5 Stages of the Awakening

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” -Henry Ford

One of the greatest challenges to becoming Totally Free is to be able to think independently from everyone else. You know instinctively that no one cares about you, as much as you care about yourself.  Yet we constantly listen to others about what is best for us, instead of  thinking about what is best for us.   That is because we live in a world where everyone tells you what to think, but no one tells you how to think. We are blasted everyday with advertising, financial sales pitches, political media propaganda, religious dictates and more and more social pressure to conform.  Most of our lives we don’t make any real decisions we kind of just fall into a routine. You see when you do not really think, you leave your mind open to those who do think. The real and most often unnoticed danger is a class of predators manipulating societies for their own selfish benefits.  If you go along to get along and not think outside of the box, you risk being caught in the undertow of a doomed society or worse.

“In our dreams, people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present education conventions of intellectual and character education, fade from their minds and unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk.  We shall not try to make these people, or any of their children, into philosophers, or men of science. We have not to raise up from them authors, educators, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for great artists, painters, musicians nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen — of whom we have an ample supply. The task is simple. We will organize children and teach them in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way.” – John D Rockefeller

There is a lot of money and power derived off of having a “sucker born everyday.” Our Elite molds societies by educating the people just enough to run the machine, but never enough to ask if this is the best machine for us. Think about it, our controlled school systems teach sex, drugs and multiculturalism in third and fourth grades and not how to even balance a checkbook by high school.  The Elite’s system wants utterly dependent people to control for power and profit.  They do not want fully aware people, who can see through main stream media lies, Wall St Ponzi schemes, or Federal abuses.  They certainly do not want people educating others to our common plight of illusion.

“Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road”– Voltaire

Your thoughts are not your own. I love asking thoroughly indoctrinated people, “do your ideas serve to free you or simply to make you serve?” I then following up with, “who put those ideas there?”  I always get two answers back, the first is “uh….” with eyes rolling into their head.  The second is the programmed ego self defense mechanism of “I did.”  It is sad to see people lie in general, but to see people lie to themselves is absolutely heart breaking.  If you ever wonder why most Americans are broke, depressed and lifeless, look no further than whose thoughts they are thinking.  If they are listening to the Elite’s financial CONmen, they are constantly stripped of their wealth through a myriad of schemes.  If they are listening to the Elite’s MSM, they are depressed because the national problems are too big and the experts say that there is no hope or worse they say hope is coming… someday.  If they are listening to the Elite’s medical community, they are hooked on psychotropic drugs and will never get their fire back by tackling their life’s challenges.

“Competition is a sin.” John D. Rockefeller

The Elite give us the illusion of freedom but control all of the choices. The Elite give us the choice of 500 cable stations, yet the same message comes from all of the channels. They give us aisles and aisles of food, yet 90% of it is just corn and soy byproducts. They give us the choice of hundreds of political candidates, yet nothing changes because both sides are bought and paid for by the Elite. They give you the choice of investments of stocks, bonds, and real estate but when this all goes down, you will see that it is all apart of the same illusion of the dollar. This of course is controlled by the Elite. If you do not think independently for yourself, you cannot help but to be controlled, whether you know it or not.

Every aspect of your life is monitored, regulated, taxed and controlled, not for your betterment, but for betterment of others. To do most high paying jobs requires a certification or a license.  Most “assets” you have or own out right are not your own.  (Try not paying your property taxes on a home you own out right and I will show you the real owner is.)  All of your communications are monitored and recorded.  Now the Federal government wants these records to be kept indefinitely.  Think you own your 401k?  Try getting your money out.  You want to do anything to your home?  You better get permission from the homeowner association or the local zoning board.  All of these examples, plus many, many more have nothing to do with making your life better.  They exist to create power, profit and a parasitic life for another.

“Until they became conscious they will never rebel and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.” — George Orwell (1984)

Now before you crawl into the fetal position and start sucking your thumb after realizing that you possibly are a slave, don’t worry.  There is a way out.  My Sons of Liberty Academy is based off of the simple principal of  “When you are aware, you can prepare.”  I believe that when you see the big picture and understand how you are manipulated, finding the best path for you becomes simple.  You cannot become aware unless you rebel against everything that you are now. It starts with putting your foot down and saying, “no more!”  You must commit to yourself that you will no longer play the fool for someone else.  You will start by doing what is best for you and the ones you love.  You will search for truth wherever it is and let that search be your guided light.  That simple little rebellion of your mind is just the spark for a much greater fire of enlightenment.  You will be reborn a man that is totally aware, completely free and fully alive.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”– Voltaire

I have identified 5 Stages of the Awakening Process that mirror Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s Five Steps of Grief . The reason why they mirror is because it is literally your old self dying. Your body will physically and mentally react as if there was a real death in your life.  We identify ourselves by what we do, what we wear, and what we drive. When you are awake, all of that will matter no more. You will transcend the current consumer order and be fully prepared for the new paradigm. I feel it is incredibly helpful to understand this process to not only identify where you are, but where you should be going.  I cannot stress to you how important and necessary this process is. If you do not start thinking for yourself, you will be without the skills necessary to survive in a post-dollar world.

“No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.”– Voltaire

1. Denial- In this stage you dismiss anything that goes counter to conventional wisdom as crazy talk or conspiracy theory.  This is really a self defense mechanism the brain uses to protect the ego.  No one likes to admit when they are wrong, much less admit when they have been fooled.  So it is infinitely easier to deny a truth, rather than to embrace it.  It is easier to mock, than to debate.  It is easier to hide under the sheets and pretend that there is not a monster in the room.  This is where most of our society is stuck right now.  They believe that whatever the “authorities” tell them is the truth.  They go along with the crowd in fear of being looked upon as strange or crazy.

In my experience, denial comes in two forms.  The first is the most common and least dangerous form of denial.  It is just not wanting to know the truth that might upset their happy little life.  This innocent denial of the “ignorance is bliss” mentality, is held by so many Americans who think that things are going “swell” for them, so why ruin it with the truth.  There was a woman who I was working with that shut down on me when confronted with the truth.  She literally said to me, “I don’t want to know that 9/11 was an inside job because that reality is too scary for me.”  Another person said, “that it would be like finding out his father was gay.”  (“Not that there is anything wrong with that…” quoted from the very funny social engineer Jerry Seinfeld.)  This form of denial is the easiest to overcome because when things go wrong in their perfect little world, they will have no more excuse not to look for the reason of why their world fell apart.  There is no more bliss for them to remain ignorant. This economic depression and political failures of both Bush and Obama have already shook a great many out of this denial.

“As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities.”– Voltaire

The second kind of denial is one that is much more pernicious. I view it as guilty denial.  This is the denial of people who actually are benefiting off of the illusion of our paradigm.  This comes from business owners, government employees or others whose livelihood is derived off of the current debt paradigm.  These people actively fight the truth through disinformation or saying, “they can’t keep that a secret” or that is “just a crazy conspiracy.”  They would rather create plausible deniability to distance themselves from the reality of their actions/inactions.  Their aggressive defense of the illusion shows me that they know what they are doing is wrong.  They are too afraid to live outside of this paradigm, so it is better to try to hold it together despite its human costs.

“Anger is just a cowardly extension of sadness.  It’s a lot easier to be angry at someone than it is to tell them you’re hurt.” -Thomas Gates

2. Anger- When you start to see that you were fooled, you react violently for being taken for a fool and want to lash out.  The Freedom Movement has a lot of this in it currently with talk of “just shooting the bastards.”  This action is ineffectual in bringing about positive change for the Freedom Movement.  (Those that have proposed this violence to me, I am sure were working for the government trying to find some sucker to frame.)  Anger is a very natural reaction and is one that you must go through rather than suppress.  Finding out how the world really works is a kin to finding out your significant other has been cheating on you.  You may have remained faithful to what this country was about while atrocities were committed behind your back.  Anger is just covering up for the fact that you are really hurt for being taken advantage of.  This stage is often the shortest, but is also the one where the most energy is expelled.  In my anger stage, I redirected my anger to fuel an intense amount of research into making sure I was never fooled again.  It eventually lead to the creation of the Sons of Liberty Academy.

3. Bargaining- After you calm down, you reach out to anyone who will listen to tell them what is really going on.  This is the most annoying stage of the awakening process. (Remember you are reaching for people who are in stage 1 of Denial.) You ruin Christmas parties telling people about WTC7 or kids basketball games talking about the Federal Reserve.  By reaching out and sharing, you are not really trying to awaken people, you are really looking for help.  By reaching out, you are seeking guidance or structure in your search for truth.  You know that there is something wrong.  You know that you cannot go back to ignorance.  Without clarity, you cannot go forward.  This naturally leads to the next stage of depression.

4. Depression- Now that you have reached out to everyone and nothing seems to happen, depression sinks in.  You start saying “it is too big” or “what could I do about it.”  The worst kind of depression that permeates the Freedom Movement is the arrogant attitude of “I know it all” or “screw everyone, I don’t care.”  This is the most painful stage and the hardest to get out of.  Human happiness comes from progress and yet progress in this journey seems to suck you further into a hole.  Unfortunately there is no way around this, yet it is necessary to go though it.

“I must not fear.  Fear is the mind-killer.  Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.  I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me.  And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.  Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.Frank Herbert

5. Acceptance- At the point where you now become comfortable with the oncoming reality and make active, positive steps to prepare for it.  This process of making wise choices for yourself and not others, will yield massive positive personal results.  These positive results will reinforce your actions and bring about more positive change in your life.  People will start to notice the light in your eyes as confidence returns.  They will now ask what happened to you and those that once did not want to hear the truth, will be ready to listen. This is ultimately where we need to get to both personally and as a movement.

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” -Henry David Thoreau

I really feel that the reason I have been so successful at waking people up is that I do not try to scare and depress them.  (Trust me, I can write doom and gloom with the best of them.)  I do try to motivate, encourage and enlighten people in order to take that first step into their highest self.  This journey is the most important one they will ever take and is your only hope to ever becoming what you were meant to be free and independent.

“I think therefore I am free.” -Chris Duane

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  • Robert

    Bill Cooper opened my eyes around the year 2001. After he had been murdered. His words, immortalized on the internet, were the catalyst that drove me to look beyond what is presented on TV and in the News Papers. Ever since then, I think I’ve been stuck in stage 4. Depression. Unable to help myself or those around me. I can’t tell you how encouraging it is to hear a voice as positive as yours. You seem to be fully aware of the fate that awaits our country. And yet you have hope. I’ve drawn from that, and it gives me some strength. I thank you for that. I feel like I’ve been paralyzed for ten years now, not knowing how to proceed into the future. Your words have helped. I find your point of view refreshing and unique. I hope you never lose your enthusiasm for life and the pursuit of freedom. Keep up the good work. It is making a difference.

    • Silver Shield

      I am able to be positive in the face of very hard times because I feel like I have studied understand what and who we are up against. Knowing what is going to happen takes the scariness away. When you watch a horror movie for the first time it will scare you because you do not know what is coming.

      If you see it a couple of times and see the behind the scenes and meet the actors and read the script it becomes academic.

      I know that we are in the opening stages of the worst horror movie humanity will ever see with a world wide paradigm collapse.

      I know what is going to happen, I have moved out of the movie into the audience.

      I am in the audience, I am with other who see the same thing as I do and that give me strength.

      I know the behind the scenes, I have positioned my job and assets out of the reach of the bad actors.

      I know the bad actors, I focus my energy on the root cause of our problems and those who promote those problems.

      I have read the script, I know the bad guys lose in the end, like always.

      The ONLY reason people be depressed is if they are stuck and know that they are going to become a victim of circumstance.

      Start taking positive actions to become independent of this horror movie, even if it is very little.

      Progress everyday and you will be amazed at how far a head of everyone else you are.

      This could be a simple as buying extra food, working out, or saving nickels that are now worth 7 cents now thanks to Helicopter Ben.

      It also does not hurt to have a gun or two, just in case the “bad guys” come to you.

      Finally, surround yourself with people who get it.

  • I was surprised to find that I have gone through all 5 steps over the past couple of years.

    However I still visit steps 3 through 5 at different times throughout the months. Still prepping for what is to come.

    Good luck everyone.

  • bill c

    For all of your thinking you miss the mark. Happiness does not come from progress but from the only thing with everlasting meaning, a relationship with the one true God. As you roll your eyes imagine my sadness, for you too are in denial. The very thing you teach about you are trapped in. I am prepared, but not only in things temporal, which will pass away, but also things eternal.I pray God lifts the veil from your eyes. John 3;16

    • Silver Shield


      I do not doubt that were are spiritual beings and that spiritual connection is very important. But having a relation with God does in itself make you happy. I know many that are religious and are in miserable situations that they cannot pray their way out of. They need to put action behind those prayers and make real progress in their lives. Faith will see them through the hard times but it will not provide them happiness. Progress and working toward something is what makes us happy, not sitting in a bad situation thinking of a happy God. Faith or your relationship with God gives you the courage to take action and rely on God to make it work.

      I would like your opinion on another matter that has bugged me… I have been watching a pastor recently and right around the TSA groping he said for his flock to “submit to authority”. My question to you is will you turn the other cheek and accept your plight and pray for it to get better. Or are you going to take action and make progress to turn back the tide.

      My feeling is that the very evil forces that control our world, love to hear when the faithful talk about accepting the way things are and praying that things get better.

      In my eyes Jesus was a Rebel that fought the Elite of his time by speaking truth to the people, challenging the religious authority, and casting out the money changers.

      Modern day organized religion seems to bow to the human authority and yet Jesus did the opposite and rebelled against it.

      I hope more religious people start taking physical, mental, financial, political, and intellectual action like Jesus did.

      I for one will continue to speak the truth to the people, challenge authority, and one day cast out the money changers who have corrupted our world.

      • Sevag

        When the bible talks about submiting to authority…that does not mean christians can’t be involved in politics!…Remember we as christians need to be the light just like Christ was the light…I say get out there and get involved so that you will be able to make a difference.

  • lanny t

    interesting i seem to be in between 3 and 5. my understanding of the issues and or situation is a 5 but my answers to others are a 3, 4, or 5. depends on who it is and how their questions stimulate me to provide an answer to the question(s). its a tough call as i do not have someone to answer the questions i might have. all i know is i am no longer looking within the system to learn the ins and outs. i am only interested in picking the locks that bind me. or looking for the exit. i do not wish to be involved with the wrong doings by others. that is their choice not mine. i do believe that that the pick set i have created from the knowledge of understanding(or standing under) is one of the only options if not the only option available lawfully. the pick set is called a Notice of Understanding and Claim of Right+Fee Schedule as per section 39 of the Criminal Code of Canada. this applies to all commonwealth countries under the British commonwealth and there respected criminal code’s. and yes the usa is common law(do not confuse common law with “common law” that speaks about a person and their significant other, husband+wife/family issues/etc,etc.)

  • bill c

    certain rights are God given. Believers are responsible for defending those rights even to death. Believers are to submit to righteous authority. If the government were to make abortion mandatory we should be willing to die in our defense against something so contrary to almighty God. We are losing our God given liberty [the TSA is one example] and there comes a point where submission is no longer possible.The bigger picture in that so many defenders of liberty do not know the author of liberty. This is not about some ethereal God that is pleasing to all. There is one truth, just one. Belief and faith in anyone but Christ is futility. It’s easy to get lost in our current struggles. They ultimately will pass. Confess our own sins, ask the Lord for forgiveness and He will save us for all eternity. Finally if a true believer is miserable he has taken his eye of the objective which we are all prone to do as sinful humans. The difference is that we have an anchor, the bedrock that is unshakeable even in the very worst of times. All of our human preps will wither under the assault I feel is coming our way without that solid rock that is Christ Jesus.God Bless You.

  • DR

    Bill C,

    I have laid out two definintions that do not support your argument of “pray it away” Although I agree that we need to pray for this nation; it is dangerous to think that all you need to do is “keep your eyes on the prize” while putting your head in the sand. This type of denial is reckless and will lead sheeps to the slaughter. Jesus was an example of taking authority and steping out on faith by taking action.


    Sin, in religion, is an act that violates a known moral rule. The term sin may also refer to the state of having committed such a violation. Commonly, the moral code of conduct is decreed by a divine entity, i.e. divine law. Sin may also refer to refraining from action or simply desiring to act in violation of a moral norm. Fundamentally, sin is rebellion against, or resistance to, the direction of supreme authority, and enmity toward, avoidance of, or hatred of the good

    Forgiveness is typically defined as the process of concluding resentment, indignation or anger as a result of a perceived offense, difference or mistake, and/or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution.[1] The Oxford English Dictionary defines forgiveness as ‘to grant free pardon and to give up all claim on account of an offense or debt’. The concept and benefits of forgiveness have been explored in religious thought, the social sciences and medicine.

  • AL

    Thank you Silver Shield.

    I’m a French christian libertarian and i feel lonely. Do you happen to know some son of Liberty living in France ?

    • Silver Shield

      Don’t worry about where you live, join our global community of ideas and people will find you. Take what you have learned in the Academy and make a French translation. You can help spread this idea outside of the Anglo American Empire. If you do make a site, I will link it to the blog. Everything sounds better in French…

  • Tom

    Whatvare the actual core beliefs of this site?

    For instance:
    – Are you for or against the federal income tax the way it is currently levied? If you’re against it, how would you improve/change it?
    – Do you believe in economic liberty as framed in the Constitution (pursuit of happiness/ownership of proprty that you earn)
    – Do you believe in free markets?
    – Do you believe one man’s money should be taken from him and given directly to another (the essence of Socialism)? I’m not talking about taxes going into things that benefit us all — I mean literally into a person’s pocket (food stamps, TARP, socialized medicine, etc.).
    – Do you believe in the application of the death penalty for particularly heinous, capital crimes?
    – Do you believe in a woman’s right to choose, or a baby’s right to live?
    – Do you believe in free trade? To what degree and with what restrictions, if any?
    – So you believe in democracy — the free election of representatives? If you could change our election rules, what would you change (if anything)?
    – Since corporations are owned and run by people, do you agree that they should be treated as people by law?
    – Do you believe government should tell us what to eat/drink/smoke (etc.) or be able to prohibit us from partaking of any of those things?
    – Do you believe the United States should promote its ideals/interests overseas?
    – Generally speaking, would you rather be governed by your state or by the Feds?

    You talk about pseudo-psychological processes and (vaguely) self-awareness, self-empowerment, etc. I read this page and the main web page, and I do not see a specific set of common beliefs. If there isn’t one, that’s fine — but there’s a lot of “they’re corrupting me/coercing me/oppressing me” complaining, so I wondered

    A) What exactly you’re complaining about and
    B) What you’d do to remedy those issues.

    Thanks for your time,


  • Nat

    Saw your article via Max Keiser. This is the most exciting information I have read in a while. I am hopeful that the awakening will embrace mass numbers of people globally. I am just so sick of the lies. Thank you for putting the cause ahead of your own personal monetary needs. I hope it brings more fruit than you expected.

  • Amazing Grace

    Excellent! Now go! Awake the zombies!
    God speed~

  • kevin

    you conduct yourself with strength, chris. i appreciate your firm yet gentle tone and can see from these few responses that you have genuine natural leadership qualities. it is further respectable that you have envisioned the necessity of a leaderless movement. uncommon attributes, sir.


  • annje

    This was so accurate, so well written….so very like my process, that its an ironic [because it does not make me happy to know others suffer similarly] comfort to know I’m not the only one. I am in acceptance, stayed in anger for a long time, stayed in bargaining for a long time too, almost slipped into “oh hell, I can’t do anything but write, correct, present evidence”, and that won’t do near enough…anc to this day get I have to take a break every couple of months, for a few days at least or I get physically/emotionally/psychologically overwhelmed with the daily onslaught of more and more, from virtually everywhere, at the same time, things going wrong, people blindly suffering and aiding their own sheering and death knells of their spirits. I accept but don’t know what else to do. I’m old hat at camping outside the box, and have a tremulous relationship with people who both ridicule and respect me at the same time…If I were more of an “I do you so’ person, that might almost be fun…lol…but how to make a dent with what I have to offer?I’m not up and around to use my body to throw in front of a tank or carry signs;don’t know that that helps much anyway.
    What I’d like to do is find a way to convince every BofA customer to quit them, refinance loans with small local banks, bankrupt them at least their interests here, then start on Goldman Sachs…etc…but even that wouldn’t be enough because they too are just a symptom of those behind the scenes, moving the chess pieces…so what can be done once awake, aware, accepting? I’m not selling my interests in my land [I know it doesn’t really belong to me, it belongs to a series of others, state, county, fed] but its where I live and I have to live somewhere…what is your answer to that?

    thanks for a great article, sorry if I’m a bit all over the place, but I feel like I just got my first drink of water after being in the desert a year…
    It hurts my heart to know what others will have to go through while defogging from the lifelong brainwashing.

  • annje

    I made some typos, should have checked it first….one term ” I do you so”, should have been ‘I told you so” lol…just try to muddle through, and forgive the typos. I need to learn to edit when I post emotionally

  • Fred Starr

    Re: your video: so the Rothchilds control the world’s currency? That means they control the Chinese gov’t & its banks! A tall order. They don’t even control little Israel, with its dysfunctional Knesset and divided population.
    Its hard to see where the Academy is coming from. You site real problems but are vague on details about how to handle them.

    • Silver Shield

      I know the Rothschild own the Bank of England, the ECB and a majority of the Fed. I would imaging that most of the other countries central banks have their tentacles in them. I have no clue who is behind China Central bank but I would guess Chinese communist party members before the Rothschilds. As far as Israel they are its father and are very much in control. If you would like to see how I would handle them read my article the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield. I would also recommend you join the Sons of Liberty Academy. It is free and you can read the testimonials on the bottom of the far right column on this blog.

  • Bob Gardner

    Read some of the comments. Bill C – Jan 31 regarding God and happiness.

    One can sit in his car all day long, read scripture and declare to God I am going from Fl to Calif today in this car and I declare it now by faith.

    Well until you put the key in the ignition, start the car, put in in gear and head across the US to Californication – YOU AINT GOING ANYWHERE!!!

    Reminds me of an Old Quaker Prayer. PRAY AND MOVE YOUR FEET! Or as our old buddy James states: Faith without works is dead.

    Be well and prosperous – You deserve it.


  • tom

    i’m german – reading a native german thoughts written out in English – cool – THX

  • tom

    i admit some of the toughts

  • lala

    I read this whole page of this website and I like the idea of waking people up that are not aware of whats really going on in the world. But the truth is who really knows what is really going on? Every body is unique and has there own view of the world we live in. You can try to impose your view of the world on people thinking your view is the only right view and others with the opposite view are wrong and they can do the same thinking towards your view too. Here’s some truth… we can realize there are opposites in this world we live in. We can realize that we have pain when we are injured. Now, ask yourself why do we have pain when we are injured? We are born a certain way and make decisions from the moment we start life off of these initial feelings before we can watch media that brain washes us to think a certain way. So I see it as we were created in this world with laws and I am not talking about the governmental laws here I am talking about laws of the universe. Now ask yourself… where did these laws come from? You can say the universal laws just created itself just like you can say the governmental laws created its self and there was no cause to them. Just like you can be on the same debate of a person that believes in God and a person that doesn’t. Who is right? It’s all in your view. The world is where it is suppose to be at this time things happen for a reason. Cause and affect. In the bible it talks about how Moses freed all the slaves from bondage along time ago from Ramsey. He was just one person but God helped him. You can read that and think that is make believe but are you in the 1 stage – denial? I think people should be open minded to everything and not close themselves off to only think one way.


  • Marks2Much

    The impending upheavals and changes about to be unleashed upon this planet are much more intense than they’re being described on this blog. More and more people are sensing that something immense is unfolding. (That’s why you’re hearing so much about 2012 and the endtimes.)

    We’re all picking up and resonating with the same vibrational energy. It’s why what Chris has written here reads like it could have been written by David Icke or David Wilcock. (If you don’t know who they are, find out and read what they have to say, too. You’ll discover that what been mentioned here about what the Elites have been perpetrating amounts to just a fleck of frost atop the tip of the iceberg.)

    I also urge all of you to read the article on this link, as well: http://thetruthmovement.net/?p=337

    Here’s the PDF of it, so that you can save and share it: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/archivos_pdf/dialogue_hh.pdf

    Regardless of how you accept, or react, to any of this, we’re still all in it together. And we’re not alone. There’s a reason these paradigm shifting changes are taking place at this point in time. So, prepare yourselves. And open your hearts and especially — your minds. Together, we can create a better world. But, like Chris points out, expect things to get a lot worse first. So fasten your seatbelts. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  • Ty

    Ron Paul woke me up in 2008. Good Morning everyone! :)

  • My “Truth” –
    Two “Selves” have WE,
    But they’re not the same;
    One is a Flower
    And the other a Flame.
    Our physical Self is a Flower
    It starts as a Seed
    Seeking with its roots Mother Earth
    Reaching with its branches Father Sun
    Soon it blossoms
    Perfumes the air
    And delights the eye
    But inevitably Dies
    And returns to The Mother.
    The Flame is Our God Self
    Ever burning brightly
    It Never dies
    For There is No Death
    Only a Change of Worlds.
    There is but ONE FLAME
    And We are All Connected
    In forgotten ONENESS!
    As we AWAKEN
    So is re-born
    The Garden of Eden!

  • Tyson

    Great post! I saw myself in it along the way ove rthe last three years now, like many I fall back and forth between 3 and 5. Your question earlier to a fellow brother in Christ was interesting and factual Jesus did turn things upside down for he elites in Jewish leadership. And as for Pastor’s that say bend over and accept it are not a help. A far too many Christians beleive that to be a follower of Christ you must submit to tyranny, you must submit to the government etc, That is not true. If the tyrant or government starting killing or asking you to kill your neighbor, do you follow that law? Of course not! So it is imperative that every Christian stand up against tyranny of any form, some many choose a civil disobedient method some more active. My fear is that the doctine of “Rapture” has given Christians a “get out of Jail Free Card” that is a dangerous doctine to rely on when there is no concensus amounst biblical scholars or denominations of its validity. Faith with out works is dead, faith not put into action is worthless.

    Now for a comment on #3. The elites will not give up one day and say “you guys win, back to a constituional republic”, it will have to be taken back by force. Exposing evil is only the first step, when they move to silence those that are exposing their lies and evil, then it will be time to mass together and say no longer. Jefferson’s statement that the Tree of Liberty will need to be renewed witht he blood of patriots and tyrannts will come true, it is inevitable. There is a reason why millions of AR and AK platform rifles have been purchased and it was not to shot squirrels and such……nor was it to be able to freely turn them over to a tyrannical government. When evil men come because we have planted our flag on freedom they must not be given quarter, they must know that freedom does come at a price but so will their attempts to wrest it from our hands!

  • Jrollier


    True Individual Freedom is only realized and experienced once one has accepted and embraced his existence as a Slave; and that his bindings are his creator’s greatest gift.”


  • Dave

    I just finished all 9 modules of “Sons of Liberty” but didn’t finish the tenth. I have been awaken for some time now and done all and more of the research that you have done, but I was curious what these 10 modules represented before I made my final analysis. Unfortunately, I donated $50 dollars before I did this. Your 5 stages of awakening definitely are valid and interesting to the average reader…I wish you would state that you practice Taoism before you lead the readers on first, though, especially with the modules. Taoism or Dao-ism was is/was used mainly an opposition to authority, government, coercion, and even to normal socialization in values. I once practiced this myself, along with many other bogus enlightenment Eastern Philosophies, when I was in the military back in 1982, and consequently, lead me to Jesus Christ my savior. As for your questions about TSA or any other comment you ask what would a Jesus follower do if the government were to do this or that, as form me, I would try to do exactly as what Jesus would do. As for the so called professing Christians, who do not know Jesus intimately or who don’t take action, truly have a distorted view on liberty, truth, and freedom, and, unfortunately, are in the land of hypocrisy and deception. I only hope and pray the Lord will lift the veils from their eyes so they can see all truth and deception. Am I making a judgement…you bet I am, and I think it is righteous one. Do I go to church?…no, because many are being deceived just as they are in this forum. You stated you had a hard time whether or not to make the modules free because of the expenses that it acquired. That should have been a reg flag for everyone who read that, especially after learning about your financial history. How are you any different from the any monetary paradigm today? If you really loved your neighbor and want to introduce “real” freedom and share your researched discourse, I don’t think this statement should have ever been considered. Lastly, if your going to use Jesus, at least give him more credit than a rebel. You have very good persuasive writing skills, but don’t use deception to lure the sheeple in…be forthright from the start before people start spending money. Give Jesus a try, do the research as you advocate, and I guarantee He will enlighten you way beyond any man made religion. God Bless!

    • Silver Shield

      I am a Christian.
      I am not a fan of any man made Church.
      Jesus was a rebel and one that I love.
      I believe he is the son of God.
      Mere Christianity was a good book.

      I do find Taoism to have many great ideas but more as a philosophy than a religion.

      I find it amazing though that you would invest so much time only to give up or find no merit to the entire program over 5 minutes of a 48 hour course. Especially when I state in module 1 that all man made religion was the earliest of control systems and that there are something like 35,000 denominations of Christianity in America. Which one is the true one?

      I know you will forgive me for not being perfect and I do expect you to finish the Academy there is a lot of great preparation material in there and please let me know what you think here after you have made your final judgement.

  • Dave

    Chris, I do not disagree with your researched discourse that you attained; you definitely put many hours into this with constructive sequencing, and your are correct about the collective embellishment of so many churches. You see many people claim to be Christians just because they believe. For example, John 3:16 says so, but if you actually knew the original etiology of the word from the Koine Greek, it means commitment. Once you separate the knowledge and wisdom between the flesh and the spirit and have absolute certainty of this understanding as Apostle Paul did, you would not need any other philosophy…as in Colossians 2:8. And, yes, I do forgive everyone, especially those who have not come into complete knowledge and wisdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. As stated earlier while I served in the Army, I was looking for peace and understanding in this very lonely and destructive world. There is no doubt in my mind these Eastern philosophies/religions have validity because I experienced it; however, during a awesome spiritual awakening/enlightenment, I saw and heard what was in the spiritual realm…everything I have ever questioned was answered…very similar to a near death experience. Not being a committed believer at that time, I saw and heard these words..”I am the truth, way, and life”. Therefore, my energies went toward investigating the Bible. Before I had a very difficult time understanding and comprehending most what was in the Bible; however, things were just literally jumping out of the pages with complete understanding. I passed into the threshold of the spiritual world. If everyone were truly born again, there wouldn’t be so many denominations of Christianity…instead it falls on the finite minds of legalism. I know there were many translation errors when copying the original scriptures, but many were articles and prepositions in the sentence structure. A big one tho is Lucifer…Lucifer is actually Latin and actually means Venus. This some how was put in the Old Testament in the book of Isaiah 14:12. This blows Joseph Smiths theory write out of the water. Anyways, I do appreciate your hard work, and I also appreciate you decided to make it free for all. I just ask that you ask the Lord to come in you life and to open your spiritual eyes :) Thanks for getting back and I sense you are humble. Sincerely, Dave

  • Nowwhat

    How do you get your money out of your bank. Went to a bank today to cash a $35 check from a third party. Took her 7 minutes to return. I asked her what took her so long….She actually said this…”I couldn’t find any money”. I am almost certain that if I tried to close my acct and ask for my money I would be turned down. I am paralyed by this supposition because if that were to actually happen I do not know how to respond. Any advice?

  • Steve

    I disagree on the tower 7 conspiracy theories as there was more than enough flamable material inside the tower to cause the steel to warp and bend, then collapse as it did. I certainly can follow the theory that they knew about it in advance and did nothing but I have no doubts that this is all due to blow back. You know, you could also associate counter culture with sheep your just couldn’t believe that someone could hate us that much when the same people tried to blow up the WTC back in 1993 but I guess that was an ‘inside’ job too or the USS Cole bombings or the US Embassy bombings in Africa. This isn’t to say that the war on terror is just, it isn’t and we are nation building.

    I’m only trying to say that the tower 7 theory has not been proven without a doubt and yes I know about that member of Bush’s family who happened to work security details. The facts on it aren’t conclusive, period and it is very reasonable to assume since steel can warp under high heat that that was what happened and the building collapsed. We saw the planes crash into, we recorded phone conversations from flight 93 so we know that the Islamic terrorist flew the planes into them. I’d say it is all blow back as the CIA saw it in the 911 commission report since we’ve been spending all those years building up regimes in Iraq, Egypt, Saudis Arabia, Iran, and almost all of them have blown back on us in time. Not to mention the millennial long war between Islam and Christianity.

    We know without a doubt that both Bush and the Clinton administrations knew about the attacks well in advance and chose to do nothing so it is quite likely they let it happen as an excuse to go to war against Iraq because Saddam was not cooperating with the US on oil and wanted to be paid in another currency like the Euro.


    The following is a youtube video of John Perkins who was a former economist who worked for the large multinational corporations controlling the US. Other than that, though a bit simplistic, I agree with your stages. I do not tend to get emotional, I had sensed for years something wasn’t right and I had switched all over the spectrum from moderate Democrat to Neo-Con to Libertarian. The big realization happened for me after I finished reading Edward G Griffin’s book The Creature from Jekyll Island. I had come to a realization of how our monetary system works and then I understood things far more clearly. Just wanted to make these few points. I know I’ll catch flak for my ‘counter’ argument to the truther conspiracy but I don’t care. I don’t think it was an inside job in the sense that it was a controlled demotion as the evidence doesn’t point in that direction to me. I am sure that the head honcos knew about it in advance and chose to let it happen however.

  • Dave

    Hello, it’s me again, and I feel I have been led by the Lord again to post on this site. Truth is all relative to what force or persuasion that brings it about. First, about the 911 incident, I am willing to pay anyone $1,000 to proof that that 911 wasn’t an inside job…not wealthy with material positions cuz I am poor public education teacher :( The YouTube video, 911 The Pentagon Attack (along with the architects and pilot organizations dealing with the 911 event)clearly puts the final nail in the coffin. Second, the Illuminati run this country as well as the world, and their leader is none other than Satan. Good and evil have been present since the inception of mankind. Laugh and scoff but that is the reality of it folks. Do the research with an open mind because you will definitely encounter cognitive dissonance! Money is absolute power, and they control all monetary systems. Their minions here in the flesh (political figures) and demonic spirits (aliens) carry out the illustrious counterfeit of truth that runs exactly parallel and backwards to God’s, Jesus’ father,word. We were all educated, institutionalized, and indoctrinated in the systems that are ran from them! All this awakening is in accordance with God’s will..they can do nothing until He says it is time! If you want to learn about God’s truth but don’t know the original languages or hermeneutics, Chris White does an excellent job at this and he gives his material away free! (can find him on YouTube also and at http://conspiracyclothes.com/nowheretorun/). However, if you put God first and seek His kingdom, all this will be given freely to you if you just ask! Deny yourself daily (fleshly needs),and transform your minds in light and not the darkness of the world…Satan the master deceiver. 5 million claimed alien abductees currently in the world, and research from both secular and religious leaders agree that many have a common theme…to discredit the Bible and Jesus. These aliens (demonic spirits) flee when they are rebuked in Jesus’ name, and research that I have found concerning Wilheim Reich, suggest they don’t like radiation or orgone (don’t need if Jesus is Lord of your life tho). Just to let you know, the government put him away and he died in prison. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against powers, against the rulers of this darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places (spiritual realm). The Illuminati have even deceived even the elect in this counterfeit scheme. No other religion or philosophy will allow you to have communion with God! Chris, you are a very intelligent and perceptive man, and the Lord needs people like you on His side. Everything you are doing is in vain unless you put Him first. May God’s truth, love, and wisdom abound in you from this day forward…and for everyone who is reading this post. With love, Dave

    P.S. Prepare and be prudent for it has started!

  • Dave

    I need to recant something up here, because I too was deceived, Apostle Paul was no Apostle but from the Seed of Satan! He who has an ear let him her!

  • Mary Marston

    I just found your wonderful website, looking forward to studying with you. I just tried to print out two of your helpful comments, but even printing it out on landscape, I had to settle for a very small font in order to get it on the page. I don’t understand these things, but hope your webmaster can make it easier to print out in a reasonable size font. Best to you.

  • I love this. You’ve written here one major theme of our Presidential campaign. We are working hard to wake people up and give them tons of new options. I’m the only candidate who is for the Zeitgeist movement too.

    Thanks for putting the truth in such clear words.

  • Mari

    Everyone should read this. It is a superb description of all the stages you go through.

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