The Story of Your Enslavement

I stumbled across an interesting video today.  Thought I’d share it with the academy members.

(Editor’s Note: This video is from Stefan Molyneux is by far one of the greatest minds in the Freedom Movement. I highly encourage everyone to check out -Silver Shield)

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  • Althing

    I have never been so scared and enraged in all of my life. This is my new favorite site. Thank you, guys, for being there in this world so full of bullshit.

    • Silver Shield

      I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery- Thomas Jefferson.

      What you are feeling is living for the first time since you were a child.

      The fear and anger will subside as you go through the 5 Stages of the Awakening.

      Join the free Sons of Liberty Academy.

  • Ben

    I saw this video awhile ago. It was quite interesting.

    I have a question for you Chris.

    There is a lot of negative stuff on Stefan Molyneuex online. What do you make of it? Google his name and see what comes up. It is not very flattering. What do you make of these accusations?

    Just curios.

  • Althing

    How do I join, Silver Shield? My wife and I would love nothing more than to be a part of this. Our awakening last night really rattled us.

  • Ben

    Any more thoughts on the negative stuff online about Stefan Molyneauex? There is a lot of negative items online regarding this guy. Is it a smear? I am just curious? Just asking questions?

  • Prudentis

    Don’t fall for a personal cult or anti cult.
    Regard the ideas not the messanger.
    Don’t substitute old leaders for new ones.
    Peter has some good ideas and some bad. Learn to distinguish them for yourself.
    Can he be dangerous? You bet. If you can’t think for yourself, anyonbe and any new idea has the potential to turn your world upside down.
    If on the other hand you learn to use your intelligence and distinguishing truth from bullshit, you will see, that you can find wisdom in much more places, than you think was possible.
    Never be afraid to call something “bullshit” if it is and never fear to change your mind if you are proven wrong.
    Who said awakening is simle?

  • I’ve read some of those discussions and I see how some of the people perceive that Molyneax is to blame but I disagree. We need more information. I will share my own experience and everyone can draw their own conclusions.

    I grew up with severe allergy and asthma. I have a control freak grandmother who manipulates everyone to do what she wants. Because of the neglect of my grandmother ala doctors orders and the brainwashing of my mother, I was directly pressured to be in family situations that put me into something that I am highly allergic to: dogs.

    And if I didn’t leave within a certain time limit I would have an asthma attack so bad that I could suffocate and die from asthma. At least twice I ended up in the hospital. When I was young I did not have the power and resources to keep the proper balance. And it wasn’t just dogs that my family loved more than me but other things. They were always trying to control my life through my grandmother. When I grew old enough to be independent, she found other ways to belittle or otherwise humiliate me in front of people I respect and vice versa. If I didn’t do exactly what pleased my grandmother, she would do everything, and I mean EVERYTHING to chip away at me until I would collapse. We would fight like cats and dogs and I warned my grandmother more times than I could count that if she keeps pushing me, one day I’m going to lose it to the point that I will never speak to her again…and she will have to do everything MY way if she ever wanted to change me.

    So I literally became successful enough so that I could move to the other side of the world. I didn’t do that entirely because of my grandmother, but rather to protect myself as much as possible from what is coming. I am also inviting my family to join me and even my grandmother, but only on the condition that the rest of them isolate her from me.

    There was a time that I didn’t speak to my mother either. I severed all communication with her after I told my story for the nth time and she refused to see my point of view. All she cared about was what my grandmother thought.

    But now we are communicating again. She knows that I will not speak to my grandmother until my grandmother takes the proper measures. The first is coming to see me on my terms. I don’t care if the trip is hard….she can do it if she wants it bad enough.

    I don’t want to get into a debate with the people on those forums who are bashing Molyneaux since everyones situation is different. His core message, applied to me helped me and someone I care about also who was abused to feel better about their choice. Because we have a conscious we always questioned it…but there is nothing incorrect about the core information Molyneaux says. It can easily be an all or nothing situation…especially for those who are not strong enough or resourceful enough to force people to see your way like I did.

    Some people will not admit the wrongs they did to others. There is always missing information….or someone is missing a few screws. It’s up to us to be mature adults to do what makes us happy. It’s up to us to do whatever it takes to achieve that peace of mind. And no matter what, the majority will not agree with those choices. That is why liberty and freedom is so rare and how sociopaths get control of society so quickly by using the family. Family is the most important thing. But blood does not define family. Family is all about being around like-minded people.

    Again, information is powerful…it’s up to us what we do with that power.

  • I need to add this – I didn’t make the choices I did because of what Molyneaux teaches. I made them several years before he started online. But Molyneaux has helped me explain myself to those who otherwise could not understand why I feel the way that I do. And his overall advice is rock solid. I don’t agree with him that there is nothing after we die, since nobody knows for sure. And as someone trained in sciences, the more I learn the more I realize that science and reason too can be a dangerous “religion” for some. For example, the 2nd law of thermodynamics favors entropy in the Universe. But if this is true, without some form of unexplainable Consciousness, I don’t see how life could organize into increasingly complex forms. For all we know we are evolving into a form of “god” ourselves. It doesn’t matter if Jesus ever lived or not…all that matters is the message that was spread by Jesus and other avatar prophets throughout time. Evil cannot exist without good and vice versa. The yin and the yang. Batman and the Joker. All is nothing and nothing is everything. And on and on.

    The point is that we have to do what give us peace of mind knowing that we can accomplish anything if we want it bad enough. There is no prison that is unbreakable. There is nothing that we cannot do if enough people can be convinced to be good, just like the world can burn if we let too many sociopaths get into the wrong positions of power.

    That is why whatever God is, I know that God must exist. But at the same time, God doesn’t interfere with the battle of good and evil since both need and are each other so that everything and nothing can exist.

    It can be mind blowing at times to think about all of it, but that is the point of enlightenment and why so few achieve it.

  • Gareth

    Hey there, Ben.

    Stefan is controversial due to his strong atheistic beliefs. He encouraged people to question everything, including religion and has probably upset many devout theists of various forms. I’m agnostic and therefore not on the same page as Stefan regarding the nature of the universe.

    I just thought the short film he created above was an excellent synopsis of our current debt/war-slave paradigm and therefore posted it here.

    Remember what silvershiled often states:

    Listen to all, but follow none.

    All the best

  • Elissa

    I’ve looked on his website, etc. and I’m just wondering exactly how he lives “outside the system”. I’m not trying to be a jerk; I really am curious of the how-to. When someone who is so passionate about living free implores us to “opt out” of the system but then doesn’t give us a clue as to how to do that totally or even close to totally, it is frustrating. Anybody want to share some strategy? i.e., If you want to buck the banking/mortgage system (which I do), what kind of dwelling are you going to live in? We are close to making the move to strategic defaulting on our mortgage; so after a year, we could go out and rent but that doesn’t really hurt the mortgage industry much since the landlord probably has a mortgage and you are paying him his mortgage payment plus a bit extra. Another issue: has anyone ever been able to get their employer to pay them in silver or gold coin? I just want to see how people who are giving the middle finger to the “system” are really living day to day. YKWIM?

  • @Elissa

    1) Form a family corporation and have everything paid through that. Write off everything (or as much as legally allowed) as a business expense. This requires strategy and planning obviously. Even better if you can incorporate in a tax-free or low tax area such as Hong Kong that has 0% and 15% tax respectively for offshore and onshore activities.

    2) Organize renewable energy and food collectives. These are also tax shelters since most countries (like where I live in the Philippines) allow collective activity to be tax free. “Green” projects are given 6 years tax free where I live. Look up hyrdoponic/tilapia greenhouses that produce 1,000,000 pounds of food per year on 3 acres. Imagine how many people you could feed with that…and none of it GMO garbage.

    3) Organize neighborhood security watches or setup a fund in your neighborhood to hire armed security forces so the police can be made irrelevant. Where I live it is already pretty much a controlled anarchy. Those who cannot afford private security have neighborhood night foot patrols to keep the peace like the Guardian Angels did in black communities in the past. Obviously neighborhood counsels need to be setup to monitor this with a form of checks and balances so petty corruption doesn’t creep in.

    4) Make books like “Political Ponerolgy” available to be read by everyone. If you understand the nature of sociopathy, a community can set up safeguards and education programs to ensure that sociopaths or other subversives do not disrupt your peaceful integrity based system.

    5) Agree on barter standards in your community. Catherine Austin Fitts of goes into this in great detail. You can trade in hard assets like food, coins, solar panels, or other value backed commodities.

    And on and on. All of the information is out there if one is to do due diligence. I was amazed how much I have accomplished after I gave up regular TV years ago. I limit myself to just 3 shows that I follow but I download them so I can watch them all in one burst when I need a break to just let my brain be mush. It’s really not hard to get out of the system. But you need to be around like-minded people in your community…or move to one that you agree with to make it happen. With the internet, this shouldn’t be too hard to do as it was in the past.

  • I am thinking about putting together an SOP of some of my strategies that I’ve pieced together over the years…so if and when I get something together I’ll definitely share it :)

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