Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire

“If you can explain someone’s problem better than they can explain it themselves, they will assume you know the answer. Once you have that, they will follow you where ever you want.”– Anonymous Marketing Guru

With the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar we are entering the most dangerous period in human history. This is not the time to be following the blind or worse, the scheming. To do so would be the same as jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. I have seen so many thoughtful and cogent arguments against our current paradigm. These men really seem to “get it.” The problem inevitably is, what is their solution?

I wrote in the Two Coming American Revolutions that there would be two revolutions in America, one of a Constitutional, Honest Money and one of Collectivism. I feel both sides can make hard arguments against the current order of the Dollar paradigm. The enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend.  In the article, I warned people to not fall for the trick of assuming that people who spoke to your concerns, automatically know the solution. You cannot solve collectivism with more collectivism, any more than you can solve debt with more debt. You will see tyrannical collectivism in urban areas and elsewhere in the country, people will be embracing freedom and honest money. Both sides speak the same argument, but offer radically different solutions.

In my article Beware of Patriot Pied Pipers, I warned people that the Neo Cons who got us into war and even more debt, are infiltrating subverting and destroying the Tea Party. Michelle Bachmann cries against gangster government, but supports our trillion dollar gangster wars against the world. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck talk a good talk about being average people who believe in traditional American Constitutional values. They then take their $20 million+ a year pay checks from Neo Con Globalists like Henry Kissinger and Ruppert Murtdoch. Heck, even Rick Perry is now speaking out against the Fed, but he takes his orders from the Elitist Bilderbergers. Only Ron Paul has the track record and has the understanding of the Constitutional role of government.

I watched a video of a very frustrated Mike Ruppert this weekend as he called out all of the people who did not help warn people about what he told them. Mike went through a list of 40 or so people he has had personal contact with over his exceptional career and called them out. I feel his frustration, because he does have a very good track record of calling “it,” but the people he seems to call out are narcissists at best and psychopaths at worst. These people seek power and use others to get ahead. Their solution is that of collectivism, which would then put themselves at the top.

It great to hear Putin call the US a parasite, it is, but Putin is no friend of the Constitution or decentralized power. It is great to see Chavez pull his gold out of the Bank of England, but he is no friend of property rights or honest money. Ruppert goes on to list a bunch of other politicians and artists that he has had contact warning them about what was going to happen and that they seem to do nothing about it. The most likely scenario is that these people that Mike is so frustrated about are using his suggestions, but only for themselves.  These professional political psychopaths see the collapse of the US as their chance to gain massive regional or global power. They understand very well what is going on, but they will not offer true freedom like our founding fathers fought for.

My suggestion to Mike is to not seek out the rich and powerful to help humanity, they are the problem. All of the politicians he mentions are licking their chops to carve up the American Empire. They may seem like an ally against a common enemy, but they are no better than the Anglo American Elite. Just about every one of the Hollywood people he mentions thrives in the current paradigm and will actively or passively support the current order. They will not upset it by spreading the truth. We are so close to the mathematical end of the dollar that his time is best spent working with the thousands of people he has already touched. There he will find the final stage of acceptance that he is looking for.

It is said that men go mad in herds and only come to their senses slowly and one by one.” Charles Mackay.

The Elite’s use of propaganda drives societies by animal, gut reactions. Only after a while do men wake up and use their logic to see the madness of crowds and the men that pull the strings. I wrote last week about Dylan Ratigan’s rant and compared it to Hitler. On the face of it, it seemed outrageous and inflammatory. When you look into it, it is another example of someone explaining something better than the average person, so people follow them no matter how insane their solutions are.

I have been fascinated on how a Christian Constitutional Republic like Weimar Germany could fall into Fascism. I felt if we could understand how Hitler rose to power we can prevent our own coming fascist dictator. It all comes down to propaganda. The Nazis studied Edward Bernays in the psychological aspects of mass control. By playing to man’s irrational fears and desires they are easily lead. The only way to become immune to this is using the Trivum and logically thinking about what you are being told. We have been handicapped with the slave like education we get of only memorizing and regurgitating ideas. This has been reinforced in our mainstream media with talking point news.

Dylan’ rant is a perfect example of using irrational fear and anger to vocalize what we are all feeling. That tactic is exactly what Hitler used to motivate Germans. Both were passionate and powerful rants, but they did not advance logical thought. They both wanted you to react like an animal with a limbic response of fight or flight. They do this purposely because, 1. irrational fear is the most powerful motivator and 2. they do not want you to think logically about their solution. When you see that they used anger and passion to both push for throwing out the Constitution, creation of a dictator and a collectivist banking solution, it becomes clear why they acted the way they did.

The other group that I run across is financial gurus that accurately describe the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar, but then recommend some sort of paper asset as a solution. This again is either done out of ignorance or greed. Just because someone can put together a presentation on the crisis of the dollar does NOT mean that they know what they are doing. Anyone can read the headlines and say that we are going down the wrong road. You have to ask yourself do they know why we got into this mess? Who created this mess? Do they have a financial interest in the solution they are pushing? The reason I feel most paper products are sold is because that is where the money is made in the financial advisor role. They do not really care what you buy so long as you do buy. They know that you will then jump to another paper asset that they can then make more money on. Ask your financial advisor why gold is not in your portfolio, despite its rapid rise in the face of all other paper assets. If he is honest he would say that he probably can’t make any money off of it or if you truly understood what was going on, you would dump all of your paper assets and buy silver. The Wall St sharks do not care one bit about your financial health, you are just another ticket to their narcissistic pursuit of money and power. (Watch: Wall Street Laughs at Main Street.)

I was even shocked to see that even a blog I frequent, followed this “out of the frying pan and into the fire” theme. The Automatic Earth has put out some good work describing the problems we are facing. They recently spent a bunch of time describing the banking crisis that is coming to a head. In One Step Up and Two Steps Back they go on to describe the banking crisis, but then suggest you sell gold and buy bonds and dollars?!

“Ilargi: This is your reality. Not inflation, or hyperinflation. And not a flight FROM US Treasuries and the US dollar, but a flight TOWARDS them. Yes, gold is higher; a totally predictable knee-jerk reaction. Once the bank stocks lose another 10%-20%-30%, which could happen in a manner of days at the rate we’re going, that will change too.

That is because the plummeting bank stocks represent the vanishing into nothingness of what I’ve named “zombie money”. In other words, it’s not a matter of people, investors, talking their money out of one place, asset, and into the other, it’s instead a matter of -virtual- money disappearing. That will take down the price of gold. An important issue to wrap your brains around. More about that later.”

Can someone please tell me how these deflationists think the dollar is going to perform better, in a terminal debt crisis? Our monetary system is debt based and no longer tied to gold. When money is created, debt is created. When debt is paid off, money is destroyed. If all debt was to be paid off there would literally not be any dollars in existence. Our system MUST create more debt every year in excess of the debt AND interest accrued the year before or the entire system will collapse in the mother of all margin calls. If this happens not only will the markets be destroyed, the banks who are levered 20:1 will be insolvent, which will seize credit, which will freeze the economy and destroy the economy and our dollar. How is that good for the dollar and Treasuries? Would you invest or hold the currency of a country that is going through that? When you see that ALL currencies and countries have the same systemic problems, you see that only real tangible assets are a place to be. (Read the Ultimate Silver Investor.)

Any whiff of deflation will be met by massive money printing which will further destroy the dollar. Inflate or die. This is irrefutable. I bet if you put Automatic Earth’s feet to the fire they would probably admit this whiff of deflation, then hyperinflation idea. (The only other possible solution is a debt jubilee, but I would not hold your breath for that seeing who is pulling the strings.) I don’t know too many guys that are hardcore deflationists in a fiat world, that to me is insane. After all, at what point do you admit that you were horribly wrong? $500 gold?  $1,000 gold? $1,500 gold? $2,000 gold?

Which brings me to the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar. If you understand anything about compounding interest, you will know that at some point you will reach place where the interest on the debt rises farther and faster than the economy can handle. Knowing that we either inflate or die and if you understand the sick symbiotic relationship of the bankers and politicians, money will always flow. We reported that the Fed printed up $16 trillion dollars over and above all of the political bailouts we saw in 2008. How again is the dollar supposed to get stronger?

If you want to make a case for deflation, change your measuring stick. If you measure everything in gold and silver, then yes, you are going to see massive deflation. You will be able to buy much more with your gold and silver as all paper assets disintegrate. Things bought with credit will be worth less like homes, cars, stocks… etc. Things you buy with cash will hyper inflate like food and fuel. This is just the huge secular change from paper assets to real tangible assets. This change is coming along with much bigger changes in demographics with the aging baby boomers and shifts in economic power from west to east. Trusting your wealth in any paper asset or pied pipers in this environment could be fatal.





I have spent my short time blogging not trying to be a one trick pony pushing one idea. I have through the Sons of Liberty Academy and my hundreds of articles on Dont-Tread-On.Me tried to get you to question everything, including me.  I have tried to help advance thought on money and politics, but the real battler is in our thinking. When you are aware, you can prepare. I hope you continue to support my efforts to reach out to others. This month we had 170,000 unique people come to the blog with 512,000 page views. We just hit 15,000 members to our Sons of Liberty Academy. All of this comes as I have been working really hard on the redo of the Academy. I cannot wait until it is done and it will be much better than the original Academy in terms of production, content and narrative. It will be a game changer and one that will reach critical mass.


27 comments to Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire

  • Awesome information as always. I’ve directed several potential truth converts to your articles over the past couple weeks. Telling people about the fact that their savings is in jeopardy is a powerful motivator!

    Re Hitler and the rise of Nazi Germany, I recommend “The Ominous Parallels” by Leonard Peikoff and “The Lucifer Effect” by Philip Zimbardo :-)

    ttys and keep up the good fight,

    In liberty,

  • Pete McLaughlin

    I Disagree. The US dollar will not start hyperinflating now. In fact is has started deflating for the first time since the federal reserve was formed in 1913.

    there are three reasons for my view.
    1. everyone is on the inflation band wagon, everyone is always wrong.
    2. the quantity of digital currency is shrinking. see the shadowstats.com charts on money on M3 money supply. http://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data/money-supply-charts
    3. 482 banks have failed since 2007 and there are more failing every week. These are the business that create the money when people borrow it. Closed banks stop creating money.

    I expect a stock market crash which just started to continue for 2 to 4 years and deflation to reign during this period. The money supply will decrease as shown by the shadowstats charts and prices of stocks, houses and most other things will fall.

    Preppers should have a stash of cash(in a box under the bed not in a bank) to take advantage of the bargains that will appear in real estate and everything else in the next few years.

    If the Federal Reserve survives this period it will begin inflating the money again but the process will be slow as it was in the 1930 due high unemployment.


  • PitBull Pappa

    Like you Chris, my goal is to provoke thought into peoples minds. After several months and many conversations with my mom, she’s finally seeing the light and told me a few days ago that she’s seriously considering purchasing some silver after paying down some bills. Unfortunately my parents live off of a fixed income of a pension and social security. Now if only I could get my brothers to wake the fuck up… but I’m afraid that is a lost battle until it’s too late. The ONLY way I see them getting any silver is if I die before they do and inherit my silver stash. However, I’m not so sure they’re wise enough to hold onto it if that were to happen.

    What I’ve learned to do is instead of telling people to buy silver, I ask them if they know why silver & gold have gone up so much in the past few years. If they reply the regurgitated response of the MSM’s “It’s in a bubble” then I ask then why does only .08% of amricans own any physical silver & gold? How can something that less than 1% of the population owns be in a bubble? How is it that every developed and emerging country in the world is now purchasing large amounts of gold and silver? It makes them think… it provokes thought and then makes them want to know more. Making someone figure something out for themselves gets a much more positive response than telling them what they should be thinking.

    Therefore my mission in life is now to provoke thought into peoples minds. Just like the old saying goes… “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. People don’t like being told what to do… but when they can figure out how/what to do… they feel empowered. This is why I have donated to SOLAC & also why this blog community and SOLAC is growing in numbers…:)

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • project mayhem

    Hey silvershield , checkout the video “was hitler a zionist nwo illuminati” on youtube. It might answer your question how Hitler rose to power. I would like to hear your take on it if you think there is any truth to it

  • Lowblow


    I CANNOT believe that you just posted this article. I read the automatic earth blog only a couple of hours ago and left with my head swimming. I too have come to respect their opinions but that article completely blew my mind. I tend to agree with you analysis however also see the logic as presented by Pete Mclaughlin.

    I am very torn on the inflation/ deflation debate and am beginning to feel that the best combination are to put a substantial amount of my liquid assets in physical BUT to also hold cash, at least until the picture becomes a little less cloudy.

    Thank you for your tireless efforts.


  • Carlos

    OFF-TOPIC. Your article about google is completely under attack! I even tried to leave a comment and it redirected me to that weird website. This is what I wrote:

    “You guys are definetly under attack. When I click on any of your articles from the homepage there doesn’t seem to be any problem at all but THIS article looks completely fucked up. The font is all over the place and it’s even hard to even find what you wrote. The web design has been completely altered for this article. Is it just me or are others are having problems? I can screencap what it’s showing me.”

  • MPB

    Visited the Google article just before this one and had much the same happen as Carlos mentioned. Something is not right with that particular post.

  • Jon

    Everyone must see Mike Rupperts movie “Collapse”. It’s on Netflix or YouTube. Wish I had seen it before.

    • Silver Shield

      Good movie.

      I really feel for Mike he seems to be a real empath that is absorbing the world’s negative energy.

      While this is good for sensing what is really going on in the world it can be a burden to bear.

  • Marijan

    Good article, but why Buddha? If I am some serial killer his advice would serve me as good as to someone normal. I think this eastern religions and philosophy is like horoscope, they are made to fit to anybody’s situation and opinion without giving solution.

    • Silver Shield

      I like the quote and it encourages you to use logical thought and not accept anything.

      As mentioned in my Trivium article, that is the key to freedom.

  • LJack

    Excellent post, and I too had read the recent Auto Earth and wondered.
    I’m fans of AE however I don’t buy into their vision of deflation prevailing.

    Just this weekend I came across a ZeroHedge article that reenforces my thinking that inflation is more lkely. The article was by well respected banking analyst RC Whalen and he noted that when the Fed pledged recently to keep interest rates at zero for the next two years it was a tacit admission of ongoing QE.

    Think about it, to keep interest rates/bond yields low the Fed has to buy them at a prices higher than the market would. So where does the Fed get the money to buy bonds?

    Dud…. QE right under your noses.

  • Prudentis

    About the deflation argument

    I have heard it time and again and I understand the reasoning. Bank and businesses collapsing, mean defaults on credit and inevitably the destruction of money. This could lead to deflation per definition.
    I don’t believe it though, because the central banks have proven again and again, that they will not allow it. And for a real deflation, you wold first need to have real data on the current inflation, which we do not. As it happens, the fiat currencies are allready valued much higher than they should due to wrong inflation numbers. Any drop in the amount of money will meet additional central money supply. Any fall in inflation numbers (even official deflation) would not be real deflation. Real deflation might start anywhere ner reported 10& deflation … Just think about it … Do you really believe they would allow this ? :)

    And to Pete McLaughlin
    “1. everyone is on the inflation band wagon, everyone is always wrong.”

    Inflation is no bandwagon. It is a fact and a mechanic built into our money system.

    “2. the quantity of digital currency is shrinking. see the shadowstats.com charts on money on M3 money supply. http://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data/money-supply-charts
    The charts actually show a money growth. Where do you read a decline in money decline? Learn to read graphs before you interprete them wrongly to support your arguements, whereas they actually state the opposite. There was supposedly a one year period of decline in M3 from 2010 to 2011 … Did you see fiat currencies gainig worth in that time, by the way? Did you ask yourself why that was not the case? A hint: look at M1 and M2 in the same period of time …

    “3. 482 banks have failed since 2007 and there are more failing every week.”
    Really? Not a single bank of any significance I know of failed in my area. Small enterprises (banks are enterprises) failing is a normal thing of capitalism. Businesses fail all the time. It’s called market adjustment.

    “These are the business that create the money when people borrow it. Closed banks stop creating money.”
    No. That is just a wrong assessment. Closed banks mean market adjustment. What happens if major banks start to go bankrupt, is another thing. But the outcome of this will not be deflation. It will be the annihilation of the current system.
    We are long past the cleansing possibility of deflation. Yes I said cleansing, as it was theoretically built into the system to clear it. Central baking money policy and Keyne’s deficit spending made sure it was never an option to clear the system.

  • Fascia

    I am definitely with you Prudentis. I have been a ShadowStats.com and http://nowandfutures.com/key_stats.html#m3b fan since the feds quit reporting M3 and IM a professional violinist ( i shouldnt know these things). I am in the Jim Rogers camp-even if M3 does go down it will have little effect on a strong bull market in silver and gold. SILVER AND GOLD most would agree seem to be inverse of the dollar. But taking M3 from 15-16 trillion now and letting free markets de-leverage the system to 4-5 trillion. Does anyone believe that kind of hemorrhaging would be tolorated by helicopter ben, and would people really hold on to there dollars even if they knew the scarcity was increasing? The Austrians always seem to hit it on the head Hayek, Rothbard, Mises at the end of a credit expansion, one most increase the money supply more and more.

    Housing will stay in deflation until close to 4-6 trillion is written off. BAC and C bless yours souls!!!!!!!!

    Derivative exposure anyone, if money really does start vanishing and the Austrians are wrong

    maybe oh maybe they can magically get silver down below 20 bucks


  • James Woroble Jr

    Eric Janszen on “The Next Ten Years; There Will Be Blood”

    Eric sees the coming decade filled with conflict and uncertainty

    Jim Puplava welcomes Eric Janszen of iTulip back on Financial Sense Newshour to discuss the output gap, recession, China, peak (cheap) oil and the potential for global warfare in the decade ahead.



  • project mayhem

    Jon, If you like “Collapse” you should read Rupperts book “Crossing The Rubicon”

  • Snowleopard

    Inflation vs Deflation: Both are now happening. The banksters are printing paper dollars and creating digidollars, while digidollars are being destroyed by job loss, pension loss, default, bankruptcy, and falling asset prices. A stock market crash represents a massive acceleration of deflation. It could lead to widespread bank failures, cascading the deflation. Assuming the dollar survives this, (which is not a sure thing, but likely); the dollar may gain purchasing power during the crash. Assuming the Fed also survives this, they could massively inflate in response, and that may halt deflation, but it will take time to be effective.

    If there are massive bank failures and the FDIC cannot quickly replace depositors funds deflation worsens.

    If the crash is global it could trigger flight out of or into the dollar from other currencies and the precious metals. Net flight into the dollar increases the deflationary pressure and net flight out of the dollar relieves it.

    This looks deflationary to me, at least initially, but i’m sure there are factors i’m not aware of. Will they spring a global currency on us? Will they try to “collect” the gold from “hoarders”?

    If you pay bills and buy your supplies in dollars, holding a months worth of paper dollars seems like reasonable crisis insurance.

  • Rosco1776

    Google says this page has malware, I use Ubuntu so I wasn’t worried but I thought I’d post this. Sept 13th 8:57pm

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