Why So Quiet About The Debt Ceiling?

I have been asked why I am not writing about the debt ceiling. Everyone in the world seems to be talking about the end of the world as we know it and here I am not really saying anything. For those of you who have been following my work, you know that I called this fake soap opera 7 months ago when I wrote the Contrived Drama of the Debt Ceiling. Now that it has arrived, it is just another mile marker on our way to the mathematically inevitable end of our paradigm. When you understand what is really going on, the world is a lot less scary because you are aware and prepared.

All that is going on right now is political posturing for the election. Nothing of any real importance is being fought for. It is a carefully choreographed fight not unlike professional wrestling. The balanced budget amendment will never happen. There will never be any significant cuts, even to the growth. The reason why is the same reason that I said 7 months ago…

“Here is why it will happen, our monetary system must create more money every year in excess of the debt and interest accrued the previous year.”

“The Fed will act as the Lender of Last Resort and the Government will act as the Spender of Last Resort.”

I even followed up this prediction with Count On It! I also went into why the Balanced Budget is not going to happen in A Balanced Budget? Ha! What A Crock!

The only caveat that I think might add is a delay in the approval so as to spook the markets and blame the “Tea Party.” A good 1,000-point drop might be a good enough scare to blame the “Tea Party” on ruining our drunken debt binge. It worked for the Hank Paulson Bankster Bailout. This will score great political points for both of the “bought and paid” for establishment parties. The media would jump all over the “Tea Party” for their irresponsible efforts to bring financial sanity to the markets.

There is NO fixing this paradigm and in fact it must die an awful death so that humanity will no longer think that it is reasonable to have our way of life based on spreading debt and death. You cannot simply address a balanced budget or the debt ceiling without addressing our fractional reserve banking, our dollar, our Military Industrial Complex foreign policy, our generational Ponzi scheme known as Social Security, our dependence on oil and a whole host of other issues. Only a paradigm crisis will bring about the impetus for everyone to fight for what the new paradigm will be. This will not just be in America, it will be every nation on earth jockeying for leadership in the new paradigm. We will see all generations and all societies in the world affected by this paradigm shift. Some may suffer from starvation; others may suffer from riots and civil war. The most dramatic will be total war that devastates some regions of the world for years to come.

Knowing that this is mathematically going to end, I implore you all to divest of all paper assets and get into real tangible assets. Take your wealth out of the digital ether and bring it into the real world. After you have the basics, get your assets into physical silver. Please do not wait until it is too late for you will be much worse off than the poor unsuspecting people who did not know any better. I have done all of the hard work of documenting all of the information you need to take massive action in securing your future. You can start the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield but you should join and go through the entire Sons of Liberty Academy. Keep spreading the word.




3 comments to Why So Quiet About The Debt Ceiling?

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    I have been asked why I am not writing about the debt ceiling

    On one hand, there is nothing else to say: the whole site is about what to do when the system collapses.

    On the other hand, the whole torrent of attention to this debt ceiling intermezzo is meaningless and artificial: what difference does it make which way the pyramid scheme is going to end – will it fall to the right or to the left?

    Debt is a problem for those who have debt. Have none – and it won’t be your problem.

  • mpower

    americans fall into one of two groups: disgusted patriots who already know how this crisis ends (zero real cuts, no BBA, weaker dollar, more debt), and zombie sheep who are too dim or scared to care.

    so it boils down to turnover. 2012 election: more patriots in, and more incumbents out.

    then things start to change for the better …or the pitchforks come out…

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