Terrorist Alert in Quartzsite, AZ? Meet Machine Gun Joe Winslow, Councilman

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is not commenting on a counter terrorist alert issued for Quartzsite and La Paz County, suggesting that the controversial arrest of a woman at a public meeting in June could result in a future threat.

DPS spokesman Bart Graves said the department does not comment on active alerts. Earlier this week, The Independent obtained a copy of the alert, which advises area law enforcement to be aware of possible domestic terrorist threats in response to the arrest of Jennifer Jones at a Quartzsite City Council meeting.

(source: “Power and Politic”)

According to Quartzsite Councilman Joe Winslow, “They (citizens of Quartzsite) are contacting people all over the country with similar political beliefs, and that’s why we had to DECLARE A STATE OF EMERGENCY”.

This was part of the Councilman’s testimony under oath on July 19 as to why he is filing an injunction against harassment against Quartzsite citizen Michael Roth.

Here’s a few more excerpts from Winslow’s statement, which can be heard below:

“Based on my history, 24 years in the service, I’m more concerned about my reaction to his aggression”

“I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD and I’m a member of the DAV (Disabled American Veterans). And it is, that’s what I’m concerned with, that he’s going to get so far into my personal space that I’m going to react, and without thinking. It’s just, I’m not making threats or anything like that…I’m not proud of that but it’s just the way I am.”

“I’m in a position where I felt it necessary for me to go out and purchase a gun, and I did. I went out and I bought a 12 gauge shotgun.”

(source: The Desert Freedom Press)

Michael Roth, La Paz County’s Republican Precinct Chairman, has never been charged with a violent offense.

Statements like this by a town councilman are certainly enough to make one wonder from where these so-called “counter terrorism threats” really originate.

Winslow claims that the town council was compelled to declare a state of emergency because a few citizens had the nerve to speak with so-called “radical” activists such as myself and other like minded individuals who, strangely enough, actually care about the egregious violations upon the natural rights of Quartzsite’s citizens.  However, we aren’t the only ones who have spoken out in support of the townspeople.  Known as the Quartzsite 10, nine of the town’s fourteen police officers as well as their administrative assistant were recently suspended from duty because they filed a formal complaint against Police Chief Jeff Gilbert back in May.  Among the many grievances listed is that Gilbert had ordered officers to target certain individuals based on their political involvement.  The officers’ unredacted sworn statements can now be viewed exclusively at statementsofthequartzsite10.wordpress.com.

On the other hand, Councilman Winslow has a history of making these sorts of violent statements against his percieved enemies.  He earned the nickname “Machine Gun Joe” in March of 2010 when he was caught on tape before a town council meeting saying “I think if we could get all five of them in the front row, we’d just machine gun ’em”  in reference to citizens Jennifer Jones, Ed Foster, Michael Roth, Richard Oldham, and Dean Taylor.

The corresponding videos where Machine Gun’s statements can be heard are here:

Machine Gun Joe Takes Michael Roth To Court

Meet Machine Gun Joe Winslow

6 comments to Terrorist Alert in Quartzsite, AZ? Meet Machine Gun Joe Winslow, Councilman

  • Jeff

    These fuckers are scared….scared I tell you.

    They know the curtain is being pulled back by more and more people and when an “average” 50-something sububanite starts asking the real questions and demanding real solutions…the jig is up and they know it.

    I would bet you will see more and more of this kind of behvaior out of our “leaders” as the wheels get looser and looser and eventually fall off.

    It will be an interesting and sometimes terrifying ride I would wager.

  • Dean

    Hmmm, PTSD and so jumpy he admits he may not be able to control his reaction. I thought people like that weren’t allowed to own firearms. Dude, you don’t need a gun. You need therapy.

  • Timothy

    This seems super interesting to me, but I read the whole article here and have no idea what’s going or who these people are. Is there any back story?

  • Paul Prichard

    To get the back story search YouTube for Jennifer Jones. I think this all started late June 2011.

  • Lynn

    I’ve already called the Arizona Attorney General’s office, they say they are ‘aware’ of the matter and that they are ‘investigating’ it. After 2 weeks, they should have been arresting people already. I called the Governor’s office also, they said she ‘doesn’t have jurisdiction over local governments’. What is the point of a governor if they do nothing when constitutional rights are clearly being violated in their own state? How much more dysfunctional can politicians be? Nevermind, Congress sums it up pretty well by themselves. I guess it’s the blind leading the blind in this country.

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