RICK PERRY- globalist

It was noticed that MSM [my local radio talk station, FOX, CNN, Rush Limbaugh] is all-in for Rick Perry, on air last week, Limbaugh did all but drool over Perry’s speech.  …go figure. Those in the know understand that Perry was the chosen one back in 2007 at the Bilderberg Conference in Istanbul, Turkey [look at this who’s who of their organization -at end of post] to be in line for a media push to the US Presidency.  The visit was in violation of the LOGAN ACT …but it has also been violated by most all elected presidents since AFTER Ronald Reagan’s term in office.

FACT- Governor Rick Perry has been instrumental in facilitating the Trans-Texas Corridor and related toll roads, which many argue is an essential part of infrastructure for a North American Union (or community, if you like)– that would integrate the economies, borders, police/military and even the currency (the Amero) of the United States, Mexico and Canada– as laid out by the Council on Foreign Relations’ Robert Pastor, as well as the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America— a treaty that President Bush signed with the heads of Mexico and Canada in 2005. In addition to general support and proposal of the plan, Perry publicly lobbied that foreign corporations developing the project be allowed to keep the plans secret.

Rick Perry also helped to facilitate the buyout of TxU (Texas Utilities), including the issuance of an executive order for fast track approval of certain parts of the deal. TxU was the largest buyout ever– at $45 billion dollars, purchased by private equity firm Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts (KKR) and Goldman Sachs, a global investment firm.

Both firms are well represented at the Bilderberg Conference.

TX Gov. Rick Perry Attends Bilderberg in Istanbul, 2007

Additionally, Credit Suisse First Boston, an investment banking group who is also well represented at the Bilderberg gruop, is named in a scandal indicting the head of Faysal Bank in Pakistan. Ajaz Rahim is charged with conspiracy and securities fraud based on insider trading information in the TxU buyout he received from Credit Suisse, who advised on the TxU deal.

Governor Perry has also been cosy, meeting in 2005 with then President of Mexico Vicente Fox, who awarded local police for giving sanctuary to illegal immigrants while the two heads discussed other business and cooperation. Fox was a signing member of the Spring 2005 SPP.gov (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America) document.  RICK PERRY IS A GLOBALIST

Typically, the agenda of Bilderberg is kept secret, though this year has garnered unprecedented coverage for the bashful consortium of international elites.

Look at this agenda [from their own website] for this year’s conference and YOU DECIDE if this organization is one that promotes positive ideas into our global markets, OR if it is one of conspiring to manipulate the markets, steering economic growth and monetary policies, and deciding who is IN and who is OUT!!

The 59th Bilderberg Meeting will be held in St. Moritz, Switzerland from 9 – 12 June 2011. The Conference will deal mainly with Challenges for Growth: Innovation and Budgetary Discipline, the Euro and Challenges for the European Union, the role of Emerging Economies, Social Networks: Connectivity and Security Issues, New Challenges in the Middle East, Conflict Areas, Demographic Challenges, China, Switzerland: Can it remain successful in the future?
Approximately 130 participants will attend of whom about two-thirds come from Europe and the balance from North America and other countries. About one-third is from government and politics [this is why ANY US GOV’T OFFICIAL attending this conference is in violation of the Logan Act], and two-thirds are from finance, industry, labor, education, and communications. The meeting is private in order to encourage frank and open discussion.

Look at this list [their steering committee] of Banking affiliates and global corps: and last but certainly not least is the SOLE adviser- David Rockefeller –chief genocidal globalist scum.


Henri de Castries
Chairman and CEO, AXA
DEU Ackermann, Josef Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank AG
GBR Agius, Marcus Chairman, Barclays PLC
USA Altman, Roger C. Chairman, Evercore Partners Inc.
PRT Balsemão, Francisco Pinto Chairman and CEO, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.; Former Prime Minister
ITA Bernabè, Franco CEO, Telecom Italia S.p.A.
ESP Cebrián, Juan Luis CEO, PRISA
CAN Clark, W. Edmund President and CEO, TD Bank Financial Group
GBR Clarke, Kenneth Member of Parliament
BEL Davignon, Etienne Minister of State
DEU Enders, Thomas CEO, Airbus SAS
DNK Federspiel, Ulrik Vice President, Global Affairs, Haldor Topsøe A/S
NLD Halberstadt, Victor Professor of Public Economics, Leiden University
USA Johnson, James A. Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC
GBR Kerr, John Member, House of Lords; Deputy Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc;
USA Kleinfeld, Klaus Chairman and CEO, Alcoa
TUR Koç, Mustafa V. Chairman, Koç Holding A.S.
USA Kravis, Marie-Josée Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute
USA Mathews, Jessica T. President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
FRA Montbrial, Thierry de President, French Institute for International Relations (IFRI)
ITA Monti, Mario President, Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
USA Mundie, Craig J. Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corporation
NOR Myklebust, Egil Former Chairman of the Board of Directors SAS, Norsk Hydro ASA
DEU Nass, Matthias Chief International Correspondent, Die Zeit
FIN Ollila, Jorma Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc
USA Perle, Richard N. Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
CAN Reisman, Heather Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc.
AUT Scholten, Rudolf Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG
IRL Sutherland, Peter D. Chairman, Goldman Sachs International
USA Thiel, Peter A. President, Clarium Capital Management, LLC
GRC Tsoukalis, Loukas President, ELIAMEP
CHE Vasella, Daniel L. Chairman, Novartis AG
SWE Wallenberg, Jacob Chairman, Investor AB

Member Advisory Group

USA David Rockefeller

27 comments to RICK PERRY- globalist

  • Ben


    With all do respect. I am going to make my post and THEN read your article and see how close I can get.

    I may have posted something about this before but I know Rick Perry will be the next nomination. They are starting to hype him in the MSM…on both sides of the false left/right media paradigm. I used to think it would be Mittens Romney but he has fallen out of favor. You are seeing more articles/posts/reports that Romney’s “religion” will be a problem for Americans. You see it in recent polling as well. I knew Rick Perry would be the nomination a few weeks back when I saw an article on a mainstream website reporting that fellow Neo-Con and pied iper Rush Limbaugh was supporting this man. It’s almost too easy. Rick Perry will indeed be the nominee and they will find a fellow neo-con to be his running mate.

    My Pick?

    It would have to be Marco Rubio. He can pull in the conservative vote as well as the hispanic vote and he appeals to Independents as well.

    That is my two cents.

  • Ben

    Ahhh…good points.

    I forgot to mention his associations with the Bilderbergs, The Trilateral Commission and last but not least. The Council on Foreign Relations. Now there is a trifecta from hell.

    Excellent post!

  • project mayhem

    i give alex jones a lot of credit for his prediction 2-3 years ago that Rick Perry was the chosen successor to soetoro. I guesse he was right, one week into his campaign and all the media is basically telling the sheeple Perry is there only option.

  • Silver Shield

    Alex did get this one right and early.

    The failed Amero and trans Texas corridor should have been a big hint.

    Also his Gardisal involvement too.

    This guy is no good.

    I do think Jeb might jump in just to derail him.

    All of these candidates are just the elites way of derailing the only threat in the race Ron Paul

  • Liny B

    We all know you guys are supporters of Ron Paul. A man of integrity and who knows what to do concerning our country. Unfortunately, he has no chance of garnering the party’s nomination. That said, us sheeple have to continue to pick the lesser of all the evils which in my humble opinion is Rick Perry. You will either vote for him or stay home on election day. I’m curious to know how many of you are going to stay away from the polls.

    • Silver Shield

      I will not choose the lesser of two evils anymore.

      If Ron doesn’t win we deserve 4 more years of the Kenyan in chief.

  • Ben

    I don’t know Liny…I don’t know too many peole here who still give credence to the false left/right paradigm. So you still think you don’t have a choice? Is someone telling you to vote for Rick Perry? Why would you vote for the lesser of two evils. Can’t you write someone in? Why does it have to be Rick Perry? Who is telling you to do that on election? Can you think for yourself or do you have to take the “lesser of two evils”. That’s like saying I would rather get shot with a .9mm Luger rather than a .45 ACP round. YOU ARE STILL GETTING SHOT AT! How is it that you know Ron Paul has no chance of garnering the Repuppetlican nomination? Becayse the corporate media is telling you this notion? And why would you stay home on election day? It is one of the few false freedoms we have left. There are billions of people on this planet who have never gotten a chance to vote their whole lives. Why would people give up that right? So Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination, you honestly think that all of his suspporters are going to stay home and pout?

    There is a saying in the Marine Corps. Assumptions are the mother of all fuck-ups. That about sums it up.

  • @ Liny B
    …judging from your first sentence, I seems we have attracted comments from the “other side”. I personally think that’s GREAT! They’re easy to spot as their syntax goes array.
    Liny B, Dr Paul has been the straight arrow for his entire career. Why do you think that his ideals are now on the tip of so many of the globalist and MSM tongues? The PEOPLE ARE AWAKE. The sheeple will follow. The globalists will attack with old cliche’s …“he has no chance of garnering the party’s nomination”.
    That kind of thinking is about to be a chapter in the book of “Remember When?”
    RON PAUL 2012
    ..his birthday Money Bomb raised $1.8M…in average increments of $50 = RON PAUL 2012

  • project mayhem

    I will right in Ron Paul on the ballet if I have too or maybe Ill sit at home and cast my vote by buying more silver and ammo

  • Liny B

    I want to know what you guys are smoking!!! Some of you will write in Ron Paul? Are you all out of your stinkin minds? Why would you vote for someone who has absolutely no chance in hell of winning? Just as a protest vote? I guess if you can’t get Ron you’ll take Obama?

    • Silver Shield

      There is no difference between Obama, Romeny, Perry, Palin, Bush, Clinton….

      They are all puppet s of the elite that are raping this nation and destroying the Constitution.

      Bring on the collapse.

  • Liny B

    One more tidbit for you Ron Paul supporters:

    Now even fellow Republicans are trying to find enough dirt on each other to thwart opposing campaigns while they ignore the imposter in Washington. Robert Morrow, a supporter of Ron Paul has taken out ads in the Austin Chronicle asking if anyone has had sex with Rick Perry, while Obama tramples on the US Constitution and refuses to uphold federal immigration laws.

    This shows the caliber of some who support Ron. They are so desperate they’ll even attempt to damage someone’s reputation. To me that’s scum.

    Read more: Why Are Republicans Held to Higher Standards? | Godfather Politics http://godfatherpolitics.com/652/why-are-republicans-held-to-higher-standards/#ixzz1VsI9JaQ4

  • @Liny B
    …I still don’t think you get it.
    It is either Ron Paul 2012….Or TSHTF, and those of us who KNOW we are the majority thought of Americans, will be slinging some of that shit!
    The banksters and powerbrokers need to get that message from WE THE PEOPLE, hopefully before November 2012.
    It is up to us to massively UNITE and deliver that message…

  • Liny B

    I purposely suckered you guys in and ya’ll fell for it hook line and sinker. I’m fully aware of all the truth in the above comments and wholeheartedly agree the collapse is inevitable. Yes, I do get it!!! I never said I didn’t like Ron I just don’t approve of his supporters stooping low enough to falsely damage someone’s reputation. I also refuse to vote for a losing candidate. Why bother getting all worked up about it? By the way guys, please check your spelling and errors in grammer. Can you at least proof yourselves before posting your comments? And that goes doubly for YOU Silver Shield. Touche’

  • @ Liny B
    darlin’, I hate to bust your bubble, but you didn’t “sucker” us into anything. I don’t think you would know the TRUTH if it smacked your your little twit between your twat. No one has said he is a Ron Paul supporter, not even him. He in a Libertarian, and MSM is the one connecting him to Ron Paul. We don’t care if he is or not, and “sources” that most of us in this forum know, have interviewed other “sources” that we in this forum know that have said the they [having run in the same political circles of Texas] have heard for many years that Perry not only walks the fence, but also is known to go “both ways”. Now, I am going to go no further on the subject in this forum as it is just like most of the candidates -NOTHING BUT TRASH.
    We have no time for slinging shit on the wall hoping that some of it sticks. We need SERIOUS AMERICANS, talking SERIOUSLY to others about the epic issues upon us. You need to stick to your “grammatical spell chekin” in the arenas you are in control over. You just lost control of this one.

    I think I can speak for most everyone in this forum, Please, you are welcome for SERIOUS intellectual debate [I don’t think we need to worry about that as you certainly appear to have already drank way too much of the kool-aid] but you can take your “sucker punches” to another site as far as I am concerned. In fact, if you plan to succeed and survive in the coming USA when TSHTF, if I were you I would really change that attitude of yours. Until you show me REAL CHANGE, I shall not waste my time on replies to your comments any further, I hope you GOT THAT!
    RON PAUL 2012

  • Ben

    Ho ho ho ho ho…..YOU SHUR GOTZ US DIDNDCHA LINY…..Why weezz iz just dummb pedestreeannes who don’t know a dadgum thang. I sure got snookeerd.


    You are full of more shit than an Alabama outhouse after a chili cookoff. Do you really care about being a grammarian? Is that the extent of your arguement? A person who does not have two legs to stand on and gets his ass handed to him in an online thread always attacks the syntax and spelling of a poster. Why? Because they have nothing else to argue about regarding the subject matter. They cannot make a cogent arguement.

    Spelling? Really?

    Do you mean to tell me that if I sat here and posted a bunch of misspelled words but the thoughts were coherently put together and well thought out that you would not be able understand it? Or would you just point the proverbial online finger?

    “Whyz you gotz some mad skillz brutha!”

    You cannot come up with a coherent arguement regarding Ron Paul’s chances so you go to the easy out. “You guyz not speel good!”

    Nice work.

    I only have one question? If Ron Paul does not have a chance and you are so all-knowing and won’t “vote for a loser”, then why do you even care? Do you just want to get into a pissing match on the internet so you can prove to yourself that you are a winner? Stroke your ego? Hell, stroke your wanker for that matter.

    You know, voting is a very personal thing, it is one of the few false freedoms we have left. I have not voted for a so-called “winner” in 30 years, but I have always voted my conscience. I will not choose a candidate just because the media tells me I should do it. Can you think for yourself there Liny? Do you always have to go along with the herd? Mooooooooooooo…..

    (Did I spell the extended version of moo right? That was supposed to be a cow mooing…like in a herd. Did I get the right number of o’s?).

    Open your mind man! It would appear that you are heavily programmed. The reason why I posit this theory? Because of this one line. And it has to be my favorite one.

    “I also refuse to vote for a losing candidate.”

    What are you….12? I picked the winner! I picked the winner! What do you have to prove to people? That you can pick a winning candidate? That you don’t want to look bad in front of Mary Ellen Rogers in Home Ec class? Jesus Christ on a bycycle. If this is what it means to be awake and aware then we all have a lot more work to do.

    You say you get it. You do not. You are not fully aware, if at all. You are locked into a mindset that has been created for you. Your mind has been programmed to be “the winner” type. I know, I used to be a bit like that, it’s what helped me in sports and the military, but after awhile, you realize it is a false paradigm and you wake up….or you just keep living the lie.

    Win at all costs right Liny? I bet you are one of those assholes who always has to “one up” everyone in the group or the converstation. Someone talks about an item they purchased and you got the next best one, the better deal. Hell, you even invented it!

    Do yourself a favor brother, look inside yourself and drop the facade. It’s kind of scary, but you will come out better in the end for it. It takes a long time. I have been awake for about 10 years but still find myself believing in the old paradigm.

    Start with Chris’s Sons of Liberty videos. You will not be sorry. They are very good and packed with a lot of information. You will learn something. I know I did. We are always learning my friend. It’s the nature of the game.

    Apparently, you are here for a reason. Right? Is it for shits and giggles? Or are you here to learn something?

    When you pull your head out…come back here and join in on the discussions. Leave your ego at the door and your normalcy bias in the trash can.

    Best of luck.

  • PlanetPrisoner

    to SilverShield:
    You are a hell-uv-a Patriot for providing this OPEN forum.
    @ Ben:
    THNX for watching my back!
    @ Liny B:
    ..as Ben recommended, that’s “SONS OF LIBERTY ACADEMY”– and while there, try to drop a 5 or 10 spot of banksters notes to the cause.
    RON PAUL 2012

  • Liny B

    Hey Ben I’m allowed my opinion but it appears you guys don’t like it! To stinkin bad! Leave the gutter talk for your friends. I can see not too far in the distant future this website loosing more visitors due to the content of these posts. It should have just stuck to the silver investing and the sons of liberty academy. They are the only two things on this website that are worth my while. FYI, I stack, I prep, I’m married to a marine, I shoot, I can grow, sew and invest and then some. I hope you guys treat your wives with more respect than you do me.

  • PlanetPrisoner

    …broke my heart too. ON WITH THE TRUTH!

  • Ben

    And here I thought you were a man. I don’t know many women who can kick some ass like you can. Keep it up.

    Opinion is fine.

    Calling people out and lumping them into a category and boxing them in is quite another. Own up to your “call out”.

    I would say be a man….but I say this to my wife and female friends all of the time. Be a woman.

  • As a woman, I trust my intuition and I’ve dealt with my share of playboy sociopaths.

    This Liny B is a government disinformation agent. Where do you work Liny? The Pentagon or one of the US Embassies around the world as a zit faced psychopath analyst? I’m not one to start a flame war but I will call a spade a spade. It’s not like you guys are a secret anymore seeing as how even the mainstream media has admitted to the US government employing bloggers and bean counters with too much free time to be shills and disinformation agents.

    Most people here are smart enough to think for themselves so your straw men attacks won’t work. Sticks and stones dear brother Liny B….

  • The strategy here is to go on the attack and then appear “reasonable” to make people think that he (she) is on the same side. Classic disinformation. Living outside of the States for half of my life has taught me quite a bit about deception.

    Once they think they have you on their side, their point to vote for Perry because “Ron Paul cannot win” still lingers as the “reasonable” compromise.

    Again, I am sorry but that isn’t going to fly here. Freedom is an all or nothing proposition. Rick Perry is another Bill Clinton. 100% psychopath and actor. William Cooper was right. Everyone should really listen to his old broadcasts as he was the only one who told the whole truth and died in the process after HE was the first one to predict 911. Then everyone tries to smear him as a drunk who talked about aliens and a bunch of other bullshit that he didn’t do. Even Alex Jones let me down by lying about William Cooper. Anyone can verify that what Alex claimed never happened…so I’m not sure exactly what to make of Alex Jones. He gives out good info…but as Sun Tszu said, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. What I am positive of though is that William Cooper was the real deal. I don’t trust anyone 100% who is around right now. As always and has been said before, listen to all but follow none.

  • Last thing about Alex Jones so his legions don’t jump down my throat. Anyone can feel free to answer these unanswered questions that Jones has never answered, dodges, or creates straw men. Mark Dice also smeared William Cooper by creating straw men in a way that raised some serious red flags.

    1) Alex Jones “sneaks” into Bohemian Grove, full of former and current presidents and other world leaders, gets questioned by security and he gives them a false name and they let him go? Seriously? The place would be CRAWLING with Secret Service and endless other agents or security forces…and yet Alex Jones can just waddle in there and get that kind of pristine footage. Either Alex Jones is not being forthcoming, is a double agent, or something else is going on. It makes no sense.

    2) William Cooper predicted 911 3 weeks before Alex Jones. Anyone can look this up on the internet in youtube archives or at http://hourofthetime.com Yet no credit is ever given to William Cooper. The only interview between Cooper and Jones was pleasant and cordial. Jones later claims that Cooper was cursing and Jones hung up on him. THIS NEVER HAPPENED. Or if it did, I cannot find it. I’ve listened to at least 60 hours of William Coopers old broadcasts such as the Mystery Babylon series and his book Behold a Pale Horse back in 1991. I was a freak…a cheerleader who was into conspiracies. But even now I don’t really fit in anywhere and I prefer it that way :)

    3) William Cooper was exactly like the writers here at Don’t Tread On Me. He said to question everything. He said that he saw a UFO but he said that it could have been a government craft. Alex Jones, on his show recently said that William Cooper claimed that there were aliens at the crucifixion of Jesus and it was on film. WTF?!? Even Jason Bermas smeared Cooper in a way that had me floored.

    Seriously, I don’t know about all of you but I question everything and don’t fully trust everyone. It should be a given by now as the Founding Fathers said that we must be vigilant. But so many people are quick to latch onto a leader. The point is that I DON’T KNOW who is who and what is what. Maybe Alex Jones is just a shameless self promoter who really got lucky. Maybe he cannot admit to his mistakes. But to tell lies about the man that Clinton called “The most dangerous radio host in America” (Cooper) AFTER he is dead and cannot defend himself is just…..WRONG.

    But that’s just me. Everyone can make up their own minds. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I know there will be some people who will at least be tempted to lash out at me for what I just said in these posts but in this I will be the first one to say that I hope that I’m wrong. I want to believe that Alex Jones is real. But step back and open your minds and think about it. Alex Jones is just TOO accurate sometimes. I know some pretty wealthy people where I live…and they are not dummies. They are good but they also know just how devious a pied piper can be. As Albert Pike said, “We will give them their heroes” or something to that effect. They will control ALL (I cannot emphasize this enough) SIDES. Think about it.

    Again, I hope I’m wrong…but in this day and age, nothing would surprise me.

  • @Liny
    1. So much for correct grammar for you. That’s right “grammar” is spelled with two “a’s” not “grammer”. FOOL

    2.”To stinkin bad!” Should be “Too stinking bad.” MORON

    3.” I can see not too far in the distant future this website (loosing) more visitors due to the content of these posts.” It’s “losing” IGNORAMUS

    4. If you won’t vote for Ron Paul because he can’t possibly win. Then you AREN”T AWARE, you’re just spouting the partyline given out by the corrupt MSM. IDIOT

    5. That is the reason the media shouldn’t be allowed to publish such bullshit before any election, because simpletons like you “WON’T VOTE FOR THE LOSER.”

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  • Well, it seems that the First Amendment is alive and well.
    I am glad to see that my article is also still alive and well. We are at a precipice of republican thought [and I am not referring to the party] beginning to spread globally.
    Liberty and Freedom and Truth shall prevail

    RON PAUL 2012

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