One Brave Girl

She comes in at :52 on the video. This is what non violent, non compliance looks like. I hope you all see the courage it takes to speak logic and truth in potentially violent situation.

We are told that our soldiers are brave for pulling a trigger.

It takes much more courage to step in front of that man and say no.

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  • Marijan

    I think that in any other country (arab country or china for example) this girl would be shot at the spot.

  • Sean

    She is a brave girl. I commend her guts. She is risking her life to try to help others.
    We may all end up in similar situations. What will we do? We don’t know until the time is upon us. I know most of you consider yourselves brave and I believe you are. Let’s not confuse being brave with being bold and stupid.
    Guys, most of you reading this are awake. You know how few of us there appears to be. We are the ones who will survive and reshape our world. Let’s wake up and help as many as we can and please use your own discernment to pick your battles and make the best impact we can.
    By standing her ground this brave girl may serve to wake up many more. Some actions like these may provoke others to wake up and or stand up. What are we doing to stand up?
    Resist, wake people up and teach them to resist.
    Join to thrive.

  • Silver Shield


    What about tank man from Tienanmen Square?

    If there is an opportunity to speak rationally one-on-one and ask why? There is a chance.

    If you are in a mob situation and there is peer pressure and fear… you are toast.

  • Second Hand Lion

    Sorry to disagree but non violent non compliance won’t work here. When the time comes Patriots will have to pick up a rifle. As for this situation, yes she is brave, but in all the tension and Israel’s right to defend herself from continual rocket attacks the soldier has even more restraint. Any other country (Muslim), the soldier would have fired at her first. Kudos to the soldier for his restraint.

  • Silver Shield


    Great restraint for not firing at unarmed civilians…
    He should get a medal or two…
    (sarcasm off)

    Patriots need to educate and awaken people not shoot some poor bastard caught in the matrix.

    The best part of this revolution is that the dollar is going to collapse before things get messy.

    Without a paycheck none of the minions will participate, worse they will see that it was all a big lie.

    Some may even start pointing fingers at the liars.

    Think of all of those pensions, ss checks and jobs that are going to go away when the dollar collapses.

    Those that feel violence is an answer I feel are playing right into big brother’s hands.

    After studying dissident movements those that are most open and most non violent are the ones that make the most impact.

  • Marijan

    Chinese guy stood up against tyrany and was killed together with many other. In Syria people are also killed in similar situations as we speak. To compare Israel with China and Syria is very funny. This girl would be killed 100 times in syria or china by now. Try to ask chinese policeman why. Maybe some of killed Uyghur guys tried to talk but on the other side there was not israeli soldier.

  • independant

    wow an anti-arab and anti muslim comment in 8 comments
    this is home of any free-thinkers really?

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