Resonate V- Define Better by Big Pharma

Here is another example of art resonating with what we all feel. The corporate music industry feeds us music with no meaning or soul. New artists will find success expressing issues that resonate with what we all are feeling but cannot express. Those artists that pursue this will be most successful in the new paradigm while “artists” like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga will be seen as out of tune with the world as much a hair bands did in the age of grunge.

The music of the 60’s is probably the best example of music resonating with a new age of thought. The protest rock music and Motown resonated with that generation like no other generation before. I look forward to the best age of music, as humanity expresses through art the end of the debt and death paradigm. This event will be the largest single event in human history.The awakening that will naturally come and will bring anger, bargaining and depression that has inspired the greatest motivator for art.

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