The Market Just Screwed Your Grandma – AGAIN

As i was perusing the markets after the close a couple of days ago i noticed something that made me shudder!  The 10 year note hit a low lower than the 2008 low….  Can you imagine that?

The interest rate market is freaking out…  Those idiots would rather lend money to the US Govt for 10 years at less than 2% than to hold stocks or dollars…  You might as well do that double take now; yes, i said dollars, bc  treasuries rallied while the dollar lost ground. Meaning?  Those geniuses would rather lend dollars for 10 years than hold dollars now!  Someone better tap those idiots on the shoulder and “edumacate” them on the fact that the dollar is nothing more than a zero duration treasury…..

Sorry, didn’t wanna insult your intelligence, but you never know…..

But, as with anything in a zero sum game, someone’s gain is your loss and vice versa…  As interest rates dropped to record yields someone needs to take a look at who benefits and who is getting screwed……

And lemme tell ya;  in this scenario, the markets just screwed your granny; again…  If the interest rate market were a man, he’d be smoking a cigar right about now…..

Low interest rates benefit the FIRE (Finance, Insurance & RealEstate) economy at the expense of every one else…  Ie. Savers, pensioners and retirees…..  Of which your granny most likely falls in the latter….

Low interest rates buoy asset prices (which the FED has been dying to keep afloat for a long time and failed) and weaken the dollar and in turn savers purchasing power (which the Govt has been trying to do for a long time and succeeded)…..

So, in a bid to add insult to injury the market just sapped more purchasing power and income from granny in addition to kicking her in the teeth on her house price and stock portfolio…..

The ultimate double whammy of asset price deflation and overall inflation in food and energy (through stealth dollar devaluation)…


We can be thankful for at least one thing though….  After all, you’ve always gotta look on the bright side!

As granny slowly slides into poverty as her savings lose purchasing power  and her assets (stocks and housing) continue to deflate and lose value she can feel a little better knowing that NO bankers were hurt in the making of this COMPLETELY KNOWABLE and FORESEEABLE slow motion train wreck…

Sadly can’t help but feel that this brings a whole new meaning to “trickle down economics”, doesn’t it?


Libertad is not a person or a group of people!  Its a mentality and a state of mind, the mentality to reason, understand and let the data and history be your guide and the state of mind to be free as an individual to think for yourself,  free of persuasion by media or anyone else.

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3 comments to The Market Just Screwed Your Grandma – AGAIN

  • The Old Man

    I have been trying to explain this for the last year to friends and family alike. I may have been better off just banging my head against the proverbial brick wall for all the good it has done.

    I had been trying particulary hard to get one particular relative to get thier pension fund out of the stock market (prior to the latest crash). Thier ‘financial advisor’ did not agree with me so they decided to leave it be ‘in order that the growing economy over the next year or two will see the fund grow’. Honestly I despare sometimes……

    I have another relative who thinks themself ever so cleaver for negotiating a ‘high’ 3.5% savings rate (with a 1 year tie in!) with thier bank. I explained that with the ‘real’ rate of inflation close is to 10% (an averaged and conservative figure) so they are only ‘loosing’ 6.5% of thier capital each year in that account. They just could not understand what I was explaining…..

    I also made an interesting (worrying) observation – no one, and I mean no one, I know owns a single ounce of Silver or Gold (including any jewellery they may own too!).

    Even though even the mainstreem media is now reporting that banks are in crisis, most of the people I know (mostly good, harworking, educated, and intellegent people with families)still honestly believe that keeping thier savings in a bank account is the ‘best’ and ‘safest’ way to keep their money. I truely fear they are going to loose all the ‘wealth’ that they have spent a lifetime working for – due to the actions of those entrusted to safeguard the economy.

    I no longer ‘evangalise’ alternative finaces and free thinking with anything like the passion and energy I did in the past, I’m too old and beaten for that now (years ago I would have made even Max Keiser look shy and retiring!), but I do at least still try to help people to think for themselves. That encouragement to think is what I like best about this site. So keep up the good work and keep the articles like this one coming – they relate to the uninformed just as much as to the informed and the work being done here IS making a difference.

  • The Old Man, trust me, i know! No one listen’s unfortunately… I’ve tried and ive tried, but i figured my energy is better spent explaining it to those who actually want to learn instead of just preaching to someone who doesnt care…

  • chivasmar

    I have also tried, gave them links to videos, articles, links to sites like ZH and dont tread on me, Max Keizer videos etc…, some of them make jokes about me being crazy, one told me that He checked the videos, if they were more than 15 minutes long, they did not have the time too see them, I stopped trying to help even my relatives,I will protect myself, my wife and by beautiful daughters.
    good luck to you all.

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