Silver Shield On Deadline Live with Jack Blood

This is my first radio interview with Jack Blood Jan 28th.

I had a blast doing the final hour with Jack. We covered a lot of ground starting with my back ground and went head long into what is going on in Egypt, Un-Learning, the Grand Chess Board, China, 5 Stages of Awakening, the Sons of Liberty Academy, Leaderless Resistance, Opium War, War Monger Donald Trump, Government Drug Trafficking, Anti-Hegemon, and Dollar Collapse.

The big take away for me, was Jack himself. I got to speak to him on and off air and he was a really cool guy. I am a very skeptical guy in general, but I have a couple of tools in my bag to help me determine if someone is an upstanding guy. First, he is the same guy on air as he is off air. I grew up in a sales environment, and I can spot when people are putting an act on pretty quickly. When the spotlight or pressure is off, usually their true self comes out. He is a family guy first and foremost and is very passionate about his show.

Another great tool I have, is seeing if there is an abundance mentality. I have reached out to so many people trying to get some traction for the Academy. While many many people posted my articles, Jack stood out, in seeing what else he could do to help. The key is that he did it without asking anything in return. Abundance minded mentality people are people who are determined to help out because it is the right thing to do. I give him a lot of credit for being further down the path than I am on that. Other people will say, “I can help you but you cannot talk to so and so” or “I’ll do this but I need this in return.” The relationships that start like that are usually the worst ones. In my experience, people who feel the need to set rules in interaction usually do this because people eventually see that person for who they are and want nothing to do with them. Abundance mentality people need no contracts or agreements for interaction because they know that people will want to deal with them because they are upstanding people.

My final tool I use is, does this person seek common ground or seek to divide on issues of disagreement. Jack said himself, that he does not agree with everything I write about but you would not know that on the interview. He could not have been more gracious with his time and topics. He did not seek to pull a “gotcha” on me or make me look bad on air to make himself look better. Ultimately as long as both parties are seeking the truth, disagreements should not be divisive barriers, they should be stepping stones in our continuing educational journey.

Jack has asked me to become a regular contributor and I look forward to riding shot gun once again. I encourage you all to give him a listen at

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