Idiot or Evil Genius?

Back when I was a thoroughly indoctrinated Fox News Junkie,  I was constantly confronted by people calling George W. Bush either a complete idiot or and evil genius.  GWB was either a drooling buffoon who was incapable of doing the simplest of tasks or he was a third generation Fascist genius, who was hell bent on systematically destroying the American Republic.  Being a kool-aide drinker myself, I just didn’t get why people didn’t see him as a warm, caring, strong, and patriotic president.  This is what ultimately led me to ask a deeper question, how is it possible that one guy could be seen by so many people, in so many different ways?

Fast forward to the 2008 presidential election.  Barack Obama (I love how his name still comes up as a misspelling) comes on the scene and the same thing happens again, only in reverse.  Now Obama is either a complete idiot or an evil genius.  He’s either an empty suit that cannot put two words together without his teleprompter or an evil communist bastard who’s plotting to destroy the America Republic.  And yet to the average Obama supporter, they just don’t get why people don’t see him as a young, charismatic, intelligent and motivating president.  Again, how is it possible that one guy can be seen by so many people in so many different ways?

People naturally process information using their own filters.  The first filter that people use to judge others, is how they view themselves.  If they are good-natured people, they see the goodness in all people.  I use the term “sheeple,” because these people are harmless creatures who go through life eating without questioning what they are given.  They cannot comprehend how evil people/wolves work because they are not wired in that way.  When first confronted with wolves, they give them the benefit of the doubt, then make excuses for their unnatural actions by calling them idiots.  When pushed to the extreme, the “sheeple” wake up only to see the evil genius standing in their midst.  At this point, it gets very real.

In the way good natured people see the good in others, evil people see the evil in others.  These cold and calculating predators are without empathy and seek to dominate the “sheeple” for power and profit.  They feel that everyone is out to get them because they are out to get everyone else.  They will use any ideology only as a means to power.  It does not bother them if they don’t really believe in the ideology ,so long as it gives them a vehicle to get them to where they want to go.  They are without a moral core and only seek instant gratification, power and profit.  In order for them to survive, they must mask their true intentions through mimicking those whom they seek power from.

The Republican wolves mimic middle America with family issues and tax cuts.  The Democrat wolves mimic the rest with social issues.  In reality, we are given a controlled choice of collectivist party A or collectivist party B.  Fascism and Socialism work the same way, take from the masses and give to the insiders.

In 2008, after 8 years of Neo Con wars and deficit spending, America was in no mood any more of that.  The Republican base was demoralized.  For 25 years, they were promised a smaller and less intrusive government. In the 2004 election, they finally had that opportunity and did absolutely nothing.  Actually they made it worse by increasing the size of government drastically, increasing the deficit and even increasing Medicare. So, change was in the air and the Elite knew it.  At the 2008 Bilderberg conference in Chantilly VA, both Hillary and Obama were summoned to their masters to decide who was going to win.  Both Obama and Clinton secretively ditched the press corp. that were assigned to them for the primaries to sneak into the meeting.  The election was really decided behind closed doors there in Chantilly that June, not in November as the MSM would like you to believe.

The elections are just big circuses to entertain the serfs and make them feel like they have a stake in their future. That is why every single election is,”THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER.”   The two parties are the same on matters of importance; War, Debt and government intrusion. They quible over issues that either mean nothing or can do anything about. The Elite use focus groups and marketers to create images and messages that resonate with the intended voters/victims.  That is why there is always a flavor of candidate that appeals to you.  Eventually and purposefully, those potent flavors you like get melted down during the primaries until there are only two flavors left; vanilla or chocolate. (No pun intended.)

So, the Elite rolled out a bunch of new and old flavors like John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Joe Biden and Barack Obama.  In the end, the new exciting Obama flavor caught the attention of the sheeple.  I mean what could be more exciting than a black president and the peak of power in the land of slavery?  He was young, energetic and motivating.  Yet he had something almost exciting about him like a bad boy to a nice young girl.  He ran on “Change.”  What that change was, he did not say.  For the most part, it was left up to the audience to read between the lines and create their own mental masturbation.  In the end, it did not matter which puppet got into power, Obama or McCain, the Elite’s agenda moves forward.

More debt for us, as it fuels the Elite’s profits and power.

More wars for us, so that the Elite can seize precious resources.

More illegal immigrants for us, to weaken us so that we cannot fight the Elite.

More factories overseas for us, so that the Elite can use slave labor to gut our wages.

More government intrusion for us, so that the Elite can monitor and control us.

Think about it, since Obama has won, nothing has changed.  I mean even Saturday Night Live has made fun of Obama for doing absolutely nothing.  He was just like Bush in 2004, full control of the government with nothing standing in his way and he did nothing.  Even the two most powerful positions, the Treasury and the Defense Department did not change a bit. (Sure we got rid of the Goldman guy and replaced him with the head of the NY Fed. Whoop dee-doo!)

So,  now we are at this unique period, where I think almost all Americans can be honest with themselves and admit that they have been “had.” Whether it was Bush or Obama or whatever political flavor you prefer, you are still just licking an Elitist tool. My suggestion is to forget about all of the races, for President, Senator and Governor and just let the Elite have them with their huge controlled media and think tanks.  The Elite can only really focus on a handful of races at a time.  We should really try and focus strictly on local elections and Congressional seats. That decentralized effort plays to our power and monolithic power can stops millions of independent actions working on thousands of campaigns.

Another suggestion I have to all that are reading this, is to attack the root of all of our problems, The Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve has stolen everything and it is only moral to get it back from these criminals. Just because this criminal Elite scammed America in 1914, it does not mean they are not guilty and justice does not need to be served.   Think about candidates running on a platform of freeing generational debt slaves with an new Emancipation Proclamation. If we ended the Fed, fractional reserve banking and usury, and switched to a competing currency system of gold, silver, platinum, and debt free treasury notes, we could eliminate everyone’s private debts.  The Babylonians did this when the debts of the common man became too great.  They reset the system and forgave all debts.  The church used to do this with a Jubilee year.

This would also mean that any public debts, like SS and pensions, would also be needed to reset.   All we are doing is cutting to the inevitable end. You are never going to get paid for all that you are owed, it is all a Ponzi scam.  It would be so much easier to take care of each other if there wasn’t this crushing debt, sucking everything from us.  The rest of the world might bitch that we are doing this, but they know that one way or the other, they are not going to get paid either.  They might appreciate us ending our insanity without going down in a blaze of glory.  We could throw them a bone and bring all of our troops home and end our world wide occupation. This single issue would unite 99.9% that are in debt to the .1% Elite and allow us to get a fresh start, instead of waiting for the Sword of Damocles to fall. (I know nothing will come of this which is why I suggest you panic now and beat the rush.  Only after everything crashes can we hope to rebuild again.  Get a head start on the world and join the Sons of Liberty Academy.)

The other thing that I think helps explains how so many people can see one man so differently, is the Hegelian Dialectic. The elite use a system of two controlled false choices to give the intended victims their “choice” of power.  We are given the “choice” of the lesser of two evils, the Republicans or the Democrats.  This is exactly how I give my 5 year old daughter the “choice” in clothing she’s going to wear for the day.  She feels good because she had the  power to choose the pink dress and not the purple dress.  Meanwhile, she did not have the choice to wear pants, shorts, or even just stay in her pajamas.  That is the same thing we get in our two completely bought and paid for Republican and Democratic parties.

If  I had told my daughter what to wear, she would eventually rebel against me and we all know what happens to girls with daddy issues… The Elite know that this is also true with their serfs.  Let them pick their poison and it will prevent the rebellion. “Let them march all they want. So long as they pay their taxes.” Gen. Alexander Haig. The Elite will let you do anything but attack the root of their power or really change the system.

We are forced into these two false choices and therefore have to defend on or the other.  If the Republican sheeple didn’t defend the Republican (Fascist/Corporatist) wolves on every issue, they risk being over run by the Democrat (Socialist/Communists) wolves.  The reverse is true for the Democrats. Meanwhile, all that keeps happening is the Elite keep closing their grip of power over all of us.

That is the true genius of the system, we are so dependent on this system that we are forced to defend it. Do you really think the 43 million people on food stamps could vote for a Republican that is going to cut social spending?  Do you really think the millions in the middle class, just barely hanging on, could they really vote for a Democrat that is going to raise their taxes or cut the mortgage interest deduction?  We are given a dog eat dog paradigm to work within.  Never are we given the choice of casting aside both collectivist parties and choosing a Constitutional Republic with a truly free market.  That does not serve the interests of the Elite.

So, I’d like to wrap this up so that I can drink beer and have some wings.  The answer to the question is, that politicians are mere sock puppets for the evil geniuses that control them, the banks, the media, the corporations, the world’s resources and ultimately us.  Start waking up and become totally free of them.  Maybe then we will have a chance to build something after this all comes crashing down.

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  • Ken Bittner

    I (continue to) like how you think! I wish I had better control of my ADD so I could coherently put my thoughts down as you do. But, your thoughts seem to mimic mine so it saves me the mental work. I simply read yours and agree (for the most part) Hmmmm…does that make me a type of “sheeple” I wonder???
    We can only hope that there will be enough of us in place to (re) build a society of substance after this one crashes down. It is amazing the clarity of hindsight that maturity gives one!

  • patriotcowboy

    This is a great read, I only wish we were more awake and had more time to prepare for the ‘collapse’ ahead. We NEED a new money system and we need it NOW!!!

  • “Only after everything crashes can we hope to rebuild again.”

    You said a mouthful. There is no viable way to “fix” the current ecomomic system other than to default and start over without usury and corporatism. Our monetary and trade system should be based on what’s best for Americans, not the bankers, big business and politicians.

  • Bob Howard

    The founders explained it. Man by nature is sinful. Man seeks to empower himself. Humans are born with the “illusion of central position” or what some might call “original sin.” That is why Samuel warned the people of Israel against Kings. That is why Christ said “ye must be born again.” That is why Madison wrote in Federalist 51 “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.” It is this last phase that is important. There must be a covenant between the governed and the governing that obliges the governing to certain limitations because the governing can never be trusted because of the “nature of men”.

    As God created a “covenant between himself and man” and demanded that man consent to His will so too our founders created a covenant called our Constitution or rule of law to which we the people consented and our elected officials swear an oath to defend. Without a covenant (rule of law) we will have government by Power of the strongest.

  • Mell

    “If they are good-natured people, they see the goodness in all people.” Scripture says two important things which leads me to think you might still be stuck on the Fox news Junkie bit. [1. All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of our creator.
    2. Psalms 118 trust not in Man(this includes you)] so if you think good natured people who have ;good; nature then you err in your use of that term since we should not trust in Man so Good natured people who Glorify the almighty don’t look at people as good natured since they don’t trust them – Scripture tells us not to.

    Your view and thus analysis ‘fall short’…(no pun intended) The reason I am correct is you attempt to use the wolf and sheep picture which is something right out of scripture that your making Secular worship to appear the norm. Secular Christians follow the give and give but only to the ‘Church’ –what are they giving to these Incorporated churches – Church and state have no business together they are different Kingdoms – show me a Corporation in the Scriptures – You cant – so why aren’t they rendering unto Ceasar as a 501c3???

    In the way good natured people see the good in others, evil people see the evil in others.
    Satan who promotes the evil does not think all evil people see evil in others he sees good and despises it that is why we Love our neighbor. We love our Creator YHWH-(EHYEH) even if we are evil and sin since the flesh is weak and there spirit is strong. – You have no idea what to say to people so you feed them an attempted doctrine of yours – which is just plain deception.

    “It does not bother them if they don’t really believe in the ideology, so long as it gives them a vehicle to get them to where they want to go.” This is simply not so – they have a doctrine – Money or better Mammon is who they worship since you worship who you serve.

    You classify differences in Fascism and socialism – plainly there are not they both serve the same master who has a purpose – deceive Man and Woman to lose track of the evil in this world. Mans doctrine not our creators or Messiah doctin. Scriptue says YHWH (you say God-title wrongly) created good and evil. “I YHWH create Good and Evil.”

    “The Babylonians did this when the debts of the common man became too great. They reset the system and forgave all debts. The church used to do this with a Jubilee year.”

    The Assembly(not ‘church’, does this every 50 years(49~) the Jubilee you talk about every seven years is something different but you wouldn’t know those things since none of what you are promoting is centered on our Creator – you are just worshiping more of the same. The Babylonians btw DID NOT rest the debts they did not do this – that is an error in history. You need to read the book of Ester and the history about this. Usury is BABYLONIAN clear and through evil, Nimrod was deified by the Babylonians and thus Babylonian doctrine you preach is False.

    While it is true we have a choice it ends after that “Choose you this day whom you will serve: (OT) – once you choose YHWH and our messiah Yeshua – that is it the only other things you do all day are choices for his worship not yours or your own that is the destruction choice ‘your own’ while his choice is that of freedom from bondage. Usury etc., Gal 5.1 For freedom sake did Yeshua set us free be therefore not entangle in the yoke of Bondage again” your cleaver use of ‘rest’ the ss and other programs lets you use them again,. SS# is nothing more than a registration of Property for the elites – you make contract(Art 1. sec 10 US Constitution No state may enter any treaty or law that impairs obligation of contract” You use Federal reserve notes every day you mad a contract- UCC law in use in this country basically has it roots in Babylon. There are no article III court in the American states, (gold fringe around the flag) BAR British Acredited Registry you know the ABA. Your article make no sense – you attempt to take a hill with 10 thousand Chinese on top of it like in Korea only to realize the 500 men you rushed the hill with can see the enemy when they get there- you lead people down a path of putting them back into the same mess with your article. The Republic is doomed to fail – it is Mans government.

    You need to read scripture and get redeemed commercially in you financial affairs after you accept Yeshua as your Messiah.

    FYI: EHYEH=I Am as in I Am that I Am – think Burning bush. Shua means SAVES, or salvation in Hebrew) Yeshua = I Am Saves the name of the Messiah – Its not Greek to me. Jesus is Greek / Yeshua is Hebrew

    You can not make two contract or covenant – you can not worship YHWH and Mammon – you can not serve two masters – the constitution is Mans government no YHWHs God is a title not a name. Another Rabbit hole misinterpreted scripture

  • Ray

    I could not agree more.. great read. It’s like watching a slow motion train wreck. You can see the massive collision is imminent, you know it’s going to be violent and brutal, but you are stuck to your seat and can do nothing but brace for the impact and pray you survive.

    Back in 1987, I had just finished reading “The Virtue of Selfishness”, “The Fountain Head” and “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand, I started to wake up and realize the scam and theft by the power elite. I voted of Dr. Paul in 1988 as he was on the Libertarian Ticket. Fast forward 20 years, and the massive change and power structure as warned by Rand and many others is all coming true. Now, it’s gain momentum and the condition is critical.

    Thanks for your efforts Silver Shield! My hats of to you sir..



  • Noodles

    Sadly we’re too far over the edge…Even if the People do rise and are suddenly “Enlightened” all it will do is cause panic…Lets take just the US for example…If the people realized the truth and kicked every bad politician out, closed the bases, protected the border, stopped buying useless high price arms, stoppped poisoning the water etc etc the economy would collapse and anarchy would ensue.

    As the French Revolution loomed for Louis the XVI the only thing he asked his ministers was for them to keep it going till his death…That’s where we are…The minute this rollercoaster stops or the lights come one the looting, raping and robbing begin…I hate the so-called elites but as in any great social change the ones that get hurt will be the old, the very young and women.

    Most Americans are useless…Forgot how to work…Have little to NO skills to survive…Imagine 300 million Americans suddenly with no money, food, fuel or social order AND 270 million known weapons? Even if 1% goes wild that 3,000,000 people…Odds are at least 10% will…Is society ready to see 30,000,000 armed robbers, rapists and thieves?

    If the change came in steps fine otherwise we’d have anarchy.

  • Jeff

    Agreed, people are generally clueless about things that matter. My 82-year old mother worked in banking all her life and I had to explain to her how the Federal Reserve works and what damage it has done to this country.

    Who can end the Fed? Congress
    Will they end the Fed? No. Not now or ever. Every member of Congress is also bought and paid for.

    For those who say “we’ll vote their asses out!”. Last November, the damage to the Democrats should have been far worse. My only thought is there are too many voters who vote the party line no matter what. Or…

    So the “elite” own the POTUS and Congress.

    “That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government…

    Our Founding Fathers gave We the People the right to abolish a destructive, out of control government, they just forgot to tell us how to do it!

    If the elite own the POTUS and Congress and if the election system is truly rigged as many suppose so, then we have no choice but to recall JFK’s words in a speech at the White House, 1962,

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”

    I am in my 50’s and what is going on in Egypt will come to Washington DC (District of Criminals).

    Will Congress and Obozo listen to us? No!
    Do they care about We the People? No!
    Can we “vote their asses out”? No!

    The Soap box has so far failed to work.
    The Ballot box is rigged.
    The only box left is the Cartridge box.

    It’s only a matter of time… God I hope I’m wrong.

    • Silver Shield

      Vote from the rooftop is always the last course of action.

      I believe that it will all come crashing down long before we have to take it down.

      Just remember the zombies are much fatter and slower than the ones in I Am Legend… >:)

  • Mike Litoris

    “In the way good natured people see the good in others, evil people see the evil in others.”

    It is a MISTAKE to weigh the actions of either Bush and/or Obama in terms of being ‘good’ or ‘evil’. It is MUCH MORE appropriate to speak of them as being respectively ‘stupid’ and ‘corrupt’ instead.

    Let’s stick to the observable FACTS here; GW Bush is an uncultured, incompetent, bufoonish, semi-functional, illiterate RETARD who can barely string together a coherent sentence in plain English. Barack Hussein Obama on the other hand is a despicable, corrupt, ineffectual asswipe whose main objective is clearly serving the needs of corporate America. These are the facts as proven by direct observation of both men’s DEEDS & ACTIONS. Anything beyond that is pure conjecture.

    If we’re going to apply the terms ‘evil’ and ‘good’ to anything here, then we could say that AMERICANS are EVIL for supporting WAR CRIMES, TORTURE, KIDNAPPINGS and MASSIVE INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL FRAUD, while the Taliban & Al Qaida are GOOD because they do their best to kill Americans ..who are evil.

    THAT’S the way the rest of the world sees this issue. Pull your heads out of your azzes & take the F’ing BLINDERS OFF.

    • Silver Shield

      Funny screen name…

      I was going to write about the same angle you brought up about how the world looks at us.

      We are overweight, depressed, and functionally illiterate.

      We are also the most powerful, all consuming and dominating nation.

      What we are sold at home about supporting the troops and what our troops do is two completely separate things.

  • pepper

    Well said mike!!! At this time, does it really matter if the votes are defaulted to secret society electies? We as a nation let this go on because as long as we had jobs all was good in our little worlds. Without jobs we can’t buy the basic essential necessities. We let our government take our jobs away so we could buy crappy foreign goods at a cheaper costs. Our government allowed the banks to jack up the cost of housing only to have our homes taken away. Banks are making hand over fist still by so many unemployed being forced on food stamps. The banks, lobbyist and our government have us right where they want us. By putting us in an economic slumber where we are feeling weak and fragile and don’t know how to take the first step in getting our dignity back. President Roosevelt felt that every American should have the right to have employment, housing, health care, education, and food. Before he could put that into law, he became fatally ill. That dream seems far from reality now, but not impossible. Our government doesn’t want the people to make a stand against them because of our numbers. They need to be ousted and our federal reserve abolished. And yes with change there are some people who take advantage of the opportunity by looting, hurting others. That’s why people need to help protect one another, neighbors working together. It can be done, our fore fathers did it through the revolutionary war for similar circumstances. We seem to have forgot what this country means.

  • Jeff

    Well said Pepper

    In everything, there is a Tipping Point. Back in 2008, when the economy began to crash, there were stories of people who committed suicide after the foreclosure notices arrived. I couldn’t believe people would kill themselves over a lost home, or debts that could not be paid, due to a job loss.

    The Tipping Point is getting closer and closer every day.

    I lost my job in 2008 and did not land another one till late last year, only to lose it (more or less). If my employer has a project specific to my skill set, then I have a job. I worked for two months and then had a month off and then worked for one week and now I’m off the schedule again. I can’t even begin to consider buying anything that is not absolutely needed. I have to keep every penny I have. There is no telling when I’ll be back at work.

    40 million households supplemented with food stamps. Gas prices just keep going up. Millions of us with no health insurance, no life insurance, little or no savings left. Meanwhile every two weeks, Congress gets their fat paychecks along with their First Class, Solid Gold, free health care and a lifetime (full pay) pension after they leave Congress. The people have no idea what it means to suffer. I will go to my grave with the memory of sitting down to dinner with my young son to eat a bowl of rice and a cucumber and trying the best I could to explain that that was all we had available at the time. While members of Congress fly back to their heated and air conditioned homes, with a pantry full of the best food and drinks, many of us common people have little or nothing. Too many of us now live in tent cities as our former homes sit vacant for months or years at a time. Too many of us live in our cars and can’t seem to find a safe place to park it and sleep without police officers threatening to arrest us.

    We pray to God or Allah or “Father” or Gaia or Jesus or our favorite Saint, hoping they can keep us healthy. Many of us can’t even afford to die!

    We have University grads with PhD’s, working as parking lot attendants, security guards and janitors.

    We are lied to constantly by the government. How the hell can the jobless rate drop when only 36,000 people found work last month? We all know as soon as an unemployed person becomes a 99’er, their name is dropped from the list of unemployed. That’s how they lie to us!

    It was reported a couple days ago a second straight year of record profits for Shell Oil Company, to the tune of billions of dollars, yet gas prices keep going up.

    We all want to “suck it up” “man up” or whatever your local dialect determines, but many of us have nothing left to “suck up” and that’s when the weaker brothers and sisters get in their cars and rev up the engine in a closed garage and end it.

    During WWII, our manufacturing base was rolling out, planes and tanks and Jeeps and Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers and Destroyers at lightning fast speed. Wikipedia states the Allies (mostly the USA) produced 153,615 bombers during the war. How did we do that! In the 1960’s we built rocket ships to the moon and walked on it’s surface all in less than 10 years. In the 1970’s we began the design of a fleet of re-usable space ships that could take off like a rocket and return as a glider. These days, we can’t build anything. Our government has taken our spirits and now they want our souls!

    The Tipping Point is not far away. We as a nation of people understand that total collapse is inevitable and the rebuilding process will be long and painful. My hope and prayer is this time we take the Constitution of the United States seriously. This current government refuses to accept the fact that the ship is sinking and to broadcast to all of us in the steerage section that “all is well, trust us”, is a complete and total lie.

  • pepper

    Jeff my heart goes out to you..really. A good friend of mine who owned a roofing business and worked it his entire life lost his business due to this economy. He tried to look for a job at home depot, even McDonald’s only to be told that he was over qualified. So he went to see if he qualified for any federal help only to be denied that because he was self employed. He became increasingly depressed. On Dec.27th, 2010 he walked out into his front yard around 2 pm and shot himself. He was stripped of his dignity and lost hope. I feel more Americans will do the same. I wrote the governor of Florida and was not given any empathy. I know it was an office staff employee that wrote me back. In that same letter I wrote of my disgust for our government. I wrote that our economy is so bad that our senior citizens are forced to work when they should be relaxing enjoying retirement, about banks and the housing being affected by the banks strangle hold on America, ect. So I write extensively to blogs and our money grudging government. I’m one voice, like you, who worries about my kids welfare, and willing to defend my rights as an American citizen. Our parents who protested had the right idea. I agree on what Americans were capable of doing during WWII, and how easily manipulated we as a nation have become. It’s like we forgot how to fight for our rights. It’s deploring to say the least.

  • Jeff

    Pepper, I’m sorry to hear about your self employed roofer friend. This is so typical. A man’s primary job is to protect and provide for his family and if he can’t do it…

    I was never poetically active till I lost my job. I remember voting in my first presidential election, I had a choice between “shithead and asswipe”, neither of them was worthy of the position. Once I lost my job, I started writing my Congressional representative to voice my concerns about the current events. I asked my Congressperson to vote “no” on Obamacare. She voted “yes”. I asked her to do whatever it takes to stop this illegal invasion of Mexicans with no education and no marketable skills, who were told by the Mexican government that there is a “better life” waiting for you in the USA. I got an “autoreply” that had nothing to do with the context of my concerns! The Mexican government thinks it’s better to send their “unwanted” to the USA, rather than deal with the situation as it is.

    I am “old” as most young people would say. I will have to work FOREVER, till the day I die, otherwise I will have to eat dog food and maybe, have to eat my dog! My dog loves me unconditionally and he is the only true friend I have ever had.

    As it was said in the classic movie “Full Metal Jacket”, we are ALL in a “World of Shit”. Some of us will position the barrel in our mouths, and others will fight back till death. “Victory or Death” was all the Japanese and the North Vietnamese solders understood.

  • pepper

    Jeff, thank you for your empathy. By the way I love my little dog too. My husband works hard everyday and worries that his trade will become obsolete as so many blue collar jobs have. I can no longer work for I’ve been stricken with Dystonia. However, my passion is being heard like you for the unjust that is crippling our nation. We are frustrated with a system that no longer believes what the true meaning of being an American is. True our nation is based on immigrants, which appears to be blind sided with greed. I feel that if you want to live in our country that you must oblige by the immigration rules that are repeatedly broken in order for cheap labor to exists in our country. I find it absurd that those laws are broke, and as usual those that follow the rules get deported. Now that Mexico doesn’t accept American dollars, it will be interesting to see how these illegal immigrants will be able to send money back to their families. Blaming this on the drug war is a known lie. Another method of the ponzi scheme that we know goes into overseas banking for the social elite. There are cures for various diseases, like cancer. The drug companies won’t allow them to be used so they too can rape us all like I have mentioned. I too will be forced to have to work part time so I can afford my medications and doctor visits because there isn’t a known cure for my disease. I do not have a comfort zone only a bad feeling something terrible is coming. I’ve have felt like this for several years. I can’t be the only one.

  • Dave

    Hey Chris!
    I want/need to keep this short, but I have wanted to reply now for some time, and thanks for a broad, public forum in which to have these dialogues!
    Thanks also for all the info, effort, concern for our vanishing democracy, and thanks for the insights into the history of silver, money (fiat & commodity), fractional reserve banking, and just a lot of things that have appeared here.
    This is all good info, stimulating dialogue, and a step into doing something other than watching our democracy erode(quickly!).
    I thought Mell’s letter was a little hard on you personally, but then I also know what Mell is relating this all to…
    Some points that may help many people new to this blog;
    1; be a Berean.
    That is a Biblical reference meaning to emulate the Berean early Christian community, who were open to all new thoughts and ideas, but also diligently held said ideas up to the lens of scripture “to see if these things be so.”
    This is additionally important, because this was founded as a Christian nation “under God” and God is the measure of our truth ( not man’s measure), and God is provably truthful, despite whatever your hearing these days.
    To support my claim of God being exceedingly truthful, I will simply ask you to view Chuck Missler’s “What Is Truth?”
    or “HOw We Got Our Bible’, or “Learn the Bible In 24 Hours?” DVD’s or books. To much to get into here.
    So I’m telling you people who are new to these ideas, before you get all happy about this stuff, do yourself a favor and learn a little about these things on your own, so you can evaluate the relative truth and validity of these topics.
    Then you can join the dialogue with some credibility and perspective. You’ll also feel better about making decisions on these important topics.
    2; This stuff is all really overwhelming and frightening to many people. To the point that many just won’t even attempt to think about it, or deal with it, or discuss these things. There’s lots of disinformation to boot, so what does one do?
    Most seem to resort to “sheeple” like responses. Blather on aimlessly about ‘their’ opinion, without any address to facts or logical analysis. Or stick their heads in the ground (TV, internet, games, drugs, sex) and refuse to acknowledge the problem(s), or angrily attack others to appease their own confusion/frustration.
    There are many bad reactions, we see them, but what to do? How does one not get freaked out by the impending financial crisis, and the ensuing aftermath?
    Many will not like this, but do some research! All these events are accurately, and clearly fulfilling Bible prophecy.
    Do not be deceived! Biblical prophecy concerning End time events is occurring every week as we watch. This is the sole source of understanding these events, and not being overwhelmed by them. If you don’t believe in God, then you have far bigger issues to contend with.

    I repeat; like it or not, this country was founded in an attempt to practice religious freedom, not available in Europe, during most of the Middle Ages. This is all being rewritten now. THey attempt to rewrite history, saying this country was a by product of the Age of Enlightenment. More Change We Can NOT Believe In.
    These very threatening times ahead will be much more tolerable if we know that the Creator of the universe is in control, and just, and loving, and wants to give us all an escape! I’m pretty sure that God is more angry about the current world condition than any of us would deem safe.

    Chris you provide alot of good info, but as I’m sure you know or have found out, history is a difficult subject.
    First because most people undervalue it, Second because most people don’t know it, and thirdly, and most importantly,
    because history is often told by conquerors, and so history is often full of political spin, inaccuracies, and needs to generally be taken lightly, till one is able to view more sources. SO, this said, we need to be willing to learn about the subjects at hand if they are new or unfamiliar to us. If not, please do not attempt to join the dialogue! There is way to much gray(disinformation) in the world, on the internet, on TV, in print. We need no more muddy water!

    I hope Chris that you will continue this labor of love, and I hope more will recognize it for what it is, appreciate it, and either join, or join in, or wake up! This coming global, elitist, ecumenical, One World government will never have an answer for the our coming Prince, Yeshua. He has told us in advance what to expect in great detail. Unfortunately, most “sheeple” are misled in this, as all other things, and miss the great hope we have.

  • Bush and Cheney are biggest idiots of all time including. I wish someone would fly them to the Hague for prosecution for crimes against Humanity.

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  • […] start at the beginning. I had sent “Mr. TeaParty” my article, Idiot or Evil Genius?, which is about the dichotomy of how people look at both Bush and Obama, as either Idiots or Evil […]

  • […] start at the beginning. I had sent “Mr. TeaParty” my article, Idiot or Evil Genius?, which is about the dichotomy of how people look at both Bush and Obama, as either Idiots or Evil […]

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