AIPAC Sends 81 NeoCON Congressmen To Israel

It is disturbing to me how Israel has so much control over our government. It was disturbing for me when so many of our Republican Candidates were going over to Israel to get Benjamin Netanyahu’s apparent blessing. Or when the recently dispatched Glenn Beck went to Israel to find out his next move was. Well now 1/5th of our Congress will be going to Israel for their summer break. With our economy is crashing, our men fighting senseless and endless wars and the fact we are broke, you would think our “representatives” would be visiting troops or out of work people in their districts. No, they are going to where the money and power is, Israel. If you want to know why the system isn’t working for you, look who controls it.

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“The secret is we have America.”

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  • voxOnox

    “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said to Jonathan Pollard (convicted Israeli spy) upon exiting Pollard’s jail cell

    ”Every time we do something, you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear; don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, WE, THE JEWISH PEOPLE, CONTROL AMERICA… AND THE AMERICANS KNOW IT.” – Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon – October 3, 2001 (IAP News)

    “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu

    “The Bible Belt is Israel’s safety net in the US.” — Jerry Falwell, preacher

  • TruthSeeker

    I find it quite sad that most americans are asleep to the reality that their country is being battered into oblivion for the sake of nurturing and sustaining the imposter state of Israel.

    The american people need to take action before its too late and wrest back control of their political, economic and socio-cultural systems from the zionist stooges who are pulling the strings in the US. Who knows, it probably is too late already!

    Why else is the US being manipulated in the way that it is other than to serve the AntiChrist agenda to pave the way for his eventual (temporary) global rule from Israel.

  • Second Hand Lion

    World powers and leaders do what world powers and leaders do, but the support of Israel and the Jewish people should never be forsaken because of political corruption anymore than we should be forsaken because of those in elected positions in the US. The world is full of evil men and women in positions of power, that evil knows no national boundaries. The attachment of blame for the world’s ills on one group of individuals, namely the Jewish people, is reminisent of the 1930’s.

    As a follower of Christ, my Lord and Saviour was Jewish and I am instructed to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and God’s chosen people.

  • Silver Shield

    Look up the Synagogue of Satan as mentioned in the book of Revelation and let me know which people you are defending?

    That aside no foreign nation should have so much control over our leaders.

    We should end all foreign aid and bring our troops home.

    We are broke and have much healing to do.

  • TruthSeeker

    @ Second Hand Lion: Many Christians have the misconception that the current (imposter) state of Israel deserve their unbridalled support on the basis of the jews being “God’s chosen people”. There are a couple of problematic issues with this view:

    1. Most of the jews today are ashkenazim who have no real bloodline link to the semitic Israelites who existed at the time of Moses. In fact, research has shown that the true progeny of the ancient semitic tribes are the palestinian people.

    2. It’s quite clear that the zionists who currently control global affairs are premised on injustice and oppression to maintain their global hegemony. This being the case, why would God and Jesus require us to support such a misguided people especially given that the essential quality of God is the unequivical promotion of justice and goodness?

  • VIPER131

    “Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.” — Thomas Jefferson

    “Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

    It is a sad commentary on how our national politics have been prostituted out. This is not the fault of Israel – Israel does what Israel deems it should do. Unfortunately American National political leaders have not remained focused on what America should be doing. This is the same old warn out story of the slow and insidious nature of humans to desire power and wealth.

    What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

    Rome, Spain, Britain – large empires that all folded.

    And now The United States Of America — NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN!

    The Europeans left a corrupt europe to our country. Risked death for treason against the british crown. And handed us this republic- called The United States of America.

    This Republic didn’t come without warnings: “At the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 18, 1787, a Mrs. Powel anxiously awaited the results, and as Benjamin Franklin emerged from the long task now finished, asked him directly: “Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” “A republic if you can keep it” responded Franklin.”

    Well now we know the answer as we see the rapid deterioration of our Republic since our national leaders didn’t protect this Republic as our Founding Fathers desired. NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN!

    The source of this is zionism.

    – Watch Silver Shields video ‘Who Are The Powers That BE?”
    – Watch this video about our US CONGRESS. As it shows — not many Smiths, Murphys, and MacDonalds on our Congresses key committees.
    – Watch the above posted videos to see the disdain and arrogance zionists have for not only our country but mankind in general.

    Our political leaders either are willing participants or shamefully complicit in these unlawful, unconstitutional, or immoral acts against the people of the United States.


    AIPAC is the most powerful lobbying organization in the United States. Rewatch the videos — 28 standing ovations for the PM of Israel in our US Congress!!!

    Then if you don’t do what AIPAC demands — then watch out for the Mossad or some contracting company to show up at your doorstep.

    Israel did not exist from 600AD until ‘miraculously’ 1948. I am not sure – but 50 generations later the establishment of Israel in the middlle east hardly seems the nexus of natural law. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 lays out this plan. And a generation later — Israel is established.

    If our national leaders held true to their Constitutional duties and to the words “Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.” by Thomas Jefferson our own Republic and citizenry would not be suffering as we are.


    We can only hope that by exposing this zionist power structure to the citizens of the United States and the world — that we can peacefully hack at the roots and eradicate this unconstitutional parasitic influence on our country.

  • hbeachrealist

    Silver Shield is right.

    Real Americans know 9/11 was an Inside Job.

    This “Muslims are the enemy” line by the gov is all CIA.

  • Second Hand Lion

    As much as I like this site, from a monetary and restoration of the republic point of view. I will regretfully part ways and wish everyone good luck in the coming dark days, whether that is political, societal or economic collapse. The nation of Israel was established by God through His covenant with Abraham. Whether you believe that or not, the nation of Israel is still a sovereign nation with rights of self defense and existence.

    The negative rhetoric and condemnation of Israel and Jews is to reminsant of Nazi Germany.

    If you are truely defenders of the tenants of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness then you should be reaching out to those with Jewish bloodlines not blaming them for the problems of the world. Because if those tenants are truely gifts from the Creator then they apply to all Humans not just Americans.

    A Replacement theology isthe same theology wrapped in tyranny that Hitler preached to the Germans. Next thing you will be telling me that Jews sacrifice Christian Children and drink their blood orbake it in their bread.

    My parting advise is to be very careful demonizing the Jewish people.

    Second Hand Lion

    • Silver Shield

      Second Hand Lion-
      I am sorry to see you go. I will keep your account open if you wish to publish articles that you feel would benefit the community.

      I am sorry that you do not see that modern day Israel was founded not by God but by the Rothschilds.

      Look at the Balfour Declaration of 1917 if you have any doubts about that.

      Even today Israelis are protesting on Rothschild Boulevard.

      And for the millionth time I am not demonizing Jewish people I am attacking Zionism.

      Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews.

      The racist, collectivist regime is no different than other repressive regimes.

      Good people have been fooled into thinking that somehow America and Israel are chosen nations.

      The actions of both nations are not in the foot steps of Jesus or God they are evil.

      Judge a tree by it’s fruit.

      Our fruit is poisonous, decayed, bloated with debt and has a distinct taste of depleted Uranium.


      Silver Shield

  • VIPER131

    To Second Hand Lion –

    I hope that you will reconsider your decision.

    This site is a great site for the learning of the undue influences on the United States. Please understand that our 3rd President of the United States even recommended ‘Friends of all, and NO entangling alliances.’

    I have a lot of friends that are of jew faith. These are not the Zionists that want to rule the world nor keep the United States entangled into improper situations.

    I might assume that you are my age (or perhaps younger) — you would have to admit that a 1400 year period in which the State of Israel did not exist indicates that there was no nation-state.

    Your final comment was to be careful about demonizing the Jewish people. I would never demonize the Jewish people — as I have friends that are wonderful of the jewish faith.

    However I will demonize those individuals that have allegiance to the United States of America that do not act in the best interest of the citizens of the United States of America. At present – you can read or watch the above information and make your own conclusions as to who is acting in the best interest of our great Republic.

    Finally — it was unfair of you to make the statement regarding a replacement theology and Hitler in the context of this great website. This site is about hacking at the roots of the ills that affect this great country. Political lobbying whether it is pharmaceuticals, military-industrial complex, nation-states is an ill that affects our national leaders ability to focus on running our Republic according to the US Constitution.

    So in the end — I would ask that you consider this as two separate issues. The two issues are Jewish Faith and Zionism. Jewish Faith is what my friends practice and live by. Zionism is a power structure that desires to rule the world. Zionism is NOT exclusively Jewish People. There are plenty of willing or complicit participants not of Jewish Faith that are cooperating with the Zionist power structure.

    Unfortunately this power structure plans and goals runs headlong against the best interests of the citizenry of the United States of America.

    The most obvious conflict is the United States Federal Reserve. The framers of our country wrote their well conceived thoughts into the US Constitution: Only Congress can issue money and Only Gold and Silver are money. This is not what is happening in our country — and the wealth effect is attending to the finances of the elites(whom a vast majority are zionists).

    I had to think about this a lot such as you did. It is also very important to understand the distinction of the Jewish Faith, Zionist Power Structure, the US Constitution, and the best interests of the United States.

    I think that what has been written has NOT ONCE condemned the Jewish Faith at all. Why would I condemn the faith of my friends?

    So in the end — please reconsider your decision. Consider what is in the best interests of the United States. Consider what Thomas Jefferson wrote about alliances. Consider what Presidents Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Wilson and others have written about bankers. Even Napolean wrote warnings about bankers.

    At any rate – have a good day.



  • Second Hand Lion

    Even Patrick Henry and Thos Jefferson argued and ended their friendship over politics.

    Caution in lumping Zionism with Judism. The very fact that Israel was absent from the face of the earth for so long and then was reborn is testimony in and of itself of God’s sovereignty and prophetic word.

    There are are men and women of all nationalities that what to rule the world, and the reason for caution is that the same rhetoric that “the Jews what to rule the world” is what brought about Hitler’s Final Solution.

    Demonization may not have been the motive but the slope slides that way just as labeling all christian, gun owners, constituionalists, former military, etc potential terrorists. If you don’t believe that the nation of Israel has the right to exist then you(not you personally, in general) have more in common with the countries that surround her and wish to push her into the sea. There is no longer room for gray, I would rather stand with Israel than the UN and islamic nations that pray for her destruction. That destruction is Hitlers Final Solution and the generations of Israels born since 1948 would perish if that happens. Are they all Zionists? Was Hitler correct, the world would be better off without Jews or the thought of a Jewish Nation?

    Tyrants know no other faith other than that of themselves, Hitler was no more a christian than the zionist you see lurking around ever corner are jewish. Tyranny is our enemy and it has many more faces than socialism, communism, totalitarism or zionism.

    Don’t play into the hands of the enemy by allowing them to garner support that Israel is the problem, its not.

  • The Old Man

    @ VIPER131
    August 10, 2011 at 1:14 am
    @ VIPER131
    August 10, 2011 at 11:18 am

    Very well said (both postings). It never ceases to amaze me just how litle awareness many people have regarding the ‘modern’ State of Israel, nor how strongly some people feel that the modern Zionists (mostly of western Euopean and North American decent)are still somehow the same ‘Gods Chosen People’ that escaped Pharoes bondage and ‘came up out of the land of Egypt into the promised land’ thousands of years ago.

    Not many people (including myself I must sadly admit) would even be bothered to attempt to educate the miss-informed – such is the level of effort required, so I commend you on your efforts for at least trying.

    I am afraid that the US has indeed got ‘the best politicians money can buy’, so I don’t expect the US – Israel relationship to change for the better any time soon (at least not in my life-time anyway).

    My regards to you (and to this site).

    • Silver Shield

      Is Netanyahu, Rothschild, or Cheney more like Moses or the Pharaoh?

      By their actions, you shall know them…

  • Jeff

    It amazes me time and again how truth seekers as most of you call yourself can incite against Israel and deny the right of the Jewish people to regain their ancient homeland sworn to them by the Almighty. After the massacre of six million Jews it is the most just thing that we the Jews, yes I am a proud Jew, return to our promised land, and this is all that Zionism is about. Have you ever looked up the map to see how small a country we are? There is not even place to write the name of Israel all over our land. You instead chose to stand by the Arabs who truely control the world with their oil, and who plan day and night how to exterminate us. I am not putting too much hope that my words would change your mind since it is irrational and well rooted in the antisemitism of the Spanish inquisition and the crusaders, and in the belief of some, certainly not all, christians that the Jewish people is satanic since they did not follow Jesus and therefore they are doomed. The very existence of Israel is therefore very frustrating to such people. Maybe you will change your mind when America is going to be, God forbid, ruled by Moslems who will deny your rights to worship Jesus, and will impose the Sharia law that will change your way of life forever. Your Europian friends will experience this in the very near future. You can also ask the Christians in Judea and Samaria (in the so called palestinian authority) and the coptic church in Egypt or the Christians in Lebanon how they suffer from the Moslems you are so in love with. In London there are already regions where it is written on the wall: “This is Sharia law zone”
    What frustrates me so much is that I share with you your financial view a 100% and I believe that returning to the gold/silver standard is the ultimate solution to the financial problems. So I consider you as clever people,and it causes me a lot of pain to see how you believe such nonsense that Israel is behind 9/11 etc. But you are not alone in the community of pro Gold/Silver who are part of this incitement, for example, Bob Chapman, SGT and more are also drumming these incitements whenever they can. Thanks God there are also decent people who are not antisemeitic like Ted Butler, James Turk, Jim Sinclair Mike Maloney and others.
    If you have any sense of justice left in you, STOP THE INCITEMENT.


  • BillNM

    As most Bible students are aware, Israel is the name given to Jacob, son of Isaac, grandson of Abraham. You can read about it in Genesis 32:28. Thereafter, Israel has been the general title for the descendants of Jacob. But when Israel is mentioned today thoughts turn to the State of Israel located on the Mediterranean coast. Dating from about AD 70 for nearly two millennia there was no State of Israel as the Israeli people were dispersed throughout the world. Then, beginning in the last quarter of the 19th Century a political movement known today as Zionism began to assert itself in the Ukraine. The goal was to establish a homeland for the Jews around Jerusalem. This was a factional effort but eventually gained the favor of the Crown following the Balfour Declaration. The idea of the homeland for the Jews was subsequently sanctioned by resolutions in both the League of Nations and the United Nations.

    Why should the Jews be given a homeland after nearly two thousand years? From the Jew’s standpoint the land is his by right of promise from God. To understand it is necessary to review the promises by God to Abraham recorded in the Old Testament. The promises were in three parts. First Abraham would be the father of many nations. Second his descendants would be given the land of Canaan. Third that in his seed all the nations of the world would be blessed.

    There is no question that the first promise was fulfilled since through Isaac and Ishmael and others Abraham’s descendants are innumerable. As to the second promise the Jewish position is that the land is theirs in perpetuity. This is suggested by the use of the English word ‘everlasting’ rendered from the Hebrew. However, Joshua makes clear shortly before his death that the land promise had been fulfilled and was conditional. Nothing failed thereof. (See Joshua 23:14-16) For failing to comply with the conditions God decreed, Israel was continually frustrated in its attempt to hold onto the land. This is clearly illustrated when she was dispossessed of the land during the great Babylonian captivity. (See II Kings 25)

    Is the modern State of Israel in compliance with the terms today? Does she keep the law and commandments or has she embraced tradition? During His earthly ministry Christ warned the Jewish leaders of the day that by their traditions they had made the law of God of none effect. (See Mark 7:13) So, from a Christian point of view it is debatable whether the Jews are entitled to the land of Canaan today.

    Regardless, a modern State of Israel has existed since 1948. By lobbying efforts it has succeeded in diverting some of the productivity of Americans to Israel’s account through direct foreign aid and military hardware. The Jewish lobby is strong and effective. The State of Israel is frequently referred to as our ally. To be an ally is to cooperate or be united in some way. At the moment I fail to see what America needs from the State of Israel.

    A movement known as Christian Zionism further influences American foreign policy regarding Israel. This movement sees the Jewish people as still being God’s chosen people and has expectations connected with the modern State of Israel and a second coming of Christ. Those who hold this view must really be conflicted since the Christian is enjoined to regard all those who would reject Christ as anti-Christ. For the true Christian there are only those who are in Christ and those who are out of Christ. No other divisions matter.

    For those supportive of Modern Israel you will frequently hear them say that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. The reference is to Genesis 12:3. Of course, this is quoted in error. God is speaking to Abraham. Israel does not yet exist. And this brings us to the third promise, that in Abraham’s seed all the nations of the world would be blessed. How? The Apostle Paul makes it abundantly clear in his letter to the Galatians when explaining the promise. “He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one. And to thy seed, which is Christ.” (Galatians 3:16) How is it then that Jews after the flesh remain God’s chosen people? As he says in another place, “For they are not all Israel who are of Israel; neither because they are Abraham’s seed, are they all children; but in Isaac shall thy seed be called. That is, it is not the children of the flesh that are children of God; but the children of the promise are reckoned for a seed.” (Romans 9:6-8) And how is the promise fulfilled? Once again, “For as many of you as were baptized into Christ did put on Christ. There can be neither Jew nor Greek; there can be neither bond nor free; there can be no male or female; for ye are one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ’s, THEN are you Abraham’s seed, heirs according to the promise.” (Galatians 3:27-29 emphasis mine.)

    From a true Christian point of view, no one can claim to be God’s chosen people simply according to the circumstances of his or her birth. Christians should be very careful where they place their allegiance.

  • Ed

    Netanyahu is the biggest liar and wants to get american support by lying about arabs this guy is a terrorist and all his cronies zionism is the problem not islam they have benn the problem they are reason for the iraq war they are reason for financial collapse and the whole anti semitic thing is getting real old its time to kick these pepole out of the USA they cause all the troubles and have brainwashed americans into believing in a genocide of a people especially the christian zionist who are the dumbest people one the planet and beleive every thing the lying zionists tell them because fot heir gullability. i dont know what the solution is since zionist control every aspect of US media textbooks, news everything i mean just telling people hope they believe you how can any one support israel quite frankly they have no right to that land and htey know it but i guess educated one are 1 in a 10000 and the american ppl are the dumbest ppl on planet earth no wonder how the zionist have brainwashed every aspect of their lives and have even created christian zionist under their nose which ahsnt been araound for only 50-100 yrs in addition through media control they have introduces porn, gays, free sex and moral decay in america just compare how ppl dressed now and 50 yrs. its time to wake up i am not crazy just informed. these people hate christians and muslims and trick christians fight their wars against muslims while they sit back and laugh when they die and israel gets what it wants in the end.

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