Phoenix Rising: The Re-Birth of the United States

As America devolves into a third world nation, many people still wonder how this could be happening. It is certainly not by accident and has been planned and executed by the invisible hand that pulls the strings of the puppets we know as bankers, lawyers, politicians, business leaders and other “defenders” of democracy.  In reality, these quasi-humans are sociopathic sycophants that masquerade as altruistic, benevolent humanitarians and of course, their agenda is their own self-serving accumulation of wealth and the control all things.

With domination as the goal, they use their battle plan of Social Engineering by means of the Hegelian Dialectic of problem, reaction, solution, which together with divide and conquer strategies, guarantees control over the unwitting masses.  Implemented by draconian laws that are fed to unsuspecting people via propagandist media, the money changers have eroded our manufacturing base, which is one of the foundations of a prosperous economy along with sound money backed by precious metals, which also has been deliberately gutted. With unemployment at depression levels, the housing market inevitable slide, debt that is both public and private at all time highs, rapidly increasing inflation and rising taxes, as well as a crumbling infrastructure, it appears as if this country will be laid to rest, like a modern day Rome.

Most people see no solutions to our challenges, and our “leaders,” who created the problems in the first place, espouse that they have the solutions. Einstein is alleged to have said “the problems of today cannot be solved by the minds that created them,” or more succinctly; issues can never be solved at the level at which they were created in the first place because, then their solutions only add to the deterioration of our country and the continued suffering of the people.

Much research has lead me to believe that America will rise again after its inevitable fall, even as the economic and monetary system implode under the untenable debt and outmoded
banking/economic/political/monetary/energy systems that have been created.

A Solution
One such solution to rebuilding this country is the development of new energy technologies based upon Sympathetic Vibrational Physics/Over-Unity/Zero Point energy, whose definition is: “The hypothetical continuous operation of an isolated mechanical device or other closed system without a sustaining energy source.”

Before entering this area of interest and discussion, I request that you think about why electronic technology has exploded during the past 10-20 years (computers, cell phones, iPhones etc.), yet the very means in which the vast majority of the world’s energy is produced has not changed in over 100 years? How is it possible that we have come light years in electronic technological advancement, and yet no fervent strides in the means of energy production? The answer is: The Petro-Chemical industry, owned by the hidden hand, or the powers that be, has suppressed any attempt to allow the evolution of energy policy or production, while maintaining the means of obtaining from the populace huge, unbelievable and thought-defying profits, as well as the control of humanity through their surreptitious methods.

Built upon the work of many late 19th century and early 20th century geniuses like Nikola Tesla, Thomas Henry Moray, John Worrell Keely, and Walter Russell, modern day visionaries such as John Searl, Tom Bearden, John Bedini, and Andreas Rossi are  attempting, at great odds, the transformation of the planet by initiating a paradigm shift in the way we understand what energy is and the rich and fertile landscape available for the creation of advanced energy instruments.

Unknown to 99% of the population, their technologies are environmentally friendly,

non-polluting energy systems that utilize hydrogen, magnetism, plasma, and even water. There is an excellent potential for these systems to be emerging into the world within several years and this will help make the quantum leap of positive change that is necessary for humanity as a whole. Many of these systems are in the initial stages of development, yet some are nearly perfected. Most of the systems were not developed by dogmatic mainstream scientists, but by brilliant geniuses unimpeded by conventional thought, or physics. With limited budgets, they have started to produce machines capable of producing more energy than is required on the input level. This is in direct contrast to the prevailing “laws” of physics which state a system cannot produce more energy than it consumes.  Those who oppose this view, like the lemmings or the flat earthers before them,  will go through what German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer recognized as  stages for the acceptance of truth:

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

The British scientist Lord Kelvin mistakenly stated in 1900, that”…there is nothing new to be discovered in physics now, All that remains is more and more precise measurement.” and “X-rays will prove to be a hoax.” Lord Kelvin was sorely mistaken and modern scientists, who have been indoctrinated to not question their own educational process, will also be proven incorrect in their understanding of the laws of physics, as well as the unlimited possibilities in the field of energy production.

The new Over-Unity energy devices will lead to the complete transformation of life on earth, as all the energy needed to power any device will be available to most people, no matter what country they live in or how remote the region. In a more decentralized society, people will be able to own their own power source and therefore they will be able to use these motors to power homes, businesses, and transportation vehicles. No controlling infrastructure will be needed, like the obsolete power lines of today, as the mechanisms will be directly linked to the circuit box of the home, or building, therefore bypassing the need for such transmission lines. This will allow people to once again make their own choices and put an end to both energy bills and the payment for energy to a company that uses environmentally destructive fossil fuels.

The need for clean, abundant energy in the form of electricity is paramount in the world and should clearly be a basic right of all people.  It is unnecessary to pay a private company for the “privilege” of having energy because of their immoral monopolistic means of its production, through outdated methods.

Based on my research, I believe that after the initial transition to the electric over-unity generators, more progressive forms of energy in the form of magnetism will power many devices while at the same time eliminating the need for any electrical wires. In addition, forms of “anti-gravity” engines would potentially eliminate the need for automobiles as we know them).

The new forms of energy will then transform the “poverty consciousness” that permeates world thinking. By poverty consciousness, I am portending that nearly all of us believe in some form of lack. Lack of enough energy, food, water, peace, love, jobs, money, power etc. With the means for inexpensive, self-sustaining power generation available, limited thinking will be diminished, as demonstrated by the unlimited energy available, and this will open the floodgates for the unlimited power of creation that we have, and that we are. When this occurs, we, as humans, will realize that we have the potential to create anything in our lives.

One possibility is that new forms of energy production will allow water to be desalinated, which will provide fresh water to the large majority of the world’s population that live near the oceans. This fresh, desalinized water can be used to irrigate land to increase food production , which will lead to the ending of food shortages, while likewise helping to eliminate the large multi-national agri-businesses, who have prospered in the past thru sheer greed, with profit and control as their primary motives.

With the new Zero-Point energy devices, all of this will be done without producing any pollution, and at the same time allowing for the healing of the eco-systems of the planet. Furthermore, as transportation costs shrink dramatically, so will the price of food.

How Will It Be Done?
There is one thing in common amongst the many researchers who are attempting to further the evolution of humanity with their new innovations; the lack of money. Since many of the people who have, and are, developing the cutting edge technologies do so with their own funds, or small donations, this has hindered them because  most of these independents do not possess significant wealth, which is desperately needed to fully develop these systems. Working in garages, basements and small labs, these modern pioneers are bringing to the world discoveries held hostage for up to a century by current tyrannical, self-appointed overlords.

So where could the funding to advance these projects come from? A new breed of altruistic patriots will be born who have the vision and foresight necessary to create this wealth. This class of people will not follow the pathways of ruin that have been brought on by the fractional reserve banking  of the current world and will realize the value of precious metals to pierce the veil of the economic landscape and see an opportunity to generate, in physical form, the energy we call money.

As the seeding of consciousness pertaining to new forms of energy is accelerated, the synergy between the money needed to produce the devices, will meld with the dedicated inventors of them, which will finally launch a new economy and and with it, a new America.

I foresee that factories will be built utilizing the new motors, by owners who do not see pure profit as the bottom line.  People will be employed with a living wage and taking pride in their work, will manufacture products that will be the epitome of the world.

At every corner there are naysayers who will try to destroy the credibility of these unswayable engineers, by blathering about antiquated axioms espoused by mouthpieces for dogmatic institutions of “higher education.” As awareness grows that there are new

revolutionary energy apparatuses that will be manufactured in this country, the rebuilding of America will come from within, from men and women of honor and integrity.

The current systems in this country, which are permeated by greed and corruption, will implode under the falsehoods on which they are built. After this occurs, there will be a need for investment capital from the newly affluent, precious metals venture humanists, that in understanding the magnitude of the breakthroughs, will, with heartfelt virtue, pour money into the construction of many new technologies.  Their generosity will usher in a new paradigm and forge the foundation of a new America.

Information regarding many of the new energy technologies can be accessed at the following websites:

13 comments to Phoenix Rising: The Re-Birth of the United States

  • Kevin Brown

    Great article!

  • Citizen Doctor

    Thank you. Excellent article. A few thoughts:

    1. I believe there are already enough abundance-supporting energy technologies available to radically change society for the better even without over-unity devices. I think technological advances go hand-in-hand with advances in consciousness. As more people shift to an abundance paradigm, more technological breakthroughs will occur and vice-versa. Both are happening now at an accelerated rate. In other words: no need to wait, let’s go with what we have; more is on the way.

    2. I’m not sure that more funding is what’s needed in every case, although I like your vision of the people who were foresighted enough to invest in gold and silver becoming the angels of the energy revolution. Rather, I believe we would already have essentially free energy if inventors had been willing to make their inventions open source, as a gift to humanity. All to often, it seems they held out for personal financial reward and were either bought out or “disappeared”. This is what I meant above about a shift in consciousness. When the day comes that helping our neighbor is more important than helping ourselves, then we’ll all have much, much more than we have now.

    2. One very significant by-product of abundant energy will be desalination of sea water and agricultural development of deserts, enough to completely eliminate hunger in the world. This alone would be a game changer.

    3. Recommended web site: Wade Frazier’s A Healed Planet

  • lastmanstanding

    All well and good…you forget that here in the US, 50% of our poplation does not contribute a damn thing. Therefore, they should have no car, no healthcare, no place to live, no food should be wasted on them…do I need to continue?

    In nature, these types DO NOT EXIST…and there is no media coverage of that unless they are trying to strip us of our Constitutional rights.

    Your article would be feasible in a real “working” productive society, but when you have inhabitants that need handouts from the govt or jobs created by the govt. things like this are impossible.

  • jhpace1

    Lastmanstanding, I disagree in this context: if we had free energy devices that disconnected us from the local power grid, if we grew our own food and biofuel that disconnected us from the Just-in-Time grocery system and petroleum refinement that also put poison in our food and pollution in our air and water, and lived in houses and property built to last instead of continuous maintenance, then we would not be contributing anything to a centralized form of control other than property taxes. No power bill, water bill, sewage bill, road tax, gasoline tax, telephone tax, sales tax on groceries, etc. We would be called “deadbeats” by the politicians, because we could live free from them. We could design our lives to reach for higher goals without the chains of limited energy and resources.

    What we have today in the USA is a near slave class in the classic sense that they are totally dependent upon someone else, in this case the government, for their food, their housing, their clothing, their education, their travel, their health, and their sense of being. At the same time they are taught silly-science, fed poisoned food, and kept in a state between fear and anger emotionally, entertained into mindlessness, and discarded when they reach a certain age.

    If we develop free energy devices to the point even the poor can use them they will, much like other “rights” in this country, be subsidized by the government to keep the poor in poverty. Whereas others will use these technologies for liberation, those who are already enslaved in their mindset will merely continue their enslavement. “You mean the TV doesn’t need a power cord anymore? Great, I can watch re-runs of American Idol 24/7 for the next decade.” or “You mean I can heat and cool my government-given house for free now? Great, I’m keeping it at 72F for the rest of my life and never leaving.” and “Now I can spend more money on beer and bon-bons, and have them delivered to the house.”

    So first we must change the mindset from “gimmie, gimmie, gimmie” to “get out of my way and I will live free”.

    I disagree with the “natural order” insofar as I am a Christian, a creation made by a divine God, not merely the highest animal on the pile. As such, there are God-given truths and rights that can not be taken by others unless coercion, including education and lying, is used against me.

  • Dunk

    Great article Q, time to wake the folk up!!!
    Here are some notes I have on SVP to go with the very nice links you have provided….
    Sympathetic Vibratory Physics notes and thoughts…
    All is vibration. Matter and Energy are travelers with the red and blue interchanging and turning inside out. All we call energy is distracting: “ there is no dividing of matter and force into two distinct terms, as they both are One. Force is liberated matter. Matter is force in bondage….Keeley 1893

    E=mC2 is a materialist concept as energy is not generated from matter and matter can only approach the speed of light. Relativity is wrongly interpreted to negate the subjective experience, for it is Unity it defines, subsumed as forms.
    As there are two forms or types of Sound there must also be two forms or types of Light.
    In both instances, the second(ary) is of matter and a part of the electromagnetic spectrum and is a result of perception of motion.
    All is pleomorphic and only our interpretation as sensed defined states of pressure, or matter as static exists separately but ultimately there is only change and changing states of form. Man will never find components of form as constructs of smaller particulates, as all precipitates in and out of solution as a natural function of its vibratory nature.

    What is destructive, clearly, are the designs and processes that we have created out of greed and for the purpose of control. 50 and 60 Hertz constructs, power lines of copper and the resulting excess charge returning thru the earth creates chaotic states that must return to their underlying order. The pulsings of stars and the coursings of orbiting systems is the wake of space/time…we can only intimate eternity as Now! The search should be long over, as we assume our positions of ever changing force yet the true Cause is unseen, for it is not encased in form, not contained in logics. Still we incessantly try again and again to ascertain some kernel of truth, some handhold to support our journeying climb to a supposed peak of geometric perfection, yet as easily all platonic solids convert, invert and morph. They are temporary prisons for forms, insides of outsides with imaginary borders and yet we have learned to accept that cellular membranes are permeable, the ion channels being doors where plus and minus meet and greet and pass by…

  • Al

    Wow. What a bunch of pseudo scientific bullshit and fluff. Have any of you ever taken a physics course beyond high school? (Question directed to the author and “Dunk”) I have a degree in physics and have taken several graduate level physics courses. Your understanding of these devices as somehow violating energy “laws” is laughable. It is impossible to create more units of energy out of a single unit.

    I’ll briefly address the instance of Andreas Rossi as he may actually have something going with his cold fusion device.

    Just because news reports state that this device has an output several times the input energy required does NOT mean this is an “over unity” device. It simply means the energy to initiate a reaction and then sustain it is lower than the output. There are materials within this device that need to apparently be initialized (since Rossi is so vague on the details I’m keeping things very general) to start a nuclear fusion reaction. This is nothing new, for the past 50 years, scientists have been trying to devise a way to keep a nuclear fusion reaction going with a net gain of energy, and so far have been unsuccessful. Yes, believe it or not the materials in his device will release energy (a large amount if it IS nuclear fusion) as they combine to form new elements. That is where the output gain comes from.

    Your “over unity” calculations do not consider the huge amount of atomic energy within the atoms in the materials for nuclear fusion. This energy is what is converted to heat, but it was stored potential energy and was there to begin with! It was just locked up by atomic forces.

    Really what you should consider is not simple energy input vs. energy output, but instead the sum total of initial potential energy that will be converted to heat (atomic energy) + initialized energy = the output energy + any losses within the device that do not contribute directly to the useful energy output. No violations of any physical “laws” just a clear explanation.

    Hey Dunk,
    Next time you need proof of E=Mc^2, look at the sun, stare at it for about a minute. Why are you now blind? Well energy was converted from a big ball of hydrogen (mass or the ‘M’ in the equation) into radiation (ie. light, that travels at, you guessed it, the speed of light or ‘c’) that traveled to your eyes causing permanent damage. Need anything more real than that?

    Jesus Christ. Crack a physics book or two people.

  • Ben


    This is brilliant and actually gives me some hope. It’s hard not to get a little depressed from time to time and this piece was a real pick-me-up.


  • Dunk

    Will not be staring into the sun any time soon Al, but thanks for the reply out of your world of peer reviewed physics/ after working in a physics lab in 60’s and institute of physics in 70’s I left… probably makes you happy, but you see the paradigm has shifted and the physics books you worship are the crack that keeps folks energy addicted/ study the Searle teams works or folks like Jason Verbelli or Walter Russell or Shauberger and maybe you will consider that you have been lied to for too long…

  • GM

    More perpetual motion. Be sure and send me a prospectus after you have a working model.

  • Prudentis

    Guys please put some intelligence into it!
    There is no such thing as something for nothing in science.
    E=Mc² is a fact just as Newtons laws are a fact. Einstein did not reinvent physics, he brodened and expanded upon existing laws.
    For energy to be released, you have to have an energy source! You can’T “MAKE” energy. It has been there all the time, the only thing you can do is find a way to release it. A simple rock has potential energy stored in it. The problem is, you would have to invest many times the potential energy stored in this rock, to release this energy. Is it possible, that we can find a way to release energy stored in yet not harvested sources? Of course! That is what we are doing with wind, solar, water, tidal, etc. energy.
    Yet we will never on this physical earth be able to get a perpetuum mobile working. We can not CREATE energy.

  • q

    An Open Letter Concerning John Searl’s
    Free Energy and Antigravity Claims

    September 5, 2010

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am a Ph.D. experimental nuclear physicist and have been for 30 years.

    My bachelor’s degree in physics was earned with honors in 1975, and I was awarded the Ph.D. degree in December of 1980 at the University of Maryland.

    My experience includes being a Staff Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and a faculty member in the Physics Department at the University of South Dakota. While in the United States Navy, I served as an electronics instructor at the National Security Agency.

    Regarding the contents of this letter, it is my conclusion that the claims made by John Searl in relation to his Searl Effect generator are true. Among other things, John Searl claims to have been able to achieve antigravitic effects and to generate energy in a self-sustaining mode that did not require the burning of any kind of fuel.

    It is true that John Searl’s claims are extraordinary. And, while it may seem to violate common sense to hear that John is generating energy without burning any fuel, it is nevertheless theoretically possible to do this, provided that an equal amount of negative energy is simultaneously produced.

    With respect to the above, and in confirmation of John Searl’s claims, I draw the reader’s attention to the fact that two Russian scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences have reported replicating the “Searl Effect” and claim generation of 7,000 watts of power in a system which was said to have lost 35 percent of its weight, or roughly 300 pounds.

    Regarding antigravity, the current laws of physics do not appear to support its existence but would have to be modified to accommodate such a phenomena. This is an area in which I am now doing research.


    Robert W. Koontz

    Link here to Russian Academy of Sciences experiment that confirms the Searl Effect

    Classical Electrodynamics is Flawed


    Consider two photons in a box — with the two photons 180 degrees out of phase. The photons each carry one unit of energy, but because they are 180 degrees out of phase, the electromagnetic energy density is zero, as is the Poynting vector. Therefore, if we follow conventional reasoning, we have lost two units of energy and thus have a violation of energy conservation. But that is not allowed. We must thus deduce that classical electrodynamics has a flaw within it. That flaw is addressed when we include scalar electromagnetic energy — as it has come to be called.

    Dr. Thomas Henry Moray was able to generate 50,000 watts of power with a tabletop device that did not burn any kind of fuel. How did he do it? The device ran cool; it did not put off heat. How is that possible?
    Energy Conservation and Free Energy

    “We can gain unlimited amounts of energy without violating the law of energy conservation.” –Robert Koontz (Bio)

    It sounds impossible, but it isn’t. It is possible to obtain an unlimited amount of energy from devices which essentially only require that they be charged up with negative mass electrons and negative mass positrons. Any physicist should be able to convince himself of this in a matter of minutes. It really is simple: While ordinary positive mass electrons in a circuit consume power, negative mass electrons generate power. Why is that? For negative mass electrons and negative mass positrons, Newton’s second law, F = ma becomes F = -ma.

    But acquiring negative mass electrons and negative mass electrons is not quite as simple as it sounds. They are exotic particles that many physicists may even doubt exist. But they do exist. I am convinced of this — for good reasons.

    The Law of Energy Conservation

    The law of energy conservation tells us that the total energy of a closed system is constant. Therefore, if such a system has an increase in positive energy, there must be an increase in negative energy. The total energy stays constant.

    When you drop an object in the earth’s gravitational field, the object gains negative gravitational potential energy as it falls — with that increase in negative energy being balanced by an increase of positive energy of motion. But the object does not lose or gain total energy as it falls. It gains kinetic energy while it gains an equal amount of negative gravitational energy.

    How could we have free energy? If we gain positive energy, we must also generate negative energy in exactly the same amount. That will “conserve energy,” as physicists say. In application, in the field of “free energy,” that means generating negative energy photons and other negative energy particles while we get the positive energy we are seeking. What is the problem, then? The problem involves generating the negative energy particles.

    And I note that physicists do not generally recognize that negative energy particles exist, to include the existence of negative energy photons.

    Dr. Thomas Henry Moray was able to generate 50,000 watts of power with a tabletop device that did not burn any kind of fuel. How did he do it? The device ran cool; it did not put off heat.

    If we are to believe that energy is conserved, then we have to believe that as Dr. Moray generated the 50,000 positive watts of power his system also generated 50,000 watts of negative power that either cooled the apparatus or flew off harmlessly into space. There is no other way. Dr. Moray’s devices ran cool because they were absorbing negative energy.

    Hundreds of people witnessed Dr. Moray’s devices producing power, to include scores of scientists, engineers and politicians. Many signed affidavits.

    The patent office would not issue Dr. Moray a patent for his device, insisting that Dr. Moray had to explain where the energy was coming from. But this man did not know the source for the energy. He thought he was tuning into some sort of mysterious energy that filled the cosmos.

    When he contacted the government about the device, Dr. Moray was told by the government representatives that they did not want to interfere with private industry. He was on his own.

    Even though he was never to have his devices accepted by the public, at least on a widespread basis, Dr. Moray was producing energy, and he did it by charging up circuitry with negative mass electrons and negative mass positrons, I am convinced of this, and I am prepared to soon create a device similar to Dr. Moray’s. Or at least that is what I hope to do.

    But this kind of research takes time and money, and I have already exhausted most of my life savings. I am thus looking for outside sources of revenue or investors.

    Bob Koontz

  • Prudentis

    What the hack is that?
    “it sounds impossible, but it isn’t”
    “I know it shouldn’t happen, but it does”
    Is this all evidence you can present?
    Negative energy? Negative gravity?
    The so called exotic particles have not once been observed. They are a theoretic conncept, that has yet to be proven.
    And what is this about a falling object not gainig or losing energy?
    As far as I know, it gains kinetic energy and loses potential energy. (let’s ignore heat from friction) The kinetic energy is “lost” in the moment of an impact, at least for the object and manifests as heat and impulse form the impact.
    You would now have to ADD energy equal to the lost potential energy, to move the object against the gravitational force.
    He speaks of exotic particles as if they were a common accepted fact. No serious scientist should ever do that.
    I demand proof and if I am proven wrong and those things do exist, I will humbly appologize and be glad, that I was wrong and gained knowledge.

  • Q

    Then I suggest your write to Mr. Koontz & argue your case with him, as it is his material you disagree with.

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