I Predict A Riot

London’s burning, London’s burning.
Fetch the engines, fetch the engines.

Fire fire, Fire Fire!
Pour on water, pour on water.
London’s burning, London’s burning

Nursery Rhyme describing the great fire of London, 1666.

Late last week, an ethnic minority youth named Marc Duggan was shot dead by a police officer in London.  The police claimed the youth had a gun and had fired a bullet at the officer, and the officer had simply returned fire.  It appears the youth was carrying a replica weapon in his vehicle, and so the bullet allegedly embedded in the policeman’s radio, cannot have been fired by the youth.  Obviously this raises the question of whether they simply shot the youth and planted evidence of the bullet-ridden radio, or whether there was a second shooter.  Furthermore, have ‘they’ deliberately triggered a revolt similar to ‘their’ scheming in Libya and Syria, or was this a natural event such as the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.  As of this moment I’m uncertain of the answers, but the backlash on the police was swift and violent.

The news of the shooting spread rapidly amongst the community of Tottenham, London, resulting in wide-spread rioting and looting.  Since last Friday, the riots have extended to other areas of London, north into Birmingham, and even further north into Liverpool and Manchester.

I can recall the events following the Rodney King verdict in the US in the early 90’s, and can remember the scenes shown to the public during the riots.  In the US, the rioters were by-and-large from the afro-American community and were disgruntled at what they correctly perceived as a racist police force.  The riots in London are slightly different.

The shared characteristic of the disgruntled rioters is youth.  With no job opportunities, little hope for the future, and being subjected to ‘austerity’ measures, the youth have been at boiling-point for a long time– a point that has apparently reached its limit.  The traitorous politicians have recently introduced a ‘cap’ on benefits which effectively means that many people in London would be forced to move out.  The ‘cap’ would ensure that many couldn’t afford the cost-of-living in the capital, causing an exodus London has never encountered before in her history.

Backed-up by many of their peer group, the youth have ransacked and pillaged, burnt and destroyed, maimed and injured, and essentially behaved like many people do when they believe they have little choice than to change the system.  They appear to be in the anger stage identified in the five stages of awakening and it this is the case it is hoped they transcend to stage five as-soon-as-possible.  As I type, the go-ahead for shooting rubber bullets at any future rioters has been given.  How will the youth respond, I wonder?

In the US, people have the right to bear arms and the police also carry handguns.  In the UK, the people have no right to carry anything other than a small penknife, and the regular policemen carry truncheons not a firearm.

The parasitical elite have obviously decided it’s sufficient to have their ‘law’ enforcers be club-wielding revenue collectors after disarming the populace many years ago.  The regular British copper is totally unsuited for a riot situation, being neither brave nor combat savvy.  I’ve personally witnessed many coppers being knocked-out by an unarmed civilian before the former is able to retrieve his truncheon from his belt.

Riot police are a different matter altogether.  Carrying heavy-duty shields, larger truncheons, and with an obvious desire for violence, these units thrive off the chaos but are ultimately low-in-number and there are not sufficient numbers to police a huge city like London, let alone the entire country.  The army is several thousand miles away, guarding poppy lines for the military industrial complex.  Essentially, if the people continue to riot, there is little the elite can do in the short term.

The British are most certainly at a crossroads with the way forward completely blocked.  In the upcoming outcomes of revolution, Silver shield discusses this predicament in detail.  Essentially, there are two possible outcomes as this juncture: a revolution based solely upon what people want to remove, or one that sets its foundation upon what the people want for the future.  Totally different perspectives, and one that I hope my countrymen understand and progress out of their angry stage to acknowledge.

All the best



3 comments to I Predict A Riot

  • The Old Man

    These riots, which quickly degenerated into naked and opportunistic looting sprees are just one symptom of a disease that has afflicted our society for over a generation. I feel it is now more important than ever to remind the Government and the People that the ‘Social Contract’ (the States responsibilities to its Citizens and the Citizens responsibilities to the State) runs both ways.

    I have observed that the Government and ‘Middle Society’ (mostly the fully-employed middle-class and the comfortably retired) in the UK have turned thier back on the growing ‘underclass’ (both black and white) and have chosen to ignore ‘divided Britain’. Increasingly I am seeing people blame the poor for being poor, the sick for being sick,the uneducated (who have perhaps only known gang culture / abuse / no parenting, etc) for being uneducated. The list goes on, but to cut a very complex story short – the political ‘leaders’ have already given up on an awful lot of young people.

    These ‘leaders’ have also set the example that it is OK to take money to which they are not entitled to (remember the MP’s expenses scandal, or the ‘hospitality’ on private islands, on billionaires yachts, at country mansions, etc) and in the case of Bankers, thats its OK to keep ‘stolen’ money (the terms ‘fraudulently sold products’ and ‘miss-selling’ is newspeak for theft). These already rich people (multi-millionaires in many cases) have never been properly punished, and in the case of bankers have even been allowed to keep thier ‘proffits’ – whilst the poor through ‘austerity mesures’ do without food, proper housing, and any hope of employment. All so that the ‘Government’ can give the rich more money. So blatent are some bankers that they have even used taxpayers money to pay themselves bonuses.

    I do not condone theft or anarchy in any form, however if the only example these young people (some were as young as 11) have seen is that its OK to steal or miss-use millions if not billions of £ of other peoples money, then I can see how they have come to the conclusion it is OK to take a few hundred £ worth of stuff out of some local businesses.

    I am not making excuses – simply pointing out that we all reap the sort of society that we sow. We live in a corrupt and selfish world, and our young people are simply following the example they have been shown.

    I fear that we should all expect much more civil unrest unless Society as a whole tackles its problems and is cured of the disease that has taken hold. As to how we can achieve that, your guess is as good as mine.

  • Gareth

    Hey there old man:

    “more important than ever to remind the Government and the People that the ‘Social Contract’ (the States responsibilities to its Citizens and the Citizens responsibilities to the State) runs both ways.”

    The contract has already been broken in many ways by government eg the Queen’s coronation oasth specifically states no foreign force will rule England and yet she’s signed all the EU treaties.

    “your guess is as good as mine.”

    Hopefully we’ll have a lawful rebellion as suggested and encouraged by the British Constitutional Group.

    Ultimately though, only our maker knows the full outcome.

    Best to just prepare so get silver; food; real seeds; a 12volt system with appliances; weapons etc. And get to know your neighbour.

    All the best,

  • kevinace

    Old Man
    Couldnt agree with you more.I am a uk resident who as run a home improvement business for the last 24years and i have seen my business collapse since 2007,already had 2 commercial properties repossesed,lost all of my hard work.
    If i had not been “awakened” over the last 3 years,i would have been one angry man as Gerald Celente says “when people lose everything,they lose it”.Like you i am against violence and the rioters are playing in to the elites control game.
    The police in most cases just stood back and let the rioting occur,even the photos of some of the rioters looked staged for the cameras.
    Silver is our way to end the elites game,we need to awaken others and keep stacking.

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