Where HAS all of the individualism of morality/humanitarianism gone?

I am going out on a limb here and shall only say that I am NOT a racist, sexist, or homophobic. but….just a note before an enlightening Robert Greenwald film.

Someone wiser than I must have once said that when wars become ongoing, decade after decade, we lose the best genes in the pool of current generations. I base this on an assumption of my own, I must say.  I must also say that my assumption is also based on the premise that the initial conflicts are assumed to be worthy and battled for matters of oppression, deprivation, or genocide of another race or nationality. When war breaks out, the brightest / strongest / bravest / most humanitarian of our youth begin to volunteer to serve others being oppressed.  As one conflict follows another, then another….then another …for decades, the pool of these charactered youth diminishes with each conflict.  Think about it…we have been at war constantly since WWII.

Our country has seemed to have been slowly eroding morally and intellectually during the same period. We have fewer volunteers, fewer statesmen, less classical studies, less independent thought, less respect for ourselves and others, and ask any retired veteran military person and you will find after talking with them for awhile and they will tell you that our military is generally eroded similarly also.

When I look at many of our youth (and many adults for that matter) today, I see a preoccupation of self interests that are truly mostly childish [sports, groupie music, techie games, skateboarding, tattooing, body piercing, pro wrestling, etc].   Hardly anyone knows what is really happening in our government anymore and if you bring an intelligent topic up in conversation you are looked upon as a bit weird.  People think that growing a garden is an upside-down tomato plant hanging from the porch or a few pots of herbs on the widow sill.

Most conversations are of things that have no relative use or need of any intellect. Masculinity among young men seems to have lessened.  Femininity among young women also seems to have lessened.  Community service is now court ordered!  The elderly are put into homes!  Dogs are given full-blown funerals!  Veterans are homeless!  Now, whether it is a result of the chemicals in our food eaten or a result of more freedom from discrimination or the chem-trails invisibly raining down upon us or perhaps a result of the brightest / strongest / bravest / most humanitarian genes having been depleted from the last 2-3 generations…..one can really never know.  Where HAS all of the individualism of morality/humanitarianism gone?

Of course, there are some of us who shall make it when TSHTF.

and now Robert Greenwald’s:  The TRUTH About the Iraq War

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  • twisted titan

    What you speak of is not happenstance

    What you speak of has been implemented with scientific procession.

    There is no way for you to rise up if your backbone is made of jelly.

    That is exactly what we have.

  • Silver Shield

    The men that I served with in the Marines were some of the best guys I have met.

    When I found out that I had risked my life for a lie, it shook me to the core.

    To think that I would have been manipulated into sacrificing myself for the Elite serves as inspiration for me everyday to wake the world up.

  • Silver Shield

    Also watch the Pat Tillman story.

    You will see the collective sacrifice and profit off of good, misguided men.

  • cold beer man

    Roger that SS. For me Semper Fi is my buddies, that is all. We spilt blood, sweat, and tears in Anbar in ’06, changed my life. Thanks for all this. No one can ever take having been a Marine away.

  • Great comments.
    Awakening in the early morning hours, one takes his time to stretch out of the dream-state…BUT once awakened, we are ready to start a new day, energized!
    “To be good takes practice, to be Great…Sacrifice!”

  • hbeachrealist

    Morality is dead in America. Case point: depleted uranium.

    All you have to do is Google “depleted uranium” and click “images”.

    When you have a country (USA) that dumps depleted uranium on human beings which results in the newborns to be born looking as monsters, then you know you are under a NAZI (National Socialist) government.

    Yet, how many Americans know about DU? How many are interested? How many care?

    Sadly, those awake all know the truth, and blowback, payback, and/or karma is a bitch!

    Karma is coming back to America. And it’s gonna be ugly.

    Keep stakin’ PMs. Get your guns ready.

  • silverdoc

    Maybe Greenwald can also find out the truth of why Straus-kahn’s prosecutors are setting him free tomorrow. In a world of, it’s who you know, or who you blow…it always comes down to the same same key ingredient…$$$$$$$$.

  • CactusAttackedUs

    I would argue that the use of DU (depleted uranium) has no real reflection on the morality of the American people. I don’t believe the use of DU is something the average American wants. Those who know what it is, and what it can do, do not want it used, but nobody (read: Congress) listens to us. Those that don’t know it even exists might just be pretty pissed if they knew it is being used and harms so many innocents (and their tax dollars are paying for it too).

    The horrible things the U.S. is doing all over the world is not a reflection of the will or the morality of the American people, but rather the elite’s sick plans that seek to profit from suffering of all kinds. I wouldn’t even say most Americans “allow” this to happen by staying quiet, because most don’t know what’s going on at all thanks to the media/government. People will never wake up if they don’t have honest info. That’s why I love sites like these. Once you’re awake though, I believe it’s all on you to not ignore the truth. If we all hide our heads in the sand at that point, perhaps America does have a morality problem.

    I think the elite want us to believe that American culture/America is beyond saving, or is evil, so we just give up and accept the homogeneous world government. By doing horrible things in America’s name, by perverting our culture through the media, they effectively crush true patriotic spirit in the masses – spirit to our true country, which is the people and personal freedom and the Constitution those beliefs were founded upon – spirit we badly need right now.

    I think this is a tool used quite effectively against us.

    For example, I used to think I hated what America stood for, (greed, corporate excess, violence, bailouts, War on Terror, War on Drugs, FDA’s war on natural health, etc.) and was embarrassed to be an American. Then I realized those things are what the elite/government/corporations stand for, not the American people!

    Now that I know the truth, I realize I love the real America – the people, individual freedom, peace, sound money, no entangling alliances – the Constitution. Now that I know what the real American Republic stands for, I confidently say, “I’m proud to be an American!”

    When I hear about another drone attack killing innocent people abroad, although it’s awful, it’s not the will of the American people. It’s not going to crush my spirit, and I hope it won’t crush yours either.

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