plenty of resources – internet to consult and a couple of batches tossed in the trash *sigh – no chickens to feed -YET* The point is – get going folks. No matter what your field of vision to perfect – you’ll reap many reward from ‘practicing’ when it can go in the trash or to salvage while you have $, a/c, easy trips the local supermarket.
    But then – some folks (most) just don’t want to WAKE UP – in fact, most I find resist all efforts. It’s always a matter of choice. I just choose to not be a slave to the status-quo that says “be quite, be still, go back to sleep – nothing to see here’.

    Thanks for the VEA.

  • Dean

    Thanks for the great article. I might also suggest ‘surviving argentina’ by Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre. Someone who has lived through the collapse of a fist world economy and his experiences provides great food for thought.

  • GREAT article; I come here daily to read whats new. Its good to see others take this seriously.

    My wife and I are 95% prepared. We have a years supply of food, water desalination equipment, guns and ammo, tools, solar panels, wind generators, gold and silver and a bug-out plan.

    Thanks for articles like this one to steer us along.

  • Jim Twamley

    I suggest everyone read an old classic, “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. It is a historical novel about the French Revolution. In it Dickens takes note of the fact that France was diluting it’s currency. It wasn’t the main reason for the downfall of France but it contributed. The French Revolution primarily occurred because the small top precent of people owned and controlled everything. Sound familiar?

    Bugging out. During the French Revolution travel was difficult if not impossible. Checkpoints controlled by local vigilantes was the norm. Traveling during chaos – forget it. You need to “bug out” before the chaos gets started in earnest. Get and keep an RV with a good size fresh water tank and full of food, clothing and supplies ready to go at a moments notice. If it takes you longer to get to your final destination at least you have all the comforts of home along the way. And if you can’t bug out at least you have an extra shelter and food storage unit. Historically, RV’s have been a real life saver for natural disaster survival. You can get solar panels on your RV and they will power your “house batteries” for several years without having to plug in anywhere. Also, think about solar ovens – you can cook a lot of yummy meals with no heat source except the sun.

    Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing

  • Orlando Tumacder

    Great info! I’ve been busy prepping for the last year, primarily by buying gold and silver and dehydrating food. I, too, am a Christian and believe in a rapture. But after much study, I tend to think the rapture occurs AFTER the tribulation. If so, many of my fellow believers will not be ready, convinced they’re outta here before things get too unbearable. I would love to be wrong, but I’m preparing for the worst case scenario.

  • great points altogether, you just received a emblem new reader. What would you recommend about your put up that you just made some days in the past? Any certain?

  • […] So,you’re thinking about preparing (prepping) for an uncertain future,or maybe you’ve already made the decision to prepare? Well,you’re not alone. Many of your brothers and sisters out there are concerned that America’s future could take such a drastic and negative turn that our everyday life could be forever altered. Even if it turns out to not be a long-term change,many of us fear it could be a more difficult time than we’ve ever known before. This article is designed with that in mind;and to encourage you and help you methodically plan for the basics of prepping and caring for your family. Perhaps like me,you had an epiphany about the whole idea of prepping in the first place. (see my 7/14/11 article on DTOM:The Only 6 Choices in Your Russian Roulette Future). No doubt this awakening started a whole new set of thought processes in your mind,many of which made you feel like you were way too far behind the curve and that time was short. I know it did for me. I finally woke up. Relax…don’t be so hard on yourself. Yes,time may be short,but you’ve GOT to be smart about prepping and have a logical and methodical plan of attack toward that end. After all,money may be tight for you and maybe you’ve got to go through that important first step of convincing your spouse that the money you will spend is necessary and critical to your future survival. In formulating your plan of action,emotion and fear are not your friends, but a logical approach,having diversified and sound knowledge,and then wise decision making will pay off big dividends for you in the long run. Once you’ve decided to prep (and hopefully gotten the go-ahead from your better half),you need to become intelligently informed. Read everything you can,study up,search the web,learn all you can,see what others are or aren’t doing,learn from their mistakes,and then get your spouse involved in all of this. If your kids are old enough to grasp it,don’t hide what you’re doing from them. Prepping can be a huge undertaking,and you’re going to need all the help and ideas you can get. You will find that with your family on board,you will develop a new closeness,a tighter bond,and a newfound trust and admiration for each other. Get your family’s input. Make them feel important in the process – like they have a say-so. You need your family as allies,not adversaries. Above all,with everything you plan to buy/invest in,do your due-diligence. Find out what the best,most efficient,sturdiest,longest lasting items/products are,be honest with yourself about what you are willing to live without and what you aren’t (what you have to have versus like to have – at least at first),and then make your purchases. You-Tube has literally thousands of great videos put out by folks like us that are filled with very helpful hints and advice. You can learn a lot from those who have been about the business of prepping for years now. READ MORE […]

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