Coming Soon To A White House Near You

4 comments to Coming Soon To A White House Near You

  • Thankful

    So…. he’s going to SAVE the dollar? Why would we want to save the dollar? It is mathematically impossible to do so isn’t it? Unless he’s talking about making silver certificates again. If the dollar dies (like we expect it to) and this message is out there he will be attacked on that. Was that part of the add a good idea?

  • Silver Shield

    He believes in a Constitutional dollar of silver.

    All of this criminal debt will be repudiated.

  • Thankful

    Gotcha; He’s talking about saving the constitutional dollar not the fiat dollar then.

  • Prudentis

    Does Mr. Paul stand any chance?
    If so, I hope he has very good, and very loyal bodyguards. I don’t even dare to imagine, how many powerful enemies he would have, if he won the electoins …

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