Who Are The Powers That Be?

This is a video I created years ago to not only show the faces of the Elite, but where they are on the food chain. I cover this in great detail in Module 3 of the Sons of Liberty Academy.

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  • Ben

    Good work Chris.

    That video is the biggest collection of ghouls I have ever seen. I have one question however, on the grahic below the video you have a picture of Ralph Nader and I am not so sure I would agree with that pick. Perhaps he has me fooled beyond belief but this man has been writing about the establishment and the PTB for decades. He has written extensively on this since the 1960’s. He was destroyed in the 70’s by the the establishment be because he was actually influencing legislation at the time, so the “members” marginalized him. Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges have written extensively about this stuff. I am not a fan of either of those writers, but they, as well as Nader, have been writing about corporations and banks for years. So, as I said, either I have been seriously duped or Nader is one hell of an agent provocateur….or he has joined them. It just seems a little out of place. I could send you a link that was written about him and his work. Like I said, I am certainly not a fan of Chomsky, Nader or Hedges but they have done some excellent work on corporations, the banking industry and foreign policy that I agree with wholeheartedly.

    Or are they all part of it as well? Ha!

    At any rate, the video was good, especially with Johnny Cash. Can’t go wrong there. Sometimees, the only solice a person can take is knowing that one day they will have to pay the piper. Wouldn’t be interesting to sit in a chair off to the side as a spectator watching the judgement of someone like George Soros? Henry Kissenger? Think how man lives they have affected….and not in a good way.

    Like I said, that is the biggest collection of “scaries” I have ever seen on a web page. And that includes entries from “People of Wal-Mart” and “Akward Family Photos”.

    Nice work.

    • Silver Shield

      I have misgivings about him but I guess in the end he is not about a free market and a personal freedom he obviously wants regulation and bureaucracies to regulate life.

      I also don’t think he is hacking at the root of power and is merely a steam relief valve.

  • Wow, this is some ugly ass collection of ghouls alright! Great choice of soundtrack too by the way. I would’ve loved to see their names on the screen and positions of power when the faces came up though. I’m not familiar with US politics as you all over there are. Thanks for taking the time to make this.

  • Mike Alright

    Sorry, but because America is full of feminized idiots. There is no hope for this once great nation.

  • Democracy is rule by illusion.

  • anon

    you got it mostly right except for the bottom. Nader, while I disagree with his politics is genuine, as is Beck (who I also have problems with), Limbaugh, and Hannity (who I find annoying) They are not trying to fool anybody. You may not agree with those 4, but they are not blatantly lying to you. The three reporters may be “entertainers” out to make a buck, but they are genuine in the content of their product.

  • dogismyth

    Anon…tell my why anyone would listen to the hate and propaganda of Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity? I believe that only the insane listen to these folks. And yes they are part of the system. They’ll do anything for money. And they are bought and paid for by the rulers.

  • Thelma Hendrix

    I agree with all but Glenn Beck…The rest need to go to jail till the sun stop shining.

  • John

    Every hierarchy and doctrine ever invented, devised and implemented (or enforced) by a bunch of deluded self serving elites..are opressive, corrupt and evil (yep but it includes all religions and even charities too..so there is no area that these parasites don’t end up controlling).

    Until we finally wake up and realise, as long as hierarchies exist…they (the top 1% in every country)will continue to use all their different belief systems and ideologies and laws to divide, rule and enslave us…inside we know this truth ..but in our apathy and anger we turn on eachother..rather than our evil masters.

  • Casper

    What is the hate you talk about with those 3? If you’ve listened to much of Glenn Beck, especially lately, there isn’t hate at all. There is anger, to be sure, while we watch what is happening to our country….but hate, no. If you want hate, start listening to Richard Trumpka, Maxine Waters and that CAIR senator from Minnesota (from the other side.)

    I think exactly what Glenn Beck is doing these days IS to upset the hierarchy and empower the individual. At least that’s what I get from it all. More courage and more empowerment, with a willingness to fight for freedom for “We the People”, not to enslave us or support the greed & corruption so blatant in our government these days.

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