The Mysertious Imagery of the Dollar Bill


I prefer the Peace Dollar…

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  • ewkeane

    I like the old stuff too.
    I would rather see the image of a hot chick than the profile of some old powdered wig political strong man, a ceasar as it were.
    No kings, just obidient public servants that keep us out of wars is all i ask.
    I wonder if there is a market for the pre 1909 pennies?
    Those may be numies like the wheat back and the words One Cent. Indian head pennies? Those things are quite a bit bigger than the 1909 standard.
    I will gladly trade 3 zincs for a penny, and sell 50 pre 82’s for 1.50 in FRN and token.
    For what its worth, the ducat, about a ‘pennyweight’ in mass (the silver dime @90% is 2.5 grams) well, alittle coin about the size of a dime (tween the size of a dime and a nickle) silver dimes in that day were valued at about $22 bucks (silver florin). coinflation says silver dimes are 2.82FRN in value, under historic value in my opinion. how much grain could you buy with a silver dollar back in the day?
    Instead of adding more, here is a link on the money of the old days, the old silver denarius;

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