Where Am I ?

So I’m back to the slam, the bam, and the where the hell am I mam?

Really, where am I?

“Gold and Silver were (repeat were) flights to safety, but the emotional drivers inflating the precious metals have faded” was the cNBC theme song all day long. Every time I looked up, the paper-asset gobbling media whores were still avoiding the real issue – the massive dark cloud of state, local, federal, corporate, personal and global debt figures that leave NASA super computers breathless over how devastating the “money is debt” flood will be when Noah finally points up at the sky and says to Jonah’s big whale, “Big clouds lead to big downpours, so that’s one mighty big squirt coming our way, thou shalt build a precious metals arc if thou desires safety and shelter.”

Or will the Wall Street whales rush to build their arcs after the flood?

In any case, both bond traitors (repeat traitors) and precious metals accumulators have all felt the Stock Market extinction level event rumbling and tumbling for the several months since the FED ended QE2. Bernanke’s effeminate response was a lame wristed $400 billion dance marathon, surely appeasing his fan base of parents who prefer their children head-bang on balls over being head strong on principles (soccer moms).

So Ben, how exactly is matchmaking a Stock Market earthquake with a US Treasury interest rate twister a logical sane investment retort to default risk free precious metals.

Seriously, where the f&ck am I?

Could I possibly be in the midst of a 2008 financial twisterland redux, where down should have been up and up should have been down? The 2008 controlled demolition of worldwide retirement accounts seems to be repeating again, so I flashback to my Fall of 2008 poem:

Bipolar Sheeple
by Sean Edward C. (voxOnox)
It’s the end of the fiat world as we Austrians knew it
And I feel enraged over the same old bipolar political bulls#!t

Reality doesn’t alarm the harmed with sound sounds
Drowning in the circular reference error 401k’s not found
They seem to be listening; they seem to be determined and bound

With selfish concern, the blisstarded sheeple finally agree
All wars are engineered to compound bankster interest and greed
But victory in principle is cyclically hacked by another false flag lead


Wounded flocks sellout the future for blank check fiat hits – more, more, more
With absolutely no desire to berserk from pimp game seduction, deception, lure
Amercan’t stockholmers just spread’em for a November Messiah’s promised cure

Hope and Change elected; the bait and switch pimp fists unfold
Both hands – left, right – clap the hypnotized bobble heads dead, cold
Hearing no evil; liberty foreclosed to homes drenched in Chinese drywall mold
Sons of Liberty say f&ck no, we buy real freedom, pure lead, pure silver, pure gold
And continue to scream, you’ve been warned, you’ve been told
As you have for generations before; same old, same old
The story of sanity and reality never to be sold


Where am I?

As predicted by Jim Rickards on the King World News Broadcast about a month ago, I’m in (we’re in) the midst of Operation Twist us into chaos, mayhem and ruin, the sequel (OT2).

Twisted up in a cycle of “here we go again,”  I took the time to re-read Chris Duane’s (aka SilverShield’s) masterpiece, “The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield.”

Yes, I now know where I’m at. I’m at my coin dealer, stacking the stacks.

In the end, my key learning experience from the 2008 economic crisis was the importance of mental preparedness. So I have prepared myself for the unexpected (buying opportunities for Silver) and to ignore Obama optimists who will obfuscate the parabolic paper-asset pandemonium by hating on Silver and Gold with both their words and actions.

It’s noise that will pass.

Endure, with peace of mind.


Author’s Note: I was away from computer and financial noise for a few weeks and it was an absolute joy to find I was missed. Thank you “The Old Man” and the rest of the DTOM community for your inspiring thoughts.

5 comments to Where Am I ?

  • Silver Shield

    The emotional investor gets taken for a fool.

    The logical investor succeeds in the end.

  • The Old Man

    @ voxOnox
    Good to see you are back (and thanks for your messages).
    A couple of weeks away has now become a long time in these days of rapid geo-political and economic change. Take your eye off the ball for just a few days and you now risk missing a key move in the ‘grand game’, which may compromise your own ‘game plan’.
    The old rule book appears to be getting re-written to suit the current game play – whilst the players are still on the field and the ball is in play. The net result is that the small and large alike are getting seriously hurt. Even ‘star players’ are finding the game hard to follow and are getting taken down – that new ball made from ‘Swiss Francs pegged to Euros’ really hurt a lot of people.
    With the ‘financial game’ rule book now thrown out of the same window the ‘political game’ rule book went through, along with the ‘military action’ rule book before that, which in turn followed the ‘international law’ rule book, which in turn followed the ‘morality’ rule book, it appears that it is now ‘everyman for themselves’ on the playing field. Safety equipment, helmets, bats, and balls have now become weapons with which to bludgeon other players into submission, or even take them out of the game completely.
    This is a very dangerous time indeed for the global community – a bit like a fire alarm going off in off in a concert hall, stadium, or even a large shopping mall. In these ‘emergency situations’ there will be some people who think only of themselves. These people will run for the exits pushing people to the ground and trampling over others in order to protect themselves. Others will take advantage of the chaos and confusion to loot or harm others. Some will simply panic and expend all of their energy running around lost in the corridors in the hope that ‘an exit’ will miraculously appear or a person will hold them by the hand and restore them to their old reality. Others ‘outside’ the mall who see the smoke rising, and who could make a difference at this early stage, simply walk on by and ignore it ‘as it is not their problem’.
    But, there will be another group of people who – although caught up in the chaos themselves, and in danger just like everyone else inside – will look around them, find their family members and their friends – or even strangers who may be unable to help themselves – and move together to the exits or another place of safety in an orderly and measured way. These people are the ones who have a good soul, strong heart, and the clarity of thought to follow the ‘escape plans’ and ‘escape procedures’ they have rehearsed and have learnt. These people are the type of people who log into and contribute to sites like this one.
    Having spent a couple of months visiting this site I am convinced that the vast majority of the people who log in and contribute are the type of people who genuinely care about their fellow humans. I hope that none of you get trapped in the ‘shopping mall fire’ that is the current global economic and political crisis, but I am confident that if you do, you will indeed be of the type who will guide their family, friends, and as many strangers as possible to the safe exits. I am also confident that you are all the type of people who will take steps to ensure that after the fire has been extinguished the ‘new shopping mall’ is rebuilt in such a way as to ensure that it can never completely burn down again, either accidentally, or deliberately.
    Anyway, I’ve gone on a bit…….so finally, as I just can’t shake off my ‘gut feeling’ that something is ‘going down’ this weekend and / or early next week, I will take the opportunity now to wish you all the very best for the future. May God bless you all.

  • lastmanstanding

    I bought Ag yesterday…big hit again today…my dealer is closed next week, better visit him today and take advantage of the huge savings.

    I have no other choice than to believe in something real and continue to be a good human, (Regardless of what is raging inside me about this whole dishonest world-wide bullshit that is going on)

    Yesterday i met with a fellow regarding solar power. I want off the grid.
    For those of you who think solar is the answer, you are full of shit. Being truly off the grid is astronomical in price. of course you can get a govt grant, work a deal and sell your excess power pack to your local electric co., and still be with out power when the grid goes down.

    For something so revolutionary and amazing a ton of Tax $ have been pissed down a rat hole…for less than nothing. I’m not even going to discuss Solyndra.

    Solar works for the govt (for votes and $) and the power co.(for $) You get what is left.

    Also, i had the op to talk to a couple from Scotland recently. They are here looking for property to leave Europe before it collapses. in Scotland, a pint of shitty beer (his words) is $15 USD, In Norway, he claims you can ONLY by processed food, nothing fresh, not to mention that the roads are terrible.
    In most countries a whopper, big mac is $30 USD. She is a cop in Scotland, they have very few firearms and can not carry a handgun.

    Just thought I would pass this along.

  • methylamine


    Yes, I’ve looked at solar too and to go “off the grid” and still have A/C–necessary in Houston–you’re looking at close to $50,000. It’s retarded.

    The natural gas generators are attractive; around $7K fully installed. You’re not really off the grid but natural gas is more dependable than electricity.

    Looking to visit my silver dealer today for a sale-price “fix” :)

  • Aeneas8

    So, as not to feel too badly, I remind myself that I am ‘dollar-cost averaging’ the price of PM’s. Everyone here knows what that means, but for those who are recently in, dollar-cost averaging’ is the “mean”, it is the “average” you’re used to, where you add up all the numbers and then divide by the total number of numbers.

    Here’s a quick example:

    The mean is the usual average, so for your silver purchases, let’s say you paid:

    ($13 + $18 + $13 + $14 + $13 + $16 + $14 + $21 + $13) ÷ 9(purchases) = $15 average price.

    Note that the mean isn’t a value from the original list. This is a common result. You should not assume that your mean will be one of your original numbers. But it does help you fell better when you see that over the long-term you never really paid, say, $43/ounce.

    Just sayin…
    Hope this helps a little.


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