Cautious Objectivity

No matter where you go or what you do, you live your entire life within the confines of your head. ~Terry Josephson

Human experience is essentially a subjective affair in which each person perceives the world from a unique, and highly relevant, angle.  We can achieve greater perspective of nature, in all its forms, through allowing ourselves to contemplate concepts such as empathy and through attempts to decentre.  Furthermore, mankind has developed a variety of mathematical techniques to enable us to achieve objective scientific methodology, and thus there are countless books containing ‘recipes’ ranging from cuisine to rocket building.

Through discussion of our own idiosyncratic experiences and the application of scientific methodology, mankind has made many discoveries and inventions.  To communicate and share ideas is an important aspect of human development, and one not to be underestimated.  No man is an island, and a man alone on an island will go insane through his own projections onto the outer world.  We’re a social animal that requires contact with our fellow human beings, and the vast majority of people seek external validity of their perceptions.  Although this is both beneficial and natural, we should be mindful that both the collective mind and the individual mind have their limitations.  .

Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. ~Ludwig Börne

Illusory correlations occur at both a subjective and objective level and provide an interesting challenge for each and every one of us.  The ancient Chinese believed that a dragon had flown in front of the sun during a solar eclipse.  They ‘objectively’ perceived that certain rituals chased-away the dragon and the rituals continued in their culture for many years.  The people had made an illusory correlation between their ritualistic behaviour and the return of sunlight.  Contemporary understanding places the sun at the centre of the solar system, and mathematically indicates that the moon is the source of sun-light blockage.

Each day we all make subjective illusory correlations, ones which we have neither the time nor desire to analyse with more depth.  Visual illusions are extremely common, and many of us will have perceived an animal of some sort from a long distance, only to discover the ‘animal’ was really a rolling piece of trash or other object blowing in the wind when we’re up closer.  I once met an individual that placed cat food at their door to satisfy mythical fairies and thus ensuring their favour: “the cat food was gone in the morning, and therefore they – the fairies -must have eaten it” was the illusory correlation.  “It could have been a cat, a rat, or a hedgehog that ate the food” was my reply.  Note the key-word in my response: could.  I cannot and therefore did not state that it wasn’t a fairy that ate the cat food, but I suspect, and therefore strongly suggested, that a local alley-cat was licking its lips that evening.

The current paradigm shift

Our perception of the current paradigm will include many illusory correlations of both a subjective and objective nature.  Many view the shift from an economic perspective, and will seek out others that also perceive the imminent wealth transfer from paper to tangible.  Through reaching out to others, such people have started a transition from illusory currency to tangible currency and the process will continue until all the debt-based fiat is absorbed by precious metals and other useful items.  As members of the sons of liberty academy you should be well aware that much of the fiat/paper wealth will be absorbed by silver.  If you’re still unclear why silver is the best option as of August 2011, click here for a full explanation.

Fundamentally though, the current paradigm shift is far more significant than purely economics, and many are ‘feeling’ the transition in a different way.  Esoteric philosophers perceive the event from a purely spiritual level, and talk of the ‘fourth’ dimension is common amongst such folk. The 2012ers are stating the implications of the Mayan calendar and Earth worshipers are pointing out the numerous changes in temperature, climate, and wildlife behaviour as indicative of a paradigm shift.  The human race is certainly close to a new objective understanding of life and nature, but we’re all feeling it in our own unique way, and are also seeking those with similar views to add more objectivity, and thus validity, to our own unique perceptions.

Essentially we are each highly motivated to make sense of the universe, and seek others that have perceived/are perceiving the paradigm shift in a similar manner to ourselves.  Without such confirmation, many would simply go insane through an inability to add objective consensus to what they are subjectively witnessing.  One of the worst forms of punishment is to isolate an individual, and it’s a shame when people self-impose isolation upon themselves through their indifference to others.  Each of us should apply caution when seeking such objective consensus; as although beneficial, it contains many pitfalls.

Adding objectivity to subjectivity

You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.  ~Navajo Proverb

Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves – Matthew 7:15

Unfortunately or fortunately, as both a curse and a blessing, most people attempt to achieve more objectivity to our essentially subjective existence.  The parasitical class will be well aware of this human behaviour, and have hi-jacked/designed our schools, parliaments, and media etc.  Through their mind-control techniques/strategy, the parasites have been able to manipulate our objective perceptions and ultimately our behaviour.  The objectivity they’ve been spinning for many centuries is currently under significant threat from alternative media sources such as this academy.

The elite need the internet at this particular juncture in August 2011, and have no option but to risk being exposed by on-line alternative media sources.  They will have numerous shills employed to troll the internet placing red-herrings, and other illusions.  Some will be employed to participate in open forum debates to both confuse and steer objective consensus towards their sinister plans.  Therefore, we each need to be very careful and also open-minded when searching others to validate our own subjective perceptions.

To try and understand another individual we must be able to de-centre, and perceive the world from another person’s angle.  I’m in my mid thirties, white, male, and I live in northern England.  My perspective/ angle of the evolving paradigm will differ from those born in a different era, with a differently coloured skin, are female, or live in a different area.  The world simply won’t ‘appear’ to me in the same manner as an elderly Indian woman living in a rural community in northern India, but that doesn’t mean I cannot or should not attempt to understand her angle/perspective.  My perspective of the war in Afghanistan, and the Iraqi invasion, will be completely different from a soldier or a citizen of such nations.  However, the unwillingness to de-centre causes indifference and therefore empathy should be encouraged to counter the horrendous acts currently being undertaken by the parasitical elite.  All those Afghani and Pakistani farmers being blown-up by drone-strikes is unacceptable, and must be stopped.

It’s your path

Your unique perspective of the universe interacts when engaging with your fellow human beings, but ultimately we each have our own pathway to walk along.  Although many such paths will interconnect and be similar in many ways, we are each experiencing the paradigm shift in a subjective manner, and although graphs and debate can provide more objectivity we shouldn’t expect to be in full agreement regarding every conceivable topic – especially spiritual ones – with those around us.  Indeed, if you feel you agree with everything another person states or believes, you are perhaps living a rather vicarious existence and should consider your own unique angle more deeply.

All the best

6 comments to Cautious Objectivity

  • Ben

    Mind. Body. Spirit. Full spectrum dominance is needed for the coming paradigm shift. That…and a crapload of silver.

    Excellent article.

  • Andy

    Hi, you wrote that you are from England, any suggestions where to buy silver from ? I know some people order it from Germany at 7% VAT, i cant find the sellers. What about GoldMoney, would it be better to store it there?

  • Gareth

    Cheers, Ben.

    It’s up to you Andy. I prefer to have my silver in locations that I know i can get to by pushbike and don’t really desire a custodian – but the choice is yours.

    For larger purchases you may want to look at coininvestdirectdotcom. They’re a sister company of a large gold bullion merchant that ship out of Germany. You can pay only 7% VAT when dealing with their company and the minimum order is 150 euros.


  • Prudentis

    Easily one of the best articles on the site. I commend you for finding simple words to depict a very complex and difficult concept.

    I am from Germany not England but if you want to find the best deals, you might consider those sites:
    These are pm prise comparisons and the registered dealers are all serious businesses, as far as I know. Of course I can’t guarantee anything but I used the sites myself and had no problems.

  • voxOnox

    Great perspective …. thanks for sharing!!!

  • Gareth

    Thanks VoxOnox

    Cheers for the info on the best bullion deals, Prudentis. PS I doubt ‘they’ will attempt a German versus British war again, but we must still warn that ‘they’ could try. ‘They’ are sneaky sinister tw@ts and need placing under a microscope.

    All the best

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