Operation: Wake The Neighbors

I have been kicking around an idea for awhile about waking up the neighbors. We all realize that no man is an island and that desperate people, do desperate things. The best course of action is to hopefully awaken people up before “it” happens, so that they become aware and prepared. This way they can become an asset in rebuilding a new life.  An Academy member Justin just wrote me about this subject, so I thought I would get a conversation going on how best to wake the neighbors up. Here is his letter:

The closer we get to this financial collapse and the proverbial zombies knocking on our door the more nervous I get out my neighbors; more specifically their lack of preps. I have no intentions of talking directly to them about the issue since I’m already nervous about people realizing I have any preps or PM’s.

I have been thinking about a way to get a brief overview in front of them to just get them thinking of the possibility as well as some links to resources (like your site) for further reading if they are interested. I would imagine it would include some brief details without coming off looking like a crazy conspiracy theorist which would turn them away.

Some points that might make it easier to swallow for a typical sheeple:

-Mentioning things like even government (FEMA/Red Cross) recommends having some amount of preps
-some quick facts about the debt (including the huge amount in entitlement programs that are not included in the national debt number)
-a chart or mention of the relation to gold/silver against the dollar over the past 10 years or even longer….100 years maybe?
-some of the details about Katrina that might make the possibility more real, even without a full on collapse of the dollar.
-The rule of 3 (3 hours in elements, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food, ect)

Just some simple things that SHOULD get just about any sheeple to at least consider it and possibly read a little further in to it. Hopefully at least a few of them do delve deeper into resourceful sites provided and get some preps under their belt before the impending collapse.

So with all this said, my question to you is this: If you could right an anonymous letter (snail mail) to 100 neighboring residents to achieve what I’ve mentioned…what would it say? Since it’d be a physical letter it obviously can’t be a book and honestly there is a chance they will see a wall of text and pitch it; so brevity is key while still hitting home.

This could be another avenue to get your message out there if you made a letter like this available on your site for others to send out in their locality.

I appreciate your time and all you’ve done with your site.


Here are some critical points I feel need to be addressed.

  • It needs to be a one page document front and back. (Easy to read not a lot of detail.)
  • It should not be geared towards anything that could be viewed as conspiracy.
  • I believe most people go down this path starting out looking for financial freedom. “The dollar is mathematically going to collapse, what does that mean to you?
  • I think there should be a simple 10 point plan that everyone should follow, so even if they do nothing else these 10 things we should be much better off than before.
  • The next level could be the Wake Up packet I have on the blog with the 5 Reports and the free Sons of Liberty Academy.
  • In the Academy we have the completely under used Members Forum which can be a great place for people to connect with others anonymously in the area.
  • Finally, if we get big enough we can host meetings or conventions, who knows. (We probably don’t want to get to far down the road and just KISS keep it simple stupid.)

So there is a couple ideas for everyone to tear apart. Let’s come up with something and I will put together a spiffy hand out for people to print off and drop all around their neighborhood.  Honestly, if you can 10 families in your area that are aware and prepared, I think we will have a great head start.

I know we have a lot of sharp minds here, so let’s put on our thinking caps and let’s come up with something this weekend. Drop your comments in the box and I will put something together over the weekend.


BTW- Yesterday somebody, or a group of people, were very busy using the Wake People Up! optin yesterday. We had 230 people signed up yesterday. It was probably somebody going through their email list and keep dropping names in. (This is no easy feat since there is a security code you have to type every time to stop spam.) These people were sent a welcome letter, free access to the Sons of Liberty Academy and 5 of our Best Reports for Free. The crazy thing is that we only had 3 unsubscribes in the past 2 days. That tells me that this must be pretty effective or at least interesting enough for people to stay on the mailing list. Any way, a very interesting development.

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  • greetjes

    that’s what I call a very nice BTW note 😉

  • Harley

    Agreed on all counts. Great ideas here from both you and Justin. Feel free to use any portion of my paltry two submissions to your site in your “Wake the Neighbor” project if anything in them is found worthy.

  • LaMachinna

    What a great idea. I would love to send that letter. Looking forward to it! Thanks! Just had my youth pastor bring it up today in the context of his father in law was doing it and he blamed Beck. I am hesitant to even discuss it yet except with only one couple we are the closest too.

    Love the site. Thanks!

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    It should be short.

    It shouldn’t be all things at once.

    It should talk about them:

    What if you woke up one day to find:banks closedno gas at the pumpno food on the shelvesno police to protect you (I know, I know, but we can’t say everything at once)

    How would you feel if this happened tomorrow?

    In a world like this, you must [be or do or have] [this and that]. Click here / Visit / Call ### to [be or do or have it].

    Don’t unload the whole site on them: you only want them to question the reality, not to answer it.

    Also, if it’s a webpage you want them to go to, it better have a short, simple address and be specifically built for this operation – you can’t use the front page of DTO.Me, they will be lost: “What should I click? Where do I begin? Where do I begin WHAT?”

  • lastmanstanding

    most people won’t get it…they are worse than sheeple.

    this will be controversial for most of you…the elite may be correct about how many people are on the earth. in nature, the earth eliminates the weak, the lowhanging fruit..why would the earth not rid itself of those that cannot help themselves …or others?

    in the USA, half our nation would be eliminated quickly if subjected to the reality of the earths forces.

    let me put it to you this way…”half the people in our country live their lives exactly opposite how the planet works.” think about whether or not that you are one of these people.

    in no way do i support the elite, debt, slavery and cruelty to the honest man, woman or child.

    to be honest…if you can survive on your own…you need to go.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    @lastmanstanding: +100. What the government does is stand in the way of evolution, keeping the weak in the gene pool. Mind you, I might be eliminated myself without the good ol’ gub, but this will make the world a tiny bit more honest and strong.

  • twisted titan

    If they accept or decline is not the point.

    The overwhelming majority WILL choose the illusion over reality.

    But there are a tiny few that will grab this priceless gem we are offering.

    For them it is worth it.

    This is trait for compassion and caring is what seperates us from the sociopathic animals we refer to as the elite.

  • HelluvaEngineer

    I think this is a great idea and I just wanted to throw my idea into the mix. If you are trying to keep the letter anonymous, you could set up a generic email account (something like preparedness@domain.com) and offer the email address in your letter as a way people who want can receive more information. You may also get some feedback from people in the area who are well on their way to becoming self sufficient that are looking to find some like minded people.

    I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of this.

  • Marc

    Very good idea and not easy. I’d like to have a copy :)
    I tried to convince many people for a long time.
    My experience: Try to bring it in a possitive way although its almost all negative. If you dont: 80% of the people shut their ears.
    Highlight positive things.
    Something like: buy physical, an opportunity once in a lifetime… good for family, small investment…be prepared, the advantages can be enormous.
    And more important: short.

  • Sleep Well Silver

    Leave a Liberty Dime on the door step of your closest family,friends and neighbors in the still of night and say nothing just wait,watch and above all listen.

    This will bring them to us with questions instead of becoming snake oil salesmen pushing the next greatest thing on them.

  • Crunchyconmama

    Right on, twisted titan. Thumbs up, HelluvaEngineer, for the anonymous idea.

  • Sleep Well Silver

    Got them wondering now right? Now on the same night the following week in the still of night leave $2.00 in fiat monopoly money or what ever the exchange is that day on their door step with a little note (Both items in the last two weeks today have the same purchasing power what will tomorrow bring? )

    Now wait,watch and listen.

  • Cory

    The best way to get someones attention is doing a cartoon like the link below. This is for a nature health site Mercola (which I think he would love this site since he is a big Ron Paul fan).

    This would be entertaining and easier for people to understand.


  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    Great ideas, guys! The most difficult thing, for me, is KNOWING what is going on, but getting that stupid, “deer in the headlights” look from so many. Another thought. With my neighbors, some are more “enlightened” than others. Obviously, it’s a personal call, but for some, I feel comfortable speaking to straight about things.

    I ALWAYS think it a good idea to keep what you have, personally, under your hat. I will, of course, SHARE with those in need…but it’s just best to keep one’s own personal cache of prep to oneself, at least complete knowledge of such.

    Stay strong, and DON’T let the goons bait you through any of this. Maintain your cool.

    Again, special thanks to Chris for all your hard work, man.

    In Liberty,

    The Well-Armed Lamb

  • Rey

    Dear neighbor, I am worried about you. Before I say anything, this is not a sales letter. No, I do not have a once in a lifetime offer nor am I going to ask you to join some special club. I am not selling anything. I am you neighbor and I am truly worried about our neighborhood.
    Have you read the news lately? Have you seen what those clowns in D.C. who should know better are doing? Can you imagine what would happen if the government shuts down? If the Social Security, veterans retirement or food assistance checks stopped going out? If our State was forced to shut down because they don’t have enough funds to run the police, or the jails, or the schools? What would happen if the garbage stopped being picked up or if the water system stopped working? Have you considered any of these very real possibilities?
    Government has involved itself on every facet of our lives. If they don’t police the streets or pick up the garbage, who will? What would you do if the banks, who almost failed a couple of years ago, shut down? No ATMs and no cash? It has happened before in this country and it just recently happened in Argentina.
    Are you ready for all this? How will you buy food? Look at your pantry. How many days of food do you have? What would you tell your kids if you can’t buy anymore for a few days? A few weeks?
    This is all very scary, but you can take some precautions. That is what I want to talk to you about. What steps you can take to protect your family from this very real possibility.
    Here are some suggestions. You don’t have to do it all at once but, every little bit helps.
    • Have some cash at home. If the banks close you will not be able to use your debit card to buy food. Have a few hundred dollars, if you can, at home so you can.
    • Store some extra food. It doesn’t have to be a lot at first. Next time you go shopping buy a few extra days of food and water. Whatever you normally eat, buy a few extra just in case. You are going to eat it anyway, why not have it at home? Don’t forget the other essentials like toilet paper and soap. You would be surprised how fast you go thru that stuff and how hard it would be without it.
    • Lanterns, flashlights, portable radio and batteries. If the electricity goes out, even for a few hours, you will be thankful for having those things. Many retail stores sell very inexpensive battery operated lights and radios in the camping area.
    More importantly, get out and talk to your neighbors. A close knit community can be a great asset to your family. Get to know them and let them know you. Neighbors helping each other will do better than FEMA could ever hope to do.
    These are just some very basic steps that you can take to protect your family. You don’t want to find yourself as a refugee in a Katrina situation. There is much more you can do but you have to start somewhere. What is important is to start now. Take action.
    Please educate yourself and take care of your loved ones as no one else can. For more information and tips please go to: ENTER Academy link here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rey

    BTW, the above letter is just my suggestion. I wanted to keep it topical to today;s news to peak the reader’s attention. You only have a few seconds to catch them, so you have to do it fast. Do not get on one side or the other of the political fence. Some of your neighbors will belong to the opposition party but everyone agrees that the ruling class is composed of idiots. Keep it party neutral. Dont mention firearms. In my neck of the woods they are as common as dirt but your neighbor may not see it that way. The steps are nowhere near sufficient but, the intention is to get them interested, not to give them all the answers.

    When you print the letter hand print the envelope. Mass produced envelopes will be treated as junk mail. A hand printed envelope will not. Do print the actual letter unless your hand writing is impeccable. Printed letters are easier to read.

    Do not address it to “resident” or “occupant”. It will be treated as spam.

    Please feel free to comment and provide feedback.

  • I was thinking about waking up mass sheeple throughout my neighborhood by sending them burned copies of “The American Dream” documentary or “From Freedom to Fascism” or “Inside Job” with a letter expressing my concerns.

    Pointing out to them that I know who the real enemy is, why things are the way they are, and more importantly what you can do about it. And in that letter, I would also tell them that if they’re interested in finding out more, to e-mail me at so and so.

    But the ideas on the original post of sending out a letter sounds more effective too. I think we have to make it a soft-ball approach. You can’t scare the sheeple. That is a losing game. You can’t be extravagant, scary, or hardcore.

    I think the letter should delve into the topics of inflation, irresponsible and reckless government spending, and how they can protect and even thrive during these hard-times.

  • And Silver Shield is right … speaking from personal experience, I’ve had the most success waking people up by talking to them about our monetary system, about the Fed, about debt slavery, illegal taxation, and always, ALWAYS telling what they can do about it to not only protect themselves, but to actually improve their financial health.

    Silver baby! Silver!!!!

  • Bill

    For the past several years I have been trying to wake up my neighbors. I have succeeded only in alienating or offending most of them because they do not want to be wakened. members of our society are highly conditoned to give credence only to information from “official sources” which as we know are the main sources of disinformation. It is therefore the equivalent of calling someone stupid to blatantly try to “awaken” them simply as a fellow citizen with no “official” credentials. This needs to be done in a way where they believe the information was a result of their own figuring or it is backed somehow by some sort of local “authority”. I recently read an article about a county sheriff in Oregon who defied the National Forest Service and backed up locals who refused to follow one of the forest service “mandates” regarding travel access to public lands because the mandate was unconstitutional.

    In short, ideally it would be great to carefully approach local “authorities” or media outlets and find those within their ranks who are wise to what is happening and want to do something about it. This is a difficult proposition for highly urbanized areas, however may be very achievable in many rural areas where people are more familiar.

  • Rey

    The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

  • Denny

    I think Rey’s letter is a good shot, but my experience is that you would be doing well to get 10%. I was involved in some neighborhood shoe leather projects and some local direct mail marketing and 10% is a really good response. What I mean is that out of 10 only one would actually DO something. Some other percentage may give it some serious thought and then do nothing.

    What we are doing is through the local Grange in a semi-rural area and it is working, but it is tortuously slow. The good news is that we are building personal and trusted relationships and doing so without banging the sky-is-falling drum. That is worth a lot if you think about it. The Grange environment has some distinct advantages over many other possible venues. I just wish more of the attendees were actually my close neighbors.

    I think that responses to wake up your neighbor efforts would only increase dramatically after a big shoe is dropped, like some event that the mainstream press covers that clearly indicates that the next dropping shoe will be even bigger. I would agree with many that we have already seen several of those so it is a little perplexing. Anyway we are doing a grower’s exchange at our Grange and another local Grange is having speaker events and each in their own way is helping, but I think it is too slow.

    So I think being ready to help neighbors get up to speed in a short amount of time may be the next best thing or maybe the only thing. That is more difficult, no doubt, but that might be the hand we are dealt.

  • Winging It

    This is a great idea, keep it to one page, both sides if you must and not preaching. We are already a country split in half. Those of us reading this and paying attention here get it. We are all probably going to get through the first months just fine; depending. We cannot prepare for every unknown. We here are probably as hard headed towards anyone explaining to us; “ah—don’t worry, this will work out fine; another bump in America’s road.” We are not going to buy into that or give it much time. The same works in reverse. The folks we want to visit with, already have their antenna up and armor on for anyone trying to “wake them up.” My experience is that folks will not engage. No matter how easy or hard we try to couple with them, the mechanism does not take or hold. And our nature is not to buy into anything someone is selling, no matter how right, great or good it is. My point here is that putting this one page letter together is going to take serious thought, lots of common sense and a comfortable way to get this foot in the door. I have already seen grocery stores here in New England empty due to winter storms and days w/o power. On day 3 folks are looking for water on empty shelves. The look on their faces and their worry is paramount. These are folks who have lived here for years and the severity of winter storms are a common occurrence. But many many are still not prepared even for a short duration w/o water, food, heat and life basics. They take to this as enduring a short span of time with some discomfort, until the power comes back on and everything goes back to normal. The good news is that folks I have been visiting with over the past couple years, are just now starting to put in food and water and starting to think about all of this. There has been some engagement, but try to go to deep with them and they uncouple. This is a great web site find. Now every morning I read along with that first cup of coffee. Keep the focus, writing and thinking out loud. My bet is that all of this is going to turn in a heart beat; soon and the good old days will be stories told around mealtime, by those who survive and remember.

  • I think they’re putting something in the water around here… I sure am glad I haven’t been drinking the stuff!

    Most people around here are high on something. It’s kind of like an episode from ‘the Twilight Zone’ series during the ’50’s! And there I go with another problem…

    … for most of them; a lost episode of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ or “Perry Mason” seems to be pushing aside the space they might normally dedicate to pondering the development of new behaviors that would tend to raise the chances for survival and ‘thrival’ in today’s Brave New World.

    Something stupid and irrelevant (garbage in- garbage out)flashes through the mercury that fouls their dendritic contact points – and the essential thought that would mitigate a behavior in answer to the current problem fades away through the white noise.

    Every time they try to think of something that might spur them to do something extraordinary, the social pressure from the army of prescription-drugged-out townspeople tell them that to move with changes is to stand out and be considered ‘crazy.’

    The idiots who’ve been borrowing money (supposedley on the public’s behalf)still don’t have the power to reckon the mess they’re in. I have been bitching about it since 1974. The public is on drugs.

    These ‘carpetbaggers’, ‘financial hit men’, and NPO shills have drained our nieghborhoods of all wealth and and individual rights have been compromised through the Patriot act and the actions of various funded assets. I need not elucidate further but just to refer briefly to the actions of The Presidents Working Group on the Financial Markets to cheat you out of your money. Beware of paper contracts and the artificial volitility of the market.

    As for my neighborhood: A litigous society; coupled with the gigantic Insurance Industry that has spawned in its wake has made this cornucopiae of wealth a third-World country in 40 years time.

    And while the inhabitants ponder the meaning of it all another ‘distraction’ will move its way to the Fore…

    I can only see them running for more ‘help’ from the government.

    The way I see it; a government cannot have a chance at survival if it quashes the productivity of its most intelligent members; regardless of where they dwell…

    They will come running to us anyway 😉

    Good Luck everyone!


  • Dave

    You know I have been reading your stuff for a while now, sharing it with others as I can…
    I really just wanted to express a heartfelt thanks for making this resource, this forum available, and viable.
    I really have grown to love the phrase “wake some people up”. Sleeping sheeple. Hmmmm. Visions of a New World Order?

  • ChanteQ

    There are many references to The Matrix on this site; the parts about Neo’s process of awakening which is where most of us are and so we relate to these scenes. Its a stretch to go to the end. What happens when he awakens fully to what the matrix is and realizes what he is capable of? (He dies before this happens) When will we start identifying with Neo at the end of the first movie? (the others were contradictions of the first in my opinion, dulling the impact, turning Truth into entertainment) And so is it not you and I that need to wake up………..more?? Are we reacting to circumstances that surround us or creating from the quantum field our own? The playing field widens, expands with possibilities. A reminder: “A problem cannot be solved at the same level it was created.” (Einstein) This is work and demands much to be composted and reorganized on the inside to show up on the outside. Inform others, yes……….. and keep working on yourself.

  • Hello,

    Someone steered me to your site after they watched my video.My name is Jerry Briggs and I’m the organizer of The March For Freedom on DC.This is not your ordinary March.No one under 18.And we are not asking for any permits.
    A PETITION will be read on the steps of the White House and either delivered physically or electronically.On my video I read the Petition.We are not asking Obama to step down.WE THE PEOPLE are demanding he step down as well as Congress.

    I’m a believer that things can and will change.I’m not waiting until the shit hits the fan.Elections in 2012 won’t cut it.Whoever wins they will still be a puppet of the NWO.The Party system needs to be abolished.America needs to cut ties with any organization connected the the NWO.I don’t want to ramble on here.Please watch the video at http://youtu.be/zbL-zpOkaCI

    This movement only started a few weeks ago and we have 360 people.I plan on making more videos.
    I’ve written to The oathkeepers and Ted Nugent to see if they will get behind us.
    I applaud all your efforts on this site.
    PLEASE after viewing the video can you leave a comment and rate the video thumbs up or down.Thankyou for taking the time to read this.GOD BLESS AMERICA and IT’S CITIZENS
    We will make a difference.we will bring the NWO to it’s knees.They haven’t seen a UNITED AMERICA yet.They have awakened a sleeping giant.


  • Hello,

    Someone steered me to your site after they watched my video.My name is Jerry Briggs and I’m the organizer of The March For Freedom on DC.This is not your ordinary March.No one under 18.And we are not asking for any permits.
    A PETITION will be read on the steps of the White House and either delivered physically or electronically.On my video I read the Petition.We are not asking Obama to step down.WE THE PEOPLE are demanding he step down as well as Congress.

    I’m a believer that things can and will change.I’m not waiting until the shit hits the fan.Elections in 2012 won’t cut it.Whoever wins they will still be a puppet of the NWO.The Party system needs to be abolished.America needs to cut ties with any organization connected the the NWO.I don’t want to ramble on here.Please watch the video at you tube type in “themarchforfreedom” with no quotes.I’m on the 2nd page.
    This movement only started a few weeks ago and we have 360 people.I plan on making more videos.
    I’ve written to The oathkeepers and Ted Nugent to see if they will get behind us.
    I applaud all your efforts on this site.
    PLEASE after viewing the video can you leave a comment and rate the video thumbs up or down.Thankyou for taking the time to read this.GOD BLESS AMERICA and IT’S CITIZENS
    We will make a difference.we will bring the NWO to it’s knees.They haven’t seen a UNITED AMERICA yet.They have awakened a sleeping giant.


  • debt slave

    hey briggs, you got another memeber here. go to your local unemployment office and pass a flyer out, make sure you leave a stack for the employees and management..

  • All are excellent comments. Rey’s sample letter is simple and to the point. My question is after giving neighbors a info letter should there be a mention of a future meeting of residents to discuss the letter? I live in CA and my neighbors DO NOT want to hear any negative comments about anything. I think it scares them to have to do some deep thinking about what is going on in the world. “Out of sight…out of mind.”

  • obamanke

    I believe you must instill some fear mention how desperate the have-nots will get.History shows raping and pillaging unfortunately happens in melt down situations.These thoughts bother me the most and are my motivation to become more aware and prepared.

  • Cory

    I remember a long time ago in Arizona I noticed homeless people selling a small newspaper called “The Grapevine”. It was donated to them to sell, so they were selling something for money instead of just begging. People gave them money since they were happy to see them doing something. This could be a good idea to get this message out, unless you think people would not take it serious since it is from a homeless person. Just a thought I had this morning.

  • Silver Shield

    This was submitted by harry

    Are you starting to feel like for the first time in your life that the America you used to know, and believe in, and trust in, is showing signs you signs that something is very wrong? Are you too depressed to turn on the news, or afraid for what you’ll hear today? Have you stopped listening to the news in your car, or stopped reading the newspapers? Have you started feeling like you couldn’t believe what they told you anyway? Or for that matter what our leaders are telling us?
    You’re not alone. There are millions of us out there who feel exactly the same way. And we’re out there trying to get folks to trust their gut feelings about the way things are headed in our country. To listen to that voice deep inside that says “maybe things aren’t getting better… maybe they can’t get better”.
    Here are some key points for you to consider:
    1) Up until the 1960’s gold was partly backing our dollar, but no more. Then in 1971, President Nixon removed silver as the remaining backup for our dollar. For the last 40 years, there has been no precious metals backing any of the money the Federal Reserve has “created”. So now, when our government says we need $800 billion dollars more, where do you think that money comes from, and how is it created? It is created from nothing, electronically made and distributed to pay back our debtors. That’s why they call it “raising the debt ceiling”. Because the money they create from scratch is just that…debt. That you and your children are called upon to pay back.
    2) In the entire history of mankind, there has never been a ‘fiat’ currency that has survived. They have all perished with their countries of origin. A ‘fiat’ currency is one that is created from scratch, one that has no value because there is nothing of any value backing it. Our dollar is a ‘fiat’ currency.
    3) Throughout mankind’s history, there have been many great nations and empires; Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Greece, the Romans, and others. If you do the research, you’ll find that every one of these fell from within, as with a disease. Their governments and politicians were corrupt. Their monetary systems were failing. There was a breakdown of national sovereignty and of the family unit itself. Human life became more and more meaningless. Corruption was found in every facet of their businesses and marketplaces. Violent crime increased. The sanctity of life, especially of young children and babies, was no longer important. Their art became more and more vulgar, and their entertainment grew more and more violent. Does any of this sound familiar?

    Do you care about your family…your loved ones? If something bad were to happen in this country, like a terrorist attack (which so many federal and state government websites are warning us about), or a major power grid failure, or a collapse of our economic system, or the collapse of the stock market, or hyperinflation, or any number of things that could change our lives as we know them today…how would you handle it? Are you ready? Are you prepared?
    The government recommends every family having a minimum of 3 days food and water, but after that’s gone…what would you do? Trust someone to rescue you? The government or the National Guard, or someone else? Do you really believe they will be able to help millions upon millions of starving/dying people all at the same time?
    Or would you rather take your chances on your own? Would you rather look for a way to provide and protect your loved ones and property and not trust it all to someone else?
    We suggest you not take our word for all this, so here is some reading materials you should consider so you can make your own mind up about your future and your plans for it:
    List websites

  • The first lines on the page should say, “Have you ever considered where the value of your paper dollars come from?” Or, “Do you know what gives your paper money value?”

    Regards, Frank

  • Pierce Borup

    Good evening! My friend introduced me to this group, and I figured that enlightened people like yourselves might take an interest. This is my generic “heads up” message. For more details, email me (and tune in to my conferance call friday, aug 19th,). Thank you for your time.

    First, a little about me. My name is Pierce Borup, I’m 22 years old. Young enough that I was simply born into this mess, but old enough to be part of the solution.
    I am currently serving in the USAF, though not for much longer. I was recently almost arrested for forwarding some deep concerns about the legalities of our military actions up the chain of command. It was then that I realized that even if I would remain true to my oath, most of them would not. I stood alone for my oath of service, to defend and uphold the constitution against any threat, foreign OR domestic, and to abide by the same. So I stood before my command and told them that I was leaving. I will be finishing my on-the-job training shortly, and then I will take off my uniform for the last time. I want to serve my country and have come to realize that I can best do that on the outside. It is this desire along with a realization of it’s necessity that has lead me to found the USCM: United States Citizen’s Militia.

    The USCM exists to fulfill the constitutional duty of the militias; to defend our borders, to train and strengthen our people, and to guard forever against evil and tyranny. It will serve as a banner that the people can rally around for the cause of liberty, and will once again lend strength to the will of the people. In so doing, it will help the common people to regain their political power and allow them to take their rightful place as the masters of this great nation once more. It is my furvent hope that, by building a force powerful enough that it cannot be ignored, we can accomplish this without bloodshed, but it is always prudent to be prepared for the worst.

    Both enlistment and involvement will be voluntary, as it is not a standing army. You will not be paid for your service, it will be on your free time, and you may leave the militia at any time you decide that you no longer agree with the actions or direction it has taken. But while serving, you will be expected to follow the lawful and moral orders you receive. You will regularly attend training, and will be on call 24/7, ready to serve at a moment’s notice. The militia will be unified as a whole, though each state will have it’s own division under the command of a state commander. This will form a counsel of fifty commanders who will make decisions affecting the entire militia.

    Speaking of training, while I cannot offer money, I can offer something even better: Knowledge. I will teach you how to fight, how to hide, how to survive. I will teach you how to evade capture and how to care for your body and mind. As we speak, I am working to complete the training that I need in order to pass said knowledge on to you. Completion time is sitting right now around 6-8 months. But what I will pay for, you, as a minuteman, will receive for no cost besides time and sweat. Training will consist of military class krav maga, tactical firearms and assualt training, survival and evasion training, and physical fitness training.

    Every minuteman will be expected to provide two things besides time, if he/she can. First, the uniform. It will only be such in the loosest of terms, and will consist of kakai pants and a custom shirt, which will be made available on our website (blue for the standard minuteman, red for the ranking officers). There will also be a patch that will pe placed on the shoulder (each side). All of them will be similar, but each slightly different for each state’s division.
    The second thing that you will provide is your own weapon and ammunition. Most should be able to do this without trouble, though voluntary donations will be requested from time to time in order to provide additional weapons and armor, as well as other equipment.

    This nation has gone far too long without a fist to back up the voice of the people. Too long without defenders who will defend us, who exist only to serve the will of the people. The time has come to rise up and stand for liberty! Stand for life! For God and country, join us and and live free!

    “For the God who gave us live and liberty, and the people who make it precious!”

    And now for the “March for Freedom”. This is the info sent to me by Gerard Briggs, the patriot who founded the idea.

    I was thinking of a Peaceful March on DC with as many people we can get.Goal is 5 Million.
    No children please.Flags will be carried.Only Americans who have a belief in the Constitution are welcomed.
    A petition will be drawn up and signed by anyone who wants to sign it,and these will be hand delivered to the White House.
    Get the word out on your social media sites.I’m 58 and social media challenged..lol.Get their names,contact info,and where they live(we need to see were the responses are coming from so we can work on the areas that need to be worked on).Ex; City and state will do,or say like Northern NY,No street addresses.When you have this info email me the information.We need a list of people so the media takes us seriously
    Even if it’s only 1 name please e-mail this information,Thankyou.

    Please if you have any questions or suggestions send them to me.
    If The March For Freedom gains momentum I want to start a website so people will have a place to go to register for the march and see our message and any updates.
    Let’s keep the ball rolling.
    A report came out today that obama has given Congress 10 days instead of to August 4th to decide the debt ceiling issue.It’s reported that Congress(republicans included) are going to compromise once again and allow tax hikes for spending cut “PROMISES” .Once again speaker Boehner and the Congressmen we elected in November 2011 are going to BETRAY the American people.Enough is enough.This is why The MARCH FOR FREEDOM is vital
    I’ll tell you a little about myself.I’m 58 and live in Central Massachusetts.I love my Country the way it was designed by our Founders.It’s almost like they saw this day coming when our government got too big and oppressive.It’s been growing since the late 1800’s and now it’s out of control.Both parties only care about themselves and their power.The election in 2012 will not change anything.If Romney gets in it’s the same thing.I really think this election is already fixed for Obama.There will be voter fraud and his goon squad(unions) will try to intimidate.
    Obama is a Dictator who is trampling on our Constitution.Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that the citizens of America have the right and duty to abolish and change a tyrannical government.If this isn’t tyrannical government i don’t know what is..
    I’m sick and tired of being told i can’t pray,I can’t say the name of GOD.I’m sick and tired of the genocide that our government does every year by allowing abortions.I have to follow GOD’S law,not mans.I’m sick and tired of groups that harass funerals of our veterans being protected under the 1st Ammendment.The Constitution has been twisted so that everything is covered under free speech.Pornography is protected..Our founders did not mean for such trash to be covered by free speech.But our courts have twisted the Constitution to fit the progressive needs.
    Enough is enough.I’m forced to contribute to abortions thru our tax dollars that go to Planned Parenthood.The IRS steals from our paycheck for their own need.Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme..The minute they dipped into that SS lockbox they committed fraud on the American people.The fairtax has been promoted for years and any intelligent person would see how this would solve a lot of our debt problems fast.and yet our politicians refuse to consider what’s best for the American people.Why because all there special interests and deals would be eliminate.Democrats and republicans.So I have no elusion that the 2012 election will change anything.The NWO(New World Order) is moving at stealth speed and we must take our Country back now.Back to where our founders designed it.GOD will be marching with us.

    Well, that’s it! I hope we can hear from you soon! Don’t let your anger rule you, and don’t despair. We are not only going to fight this war… We are going to WIN it.

    Pierce Borup

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