The Silver Bullet And The Silver Shield

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Two of the most common questions I get inside of the Sons of Liberty Academy focus on two things:  how to turn back the tide of this increasingly corrupt system and how to financially prepare for a post-dollar world. This does not surprise me, since fear and greed are the two most powerful motivators known to man. What will surprise you is that, for once, the answer to both questions is the same.


Buying physical silver is by far the greatest act of wisdom and rebellion any American can and should be doing right now. It is both a Silver Bullet to rebel against the Elite’s corrupt system and a Silver Shield to protect your family and wealth in a post-dollar world. Buying physical silver is non-violent, non-compliant resistance. Most importantly, it works outside of the system and it cannot be stopped.

“As long as you play by the Elite’s rules, the Elite will rule.” -Chris Duane

Any effort trying to work within the Elite’s paradigm, will fail. The Tea Party march on Washington failed. It failed like the 2010 Tea Party Congressional campaign. If failed because nothing happened, and nothing changed. That is not to say they were not great exercises in power. It just will never bring about any real change, because awareness campaigns and marches are not enough. The Elite that control our reality don’t really care what we do or say, so long as we do not threaten the root of their power. We have to hack at the root.

“Let them march all they want, so long as they pay their taxes…”– General Alexander Haig


In this article, I intend to put forth a plan that will fundamentally change the game and do it from outside the system. It will overthrow the Elitist system that enslaves us with debt and do so without a shot being fired. Most importantly, there is no way the Elite can stop it. The plan is quite simple, sell every single asset you own right now and buy physical silver.

As with anything else in life, knowing the answer is not as important as knowing the “why.”

The “why” is what brings about fundamental change in your thinking.

This change in thinking brings about absolute certainty of the outcome.

Absolute certainty brings about massive action.

Before I go any further, I want to have my “cover my ass” moment. I am not a financial adviser. (You can see my parody of these CON men in my video Wall St Laughs at Main St.) I am extremely biased and fully invested in silver. Silver is extremely volatile and not suitable for most investors. Look at what happened in 2008; and just yesterday, it was down 5% in 15 minutes. I will not be held liable for any losses you may incur, but I will be glad to take any donations if things do go the way I predict. You need to have food, water, guns, ammo and supplies before you should even consider investing in silver full force.   The most important preparation you can make is mental preparation and nothing does that better than theSons of Liberty Academy. Before you let my highly convincing arguments wash over you, take time to do your own due diligence. Don’t make any rash decisions — decisions like selling your house, 401k, stocks or family business to go out and buy as much silver as you can get your hands on, with a seven and a half month pregnant wife. Only a crazy person would do that… Right?;)

“Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.” – Sir Josiah Stamp, Director of the Bank of England (appointed 1928) and reputed to be the 2nd wealthiest man in England at that time.

Silver is the Achilles Heel of the Elite’s paradigm. By transferring their fake, corrupt paper money into real, honest money, like silver, it will ultimately destroy their control of the money/debt. The more money/debt they create, the more it will work against them as we put more of that money into silver. Think of it: every single evil in this world is made possible only through the Elite’s debt/money system. Through the control of the of the privately and foreign owned central banks, the Elite control our money, food, industries, government, media, natural resources, capital markets, military and, ultimately, you. This iron-fisted control enables wars, propaganda, police states, corruption, pollution, crime, drug trade, disintegration of families, etc. In fact, you show me the evil that you fight against, and I will show you how it always comes back to the very corrupt basis of our money. I intend to show how silver is the antiseptic for all of these ills.


Buying physical silver acts both as a Silver Bullet to the all of the evils in the world and as a Silver Shield for all that you love in this world.

•       Buying silver will bring about more political change than all of the political campaigns will ever do.

•       It will reverse the tide of wealth from going to the Elite and even to Asia.

•       It will stop tyranny and free billions from the bondage of debt slavery.

•       It will bring about a new era of human progress unlike anything we could imagine right now.

If we simply take away the Elite’s power, how fast could we progress as a race if we did not waste our efforts on debt, wars, and taxes? The Silver Bullet and Silver Shield can and will bring about this change. Now that I have raised the bar to the moon, let’s get this show going. Enter your address below to receive the full 24 page PDF or Word copy of the most influential article in silver investing.


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  • Callum

    This is the best article on silver that I have come across to date. It sums up all of the research that I have personally done myself and is well presented. Well done!

  • FunnyMoney

    Victory will not be measured by what price silver finally reaches but by how many middle class workers have protected themselves with it.

  • Good article, but I would like to say that don’t put all your trust in silver!

    Silver is just for this earth and you can’t take it with you. Having said that, Put your trust in God, your creator. Love is the key, not hoarding silver. One day we will throw the silver in the streets as worthless.

    Also, like your house (tax man can take it), you can’t really own silver with no worries either because it is bulky and heavy and if you lose your house I don’t really see how you could lug silver all over the place and not become a target. Unlikely scenario, but I put it out there.

  • Twisted Titan

    The Silver Revolution

    I really like That tag line

  • spdrdr

    Bravo! A superb, concise summary. I have been scratching my head for over a year reading and trying to understand FOFOA’s FreeGold concept, but this article above does it (from a Silver perspective) in an articulate manner that is innately comprehensible for we poor rubes without Ph.Ds.

    The above article, Ladies and Gentlemen, is FreeSilver. FreeSilver will work hand-in-hand with FreeGold, and indeed they will augment each other.

    The concept, once the scales fall from your eyes, is beautifully simple.

    The world has a whole lot of “stuff”, that has inherent value. This value is a relatively constant concept throughout the ages. If you divided all of the “stuff” in the world by the weight of all the gold and silver in the world, each ounce would be worth an enormous amount of the local currency. The currency could still be used as a means of exchange, but traders and nations would exchange gold and silver to pay for all the “stuff” bought and sold.

    Gold and silver would be a store of wealth for those who produce more than they consume. We can indeed follow in the footsteps of Giants:

    “While these tricks might work on the big boys, it cannot stop an army of us ants from loading up on all of the silver we want. We can all be mini Hunts and essentially do the same thing by taking delivery.”

    Thank you, an awesome article.

  • spdrdr

    In fact, FOFOA has been a bit leery of silver, and has pressed the case of Gold establishing the FreeGold phase, and has not articulated a similar case for silver.

    As I see it, the conundrum can be summarised rather strangely:

    1. Gold is not generally used for anything.
    2. Gold is therefore “useless”.
    3. Gold’s inherent value is precisely because it is “useless” for anything else.
    4. Silver was once a monetary metal, because it was generally “useless”.
    5. Only in the last 200 years has Silver become “useful”. Has it therefore become a commodity over and above a monetary Precious Metal?
    6. What happens to Gold, if it becomes “useful”? Suppose a Gold-Thorium reactor promised cheap and unbounded energy, but it used a small but measurable amount of Gold as a commodity – would this lessen the “value” of Gold?

    What then is the perceived difference between gold and silver?

  • Tumbleweed

    Good article!!! Thanks!!!

    I’m going to share this with friends and hope they pay attention. I bought silver at $6.80 and like you I expect the price to keep increasing as the dollar gets more worthless.

  • Tyberious

    Wonderful article! Great site! Chris suggest to invest completely in physical and get out of PM stocks, but historically that is where all the leverage is. I am missing something, what is the reasoning for this, the possible lack of future availability of PM’s, the possibility of a complete market crash or just removing silver from the market?


    • Silver Shield

      The collapse of all paper assets will take down mining stocks too. I believe that world governments will seize all mining assets. I also know leverage in this market swings hard and heavy both ways. This casino is rigged and look no further than 2008. Stick to the physical folks and you will be well rewarded. Do your own due diligence and think carefully before committing to this.

  • Jay

    Wow ! I am extremely impressed with EVERYTHING above and the links .
    I am always trying to get folks as much info as possible and this is ALL anybody will ever need to get up to speed and EXPERT as well.
    Great effort.

  • I enjoyed your article on silver. I just wanted to thank you for your research and time. You bring up some very interesting points.

  • mike

    Do you think the price will spike right at March 1st or gradually over the next 3o days.

    • Silver Shield

      You are not thinking about it right…
      It is not just silver rising in price…
      It is ultimately about the dollar falling.
      It is better to be years early than one day to late.

  • DMac


    That was a fantastic read! You managed to put together all of the details and variables I’ve been ranting to my family in one concise article.

    Great job!

  • john thecoward

    last physical item would be that.
    Everybody eats,drinks, and need shelter. But the biggest is protection from looters, the golden horde of zombies will take what it wants. When i come for your assets, all i want is your FOOD! Never mind the junk coins. Forget your water, one 45 (230 grain) lead pellet commands, all of you resources. Survival will mean AIR, WATER, FOOD, AND SHELTER, period.
    Anything remainder, gold or silver is useless. Live another day, gather up LEAD and BRASS.
    Your lead can be reused, brass can be reloaded, powder is simple to make. Value primers
    above most all else. Year 2000 values of primers $0.019, however year 2010 values $0.05.
    What you can not make buy today. Store up a year supply of FOOD.
    lost my second rights, 234 years ago, when red coats took all, and burn down the church with people inside. Will the zombies take less.
    Militia of none, no guns , no ammo.

    • Silver Shield

      I agree in Mad Max world silver will be not be as valuable as brass and that food, water, shelter are very important.
      That is why I state that in my CYA paragraph.
      That being said there is no denying the opportunities that lie in silver and I do not think it would be prudent not to have some in your stash.

  • Anthony P. Curtis, M.D.

    Warning: The “Powers That Be” are not going to tolerate anything like $U.S. 500 per troy oz. silver. Our “high tech” world needs unlimited supplies of cheap silver far worse than it needs even unlimited supplies of petroleum/oil! (We are presently importing about 70% of both oil and silver being used in industry.) High-level U.S. government bureaucrats (e.g., the Federal Reserve)regard all physical silver in private hands in this country as the government’s “reserve”, and the “Great American Silver Confiscation” is just a single presidential signature on an executive order away. Remember, all silver bullion in the United States was confiscated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s executive order in 1934; owners received only 50 cents per troy oz. remuneration, but also–frightening to contemplate the precedent so established–there was a federal 50% (yes, fifty percent) “imputed” tax levied, due immediately, on any alleged “profits”, such “profits” being the difference beween the original cost of the silver and that 50 cents per troy oz. payment!
    In view of the likelihood of this “Great American Silver Confiscation” just postulated, it seems to me that the advice above to “sell every single asset you own right now and buy silver” is “putting all your eggs in one basket” (to use an old rural expression not heard much these days) and therefore potentially quite dangerous to one’s financial future.
    Again, give some credence to the possibility of a “Geat American Silver Confiscation”, and how it would affect you and your family. Realize that the U.S. govenment has shown time and again that in the pursuits of its narrow interests, it doesn’t care who gets hurt or who suffers–especially the little guy who thinks he was going to somehow “beat the system.”

    • Silver Shield

      You assume that they have any say in the matter. TPTB don’t want American’s to have guns either and look at that. Silver is even harder for them to control because their is no way to regulate it. (It is not a weapon.)
      I agree with you they do need it and they will pay for it, just like they will be doing with oil.
      If they do confiscate I would treat that as seriously as if they were trying to disarm the population.
      Can you name anyone that was arrested or fined in the 1933-4 Gold confiscation? There wasn’t any.
      Only the sheeple turned in their treasure.

      The other question is when do you think this confiscation would happen? My guess that they would not be desperate enough until after the dollar collapse, hence the $500 figure. So after 99% of everyone else got wiped out you want me to worry about some possibility of them coming after something they cannot find?

      I would like to hear what you think is a safer bet? Remember I said that you need food, water, shelter and weapons to protect yourself before investing in silver.

      There is not another basket to put my eggs other than silver and gold. I just think silver’s fundamentals are magnitudes better than gold.

  • Anthony P. Curtis, M.D.

    I’ll agree that there are not a lot of “other baskets to put your eggs in”, and this is quite frustrating to me and presumably any other thinking person. There are a couple very important considerations to relfect upon prior to a possible silver confiscation. One is the fact that much will depend upon what form your physical silver is in and where it is located. For instance, you might as well say “bye-bye” to any silver (or gold) in any bank safe deposit box the second a “call-in” is announced. Then, realize that the U.S. government regards all paper currency as its own property; it say plainly “United States of America” on each and every bill and all bills are eventually returned to a Federal Reserve bank and replaced. Not that in a similar manner all U.S. coinage, including all pre-1965 90% silver coins as well as all 1986 and later Silver Eagles, bear the exact sasme “United States of America” imprint–and to our rulers such words mean the same thing, i.e., in the end game the U.S. government owns all these coins and can legally issue a “call-in” at any time.
    “Owners” of really big amounts of silver nearly all retain such in the form of 1,000 troy oz. bullion bars in official COMEX-approved “storage.” These 1,000 troy oz. bars weigh 68.5 regular (av.) pounds each, are nearly impossible to ship insured via common carrier, and once removed from official “storage” cannot be sold through regular channels without being expensively re-assayed and so on. This all means that once out of “storage” a 1,000 troy oz. bullion bar of silver is ridiculously illiquid–almost useless. You could end up starving to death looking at one big hunk of silver metal! It was only these 1,000 troy oz. bars of bullion metal that were confiscated in 1934 and, ironically, the U.S. government will likely be confiscating the exact same physical bars in the future.
    Let’s say you (like 99.999% of Americans) dont’ own any 1,000 troy oz. bullion bars in “storage”, you have been appropriately wary enough of banks and bank “safe deposit boxes” to having avoided secreting your silver treasure/coins and smaller (100 troy oz. and 10 troy oz.) bullion bars there, what are the potential problems upon the declaration of a “call-in”? Once again, remember that the “United States of America” imprint on all of these coins means the government can boldly claim that you never really owned them free and clear
    any more than you own paper Federal Reserve Notes. The problem with possessing slver coins and smaller bullion bars after an official “call-in” is exactly the ssame it was with gold coins from 1933 to 1975–the inability to convert the coins easiliy and without significant loss into what is passing at the time for circlating cash, i.e., lack of “liquidity.” Remember that post-1933 it was a federal crime to even possess beyond one gold American coin of a type, much less to try to trade with gold coins/use them as currency! After a future silver confiscation, it will similarily be a crime to even possess significant numbers of silver coins of any kind (or any bullion bars or “rounds”), much less to try to exchange them in commerce–as long as there is any functioning U.S. government in existence. And if history is any guide, Americans will be no different from foreigners throughout the centuries–like in Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union, or communist China until recently; your “friends” and even your closest family members will “turn you in to the ‘authorities'” in the hope of gaining favor with those in power. (After the Tinnammen Square incident in China, brothers and sisters “turned in” their own siblings, well knowing that he/she would be sent to prison or worse–maybe much worse. Modern Americans will be no more noble.
    Finally, given the possibility of a total breakdown of function of the U.S. government, even then you will not be “home free” with your cache of silver coins. Historically, in Ancient Rome a silver denarius, the size of a modern American “dime”, was the price of ten (10) asses or donkeys–in a sense their automobiles. Gold, and even pure silver coins, while serving well in their function of “store of value”, were never the day-to-day circulating money or currency of Ancient Rome. Romans bought their daily bread with copper/bronze coinage. In a similar manner, upon the real breakdown of the U.S. government, even then there would likely be massive problems with illiquidity of real silver coinage. A loaf of bread just might sell for a pre-1982 bronze one cent piece, or a silver dime (with no change for your “ten asses minus a loaf of bread”), or even a one troy oz. Gold Eagle coin (again, with no change.)
    “Another basket”, you ask. There is probably no such thing. But I’m saving all of my pocket change (all of which still has very significant true intrinsic value in terms of base metal–and will likely have much more relative value in the kind of future we have been postulating.) By the way, if you live in an area somewhere near Canada–as I do–forget about saving Canadian pocket change; since the year 2000 all of their subsidiary coinage has been intrinsically valueless plated steel slugs. The girls at our local bank pick them out by using a magnet!

  • John Galt

    Please, send this and the 321Gold article to zerohedge and tfmetals report (blogspot or

    This needs much more exposure.

    I found it through a link on Jesse’s Cafe Americain.



  • Hot damn diggity dog. I started buying at $7oz. I have been promoting a return to a hard backed currency for about the last 8 years. My regrets are those dumb-ass fiat based investments that I got involved in. Recently, I started to believe that Silver was going to go over $1000oz. Your article is a summmation of my thought process and a collation of the data on Silver.
    The arguments about storing up on food and water are moot. Seeds are another good investment as well as eventually arable land. I have 30 cans of Tuna and a ton of baked beans, plus all those green powdered juice drinks. Ammo is great investment too. You can buy ammo without actually having a gun. The value of that is going up by leaps and bounds as well.
    I see Silver as becoming more valuable than gold, everytime I buy an ounce of Silver I see it in my mind’s eye as $1000oz. I am rich! The accumulation of Silver has also lead me to having the midas touch, everything that I am doing is working out. The thought process becomes crystal clear. There are meta-physical consequences with the accumulation of Silver bullion that you do not understand until you actually possess the metal. Great article.

  • Dee

    Interesting article. I have often worried about my silver stocks, and was concerned that the day they really shoot up in value would be the day the dollar becomes worthless. I do not thing the elites have any plans for us common people to succeed or to become wealthy, so I believe the concerns about silver stocks which the author of this article expressed are worth listening to. I have noticed that the powers that be are pushing to make everything we try to do to survive, illegal. God help us.

  • Ed

    Yes I am one of the greedy little bastards referred to in the article. Yes I have a bunch of silver and gold and will be buying more silver shortly.

    Havng said all of this I have a major problem and that is in Canada we cannot own a hand gun to protect my silver. My wife is as mean as a snake and might be able to hold them off for a bit but I need a better plan for storage. If things get tough I need to ensure she does not grab a bunch and run.

    Us greedy little bastards are the only honest people you know, as we are predictable and you know where we are coming from but nevertheless give us a clue where to hide our loot.

    • Silver Shield

      Read the “I Get It Now” article on the blog.

      In Canada you can’t own hand guns or guns?

      Hand guns IMO are for self defense outside the home.

      If the threat is inside nothing like the CHOT CHOT of a shot gun loading to scare the poop out of would be intruders.

      Dogs are good too, I just got one.

  • I don’t even know where to begin….great piece….people only need to reflect a little and then see the light….our world is coming to an end, as we know it.
    The financial issues are truly LARGE in scope…but we have to do very little in order to protect ourselves…that is if we do actually see reality. Reality says to follow this writings guidance…..convert the green TP into something real… on that fact….

  • Chris Duane’s article was the single best up-to-date primer on silver and metals ownership I can ever recall reading – ever! Give us liberty and give us silver!

  • ashley

    Great Article. Though I am invested in silver stocks as I believe that they will in fact appreciate much more than silver itself. Do you have a view on whether investing in silver stocks is as good as holding physical silver? At least as long as the dollar doesn’t collapse, I would see greater appreciation in silver mining stocks in the silver run up. If you agree with me, can you tell me your views on SilverCorp metals, and Silver standard resources?
    Silvercorp metals has the lowest cash cost per ounce of silver produced at $-7.13 which is lower than silver wheaton at $4 an ounce
    Gross profit margin is 77% which is higher than silver wheaton at 66% or any other miner.
    Net profit margin is 57% , up from 35% in previous qtr. Silver wheaton’s net profit margin is 82% (the most profitable for now) in last qtr but silver corp is closing in.
    Most importantly, silvercorp is expected to increase its production to 10.6 mil oz or by 100% by march 2014 and silver wheaton will increase its production by 43 million oz in the same period or by 83%.
    Now Silver wheaton is the darling of the silver stocks and commands a PE of 71.9 while silver corp commands a PE of 37.2 so it seems way undervalued even though it will outpace silver wheaton starting now right up to the next three years.

    As with Silver standard, It does have the highest proven, probable, inferred resources at 1.7 billion ounces of silver in its properties compared to any other miner and it has estimated a 34.9 % increase in production this year from 6.3 mil oz to 8.5 mil oz, which is more than any other silver miner including silvercorp which will increase production by 33.9% from 5.3 mil oz to 7.1 mil oz or silver wheaton which will increase production by 19% from 23.5 mil oz to 28 oz.

    • Silver Shield

      Everything is fine until you need it. While the music is still playing everybody can dance.

      When the music stops nothing will beat silver bullion in your possession.

      Nothing would make me more insane than to “get it” with silver investing and be in the wrong vehicle.

      This whole world is going to learn a hard lesson on counter party risk when things get bad.

  • Mark

    Wow, amazing article encompassing all the silver informational goodies in one location. I’m going to go buy some silver today.

  • Brian Fitzpatrick


  • Mind

    Trust in God not Silver? LOL.

    To the person who suggested putting your trust in God and not silver. What exactly do you hope will be happen? Do you believe God will protect your house from foreclosure by somehow preventing the Sheriff from serving you papers? How would such a God facilitate such generous acts of kindness? Well he wave his hand and magically put food on your table? Will he order his angels to fill your gas tank?
    If you have faith in a God to take care of you in spite of not taking care of your self, I believe you are on the road to a rude awakening.

    To witness the destructive of the economy and society in general and not take the responsibility to secure your future, instead hoping to pass the buck to the almighty, is a certian recipe for disaster.

  • Joe

    Thanks for a great read.

  • jon

    When do you sell??? I just sold some at $20.00 and soon it was $34.00. It will be my luck again to sell at $50.00 and soon it is $100. Will there be many buyers at a $100.00 especially in the 100 ouncers?———–Thanks—-Jon Baker

    • Silver Shield

      Stop thinking in dollars and start thinking in ratios.

      1:1 Silver to Gold ratio might be a good start…

  • Wow. Speechless…
    As a person who is trying to do the exact same thing as you, I applaud and am humbled by the amount of time taken to create this article. Unbelievable resource and I don’t think I could say one thing more about silver…

    I agree with your 50$ by end of march, as I wrote an article saying the same thing during the “correction” to $26.50.

    I also fundamentally agree with the fact that we will be heading to revolutionary days once we remove the banking elite. My take on the situation can be found here, properly titled.. “America Under Attack by Treasonous Bankers.”

    The Ron Paul Revolution will be upon us soon…
    It is not about Ron Paul…
    It’s about freedom once and for all…

    I will be spreading your link like wildfire,

    Scott J

    • Silver Shield

      The Ron Paul Revolution inspired me to start the Sons of Liberty Academy.

      I felt if the American people knew what I knew there would be Revolution tomorrow.

      Keep up the great work!

      It is going to take many voices saying many things to reach many people.

  • TOM S


  • Nice work. I agree with the necessity of having physical in the end, but via investing in silver miners and occasionally converting paper profits to more physical, I will end up with significantly more silver than if I was to just buy all physical now. I already have more using this strategy over the past 10 years than I would have just buying the metal. I understand my stock portfolio could be seized at any moment, but I have been doing this gradually and imagine there will be some intensifying warning signs for when to cash out completely.

    Anyway, great article and nice work.

  • Ray M

    Why do JP Morgan and HSBC have a huge short position in silver? How did they hope to make money on this? These folk are not dumb. there must be a reason for it that I don’t understand.


  • Adam

    You spelled due diligence wrong. It’s not “do diligence.”

    • Silver Shield

      I now have a volunteer going over this huge article to proof it better.
      I can tell you that it is very difficult for me to correct my own work because I auto correct in my head any grammatical mistakes and then pass over it.

  • Bill

    The people trying to sell us silver and gold keep telling us that the dollar is soon to be worthless and that is the reason we should buy their precious metals. If they really believe that, why are they so willing and ready, actually nearly desperate, to trade us their valuable silver for our worthless dollars?

    • Silver Shield

      Being a former car dealer, I know the power of moving metal and making a spread. These guys are making a living selling metal and making a spread while the music is playing. When the music stops they will be done selling and be sitting on a huge stash of not to be sold inventory.

      Not a bad idea.

  • Jim Smith

    I’ve been buying silver since it was $4.28, (Oct. 2002) and have been following this market and the financial
    shenanigans of the world obsessively since then. I’m currently traveling in S.E. Asia and even though I’ve
    already bought a significant amount of physical, after reading this article I want to rush home and buy more.
    Even though the possible lapse in QE this June (and which of course is a big deal) would cause some considerable
    disruptions in our markets, including the PM’s, I would still say you’re safe buying more now but I would leave
    ‘some powder dry’ and as they say BTFD. One thing I would like to have seen this author address more, is that
    TPTB are not going to go down easy, and will invariably have some more tricks up their sleeve, and some caution may
    be advised with respect to what these ‘jerks’ may want to do to prevent their serfs from empowering themselves.
    One of my concerns is they may want to make it very difficult for us to ‘redeem’ our metals, enforcing some absurd
    taxes on our profits for instance………meaning a black market and basically a barter system of some sort may
    well grow in relevance.

    One thing I would also like to suggest, for those of us especially in the US, like Casey has been suggesting, is that we consider
    putting some of our PM’s offshore with someone like James Turk’s where it can be stored in
    Zurich and Hong Kong. I know the author of this article thinks we should have all our physical under our noses, but
    if you have sufficient monies to consider a little more diversification, and given the caution we may need to
    factor in with respect to some of the capital controls and redemption concerns our political and financial hierarchy
    may want to deploy, this may be something important to consider. Who knows, some of us may want to bail on
    living here and consider another part of the world and unless you can depend upon having access to your PM’s
    you may not have that choice. I’ve met and talked with James Turk personally and thoroughly trust his enterprise
    and his vision for how things may unfold. What will be interesting I think is that he will be one of the first to be
    issuing credit cards that will draw on your metal’s storage. You have a choice between London, Zurich, and Hong
    Kong. I think Zurich and Hong Kong will be the better of the three.

    I think it may be important to discuss this so that we can even now be thinking in these terms. And with respect to
    silver, I have been recently focusing on silver eagles as the most credible and useable of the types of bullion.
    Of course if you’re actually trading physical to make large purchases using your 100 oz. bars would be better. We
    may well be going to ‘uncharted waters’ of course and it’s hard to get used to thinking in terms of things being
    demonstrably different but demonstrably different they will be……….no question.

    And as much as i appreciate very much the author’s thorough efforts to present the silver story, and intending no
    offense, I would only suggest that I wished he had employed a ‘spell check’ program and perhaps an editor in his
    grammar and sentence structure. I know this sounds petty, but when you’re getting your message out, you will have
    a lot more credibility amongst a broader spectrum of our population especially the ‘monied’ sectors if your presentation
    is grammatically flawless. And if the author reads this, I would like to say it’s not too late to finesse this piece as many
    more will be reading it. PS…I also want to apologize in advance for any of my grammatical errors, especially my runover sentences.

  • Silver Surfer

    Nice article it was a good read.

  • John Kilbey

    Great article:

    “Absolute TRUTH……EMPOWERS absolutely”

    “Paper is poverty….It is the ghost of money, and not money itself”.
    (Thomas Jefferson)

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