I Called It Again…

“Judge a man by his questions and not by his answers.” – Voltaire

Asking questions is the highest form of thought. By challenging your world, you expand your possibilities and it will ultimately lead you to the truth. I have made this pursuit of the truth my life’s work for the past six years. I have obsessed on why our world is so screwed up, who benefits from it, how do they do it, and what we can do about it?

This ability to see the truth nets some interesting super powers, like being able to “see into the future.” There is nothing new under the sun and the Elite have been using the same play book for centuries. Oh sure they through a newer, sexier spin on it from time to time, but the basics are still the same.

I would rather spend my time asking damning questions that challenge people’s thoughts, than giving answers or predictions. The reason is, you could have all of the answers in life, but without know the “why”, it is useless.

By asking questions, it forces the mind to find the “why.”

When you find the “why”, it provides absolute clarity of the issue.

When you have absolute clarity, you then know in your gut what must be done, which leads you to massive action.

Massive action leads to real effective change in your life and the world.

That being said, people are attracted to predictions and gurus who give people the answers. The reason for this is because it is the path of least resistance for people. Henry Ford said, “thinking is hard work, which is why so few do it.” So by following others and still getting the right answer people think that they are doing themselves a favor. In reality, they are simply stopping themselves from reaching their highest self.

“Listen to all, follow none, and walk you path the best you can.” -Chris Duane

In an effort to attract people to the Sons of Liberty Academy, I have started to publicly write articles on Dont-Tread-On.Me. The first one I wrote, 2011: Doom Is Always 6 Months Away, I made the prediction that China would become “our enemy.”  The Elite will take our focus off of their destruction of the United States and shift the blame onto an outside force like China. It did not take long for that to happen. Two weeks later, Donald Trump floated the Elite’s trial balloon of “China is the Enemy.” I highlighted this prediction coming true in Donald Trump: Hypocrite, Elitist Tool, and War Monger.

Well, I called it again in my very next article, The Contrived Drama of the Debt Ceiling. I predicted that there would be much ado about nothing in the debate to raise the debt ceiling. I was criticized for being wrong because the Republicans were going to “save the day.” Well, yesterday Bill Boehner said “failure to raise the debt ceiling would spell financial disaster.” If he was honest he would say “raising the debt ceiling delays the inevitable financial disaster.”

My other big prediction is quite a long shot, not because it won’t happen, but because I made the mortal sin of prediction making. I put an expiration date on it. My prediction of $50 Silver in March is not based off of some “rolling the bones” technical analysis witchcraft. It is based off of the simple fact there is so much fraud and paper schemes in the silver market. My prediction is that in March the lie will become too big for them to contain. We will see what will happen. If you want another answer in life, buy silver. If you want to know the “why”, stay tuned for my “end all, be all” silver investment article, The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield.

5 comments to I Called It Again…

  • terry habshey

    You are there. Don’t let them buy you off like they do everyone else who uncovers their plotting ways. Have the courage that comes from knowing——–tmh

    • Silver Shield

      I will fly under their radar as best as I can. The best thing is, long after I am gone, the ideas will remain to inspire hundreds more.

  • Greg Brack

    I truly admire a man that is not afraid to take the bull by the horns. Most men are too afraid to even take sheep by the horns! You’re a man’s man and I appreciate that you put yourself at risk sharing the truth with all your readers and followers. Keep up the great work and don’t look back. All the best.


    • Silver Shield

      Thank you so much. I hope I give others the courage to speak out too and that Dont-Tread-On.Me can be a forum for more voices besides just mine.

  • Daniel Bronstein

    Are you the Greg Brack who had a brother Bill who past in 1984, I was his friend Dan

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