Donald Trump- Hypocrite, Elitist Tool and War Monger

I woke up this morning to Donald Trump calling China “Our Enemy” on this 2 minute CNN clip below.

Donald Trump’s fiery rhetoric is designed to appeal to middle America, who has been raked over the coals, in this worst downturn since the Great Depression. In fact, it almost sounded like a guy who is going to run for President.  This interview is a trial balloon the Elite use to test ideas out to see how the public will respond. So get used to this type of talk because you are going to hear a lot more of it over the next 2 years.

I predicted this would happen at the beginning of the year in my 2011: Doom is Always 6 Months Away article.

In fact all of our problems will be blamed on China. High interest rates… blame China. $5 gas… blame China. Bridge collapse… blame China. American Idol sucks… blame China. Erectile Dysfunction… blame China.Into the shadows laughing. It will infinitely easier for America to kill millions of Chinese than to admit that we have been lied to for decades by the Elite. Nowhere will you see the Elite’s faces for their decades of manipulation, abuse, and destruction of this once great country.

What Donald Trump should be ranting about is his own Elitist class, that has created the China beast and more importantly has gutted America. China is not the cause of our problems, they are only the result of our problems. Our problems lie much closer to home and they are the very powerful Elite that control our paradigm.

China would have been a third world Communist cesspool, had it not been for our Elite empowering them.  Our Elite has given China most favored nation trade status in 2000.  The Elite has gutted American manufacturing in favor of China’s slave labor and lax environmental regulation.  The Elite accepted China as equal partners with all new factories over there, giving them our ideas and plans in order to create their world class products.  The Elite has invested billions in China, while America was left to rot.  The Elite turned a blind-eye to China’s mercantilist policies of currency manipulation and industrial espionage.

What is worse than that, is what the Elite has done to this country.  They have paralyzed our country with their domination of the False Left Right Paradigm.  They have enslaved us with generational debt to fund a larger and more intrusive government and fighting never ending senseless wars.  They have left our boarders wide open to 24 million illegal immigrants, while we play “Where’s Waldo” in Afghanistan.  They have conned America with the housing bubble.  (Which of course the Donald benefited from.)  I could go on and on, but really, the point is that our “enemy” is at home.

The Elite will do anything and everything to get us to look at any other bad guys in the world other than them.


Osama bin Laden…

Kim Jong Il…


Vladimir Putin…



Even their political sock puppets like Obama and Bush.

Anything, except for the Masters of our Universe.

The Elite has created China and will take them down. I theorized in the Sons Of Liberty Academy, that our Elite actually set up China to be our next enemy.  They did this so that the Elite can flush the system clean and blame China for all of our problems.  This will allow them to retain control and actually create more profit and power for them.

No this economic false flag will find a new enemy to blame all of our internal rot on. The real reason for all of this is for our Elite to gain more power and profit. It provides a distraction for the lower classes to keep them from over throwing the Elite.

By Donald Trump throwing the “China is the Enemy” card, he is beginning to beat the inevitable war drums that will become louder, as the economy sinks faster.

War is the most profitable human endeavor. It creates debt, profitable contracts for the insider, and most importantly it is rapid economic activity without raising the general standard of living of the common man. This is only understood by a small group. If the same amount of energy and capital that are invested into our war machine, were invested into things like free renewable energy for everyone, it would raise the standard of living for everyone. We would not need a globe spanning military empire protecting the energy routes necessary to keep things going. We would have not have to worry about the price of gas and would create new jobs back home. We could cut taxes and have more money to get out of debt. The Elite don’t want that, so they will upset the table and go to war instead of getting back to what made this country great.

I only wish Trump would have used his big mouth to shout about how the housing bubble has ruined the economy. His personal experience would have served as an invaluable bulwark against the corruption and financial trickery.  The Elite has looted trillions from middle America into their pockets.  These Elitist bankers have done so much more to hurt us personally than China has ever done.  But he would not bite the hand that feeds him, would he?  Instead, it is better that his daughter marry into one of the criminal families and spout their lies, so that we do not start looking for the real root of our problems here at home.

Once again, I implore you to never accept anything at face value and to think for yourself.

For me, I will judge a tree by it’s fruit and now dump the hypocritical Donald into the Patriot Pied Piper pile.

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