“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.” – Max De Pree

The power of the presidency has, since Vietnam to present, grown beyond that envisioned by our founders.  However, the Imperial Presidency is a facade; a Potemkin Village and with each subsequent office holder the bar of their implied powers is lowered.  The power is real; the facade is that it emanates from the government when in fact it was not granted by a willing congress but ordained by more powerful forces; forces unseen.

In our day the President has been touted as the leader of the free world.  Yet behind the veil is the ‘invisible hand’ of global oligarchs and financial elite, to which all elected officials are beholden.  This power and the money required to be elected has usurped free market capitalism and our democratic republic.  In action neither your civil liberties nor the worlds sovereign are beyond it’s reach.

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The divide our legislative leaders present is a facade as well. It’s a smoke screen to cover their lack of action and  refusal to reform.  The latest was the debt ceiling agreement that actually cuts just .82% of 1% while the debt increases by over $ three trillion (see: The Grand Illusion: When a Cut Is Not a Cut and “THE BEST LOOKING HORSE IN THE GLUE FACTORY”, below)

We  must not accept an individual on their say so or in title alone.  The true measure of A MAN and, more important, our leaders is an account of their actions (see: Leaders Lead and Politicians Make Speeches).  Foremost; “a leader” serves the people, he protects them, empowers them and tells them the truth.

In a constitutional democracy government officials and laypeople alike, are bound by a social contract; we agree to abide by common rules and all political authority is derived from the consent of the governed; “WE THE PEOPLE”.   Thus, upon election the President, as with all federal elected representatives, swears an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Below is a Dylan Ratigan Rant On Political Corruption and POTUS 0’s failure to lead.

The leader of the free world is a sham; failing first to communicate our challenges and second, to protect the people from those who do us harm.  His failure to represent the people here at home is matched by his miss representation of America’s true heart abroad.  He and his predecessors, since JFK,  have, at a quickening pace, clearly demonstrated their constituency is not THE AMERICA PEOPLE nor have they acted prudently to protect, defend and promote the reputation of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

We may forgive our leaders when they Fall short while making a valiant effort.  Sadly, this is not the case.   Here’s what Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich had to say in April 2011.

“The deficit underscores the transfer of wealth that’s occurring in this country from the Great mass of people into the hands of the few.  And the Obama administration is actually presiding over that.  That’s like their job.  Why doesn’t the President lead?  Why doesn’t the President challenge these corporations…” See Clip below

My contempt lies with Brand Obama (see: Word of the Day: TREACHEROUS – See: “LIFTING THE VEIL ) .  The package that attracted loyal followers is devoid of substance.  Promises made and supporters were tossed aside to serve the king makers at the expense of the people. Sans a soul the President has no heart.  Self interest and reputation among the leading cabal is valued above the well being of the people and honor which comes from a higher power.

The president’s broken promises combined whit his abdication of leadership; surrendered to special committees, panels and Tzars exposes the divergence between the careful guidance of a responsible leader and the expedience of a fixer. In bringing ‘the change’ the President’s problem is like that of a man swimming naked; only worse.  As the tide roles out he publicly reveals the qualities of a eunuch.  He either lacks the equipment to take a stand or, in truth, he is a co-conspirator and thus complicit in the systemic rape of the country and the people.

The latest ruse; the debt ceiling crisis was used as a scare tactic to get people to except cuts in entitlements, something his handlers want.  The so called “super congress” is a ploy to cut benefits/obligations while increasing spending; all done behind closed doors.  Further it is a mechanism to do away with the pesky wishes of the people and remove all accountability.  In spite of probably being unconstitutional (hey when has that stopped recent rouge regimes) it runs counter to the spirit of representative democracy (see: Debt Ceiling Side Show Creates “‘CATFOOD COMMISSION’ ON STEROIDS”).

The WilliamBanzai7 Blog

The President’s actions or lack there of speak volumes.  He has abdicated his duty.  He refuses to defend the constitution and Rule of Law.  His administration has failed to protect the people and prosecute the financial terrorist that continue to do us harm.  He has conspired with Financial institutions to hide their insolvency while they pay themselves $ billions in bonuses.  He has waged war where there was no threat.  These high crimes and his obfuscation of the truth are ACTS OF TREASON.

The Presidents has broken the social contract.  Anything short of coming clean and requesting our support to remove corporate money from the election process, break up the To Big To Fail Banks and reform the banking industry, reform the tax code and reign in the military/homeland security industrial complex, must be seen as his complicit acceptance.   If the President does not take immediate action to stop the systemic fraud and crimes against the people, we have the right to demand impeachment and his removal from office.

To restore the democratic process and save the republic we must start now.  A ground swell of support in calling for the President to reform or resign sends a clear message to Washington and the World: The America People do believe in freedom and the democratic process.  And legitimate power comes from the consent of the governed; “WE THE PEOPLE”!

“When the governance of a society refuses to listen to the calls for justice and reform over a long period of time, when it acts to ignore, co-opt, diffuse, and then suppress the voice of the reformers, when it uses the law as a means of legal plunder, that government and society will eventually answer not to reasoned dissent, not to principled calls for reforms, but to the rage of the mob.” – Jesse’s Café Américain see: Lessons Forgotten, below


Our failure to rally the people and bring about peaceful change will result in insurrection and violence. – IP


“From a leader’s perspective, the most serious betrayal has to do with thwarting human potential, with quenching the spirit, with failing to deal equitably with each other as human beings.”  – Max De Pree


Hat tip to Jesse’s Café Américain for posting the Dylan Ratigan clip found in the piece below.

Pitchman; editor – Inflection Point


Lessons Forgotten

I do not and can not condone violence, ever, except in the most dire and extreme circumstances in defense of home and family. The resort to violence in the case of a powerful oppressor is to give them what they desire, the intention of their provocations: the excuse to repression, murder, and genocide.

But non-violence, as Gandhi so eloquently observed, is the weapon of the strong, of the clear-headed, of the disciplined and devoted, and of the exceptionally brave whose courage is deeply grounded in something other than themselves. Without exceptional leadership, it rarely occurs naturally.

“There is no bravery greater than a resolute refusal to bend the knee to an earthly power, no matter how great, and that without bitterness of spirit, and in the fullness of faith that the spirit alone lives, nothing else does.”

So as a response to prolonged injustice, violence often occurs, sparking mindlessly. To try and understand it, where its roots lie, is not to condone it, but to determine what it is and why it might be happening.  This is the path to a lasting remedy.

Is this some excess of youth fueled by drink and wild spirits, as in the aftermath of a sporting event, or is it something more profound than the wildness of men in groups?

There is little doubt in my mind about the nature of what we are seeing today. I forecast the progress of these events years ago, as far back as 2002.

I am appalled to see that things are following that course.   I even forecast the burning of cities in Britain.  People at the time were incredulous at this. And yet here we are.

When you suppress discussion and choice, and abuse reason and justice over a period of years, you will ultimately bring forth the madness. And those who would use such a crisis, who imagine that it will serve their purpose, they will find that the will to power serves none but itself.

See: Lessons Forgotten


The following are other important reads of the week:


EXCLUSIVE: Analysis of Financial Terrorism in America

“… the global economic top one-tenth of one percent, are genocidal fascists carrying out a holocaust. Fascism has evolved. There is no need to get blood on your hands while rounding up people and putting them into concentration camps when you can do it through economic policy while sitting in a jacuzzi on a corporate jet, or in a three-piece custom-made Armani, completely detached and insulated from the world in which you plunder.

However, as what happens with all empires, greed and arrogance makes them overreach. The beaten down masses get to a point where they literally can’t live under these conditions. This desperation spreads throughout the population until it reaches a critical mass, then, suddenly, they rise up and the empire begins to collapse… Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, (Northern Africa, the Middle East), Albania, Greece, Spain, Britain (Europe), Wisconsin…”

See: EXCLUSIVE: Analysis of Financial Terrorism in America: Over 1 Million Deaths Annually, 62 Million People With Zero Net Worth, As the Economic Elite Make Off With $46 Trillion



  • The stock market held up remarkably well during the debt ceiling fight. It did not begin to plunge until Obama signed the toothless joke of a bill that doesn’t “cut” one dime of spending. The markets realized  the politicians in Washington DC will never cut spending. The National Debt will rise from $14.5 trillion to $20 trillion by 2015 and to $25 trillion by 2021, even with the supposed austere spending “cuts”.



  • The most laughable storyline spouted by the Democrats and their lapdogs on MSNBC is the extreme austerity measures forced on the country by the Tea Party has caused the stock market to collapse. The plan “cuts” $22 billion in 2012 and $42 billion in 2013. Over this time frame, the Federal government will spend $7.4 TRILLION. The horrific spending “cuts” amount to .86% of spending over the next two years. Meanwhile, we will add at least $3 trillion to the National Debt over this same time frame.
  • Barack Obama, the James Buchanan of our times, gave one of the worst Presidential speeches in the history of our country yesterday. In full hubristic fury he declared the United States of America would ALWAYS be a AAA country. The American Exceptionalism dogma is so very amusing. We are chosen by God to lead the world. Barack should have paid closer attention in history class. The Roman, Dutch, Spanish and British Empires all fell due to their hubris, fiscal mismanagement and overseas military exploits. The American Empire has fallen and can’t get up.





  • Scout

    Right on, Pitchman!

  • Mariposa de Oro

    ” If the President does not take immediate action to stop the systemic fraud and crimes against the people, we have the right to demand impeachment and his removal from office.” ! Good luck with that.

    The writer seems surprised that The One isn’t the messiah. In reality, ALL information to know what the Fraud in Chief is really about was easily available BEFORE the election. Anyone with half a brain and some critical thinking skills could have seen it. America commited suicide when it gave the keys to the Kingdom to this make a deal with the devil Marxist.

  • Mariposa de Oro – Surprised – Not at all. I could not believe people were buying his obvious play on the worsening plight of the people. In fact the rally cry “change you can believe in” was never defined. We elected a person that no one could define what he stood for. Still today it’s obvious he himself doesn’t know what he believes. Except that he is somehow deserving of the privileged.

    Had you read the whole article with the supporting links you would see I have been critical of the President from the start.

    What amazes me is the people are not outraged and marching in the streets. People cling to the hope someone else is going to fix their problems and bringing them around has been slow.

    “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.”- Voltaire

    Your attack is one of the points I tried to make.

    “The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” Steven Biko

    As we saw in Brittan last week; THOSE OF YOU WHO SUCCUMB TO HATE will be playing right into the hands of the Oppressor. It is not about liberal vs. conservative, democrat vs. republican, Red vs. Blue, Black vs. White, Muslim vs Christian. The oppressor and the powers that our supposed’ leadership’ caters to is a global financial elite and corporate fascist cabal that has captured our lawmakers and regulators.

    Through their capture of “Our Government” they have enacted policies that are extracting trillions from the government and the people. The top 1% over the last 25 years has increased their annual income be $1.5+ Trillion; the equivalence of our annual deficit and essentially the amount the middle class has surrendered in stagnant and lower wages. They have extracted $Trillions more through fraudulent schemes (mortgage fraud, securities fraud, foreclosure fraud, bailouts, backstops…with the American people holding the bag).

    Lost jobs, illegal immigration, unfair tax policies, multiple wars, systemic fraud, impotent regulators; basically all of our social and economic woe’s are of their making.

    Welcome to the New World Order of Debt Slavery Economics. It is all about repressed wages, mitigated production costs, rents extraction, and the yoke of crushing debt. And the goal is to make chattel of us all.

    We must rally the people to PHYSICALLY TAKE A STAND (real democracy in action) and demand the government serves the people. Civil disobedience and withdrawing our support from the criminal regime is our weapon.

    “You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul. -Mahatma Gandhi,

    Anger and violence waged against each other gives these corrupt sociopaths an excuse to further curtail our rights, crack down and diminish our hopes to stand together and demand the return of our Constitutional Democracy and the Rule of Law for all American’s. Do not give them the excuse as you will be cutting your own throat.

    “Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.” – Mohandas Gandhi

    It is our birthright that “We The People” physically stand together against Tyranny. – Inflection Point

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