Somewhere A Neo Con Weeps…

Just another young, psychopath, white guy in Norway.

Too bad he wasn’t 1/16th Iranian or ever went into a mosque…



All of the photos I found of Anders Behring Breivik seem very staged…

If he was a Mason he is by default NOT a Christian Fundamentalist

13 comments to Somewhere A Neo Con Weeps…

  • voxOnox

    The DHS release their “Beware of White al-CIA-duh” video last week and then immediately after we get a white guy slaughterhousing half of Norway. How convenient for the DHS to be so perfectly justified so quickly.

    The “crazy white man lone wolf” official story will convince those NOT looking deep enough that “we gots ta be’ware of dems constitutional silver loving white folks. They be da new muslims (boogieman). They be needin the water boarding down at the local gitmo treatment facility.”

    For the rest of us, we are sure to see the evidence that this was just another CIA/Mossad/MI6 false flag crisis creation (opportunity) to allow Big Brother to role out the next wave of (false sense of) Security Industrial Complex measures with little to no push back from the dazed and confused American sheeple.

  • ConfederateH

    You are spot on, the Jihadis and the socialists are our allies and the anti-globalist nationalists are the enemy. Well done, Sherlock.

  • Dean

    Yes, they released this right before the Oslo incident. Coincidence?????? This play is too obvious.

  • Andy in the UK

    I am new to this site, and firstly I must complement you – there is nothing like it here in the UK.

    When this story first broke the first thing I said to my friends is that ‘they’ (the corporate media, biased politicians, the warmongers, racists, etc) will blame it on some ‘Islamic group’ regardless of who actually did it. Low and behold the first reports blamed some Islamic Jihadists.

    So why is this important when subsequent reports corrected the initial ‘error’? Well, most of the ‘sheep’ in this country (I don’t know what the situation is like in the US) only listen to the first headline or breaking news story and then go back to sleep. ALL of the main news channels reported that the Islamic fundamentalists carried out these ‘co-ordinated attacks’. In the first few hours of breaking this story the mass media were even suggesting Gadaffi had a hand in it. Therefore the message that the Muslims are to blame was passed to the masses (again). Most of the ‘sheep’ will not bother to listen to the updated reports that the Muslims had nothing to do with this – so the subconcious conditioning of the masses ‘that all Muslims’ are potential terrorists has continued.
    Many years ago an old man (retired security services from WW2 – and not British by the way) told me that in order to make it acceptable to your own people the mass killing of your ‘enemy’ you must first ‘dehumanise’ them. After that the killing of even babies (which today we call collateral damage) will be easy, be acceptable, and will go unoposed.
    Sounds to me like we are already well on our way to dehumanising Muslims. I hate to think what s..tstorm would have been created if this white middle-class psycho had been of Iranian or Pakistani decent – or even looked like he could have been.

  • AmereShadow

    Just consider the possibility of a False Flag Attack.

    A lot is going on in europe and its debt. Disarm the populous before the collapse and crash happen.

    Brethren we need to hold fast to the 2nd amendment.

  • Dean

    Andy in the UK- There is a huge media push here in the U.S. to demonize anyone who criticizes the govt. and it’s security apparatus. That is why this story and it’s ‘white Al Queda’ theme is so concerning. It is like it was scripted for US consumption. Blond haired, blue eyed Nordic man, murdering liberals and hating multi-culturalism. This is a stereotype that is painted on any American that doesn’t support open boarders or globalism.

  • Ben

    Agree with a lot of the statements.

    I did notice one thing however…

    Is it me or is this guy look like a Norwegian David Ducovney?

  • Cliffystones

    Andy in UK,

    I highly recommend that you read “Terror at Beslan” by John Giduck. When you are finished you will realize that the Muslims already dehumanized us Infidels sometime back in the 7th century.

    Do a little more research and you will plainly see that there is no way us westerners can possibly “coexist” with these devil-worshippers.

  • Jeff


    You sir are a brainwashed fool.

    Another victim of propaganda. Do you know anything about history? Do you know anything about events in North Africa and the Middle East over the last 80 years? Do you have any ability at all to possibly understand WHY these “devil-worshiping” Muslims as you call them, may view Western powers
    as invaders and “infidels”? Do you think our insaitiable appetite for resources, power and wealth…much of which lies under the feet of the MENA region has ANYTHING to do with the “we hate you, you hate us” paradigm that exsists between the extremists on both sides (Neo-Cons and Zionists on the one side and Sharia-following Muslim extremists on the other).

    It must be nice to have such a simple mind and simple answers for big problems…I gotta tell you, I have thought about these kinds of quesitons for hours and hours on end over the last 10 years or so…and I certainly have not ever come up with such a clear-cut answer as you have….I bet it is very easy and comforting to blame the “other-side”. Thinking your way also meants that you do not even have to ask the pesky questions concerning what the “West’s” part in creating the monster we fear is.

    How very “Christian” and “civilized” of you!

    Okay…Sarcasim is off now….

    Honestly, this post has to be one of the most reidiculous waste of words I have ever read. I love how you name some book written by a guy with an agenda as some “proof” that you are right.

    I just want to ask one question…since we “westerners” cannot exsist with these people….what is the solution? And since they are so dangerous…why are we just sitting here allowing them to continue to exsist and propagate? Maybe we should just delcare a “war on Islam” and get it over with? Armageddeon here we come!! (another big war for the rich and powerful to profit from – and in which poor Christians and Muslims will get killed – HURRAY FOR Demagoguery!

    I know I am just wasting my words on a person who’s mind is so completely damaged and full of hate as yourself…so I’ll end it hear – but I would seriously suggest that you get rid of that hatred and fear of “otherness” in your heart or it will surely consume your soul

    Good Luck with that! (Your God knows the hatred in your heart…and is very displeased (I would assume anyway)

  • Ben

    Brilliant? Really? I thought it was rather abrasive. Not everyone is aware. Think of yourself five…ten years ago. Had you spit yourself out of the system yet? It’s just a guy who has not seen behind the curtain and does not understand the world around him. It takes time for some people. I guarentee you that you will not win converts or enlighten people by agreeing with that type of attitude or response.

    I thought the idea of this site and the Sons of Liberty site was to enlighten individuals in our quest for freedom. Isn’t that what you want? I know I do.

    You know, it’s real easy for Jeff to sit behind a computer and be a dick-in-the-mouth to a complete stranger. Did it ever occur to either of you that this person is merely trying to find some answers for himself? Why else would he be at this site? There is a lot of excellent information here. He could learn something and something might “click” for him. Instead, someone disparages him and makes him out to be a fool. Like I said, it’s real easy to spew crap at a person when they are seated far from you and are behind a computer somewhere out in cyberspace. That’s real honorable. You write of civility, honor and all things rightous on this site and then champion a person who basically sinks to the level of a child and ridicules a complete stranger?

    Is that your M.O. for getting people interested in this site?

    Disparage the idiots and the unenlightened! Make them pay for their stupidity and simple-mindedness!


    How is that attitude any different from the cleptocratic psychopaths who run this country?

    Probably a bit of a stretch there….but you get the idea. I think a better plan of attack would have been to question why cliffy thinks the way he does.

    How do you open someones mind by “verbally” slapping them around?

    Just a thought.

  • Prudentis

    Sometimes you just can’t and some of us know it.
    Personal experiance?
    I had FIVE years of discussions with a co-worker and after the time he still thought nuking the whole middle east was the only solution. And he meant it.

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