More Powerful Than A Egyptian Riot…

Question: What is more powerful than an Egyptian riot against the result of Elitist abuse?

Answer: A calculated attack on the cause of people’s problems, their ideas.

The Elite only have as much power over you as you let them. Ideas are more powerful and resilient and than anything on Earth. Even the smallest idea can grow into world changing revolutions. Ideas spread faster than the most virulent virus. Your ideas will either define you or doom you. The Elite use their political, social, educational, religious, and financial powers to constantly plant their ideas into your head. My question to you is, do your thoughts serve to free you or simply to make you serve?

Charlie Veitch and his Love Police are from the Orwellian Prison of England. This intelligent example of non-violent, non-compliance should be a model for all in the Freedom Movement. This is an example of what happens when someone reaches Acceptance Stage in the 5 Stages of Awareness. You can intelligently see the truth and more importantly, attack the cause of the problem and not the result.

You attract others with your positive challenge of thoughts.

You inspire others to think for themselves.

You make real effective change.

The Elite want us to be afraid, they derive power and profit from it. They want you to run to them for security like little children. When you are fully awakened, things are not as scary as the authorities would have you believe. In fact, you then begin to wonder, why you need the authorities in your life at all?

“Anger is just a cowardly extension of sadness. It’s a lot easier to be angry at someone than it is to tell them you’re hurt.” Tom Gates

The Egyptian Riots will fail because it is an outgrowth of of the second stage of Awareness, Anger. This violent outrage, is a “child like” reaction to waking up to the harsh reality of decades of abuse. It lacks the intellectual foundation necessary for them to find true freedom. Egypt will slip right back into control of another Elitist tool.

The Egyptian Anger is merely a cover up for the real emotion of Hurt.

They are hurt because they are utterly dependent on a system that is now broke.

They are hurt because they have no means to support themselves.

They are hurt because there is no more fairy tale to believe in.

They are hurt because they were suckered.

They are hurt because it is too late.

A revolution against an idea is one thing, but a revolution for an idea is entirely something else. On one hand it is great to see people finally taking action to control their destiny rather than passively accepting a hopeless situation. On the other hand these riots are doomed to failure because they are not bringing about any fundamental change.

Look at the American and French Revolutions. In my opinion, the American Revolution was a Stage 5 Acceptance Revolution of intelligent thought and firm convictions. The Sons of Liberty established an intellectual foundation years before the first shot was fired at Lexington and Concorde. (My hope is the Sons of Liberty Academy brings about the intellectual foundation of this American Revolution.) The American Revolution was as much as an intellectual revolution as it was a physical revolution.

The French Revolution was a Stage 2 Revolution of Anger that degenerated in massive bloodshed and starvation on all levels of society. As soon as the Elites of the day were put to the guillotine, it did not take long for Robespierre and the Jacobins to look for enemies among themselves. The Jacobins even went as far as even throwing the calendar out in an effort to completely upset society.  It was a revolution in which the leaders of the revolution ended up being more murderous than than the Elite they overthrew.

Being American, it is natural to almost have the arrogant attitude towards the Egyptians of “too bad for them.” I once heard a joke/observation that 1  missing blond hair American child is worth more on the news than 10,000 Bangladeshi peasants dying in a flood.  I implore you to take what is happening in Egypt and the rest of the world very seriously, because this is just a test run of the big one coming to America. One day very soon, America is going to be facing this same Anger when the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar happens. How you react, or better yet, prepare for this reality, will determine if you thrive, survive, or die.

The whole Egyptian riot situation is still very fluid and volatile. There are two likely scenarios that have created this uprising. The first one is rising food prices have finally pushed people to the limits and they just lashed out. The other, more likely scenario, is that this is a “Problem–>Reaction–>Solution” Elitist Operation to overthrow a moderate secular Arab state on the Grand Chess Board. I am leaning towards this option since Elitist lapdog Mohamed El Baradei is being pushed to the front as a new leader. Either scenario is very important for the American people to be aware and prepare for.

If the Egyptian riots are because of the rising food prices and the anger just overflowed, then it is because these people are hurt since they are so unprepared. When the dollar collapses, there is only about a week of food and fuel in the system. Is it better to be prepared and ride the storm? Or is it better to lash out the Egyptians are doing? What will you do?

“Those that did not see it coming won’t know what to do when  it gets here.”

If it is an Elitist Operation, we need to be very careful on how we react so as not to keep playing into their hands. If we react violently, that benefits the Elite. They will just bring in the military, increase the police state, shut down the internet, shut the banks, and our world will stop. I would encourage you to continue educating people to the root cause of our problems before the dollar dies. This so that when our hard reality hits us, we do not fall for the Elite’s scary camp fire stories.

The best and most realistic thing to do is, to only worry about the only thing that you truly control… YOU. Educate yourself. Question everything. Understand why the world is screwed up, who benefits from it, how they do it, and what can you do about it? Put yourself in the shoes of an average Egyptian right now. What would you want? What would you do?

For me, there are four things that I would want in the opening days of revolution…

I would want food. The average American has only 3 days of food in there home.

I would want water. If the water is cut off or polluted, the average American has 0 days of water.

I would want real money outside of the banking system. When Greece was having their minor problems last summer, gold was being sold in Greece for $1,700 dollars even though it was trading everywhere else in the world for $1,100.

Finally, I would want the means to protect not only my belongings but more importantly my family. Every person in your family or should not only have a guns but the training to use them.

“Everything is fine today, that is our illusion.” -Voltaire

All of these suggestions are commonly understood and known. What is not commonly understood and know is the absolute clarity to take massive action to actually do this. I have always said that mental preparation is much more valuable than any physical preparation. I say this for two big reasons.

First, without the mental preparation you will NEVER do physical preparation. You must know the “why” before before the “how”. Unless you fully know all of the reasons “why”, and really feel it in your gut, you will always find another excuse NOT to prepare. You will see the water and electricity is on and the news is reporting green shoots yet again. Well, everything was fine for the Egyptians until one day, it wasn’t. My suggestion, panic now and avoid the rush.

The next reason why mental preparation is more important than physical preparation, as soon as the first bullet is fired, all plans go out the window. When I was in the Marines, we were taught to improvise, adapt and overcome. This “roll with the punches” mentality is what makes the Marines such an awesome fighting force. The ability for Marines to work independently is vital to mission accomplishment and the welfare of their fellow Marines. If you are mentally prepared, you could have all of your physical supplies taken from you and you will still be able to endure.

You may not realize it right now, but these are the good ole days where everything still works. Take advantage of these days to prepare both mentally and physically for days when everything does not work.

2 comments to More Powerful Than A Egyptian Riot…

  • Mell

    Our Opposition leaders in the US (if you want a parallelism) are not in exile or out of the main stream. Only the Main Stream news Media refuse to publish their stories – yet Americans have woken from slumber as is evident of the way news is gathered by the ‘average Joe’. Even though the Tea Party is just an offshoot working in the Corporation Government and not the Republic it still shows en masses what people can do. The US is not Egypt. Though, exist no Article III courts in the US(yet) as all the courts are Maritime Jurisdiction(Gold Fringe on flag using the BAR-British Accredited Registry law) They(Americans) have nonetheless, a system – and many still know what and how to pursue the system the way it is. Dialog – get rid of the FEMA camps in all the States(SICK) and detention center – As a people I though Americans were beyond the ‘detention’ like WWII, but I guess the Prisons show that not to be true(Sad).

    The question? – Is the Federal(reserve note owned by foreigner banks and some American) Debt truly American, nope it is not, some Mortgage notes may be to China but the rest I doubt the average Joe will pay it. Or is bound by a monetary sytem no based on the actual constitution. The problem may be breach of contract – per Article 1 section? 10 “Wherein, no state may use anything but Gold or silver coin in payment or tender of debt…” the difficulty is that the Republic seems to have gone to sleep, letting the Corporation run things.

    No your article comparing Egypt to the US is Just reaching for something that isn’t even close. The main difference? American CITIZENS know they have been had, they just need a kick (tea party etc) we just need to fix the way out, hopefully without the elite having other countries attack the US for their loses. After all you know most wars are started for the wrong reason.

    Civil War in the US…hmmmm, Maybe, if there is one who is the enemy? Its not your neighbor after all he is YOUR neighbor.

    Love your neighbor as your self in this Christian Nation. Us we follow the Way, the Truth and the life(through EHYEH ASHER EHYEH – I Am that I Am, the son is Messiah). Not kill each other – we have institutions for a platform that Egypt does not have. Its called a Declaration of Independence, and a Constitution. That’s not a bad place or thing to fall back on when we do have faith in our creator – such that ALL men are created equal and endowed with certain…. you know ‘the rest of the story’ – Paul Harvey would say(bless his soul).

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