Why Bother?

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Why at all bother? Why shove new and disturbing ideas down the minds of people who are happy the way they are?

I am taking the “Let the dead bury their dead” directive seriously – yet here you are, trying to tell them that the dead are not dead and can – and should – be healed.

Why you are doing this?

1. It makes full practical sense to have as much unsuspecting sleep-walkers around when it’s time to fight.

2. It’s a titanic effort to introduce people to something they have happily spent 40-60 years without, namely – thinking for oneself.

3. It’s like an atheist debating a theist: one of them needs authority and emotion, another needs himself and reason. If they try communicating, it’s in different languages.

4. Those who know, know; those who don’t, don’t. There is no way to generate personal experience for others. Or is there?

Why bother?

Thank you.




The same reason why I would try to save a loved one on drugs.

And the same reason why I would fight a child molester trying to take my kid.

It is pure evil the system the elite created.

They create a debt/slave/money system that makes people embrace their slavery.

The elite then keep all of the precious information from the slaves so that they become addicted/dependent on the slave system.

Millions are innocently born into slavery and completely lack the skill necessary to see their slavery.

Our school system does not teach observation, logic and rhetoric the classical education process that would allow people to dispassionately observe their condition, logically think about what is best for them and then have the ability to tells others convincingly about their conclusions.

Just because you and I somehow have this ability, does not mean we should condemn others to slavery.

The human race is highly adaptable and if they are given the right facts can make a 180 over night.

The elite know this and they know how strong we are.

It is the same mentality of a 5’6″ skinny white slave owner telling his hundreds of 6’5″ black slaves that they are powerless against his power.

We are strong, heck look at what the average guy has to to to support his family in this economy.

So I fight for those who would just assume spit at me for waking them up because it is the right thing to do.

I fight because I wish I knew what I knew know earlier.

I fight because I don’t want my kids to grow up in this slave paradigm.

I fight because the system is unnatural.

I fight because the elite need to be brought to justice.

I fight because we are going to win.

I need you to go through the Academy right now.

I hope it will bring you more clarity and get you out of the 4th stage of the 5 stages of awareness.

If we do not fight knowing what we know, then we are no better than the Elite.
“The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or so dependent on its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system will bear its burdens without complaint and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.” Lord Rothschild

You can take this knowledge and make a great deal of money using this knowledge perpetuating the system.

From a moral sense it is wrong.

From a practical sense it is stupid because the entire system is going to collapse mathematically.

Why work for a paradigm that is collapsing when you can shape the next one?

This could be one of the greatest times in human history.

Think about it if we are successful we will liberate billions of debt slaves peacefully and show them a world not built on debt and death.

How awesome is that?!

So given the choice of perpetuating evil in some mediocre and depressing way or fighting to free the mental shackles of all of humanity and establishing a truly free world for my kids, I chose to fight the hard fight.



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16 comments to Why Bother?

  • VIPER131

    Silver Shield,

    Very well said!!!!

    I get the usual ‘Don’t send me this stuff’ emails from my associates. I eventually wrote a …. if you are receiving this it is because I care about you response to everyone.

    I now receive ‘thanks for the info’ emails from about 1/2 of the people in my address book.

    At the end of every email I encourage everyone to send this information on to their families and friends so that those people can make informed decision.

    We have the moral imperative to put the information out — regardless of what others may think. That is more of a statement of their human condition and not of ours.

    This is not a matter of debate — such as between a Theist or Atheist. I have told my friends/family that there will be no debating. That the facts exist, are truthful, and lead to the Econ 101 (1st college class I ever took)condition of hyperinflation due to the ‘Mathematical Inevitable Collapse of the US Dollar’.

    Also – as you put it. I wished that someone would have told me what I only became educated on in Dec 2009 — when I made my first silver purchase. Having been hammered in the Dot.com bust, had my 401K crushed in the 2008 Financial Debacle (how could our government screw something up so easily fixed?), and seen my house fall 25K below my purchase price — I know what it is like to be scammed.

    I am trying hard to get off the grid — and am sending the info to others to help them help themselves. Some people will make it — and some people won’t. That is their decision. It is our responsibility to continue on in this endeavor.

    Again, good job.

    Kick Ass — And Take Names!!!!


  • voxOnox

    This question … why bother … is exactly how our country’s constitutional principles, industry, integrity, etc, were flushed down the “government is magical” toilet.

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. […] If once they [the people] become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall all become wolves. […] If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be … The People cannot be safe without information. […] Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.” – Thomas Jefferson, montage of his thoughts

    “They came first for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.
    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.
    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Catholics,
    and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.
    Then they came for me,
    and by that time no one was left to speak up.”
    – Reverend Martin Niemoller, Lutheran Pastor arrested by the Gestapo in 1937

    “A time comes when silence is betrayal.” – Dr. Martin Luther King

  • Ben

    This is an excellent response Chris.

    Really? To the emailer who wrote why bother? Really? I love these people who who have absolutely no compassion for their fellow man.

    “Those people are unaware so who cares about them! It’s survival of the fittest right? F*ck my fellow countrymen, f*ck the eldery, f*ck the stupid and just plain ignorant. When the SHTF, they won’t be ready and I will be sitting pretty while they starve and are woefully unprepared. If I have the chance to help someone I am just going to blow them away and sleep well that night knowing that I am prepared!”

    Really? I hear this stuff all the time from CERTAIN preppers. They think that they are going to be the kings in the new paradigm. Well good for you people! You are no different then the kleptocratic psychopaths who run this country.
    Way to take the easy way out.

    It’s dam hard being moral isn’t it?

    I live next to a single mom who has two daughters. She works two jobs to care for her children, keep her house and put food on the table. She is somewhat aware and lives in great fear because she worries for her children’s future and how they will make it. Her husband is a deadbeat and left her for another woman. She works DAM hard and is a good mom and just does not have enough extra money for preps.

    So what whould I do if the SHTF and she is not prepared?

    I guess by this emailer’s rationale, I should just gear up with my Noveske and put a couple thru each of their foreheads and save them the misery.

    Wow, I don’t know about you Mr. emailer, but I can’t WAIT to have that on my conscience! I know I WILL sleep well at night. I can live well knowing that I rid the world of a bunch of idiots who were not as smart as me and didn’t have the resources to care for themselves. I mean, everyone except me is an abject failure and I am going to show them!

    For God’s sake…

    I will never understand this thought proscess. I have no Pollyanna ideas or delusions of a SHTF scenario, it will be ugly no doubt. But if we don’t start coming together with one another and trying to help and educate each person in this country then we are doomed.

    I have reason to be optimistic. I see people waking up every day and I gently guide them to sites like this and how to prepare for the coming hard times.

    We are Americans for CRISSAKES! Look what we have accomplished as a nation, as a people. I think if you divide yourself from one another then you are giving into the programming of these psychopaths. It is what they want. I know it is hard to deal with people who will not listen, who will not prepare, but one day they will be confronted with it. They may even come to you for help, and do you turn them away? Do you tell them I told you so?

    I guess the choice is up to you, but I am being proactive, I am working with my neighbors, friends and family to try and prepare. To gently, and rationaly let them know what is coming. My tactic does not always work because some people are stubborn but a lot of people listen, they feel overwhelmed and scared but I feel good knowing that I am helping them to turn on the light in their brain. Won’t that make for a better community and country?

    Or….I could be a jackass and say why bother.

    I’d like to see how that works out for you.

    Good luck with ALLLLLLLLL that…

  • Thomas

    I would say to your (atheist?) inquirer, that humans need both authority and theirselves, both emotion and reason. The fallacy is ‘either/or’, which leads you perhaps to look with cold rationality on the unaware masses, instead of with compassion and emotion.

    The solution is ‘both/and’. That is, to make rational observations of the situation, form logical conclusions, and then use all the passion and emotion-filled rhetoric you can to persuade people of the truth. As the host said, this is the model of the trivium, and the method for encountering all matters of life – including….gulp…Faith!

    Not every atheist is thoughtful, rational, and autonomous. And not every theist is a basket-case of emotion and circular thought (though, admittedly, most are). We are a mix of all these qualities, each with unique amounts. We are humans. Both/and.

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    Well, at least this person asks questions. He has doubts. Instead of silently hating the world, he tries to communicate with it. The right answer might move him just enough to get him rolling.

    I fight because the system is unnatural.

    That’s a good reason.

  • Aeneas8

    Close to 25 years ago I attended a weekend business training course called LCMT (Life and Career Management Training) by Doug Yeaman, author of ‘The Power of Commitment.’ Doug was a particle physics scientist by background. He translated the laws of particle physics he observed into a behavioral-psychological self-help course for those in the sales side of business. The point being that, the Laws that govern at the particle level also govern at the human behavioral level. The article above reminded me of one of Doug’s teaching points:

    “People who do, do. And people who don’t do, don’t do.”

    Without being too complicated I would like to address Septuplet’s X’s (XXXXXX) comment:

    [4. Those who know, know; those who don’t, don’t. There is no way to generate personal experience for others. Or is there?

    Why bother?]

    Doug went on to ask a question after the stated premise. Here it is:
    “If people who do, do. And people who don’t do, don’t do. Then in who’s mind is it that they’re doing it when they’re not?”

    Answer: It’s only in their mind.

    So to us who are observing the hoards of people around us who don’t appear to be ‘listening’ or ‘preparing’ for the SHTF moment, it can be discouraging. Mainly because we are supposedly more awake than they are and we know what motions and actions one ought to be taking if one is to be ready. It’s visible by actions taken or not taken.

    I experience the very same feelings of exasperation. I have found however, that a life lived by keeping one’s word, by continuing to be the example of consistency in behavior, sticking to the values and principles that an ‘awake’ person ought to be exhibiting is much more powerful than any spoken or written words in its ability to influence others to do or not to do something. And actually you may not be the rippling wave that finally washes up to their feet that wakes them. It could be someone else that comes behind you and in a totally different time frame.

    I say, Yes, there is a way to generate personal experience for others. There is no accident that you and they happened to cross paths. Your position is duly noted by them, whether or not it appears to you that you’ve made an influence. Is there anyone who would actually deny that we all influence each other? Of course not.

    I’m glad I’ve met some of you here. You are influencing me. For the better. So I would encourage the discouraged to just keep to the values and principles of sharing when you can with others. They will make their own decisions when it works for them.


  • george

    Thank you for all of the info you have put out. May GOD BLESS you and yours for putting this info out.It is way more interesting than any university courses. The game of life is changing for the better and i wanted to thank you for your contribution. We are all in this game together. SHOW UP FOR LIFE!

  • Thanks to a friend

    I have been reading the various articles on your website and this is the first time that I have posted. I felt compelled to write for I use to be one of many in the masses that did not see beyond the end of my nose. Thanks to a dear friend who gradually sent articles and persistently talked to me about what has happened and happening to our great country. Thanks to this dear friend I was able to see when the government was getting ready to loot the retirement fund and opted out of the system all together and invest in PM’s. Thanks to this dear friend I have prepared for tough economic times with food and supplies and allowing extra to help others. Thanks to this dear friend I have become more sustainable to include having chickens on my postage stamp lot. And most of all thanks to this dear friend that I have been able to help educate others that are very dear to me.
    I have learned that those that see what is happening are those that choose to see beyond the normalacy bias. That I believe is the hardest hurdle.
    My only regret is that I did not start sooner but enjoying a more sustainable lifestyle.
    Keep up the good work Chris for there is hope for others!

  • Andre

    any thing but china .
    if you love America ,don’t spend what money you have left in any big store ,fight now or go down ,you control your money spend it in a local store that sells ,made in America ,it will cost more ,but the other option will cost us every thing,please wake up and stand your ground before its to late and please pass this message along YouTube to all other channel you sub to ,lets start a wave ,you can do this ,it costs you nothing ,its free you have nothing to loose.

  • Harley

    My Bible tells me “to whom much is given, much shall be required”. I can apply that same scripture to our situation. We’ve taken the red pill. We know the truth. That truth has set us free. But it comes with a price. Many prices. And an accountability to our loved ones, friends, and those within our sphere of influence. We’ve been given so much. The scales are off our eyes. We have to at least try to help others remove the scales as well. HEY, IF IT WASN’T FOR OTHER BELIEVERS, I WOULDN’T HAVE COME TO CHRIST, AND NOW BECAUSE OF OTHERS WHO CARED, I HAVE WAKEN UP TO THE LIES THAT ARE ALL AROUND US. We may not be able to wake everyone up, but we need to keep paying if forward. Even one saved can lead to hundreds of others. If we give up, then we’ve done exactly what THEY would want us to do!

  • Mark

    I do some community service helping feed the homeless in a major urban area, and I also feed myself for free via the dumpster’s at several of the cities organic food co-ops. Been doing this for four years and haven’t ever gotten sick, but them I’m careful. But I’ve also had food handler’s permits over the years too.

    Anyway, one of the things I’m concerned about and wonder how to handle is the people who won’t be prepared and who’ll go over the edge mentally and emotionally when the SHTF.

  • Breezybret

    This is my first post, I would like to start off by saying that I am an educator and I started to know about fourteen years ago. I have been more out going with steering people to the right data. The world is sooo full of lies and/or false data and the education system is a big source. People sit with all this “data” and when you try to tell them what is going on you run into it and the person can’ think with the conflict of the ideas or the are so dependent on others to think for them and trust authorities only.I have reached a lot of people this past year. How do I get a 75 % success? I really get to know the person and what there reality is and work with that. I don’t flood them with data. One person was a stock investor so I told him about silver being the next big deal and to dump the stocks that he was unsatisfied with. This was weeks and he bought on the dip . I know he will be happy by the end of the year and see that I was right and have some trust with me and then I’ll get more data to him about food and water and why. Next guy was a big lefty he is a president of a local union hear in town I’ve known him for a while, he told me he thought that drugs were a big problem in his union and were talking about psych drugs and that all the people they have problems with were fine until they got on the drugs I got him the data about how the drugs actually create insanity .then I gave him Griffens book on the FED. today he buys silver weekly. And wirites about the Fed in his newsletter, it goes to 10,000 people. Their was another couple that are lefties and I talk their ear off and they would not get it. I was a republican or something . I talk to the a couple weeks ago and they out of the blue were talking about the FED!? I found out they attended a meeting by there aldermen and he was telling people to prepare! He was a lefty and they could except the data from him.
    The point of this is when you win take it, when you lose learn and move on . Work on your approach. What can this person take? They will see soon enough that what you said was correct .
    The basic problem is we are trying to move people from depending upon to RESPONSIBLITY it’s a hard pill to swallow.
    Best wish to all

  • AMEN Chris, Thats why brother why!!!!!!!!

  • lastmanstanding

    Ben…Hope you see this…

    Do all you can for the neighbor woman. She is one in a million. My wife HAS to treat lots of baby maker, medicaid, welfare, no work, taxpayer supported trash. Nearly for free. They live better than we do. The planet will rid itself of them soon.

    We own 2 businesses and barely get by…and are prepping best we can.

    I would carry her on my back to get her and the girls to the next paradigm.I am damn well going to do that for my 2 grandsons, my kids and anyne else I can drag along.

    That is my advice…God bless you. I pray that men like us will be hard to kill.

  • lastmanstanding

    Mark…you had better make your decision RIGHT NOW! as to how you are going to handle someone “over the edge”.

    Everyone seems to think that there will be lots of time to decide when it happens and many resonable options. If you believe that, you are fucked.

    It will be you or them. It is that simple.

  • Dave

    We of the middle class are the problem. Historically, and however else you examine it. A middle class ultimately proves a
    unwanted obstacle to the ruling elite. Enough money and enough education and rights to demand accountability, rights,
    justice of sorts…
    Elite multinational corporations only want limitless, unrestricted, easy profits. Tariffs, taxes, labor unions, restrictions, laws,
    all muck up the profit train for them.
    They want 2 classes;
    very rich, ruling, overlords and very poor, slaves with no rights or future for self or family. Indeed families are currently being downsized in our self obsessed, distracted, materialistic , self serving society.
    In the 1970s, the nuclear family idea represented 2.2 people per home. 2 married adults, and two children.
    Since 2000, the less persistent idea of a nuclear family is 1.5 people per residence. I adult, 1 child.
    This erodes our society just one more way.
    The threats to our way of life are staggering in number and their insidiousness.
    Only one conclusion to combat the limitless assaults on our lives, children, country, beliefs.
    We must stand together as a people. YOur response is spot on. As quoted by De Toquerville; “I believe America is great because it is good. If it should ever cease to be good, it will cease to be great.”
    Short answer; were only as good as our weakest link. Our strength and hope lies in our numbers. We are a divided nation on every side. This is no accident.
    Keep up the good fight Chris!

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