Lemonade Terrorism?

Again….WHO ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS HERE? Ask yourself who is initiating the use of force?

And then…to top it all off, a police officer says he would enforce the law no matter how unethical it is because he gets paid six figures a year to do so.

Six figures a year? SIX FIGURES A YEAR???? YOU as the taxpayer are paying someone six figures a year to enforce tyranny and violate individual rights!!!

Are you getting angry yet? If not, I might suggest seeking psychological help.


Watch the video here (can’t figure out how to post it):  Arrested for Selling Lemonade – That’s Absurd.

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6 comments to Lemonade Terrorism?

  • twisted titan

    There is no way innoncent people.

    The only p -ower the state has is the power crack down on criminals

  • Silver Shield

    This is one more sign post of the end.

    When the police bust little girls for selling lemonade and the authorities let trillions be stolen the parasite has destroyed the host.

  • Dave

    I don’t know…I’m of two minds on this. One one hand I ticks me off to no end that the federal government appears to be sooooo out of control. On the other hand, they do have ABOLUTE control over what happens in DC; Literally, they can do what they want; The Constitution gave them that authority. In addition, I’m not sure it’s a bad idea to limit the sale of things in the capitol. I mean you can have food vendors and drink salesmen on every corner and eventually look like some kinds of threet market in Asia.

    Besides all that, what was the point of selling lemonade for $0.10 for a very large glass of lemonade? Is wasn’t to make money! They probably lost money. It seems they were warned multiple times and the requests seems reasonable to me. You have to have vendor license to sell anything on the street, especially food/drink of any kind. They were there to push an issue that I’m not convinced is of any real significance.

    I know there are people that think every issue of freedom is of significance. I argue, the days are arguing the small stuff is gone and the days of arguing the big stuff is almost gone. Before long, so much as a peep and you will be dragged off, with or without warning, with or without Habbius Corpus.

  • Ben



    WAKE UP!

  • Dave

    I AM wake, aware, prepared and protected. I just don’t think total anarchy is the way to go. I question everything. I think one must have some rules. BUT, I completely agree that we have more rules/laws than is reasonable. I do think there should be some limited and reasonable laws to govern food safety…and a really do mean limited!! But in DC, that’s the lion’s den and the Constitution DOES give them free reign to do as they see fit within the seat of government.

    So, what I need to “wake up” about? Be specific!!

  • Sean O

    There is no “small stuff” when it comes to our freedom and we do need to pick our battles. The battle of the lemonade liberation will help wake more people up.

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