I just got dropped this email…

“Department of Homeland Security” translated to Russian is: Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti or KGB.

Now there’s something to think about.

Now that’s what I call fuel for conspiracy theory.

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  • greaseman

    First off, I’m a prepper, and have been for quite a while. I used to be concerned about telling as many people as possible about what is coming. With current events the way they are, even a moron can see we have some serious issues coming up.
    Now, I don’t really go out of my way to tell anyone , anything. After getting blank stares repeatedly, over and over, I finally decided to quit. I intend to help my immediate neighbors, as it’s in my best interest, and my family members, but other than that, the ark doors wil be closed.
    If anyone wants to be charitable, go ahead. Just remember, all those co-workers you told about your preps, are going to rememeber who has some extra stuff. And human nature will rear it’s ugly head. All those who didn’t do anything, will suddenly consider your extra supplies, community property. After all, hoarding is evil, and you should be punished for having too much stuff–so they’ll help you distribute what you do have . They’re just helping you out. If you think that won’t happen, you’re dillusional.
    I plan on appearing as poor, hungry, and dirty as the next sheeple. Stay home, and be like the mushroom. We are going to have a rough time periood at best. If you pay attention to all the bloggers who write millions of words on what is coming, they are basically all in agreement. The only variation is the degree of chaos, and the timing. At the very least, the outlook is quite bad. At the worst, it’s Mad Max in nature.
    So the choice is yours. Shut up, and mind your own affairs, or warn everyone, and be the patron saint of “why didn’t I keep my mouth shut”?

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    As a Russian speaker, and a translator at that, I’d say “KGB” is a bit forced. DHS is “Министерство национальной безопасности”, which makes it MNB, but this is all shallow nitpicking. Both USSR/Ru and USA were/are run by 3-letter shops – I feel funny mentioning this, so obvious it is. How can it be a conspiracy theory, if it can be concluded logically:

    1. Every country has gangs which ignore the laws.
    2. The strongest gang is the one that outsmarted or outviolenced all other gangs.
    3. Why did this gang want to be on top? It did not want to bow to others. It wanted to make the rules.
    4. Now that it’s on top, what does the gang to? It makes everyone in the country live by its rules, officially called ‘laws’.
    5. Who do you report to, when you are the strongest in the country and it’s you who make rules? Hint: start with ‘nob’ and ends with ‘obody’.
    6. Can law or violence harm you, when the peasants start to realize? Nope: talented opponents are either dead (see #2) or working for you; as for the laws – it’s YOU who make them and it’s YOU who enforce them.

    There is nothing now, NOTHING to stop you from doing what you want. Except for common sense, which tells you: “If I take everything away from my peasants now, what am I going to take away from them tomorrow?”

    But not to worry: just like in Russia right after the second revolution of 1917, everyone with a shred of common sense will be either slaughtered or exiled.

    And this is where greaseman’s comment above comes in very, very handy.

  • bobinsherwood

    If you ask a German to translate Department of Homeland Security into German the closest they can come is Gestapo or Geheimnis Stadtpolizei!

  • bobinsherwood

    By the way the Gestapo was FAMOUS for encouraging citizens to turn in their fellow citizens for ANYTHING suspicious and many, many innocent lives were destroyed!

  • bobinsherwood

    Italy also had their own Gestapo and it was very busy in Sicily and Naples the 2 headquarters of the Black Hand! Naples = Napolitano = Gestapo?

  • Mustafa Cohen

    Welcome to the club, DHS. Prior to disintegration, every decent empire should institute its unaccountable Dread and Humiliation Squads.

  • How many other new initials in our changing vernacular denote something evil in another language. Because we see it as an important denotation of a current issue we accept it at face value. We must do so no longer. We MUST star analyzing all new cue words and initials that are used to relay what we perceive as critical to our Country or government.

  • Andrew

    to be quite honest the most correct translation of DHS would be the eastern german MFS which is better known to the world as STASI.MFS means “Ministerium Fuer Staatssicherheit” which is translated into english as Department for Homeland Security or alternatively Ministry for State Security , the second translation however is not correct because americans do not tend to use the words “ministry” and “state security” in official names which is why a professional translator would use the first one

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    Interestingly, the DHS has expanded its sphere of operations in recent months. No longer are they only at the airport and other ports of entry, but are actually roving about the streets, even stationing themselves outside of sporting events, concerts and other venues.

    The saddest part for me is the average American is more than willing to allow this, buying into the idea of trading a little freedom for security! People just don’t “get it”, and this is the most frustrating thing of all. Especially when this is accomplished via gradualism, punctuated by the occasional shock.

    All we can hope to do is educate our fellow citizens and provide evidence where necessary.

  • lastmanstanding

    greaseman…I’m in the boat with you. We are preppers and may not fully be set when, “things happen” but we will be ready enough.

    those that come for our stuff will not survive…as i would expect if i intended to rob another. in our area many are prepared(ing)and ready to stand together…till the end…hope you have the same.

    those of you that don’t own a firearm and believe in govt salvation might as well send the elites a letter of surrender. They won’t waste a fucking minute putting a bullet in your head since the only reason they have been feeding and funding you now (with the sweat off the working mans back… and i’m not including the unions!)is for your vote.

    all i hope is that your burn in hell is painful and slow.

    Let’s return to our Jeffersonian republic…I will live NO OTHER WAY.

  • Who would have thought?? Kinda like mathematical phenomenon…it just doesn’t lie.
    RON PAUL 2012

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