The absurd of justice

Think of any person put on trial lately. Casey Anthony will do just fine, if you can set your bias aside for a moment.

Here’s why there is no point in having a dedicated governmental structure (Department of so-called Justice) for dealing with people like her:

  1. There is no way to be 100% sure of anything – thus there is a more than 0% chance of punishing an innocent person.
  2. Any organization grows corrupt over time – employees grow lazy, managers become more worried about themselves than the cause. Can you trust a corrupt organization that runs for-profit punishment factories?
  3. If Casey Anthony killed the girl, no punishment will resurrect the girl. It’s pure vengeance, which is a shameful waste of energy. Nobody revenges tornadoes or electricity for deaths they cause.
  4. If Casey Anthony killed the girl on purpose, no punishment will erase her experience that this can be done.
  5. If Casey Anthony killed the girl accidentally, she will do her best to never let anything like this happen again, and the hell she is feeling inside is worse than any punishment the Gov can come up with.
  6. Why am I, a taxpayer, paying for the whole circus? If I believe she is guilty, I don’t want her to be warm and healthy. If I believe she is not guilty, I don’t want her guarded, interrogated, judged.


  1. The only people who should decide the fate of a suspected criminal are those who have known him/her personally for a while.
  2. The only 3 punishments to exist in the system must be death, fine, and exile.

Well, you understand it and I understand it. Even the people who make decisions understand this. Yet we can’t, and they don’t want to change anything – which is called “revolutionary situation“.

In the words of Martin Armstrong,

The best way to collapse a government is let it run its course. Without fail, the structure of government is so bad that the self-interest for WEALTH and POWER leads to its inability to function in any rational manner ensuring it will only die by suicide. [source]

7 comments to The absurd of justice

  • James Woroble Jr

    Tens of millions of non-Whites pouring across our border over the decades, receiving billions in taxpayer support, with law enforcement ordered not to even inquire as to their status. But a middle class White couple doing to the mall in an adjacent White nation…. GRIND “EM INTO THE GROUND FOR NOT KISSIN’ DRONE ASS!

    Harassed and Arrested At Canadian Border (A US couple coming back into the US) for NOT FOLLOWING ORDERS. Border dick says he finds “Three terrorists a day.”

    It is now clear and apparent why tens of thousands met their fate with the guillotine in revolutionary France. It wasn’t just about the leadership. It was about their lackeys too!


  • Ragnar

    Add corporal to your punishment list and I’m in, sounds like a good plan. Although, exile doesn’t carry the weight it did when it meant a lonely dark hungry road. Exile to another city or state in the US, no good, exile to Afghanistan, absolutely.

  • Silverfox

    I did not feel vengeance toward Anthony. I did feel she was guilty and it was not an accident. My motivation for wanting her in jail was to protect another innocent victim in the future. Not necessarily the death penalty however, if someone gets a prison sentence that is longer then they’re life expectancy then I don’t think we should pay for that and the death penalty should then be exercised.

  • chivasmar

    I do not know where people gets the idea that the illegal aliens get welfare or government help(tax payer support), the illegals by not presenting a social security number are not allowed to receive any benefits, it may be true for their born in united states children, but unless the government return their parents to their country of origin, they will never collect benefits, remember the illegal aliens cannot collect unemployment or welfare that is why they have to work always.
    as an example my father worked all his life as a legal immigrant, and never got vacations (not one day), had to work all holidays as normal, even Christmas, never received over time, even working 24 hours a day (and believe me He did that lot), when He was around 60 years old, he had a work accident, got is leg burned with ignited diesel, it was during the night , and nobody close to him to help him, he had to crawl several hundred yards to his car,and drive to the hospital, when in the hospital the company he worked for, just fired him an did not paid anything of his treatment. just see it like this ,your corporate masters, your government and the big ranchers have been importing slaves, treating them like slaves, helping their goals of paying less on salary and benefits on their plan against the American class. now you are seeing the fruits of their labor, labor that they started on Mexico decades ago, and instead of hating your corporate masters you are hating other innocent human beings, please read Mexico barbarous by Kenneth
    and you will understand more about what has been done to the rest of the world.
    and please excuse my not perfect english I leave on Mexico and I am a big fan of ZH

  • On a one week vacation trip to Canada, Niagara Falls, Toronto and other towns. My father was harassed by our own (US) border fascists. When they asked him if he had anything to declare he said “nothing.” He was immediately grilled “NOTHING”, “But you’ve been in Canada an entire week, surely there must be SOMETHING.” My father thought hard to himself. Didn’t buy any souvenirs, anything else we bought, we ate. Upon which time the guy SCREAMED in my senior citizen fathers face.
    To which my father replied “You got me there buddy.”
    Major crime wave averted…
    So remember folks gasoline counts.
    Is this what we’ve come to???

  • Mustafa Cohen


    Exile to another city or state in the US, no good, exile to Afghanistan, absolutely.

    You are concerned with “where to” – you want to make sure they hurt. I am concerned with “where from” – I want them out of my community.

    You want to keep thinking about them (“Ah, they hurt now! How sweet.”); I want them out of my mind and life completely.

    Our “justice” is just thinly disguised revenge: a few lashes are administered, a few bucks are taken from your pocket, and no wrongs are righted.

    Real justice is this:

    1. Prepare for the unexpected. You, yourself, to the best of YOUR ability. Don’t delegate, don’t trust anyone to protect you.

    2. If YOU failed to prepare and got victimized, treat bad guys as forces of nature: learn from interacting with them, update your defenses accordingly, and don’t waste your energy on whipping the Hellespont.

  • Prudentis

    Your solution is no solution at all.
    I’ll take our system (Germany in my case) anyday before I would submit to your “solution”

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