AMERICA: A De-constructed Third World Nation-State – International Banking Cartel Vs. The People

Recently Washington’s Blog posted an important piece on America’s sale of public assets to cover debts and how it relates to the GLOBAL Economic Crisis. The name itself, “America Is Being Raped… Just Like Greece and Other Countries” ranks us with Ireland, Argentina and Greece; all at the mercy of merciless global financiers.

The Preface states: The war between liberals and conservatives is a false divide-and-conquer dog-and-pony show created by the powers that be to keep the American people divided and distracted… So before assuming that privatization is a good thing, read on.

If these resources had always been in the private sector, that would be fine … that would be free market capitalism.

But if they were purchased on the people’s dime with our taxpayer funds and then sold to the big boys for cheap, that’s not capitalism … that’s looting.


Last year IP posted the film: “Memoria del saqueo” (Social Genocide) – Argentina: A Cautionary Tale.  The film is about of a society where capitalism is manipulated to ensure profits for a few Kelptocrats while loses and plunder are perpetrated on the sovereign and it’s citizens.  It is a total condemnation of the international banking cartel: the IMF, the BIS, the World Bank, and The New World Order!

On Dec. 31st. IP posted: A TALE OF TWO ECONOMIES: 2010; BUBBLE MACHINES AND GROWING ENLIGHTENMENT  focusing on Americas bought and paid for ‘two party oligopoly’ and a fascist form of capitalism where outcomes are predetermined.  As with Argentina’s financial destruction and that unfolding in Ireland, Greece, or other so called PIIGS economies, these are precursors to our future fate.

Whether it be Argentina, Greece Ireland or here; The IMF, ECB and the Fed does their bidding for the groups they represent – Transnational financial institutions (Wall Street/City of London), multinational corporations and financial elites.

Under the guise of a helping hand, reality is, the IMF oversees the wholesale transfer of public assets to corporate fascist through a cabal of elite oligarchs, corrupt politicians and captured bureaucratic minions.  Having decimated third world countries on a planetary scale; their ‘debt slavery’ economic model is rolling North and West across Europe to devour their own.

In an attempted to inform and enlighten one is disheartened by the peoples inability to see beyond the divide of liberal and conservative; red and blue.  This is exactly what those in control want.  While the citizens expend their energies in this senseless battle our sociopathic leadership moves forward; installing a corporate fascist regime (Fascism), reducing our liberties and making chattel of us all.

The obfuscation of corporate controlled news brings two quotes to mind:

“It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.”- Voltaire


“The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” – Steven Biko

Make no mistake, the European solvency crises is a Bank Solvency Crises; wholly of their own making.   Through various bailout schemes large portions of the debts were socialized to sovereign governments and their people.

As it is over there, so it is here at home.  And so, by assuming huge portions of the risk from banks trading in toxic derivatives, and by spending trillions that they don’t have, central banks have put their countries or member countries at risk of default.

Like illegal mortgage loans made in the US; loans were made to Greece with the knowledge they could not pay them back.  The Bankster solution (preplanned or not) as always, is to put the losses on the citizens, cut public programs and force The Sovereign to sell off assets to Bankster cronies thus, covering the debts.

As the solvency situation of Europe’s banks worsens the Eurozone is being transformed into the Enslavement Zone!  All this, so the banksters don’t have to realize losses.  Folks, this is the tailor. The full feature is coming soon to a town near you!  In fact there have already been numerous special showings (see: Ratigan: America For Sale – The “Suckers Deal”) below.  The latest is the Debt Ceiling charade and our captured officials insistence that social security and medicaid and medicare must be cut.  These are Austerity measures, no different than those being forced on the people of Greece.

See Ratigan: America For Sale

Regarding protesters; AL “I’m in charge” HAIG said:

“Let Them March All They Want.. As long as they continue paying taxes.”

With this in mind we may conclude Gandhi had it right when he said:

“You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul.”


Here’s a great start from Anonymous: Operation Empire State Rebellion.

The Banksters mortgage fraud schemes are responsible for the economic crisis.  As a direct result law abiding citizens are upside down on their mortgage.  States, cities and local municipalities are going broke because of reduced revenues attributable to the fraud induced collapse.  Thus: A Mass ‘Strategic Default’ Movement Begins – Time to Rebel Against Economic Tyranny By Walking Away From Your Mortgage Payments (OpESR)

Only through unity is there a chance to bring down a culture of Sociopathic leadership. Inflection Point

Below is an excerpt from: “America Is Being Raped… Just Like Greece and Other Countries”  If you want a better understanding of what continues to be the largest transfer of wealth in human history read the whole story.

When the International Monetary Fund or World Bank offer to lend money to a struggling third-world country (or “emerging market”), they demand “austerity measures”.

As Wikipedia describes it:

In economics, austerity is when a national government reduces its spending in order to pay back creditors. Austerity is usually required when a government’s fiscal deficit spending is felt to be unsustainable.

Development projects, welfare programs and other social spending are common areas of spending for cuts. In many countries, austerity measures have been associated with short-term standard of living declines until economic conditions improved once fiscal balance was achieved (such as in the United Kingdom under Margaret Thatcher, Canada under Jean Chrétien, and Spain under González).

Private banks, or institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), may require that a country pursues an ‘austerity policy’ if it wants to re-finance loans that are about to come due. The government may be asked to stop issuing subsidies or to otherwise reduce public spending. When the IMF requires such a policy, the terms are known as ‘IMF conditionalities’.

Wikipedia goes on to point out:

Austerity programs are frequently controversial, as they impact the poorest segments of the population and often lead to a wider separation between the rich and poor. In many situations, austerity programs are imposed on countries that were previously under dictatorial regimes, leading to criticism that populations are forced to repay the debts of their oppressors.

What Does This Have to Do With the First World?

Since the IMF and World Bank lend to third world countries, you may reasonably assume that this has nothing to do with “first world” countries like the US and UK.

But England’s economy is in dire straights, and rumors have abound that the UK might have to rely on a loan from the IMF.

And as former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker said :

People seem to think the [American] government has money. The government doesn’t have any money.

Indeed, the IMF has already performed a complete audit of the whole US financial system, something which they have only previously done to broke third world nations.

Al Martin – former contributor to the Presidential Council of Economic Advisers and retired naval intelligence officer – observed in an April 2005 newsletter that the ratio of total U.S. debt to gross domestic product (GDP) rose from 78 percent in 2000 to 308 percent in April 2005. The International Monetary Fund considers a nation-state with a total debt-to-GDP ratio of 200 percent or more to be a “de-constructed Third World nation-state.”

Martin explained:

What “de-constructed” actually means is that a political regime in that country, or series of political regimes, have, through a long period of fraud, abuse, graft, corruption and mismanagement, effectively collapsed the economy of that country.

See: America Is Being Raped… Just Like Greece and Other Countries.


When the Banks are finally forced to take losses (and they will) the unwind of leveraged credit will be unprecedented. As such, deflationary forces will overwhelm the Monetarist, creating a stampede for cover.

As important as the above Washington Blog piece is, below Max Keiser discusses global deflationary collapse with a unusually insightful Nicole Foss of Automatic Earth. The Knowledge imparted is crucial to understanding, and not being overwhelmed by, the coming reckoning.  You may skip “MAD MAX!” and go directly to the interview which starts at 13:27 on the counter.

“If you really look at the role of credit that tells you where deflation is going to come from because deflation is the messy and chaotic extinguishing of the excess claims to underlying real wealth.” – Nicole Foss

Or as James Howard Kunstler says “Money is loaned into existence and defaulted out of existence.”


Whether that agenda is labeled “conservative” or “liberal”, it is almost certain to benefit the powers-that-be, rather than the average American.  – Washington’s Blog

AMERICA: A De-constructed Third World Nation-State – Pitchman

Editor,  Inflection Point

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