Wikileaks: CoIntelPro Psyop

I have had it with Wikileaks. I am fully convinced that Wikileaks is a Counter Intelligence Program and a Psychological Operation by either CIA, MI6 or Mossad.

The CIA/MI6/Mossad have trashed their reputation, which has caused their scare tactics to wear off.  They have created a new “credible” source like Wikileaks to dump their same old tired lies through them. Seriously, how difficult would it have been for the CIA to grab some hacker and play good cop, bad cop with him.  They could say, “we got you good and we are going to throw you in jail for the rest of your life. Or you can work with us and we will wipe away all of your charges.”   It works with low level mafia thugs, why not on a global scale where the stakes are that much higher. Even in the Matrix had a scene just like this.

Wikileaks has all of the power to spread the truth on the internet and all of the secrecy that the Elite uses. When this site first came on the scene, I’ll admit that I bought it hook line and sinker.  A group of rich, sophisticated hackers that want to shed light on everything the Elite want to keep secret… “That is awesome!” I knew in the beginning that their intelligence dumps would not be big or yield much of a result.  It is the nature of the beast in this business.  No one will stick their neck out for you, until you have some street credibility.

Wikileaks went from damaging attack helicopter video of murdered civilians, to petty school girl chatter about foreign diplomats to finally, outright propaganda.

I’ve given Wikileaks the benefit of the doubt, even up until a week or two ago in my Beware of the Patriot Pied Pipers article.  In my article, I had listed about 20 things that would really hack at the root of the Elite’s power.  I practically pleaded with them to, Get me something to rock the world out of it’s slumber.” Let’s face it, when Wikileak’s intelligence dumps sound like the same shit that NeoCons used to scare the American people into Iraq and Afghanistan, it is time to judge a tree by it’s fruit.

Look at today’s Drudge Report headline, “Wikileaks: ‘Al-Qaida On Brink Of Using Nuke Bomb.”  This is right out of the same play book of 2003, with all the talk of mushroom clouds and yellow cake.  This is why I think Wikileaks is a front for the same guys that brought you 9 years of senseless wars.  No one really believes the State Department and CIA anymore.  Certainly not after Colin”Slam Dunk” Powell destroyed not only his reputation, but that of America when he went before the UN to make the case for preemptive war.  So, they created Wikileaks to to be a “legitimate” source of information.

Or what about this headline about the spooky 9/11 gang that got away… A DECADE AGO!  Really, what internet blogger/hacker would publish stuff like this?  Wikileak’s sole purpose was to expose secrets and not push propaganda.  There are thousands of sites on the internet showing pretty damning evidence that 9/11 was an inside job.  Yet, here is Wikileaks, the biggest, baddest site in the Freedom Movement, publishing stuff that would give Ruppert Murdoch a boner?  It is time to judge a tree by it’s fruit.

This has created a new Hegelian Dialectic, where the Elite give us two false choices to choose from. Both options are controlled by the Elite in order to benefit themselves.  It is designed to fool us with the ability to choose the lesser of two evils.

Socialism or Fascism, never a Constitutional Republic.

Democrats or Republicans, never a true Independent.

Wall St or D.C., never Main St.

Ahhh freedom! (Where is that sarcasm button…)

So now we have the new Hegelian Dialectic of Wikileaks or CIA/MI6/Mossad, never any real truth to rock the world.

Don’t be fooled by this and judge a tree by it’s fruit.

Another Hegelian Dialectic the Elite control system is America vs. Al Qaida. It is well known that America created and funded Al Qaida, just like we’ve created Saddam.  In this video, here is globalist, head honcho Zbigniew Brezinski, in Pakistan at the very beginning of the Mujahideen.  This radicalization of the Muslims was our attempt to fight the Russians back in the day.  We have armed and trained them to fight.  In fact, Al Qaida literally means “the base,” and guess what, we’ve built that base too!  These fake bad guys are used by the Elites to justify profitable wars for resources and more control at home.

So if you can truly see through these levels of lies the Drudge Report headline should read like this…

I am interested in what happens with the Openleaks. Again, this sounds awesome on the face of it.  It has one key feature that sets it apart from Wikileaks, it is a decentralized approach of leaking info. Wikileaks uses the same sort of centralized secrecy that they supposedly are fighting against.  Openleaks gets rid of the centralized and secretive approach and replace it with a decentralized, open approach as explained in their introductory video.

OpenLeaks 101 from openleaks on Vimeo.


One final thought.  I have been warning you about how the Egyptian Revolution and the National Tea Party movement will fail. I say this because they have no idea what they are up against. I wrote that the National Tea Party will fail because of the same power that has infiltrated, corrupted, and destroyed both the Republican and Democratic parties, are now doing the same to the Tea Party.  I wrote about the globalist powers directly behind Tea Party favorites like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin in Beware of the Patriot Pied Pipers.

I want to point out another Patriot Pied Piper, Charles Krauthammer. This crippled, NeoCon was on Fox News everyday spouting the NeoCon agenda with Britt Hume. I know because I was glued to Fox news from 2001 to 2005 before I woke up. Charles is very intelligent and thoughtful, but at the end of the day, we need to judge him by his war propaganda and say never again.

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  • quest-ion

    Did anyone catch Assange’s interview on the television show, 60 Minutes? The show showed him in a positive light and there was an “after show” where the reporter, Steve Kroft, gave his personal impressions… and guess what, they were glowing. MSM giving Wikileaks validity makes think something fishy is going on.

    • Silver Shield

      Great point. The MSM seem to give Assange their thumbs up. Even SNL has a recurring bit about him. Yet a guy like Ron Paul, is either ignored, ridiculed, or attacked for his beliefs on the Constitution.

  • vance

    Egypt will over throw its oppressors along with others sympathetic to Israel. Israel will find its self suddenly surrounded by “radical Muslims” that it will convince the world it has to defend its self against, it will use new weapons so powerful they will capture the oil fields of the middle east along with the land “promised to them by god” this will cement Israel as the new world super power.

  • Twisted Titan

    Any man that can divulge “coveted” state secrets yet when finally captured be bailed out for 10,000 dollars you have got to be living in the twilight zone to see its a charade

    The Gubbermint have killed people for ………way less.

    Yet this man is free to walk the street and do 60 minute interviews

    Think about it.

  • What made me suspect were the “press releases” Assange and Co. were putting out. When the servers at East Anglia were hacked into back in ’09, all of the data was put in a zip file and put online everywhere. The “press release” was when the IPCC gang and the inventer of the interwebs-Al Gore started doing mad damage control and white-washing, not the hackers talking about getting ready to release damaging data.

  • Very timely post, especially in view of Assange’s recent nomination for the 2011 Peace Prize. In my experience, the people nominated for a Peace Prize are never, ever on our side.

    The other thing that bothers me that most of the information Wikileaks releases seems to be widely available elsewhere. I have yet to see any reference to the real “strategic” reasons the US is at war in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Nothing about the Pentagon agenda to foster the secession of oil and mineral rich Balochistan from Pakistan as a US client state – just like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and other former Soviet republics. Nothing about CIA support for the Baloch separatist movement. Nothing about the CIA training young Baloch separatists in bomb making and other terrorist activities to disrupt operations at the Chinese-built Gwadar Port (for the purpose of transporting Iranian oil and natural gas via Pakistan to China).

    I blog about this at I blog about this at
    Where I have also posted a recent map of Free Balochistan (from their website).

  • Element

    You and the people that left comments are the only ones that I have really heard talk about this. I said it from the beginning. My reasoning behind it was a little different but basically the same as far as it being disinformation. I personally thought they were going to use it as an excuse to pass legislation to shut down the Internet and gain access to personal info (which they did). They made google give them all IP addresses and info on people accessing wikileaks even though everything that was leaked was also printed in the NYT and they didn’t go after their subscribers. If I am not mistaken they did try to pass some sort of hocus pocus, slight of hand bill, that made people think that they were helping keep it open yet it really gave them control to shut it down. Thank God for the Egyptian protesters that showed them that would not work!

    Nice job on the article!

  • i would beware of open leaks too. they have one eye symbolism in that vid plus something just does not seem right with them

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