5 Rules of Strong and Healthy Living

  1. Bow to nobody
    They have what you want not because they are better than you.
    They have it because they need it to achieve a goal.
    Nobody is better than anybody.
    Nobody deserves anything. 
  2. Expect nothing
    Life is unjust and short. Be in the right place in the right time and watch things happen.
    How to know what time and place is right?
    Ask yourself: “Do I need to be doing what I am doing?”
    Listen to the answer within and be honest. 
  3. Trust no one
    Parents, teachers, friends, best friend, family, priest, books, books that disprove other books, newspapers, this site, doctors, commercials—no one.
    Trust your guts. 
  4. Ignore almost everything
    Did World War I actually happen? Who cares? Live now.
    Does Africa exist? Who cares? Live here.
    Who won the Stanley Cup? So what?
    Is your knife dull? Now this is a real issue! 

  5. Think
    Freedom is war.
    Wars are not only about eliminating enemies, but also about making allies.
    Be good at both. 

16 comments to 5 Rules of Strong and Healthy Living

  • Harley

    Hmmmm. Maybe it’s time to sharpen our knives? Especially since it’s a rare event when your team actually wins the Stanley Cup…especially if you’re a Blues fan.
    I keep my knives razor sharp, Chris. Thanks for the thought provoking words.

  • doug

    Ya…hmmmm. I bow,expect,trust,and most times try not to ignore and sure do always think cause i am free.So off to go play golf and bow to my Lord Jesus for a beautiful in northern Canada,trust my buddies show up also,expect to win a few skins today while trying not to ignore my yard work and what kind of a team my Oilers will ice this year…you got me thinking and questioning everything….thought provoking indeed.cheers

  • Kelly James

    I’m liking it here more and more…

    “Trust no one” is tattooed in kanji on my back…..lol

  • debt slave

    Rule 6. BUY SILVER-no explanation needed.

  • This site continues to amaze me…you push the envelope constantly. I have never replied only due to enjoying what little anonymity we still have as a free people. What you list are hard truths in a brutal world. To follow them hardcore leads to a pretty desperate and lonely position…but they are a good start.

    I believe any man of wisdom must answer to God (trinity)alone…you are correct to never bow to any human but I have met many men of valor that I will always respect.

    Trusting noone I have found is a great measure for anyone outside of a small circle of those you would lay your life down for…I know because of your military background that you understand this concept. There are layers of trust…few will ever have mine but it can be earned within boundaries.

    Blessed are those who expect nothing for they shall not be disappointed…totally onboard with this statement. If you are waiting for someone to give you anything you are a fool and you deserve your fate.

    I must admit ignoring everything does sound like fun but again it does not fit with what you proclaim to be about…waking people up. Knowledge is power…being aware of our past is crucial…honorable men laid down their lives in every war (just or not) to keep us free. The sons of liberty is all about knowledge and that is why we are ahead of the doped, drunk, asleep, entertained sheeple who are headed to slaughter by those who claim to protect them and their entitled mindset.

    Think, never forget that. You are given a conscious and unless you are a sociopath you know what is right and must have a relentless pursuit of TRUTH.
    Men don’t follow titles…they follow courage. I thank you for your leadership in a dark time…we shall overcome. PROTECT WHAT YOU HAVE EARNED…NEVER LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS AND KEEP STACKING

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    @ debt slave: It’s implied by the whole list :)

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    I generally agree with what is being said here, everyone can be reminded of being more self-reliant. That being said, it is important to couple trust with discernment. It’s simply not realistic to “trust no one”. It SOUNDS good, but how realistic is it? People trust all the time. Trust with discernment is sensible. Blind trust is just foolish.

    As for “Freedom is War”, is “War also Peace” and will “Work set you free?” 😉

    Seriously, there IS a time to fight. But “war” as we now know it is PURELY corporate/elite generated. Most tribal skirmishes are due to BS differences in religion. War is a horror. Period.

    That is very different that fighting, when necessary, for freedom. If someone shows up at my house to take me to a FEMA camp, they WILL get a fight! But that’s very different than the endless wars we are fighting around the world for our corporate masters.

    The rest of the article is spot-on, though!

  • Mustafa Cohen

    It’s simply not realistic to “trust no one”.

    Trust your guts. If your Self tells you it’s OK to trust someone else – go ahead. It’s the asking oneself part that we usually miss.

    Freedom is War

    When rules disappear, they disappear for everyone. Some are stronger and smarter than you. Some of these will try to enslave you.

    Freedom is rough and short. No coffee shops, no highways. One of the next steps you take will end your life. How is it not war?

  • Denny

    1. Turn off T.V. 2. Engage one’s neighbors. 3. Address your own personal psychology concerning consumption. Think and act smaller, a lot smaller (More isn’t necessarily better – The old standards of wealth accumulation, success ‘at’ work rather than ‘in’ work. Americans, for the most part, have been propagandized to believe that image is what defines a person. It is worthless and useless. The furthest road we have to travel is within – greed, image, ‘success’, money, winning and intimidation, among others, are not virtues. They are very destructive presumptions which actually produce nothing but more destruction. Honesty, humility (think consumption here, again, aside from general behavior), steadfastness, integrity, fortitude, love, respect – Live and let live. Treat others as you would wish to be treated. 4. Begin to shop locally. Try to ignore, when possible, corporate products. 5. Develop a human infrastructure. Utilize people’s natural gifts. We’re on our own at this point. 6. Understand that it is not a left/right struggle, but a rich/poor battle. The rich have declared war on the rest of us and they are winning. Almost ALL politics these days are simply efforts of the wealthy to dispossess us of our natural inheritances – freedom from fear, freedom from want, freedom from peace. They are truly insane, but they have the money and power to continue their destructive charade of legitimacy. Good luck. It’s a scary road because it has not been traveled in a very long time; but there is hope. There has to be or else we will all perish at worst or live in a hell of our own making at best.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    @Denny – Excellent comment, thank you.

    Think and act smaller, a lot smaller

    Bingo. This is what “Ignore almost everything” is about. Take care of your immediate environment, here and now, and let the dead bury their dead.

    efforts of the wealthy to dispossess us of our natural inheritances

    Exactly. Look at history. The Haves have always been taking more than they needed – but at least they had ambitions. They were converting the stuff they grabbed into something that even the Have-nots could benefit from: transnational railroads, paved streets, channels, circuses, satellites, transportation.

    What happens today is that they intensify the grabbing of whatever’s left and don’t create a speck of anything in return. They are gridlocked in their overprotected corners, too greedy to share and too scared to change.

    We got so low, there is nowhere to go but up.

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)


    I see where you are coming from now.

    You and I are on the same page. Always listen to yourSELF. Yes.

  • Old Boy Scout

    1)Bow to nobody
    I have met plenty of people of wealth or higher education. They were always treated with extreme respect. One man I knew very well, was a PhD. in his chosen field and when he spoke on topic (his PhD.) I felt 2 inches tall. This guy was oh so smart… He could not clear a stopped up kitchen sink. He had no idea how to jump start a car. When he called me to come fix his computer, he stood there speechless as I opened the case and started pulling things apart and put it back together and brought it back to life.

    We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

    2) Expect Nothing
    Life is short and unfair. Most people of wealth or power or fame got there by being in the right place at the right time. The rest of us live a life of quiet desperation. When this economy collapses, the “rich guy” will be instantly poor. Civil unrest will follow and we could see unheard of horrors in the streets of America. The Vietnam Vet who can secure a perimeter with little or nothing, or the toothless “redneck” who spent his childhood blowing up tree stumps on the farm will be of much more value than the CEO or MBA in your group. The circle of life these days seems to be, birth – education – work 40-50 years and then die. This much you can expect.

    3) Trust No One
    Every person that has ever entered my life was trusted by me. I have a bad habit of believing that a “man’s word” and a handshake is good enough. Everyone of those people betrayed me. There are 3 of these people I hope I never see again, because I have a 30 cent, .45 caliber cartridge and a delivery system for each one of them.

    4) Ignore almost everything
    I care not about sports
    I care not about TV programs
    I hate my government
    I love my country
    My knives are sharp and there are many. Every night as I prepare for sleep, I check the pistol, I check the rifle, I check the shotgun. I make sure I have my glasses in a place where I can get them in the dark, turning on a light at the wrong time could cost you your advantage. My boots are next to the bed, drop into them and zip them up (5.11 tactical boots are oh so worth the investment) BTY, get yourself a night vision system. Hand held is affordable, a rifle mounted one is super expensive and not practical if you only have one rifle.

    5) Think
    Keep your friends close by and your enemies closer.
    In the film “We Were Solders” the Vietnamese commander was told the enemy (American) artillery was accurate and effective. The commander’s response was “they can’t use artillery if you have your enemy by the belt buckle!”

  • Anuraga

    1.Bow to a Pure, Self Realized, Liberated (free from the modes of material nature)soul – you would be foolish not to. Thats if you know how to recognise one if you meet them.
    2. Good point – don’t waste time.
    3.You should know @ least one person you can trust to tell you the truth.
    4.Here & now !! You may need to care for people – Here & now.
    5.Our biggrst enemies are lust, anger & greed ,our greatest allies are truth,awareness & a big stash of Silver.

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