Consensus Objectivity and the Danger of a New Collectivism




In my article ‘cautious objectivity’ I briefly summarise some of the differences between subjectivity and objectivity, the common drive/ motivation to acquire consensus objectivity, and how these can result in bizarre belief structures that can seem silly over the passage-of-time.  This article will go deeper into the mechanisms that I believe underpin our reality, and is intended as food-for-thought to those experiencing the impending paradigm shift.

Just to recap:  Subjectivity is commonly defined as an individual’s perception of their environment and is independent of their fellow man, or indeed any other creature on this wonderful earth.  Objectivity is often thought of in the purely scientific realm, but is essentially ‘achieved’ when two or more people/beings ‘agree’ they perceived/are perceiving the same phenomena.  When we witness an unusual event, or ‘sense’ something important, most people are motivated to confirm these perceptions with others.  This desire for consensus objectivity is almost universal, and is both beneficial and harmful for mankind.

The most obvious benefit is that we are ‘on the same page’ as those around us, and this facilitates our cognitive processes, keeps us motivated, and prevents severe mental-health problems.  Most, if not all, sons of liberty academy members will have been motivated to confirm many of their suspicions that we are currently living in a debt-slave paradigm that’s reaching its inevitable climax.  Furthermore, as you cannot find people nearby that share your perceptions, they’ve remained subjective resulting in much frustration.  Sound familiar?

It’s clear that we’re all motivated to confirm our essentially subjective world, and it is also clear that the parasitical elite are fully aware and alert to this human behaviour.  This is why the desire for consensus objectivity is both a blessing and a curse and we must be mindful – all of us –as this desire results in both a great opportunity and a sinister danger.  I try not to write too much about my personal beliefs and thoughts, but the topic of this article requires me to do so.

After spending several minutes staring at the picture on this forum – the one on the right depicting the joker with “meet the old boss, same as the old boss” – my mind starting to wander: How will the elite try to introduce collectivism once the $US is toast? Does this mean I should escape to the mountains and lead the life of a hermit?  Surely we’re social animals and there’s a reason for that!  But if I allow myself to be part of a group, then am I at risk to a new collectivism?

Obviously these questions are difficult, but I am not going to escape to the mountains as I don’t suffer from a schizoid disorder, and am therefore not a natural hermit.  For me, and for many of you, such a life would be a horrendous slog.  Indeed, it’s commonly understood that isolating someone is an effective way to hurt them, and the act has been practiced for millennia.

Ultimately, therefore, I’m going to have to stick-my-neck-out and see what’s occurring in the great wide world of consensus objectivity, remain vigilant, and keep focussed upon my own ‘road’ in this most interesting, yet terrifying, paradigm shift.  I refuse to take a bunker mentality, and intend to ‘speak up’ against all the corruption and injustice I perceive throughout the world.

As stated, I will indeed mention my own thoughts throughout this article, and I encourage you to assess how they both resemble and conflict with your own.  I’ll address three specific topics: the elite; the economy; and nature.

The elite

Like most of us at the ‘academy’, I’ve both read and thought about who/what the elite are, what’s their goal, and how I can stop ‘them’.  From shape-shifting reptilians and extra-dimensional creatures, through to ‘them’ simply being psychopathic humans, the theories regarding the elite could fill a city library.  My own view is that the banksters have enslaved us with a combination of illusory currency and usury, and at it’s at this particular objective consensus that I diverge away from David Icke and other researchers.

This is not to state I believe there isn’t some other layer to the elites structure/power, it’s simply that I perceive banksters and their minions benefiting from this current paradigm whilst the masses suffer.  Furthermore, I believe the parasitical class comprise of more than the ‘elite’ and include politicians, bureaucrats, and also some welfare recipients.  I’m not saying all welfare recipients are parasites and in August 2011 many will be in genuine need. However, I’ve known people claiming state welfare during ‘boom’ times that simply enjoyed sipping-on the government’s teat, thus encouraging government re-distribution of wealth.

Essentially, although I’m aware that there could be extra layers to the elite, I do not spend much time considering the topic and neither do I seek confirmation or objective consensus for non-human activity.  I’m philosophical about this, and believe that maybe that I’m not meant to perceive the upcoming paradigm shift focussed on lizards and aliens – but I’m willing to accept that many other people are.

So, back to the original question to myself:  How will the elite try to introduce collectivism once the $US is toast?

The most apparent technique that the elite use is the formation and encouragement of hierarchical groups.  When people have a ‘leader’ and a power structure it is easy for the parasites to plant fifth-column and other agents within the structure.  I’m a member of two groups:  the British Constitutional Group and this academy.  Both adhere to the concept of ‘leaderless’ resistance and stress the danger of forming hierarchical structures.  Please don’t fall into the trap of forming groups with leaders and power structures as this will provide a window-of-opportunity for the elite to introduce their own version of consensus objectivity in your area.  Be alert!

The economy

Members of this academy should be well aware of the dire economic situation, the insidious nature of ‘debt-based currency’, and the opportunity of both safety and wealth generation through purchasing silver.  Such topics can be assessed with both mathematical measures and reference to economic history and therefore lend towards objective consensus.  The wealth cycle principle is a combination of psychology, mathematics, and historical reference, and is a valid theory from my perspective.  The current trend is a dash from paper assets into tangible assets, and this trend will continue with increased momentum in the foreseeable future.

However, the objective consensus of the masses/sheeple, in August 2011, is that fiat/paper is the way-to-go and not only will many keep their wealth in stocks etc there will even be some people storing fiat currency in the bank for a ‘rainy day’, or until the economy rebounds from its epic spiral downwards.  The objective consensus that commodities, especially silver, will be crucial both during and following the paradigm shift is only perceived by a small percentage at this juncture.  Indeed, when the masses finally wake-up to the danger and immorality of debt-based-fiat-denominated assets, the wealth cycle will have already shifted.  Be prepared – get some silver today.

From my perspective, the parasitical elite intend/intended to introduce a global debt-based fiat, one that is quantified by each national/regional currency in existence today.  Evidence to support this theory is derived from a ‘meeting’ between world ‘economists’ and the Rothschild agent Soros earlier this year.  However, as this ‘meeting’ was reported by the mainstream presstitutes we shouldn’t assume too much, and remain vigilant.

I also perceive they’ve timed it all wrong, are being exposed far more quickly than they anticipated, and are essentially cornered on silver and gold.  In this current debt/war paradigm, they will most certainly attempt to trigger world war three, and this is one of my greatest concerns.  Avoid flag-waving war-mongering nationalists as we enter the climax of this cycle, as they’re sure to be Rothschild agents, and are therefore minions of hell.


The sheeple/masses have forgotten nature, and indeed so have many that are alert to the paradigm shift.  Purchasing silver bullion and exposing the elite is crucial at this particular juncture, but I’d like to suggest we all consider the impact of our activities on the earth’s ‘health’.  Throughout recorded human history, the elite have used their slaves, including us debt-slaves, to plunder the earth’s resources.  Ultimately, we inhabit a planet with finite resources and we’re either already in – or about to reach – a post-peak name-any-finite-resource world, one which will present humankind with many new challenges and opportunities.

The elite have attempted to massage/steer/manipulate our desire to live on a cleaner planet – one without air pollution, toxic soil, and poisoned seas.  The parasitical elite’s ‘solutions’ thus far include: global taxation on carbon dioxide, wind-farms, solar panel systems, hydro-dams, and other tax-revenue-raising ‘solutions’.  Parasites will never cease to find avenues to live off the labour of others, and taxation is the strategy in the current debt/war paradigm.  In other words, the objective consensus the elite are attempting to generate will be one in which people accept violent taxation on elements such as carbon dioxide and insufficient energy production.  Since ‘their’ intention is to cull us, and further enslave the remainder, this strategy is hardly surprising.  Point ‘their’ strategy out to others whenever you sense the opportunity to wake someone up to ‘their’ malevolent and diabolical scheme.

Personally, I perceive a solar/wind powered 12volt home-system to be a tempting option at this particular juncture, but no amount of solar/wind/hydro energy will satisfy the current demands placed on fossil-fuel generators, and therefore the current ‘national grid’ technique practiced by the majority of countries.  Furthermore, when considering the impact of post-peak oil, we must think far beyond mere electricity generation.  Oil is used by the food industrial complex, and I strongly urge everyone to consider growing at least some of their own food using real seed.

Although I am fully aware there is knowledge of ‘future’ energy, the techniques I’ve read about primarily include precious metals – particularly platinum.  If anyone has convincing evidence/knowledge regarding the topic of ‘future’ energy, perhaps you could write an article for this website.  I would merely like to introduce the idea of hemp-oil to readers at this particular time.

Hemp is essentially a weed, i.e. it really isn’t necessary to be a ‘scientist’ to grow and process the resulting crop.  Government propaganda against hemp is one of the most sinister and criminal acts the elite have inflicted upon humanity.  Not only could hemp provide excellent bio-fuel, it could effectively provide the masses with paper, building materials, foods, industrial materials, textiles, and medicine.  Furthermore, it could be grown locally for a local market, reducing added transportation costs.

Fundamentally, hemp is a plant, and therefore is expandable through the collection of seeds and gardening.  It can be used as part of a crop-rotation system, and therefore form part of new organic farming method.  Essentially, unlike the precious metals – that are finite and need to be mined – hemp can be produced in correlation with local demands/ needs and would work in harmony with other aspects of the economy.  This is not to indicate that precious metal-based energy systems should be ignored, I merely wish others to consider the potential of hemp production within their local area.


Both subjective interpretation and objective consensus of natural phenomena and experiences can ultimately be wrong.  There is human desire to obtain objective consensus and this is both a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing because we formulate new ideas and strategies through reaching-out to others, but it also provides a window-of-opportunity to the parasitical elites to mould the next paradigm shift into one that serves ‘them’; and ‘them’ alone.  The elite are malevolent parasites and we must therefore be vigilant when seeking-out confirmation of our subjective perceptions.  From carbon taxation to classifying the wonder weed hemp as a ‘dangerous drug’, the elite have hood-winked us many times before.

Their usual method is to introduce new hierarchical systems into our culture, and at the moment this comprises of government organisations that tax us violently at the bequest of the elite.  To counter such strategies I urge all to avoid hierarchical structures, and keep to smallish groups that adhere to the ‘leaderless’ resistance ethos.  Without a hierarchical structure it’s difficult for the parasite – whatever/whoever it is – to control humanity.

Please consider your own role within the natural world, and have courtesy and respect for other life forms both human and non-human.  I believe billions needn’t die, nor do we need to go to war.  Hemp and other organic methods can provide self-sufficient areas without the excessive need of plundering ultimately finite resources.

Stay safe, and think on.

There is still a lot of hope.


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  • I am busy with finishing my antimatter documentary which will also be about self sufficiency. Some people ask what does hemp have to do with antimatter? Why put the cart before the horse, your not going to go far, by that, I mean hemp is efficient and will sustain civilizations.

    Energy crisis or energy revolution? I think ill choose the energy revolution. The energy crisis can die-off literally it would have never happened if they never demonized hemp with racist propaganda, our cars now would be using hemp fuel. Rudolph Diesel made his engine to run on hemp ethanol, actually to run from many plants. henry ford ran his car on peanut oil to show how much of a variety of plants can be used to run the cars.

    There is a lot of “waste” of inefficient protocol used every day. Travel is one issue, people are working far away from where they live, because they can not find jobs locally, a lot of that time is sitting in traffic wasting more fuel. On top of that, insurance is a huge scam, henry fords plastic car which had hemp in it, was 10 times stronger than steel. if cars were built properly, unlike the crap auto companies sell, people would not need insurance or drivers licenses at all. that is for children. children ask permission from the nanny state. I dont blame people for still driving with a license, submitting (surrendering rights) an application to give the ownership of the vehicle over to the state. when you register a car you are literally handing ownership to the state. nobody wants to be bullied by corrupt authority.

    Even the Air Force tested their jets with biofuels!

    Anti-gravity is real, there is a lot of science I have sources in my youtube channel for this. The apollo 15 hammer-feather drop, both arrived at the ground at the same time. Boyd Bushman who worked at lockheed, did an experiment, at lockheed with 2 $5000 magnets, he dropped his 2 rock like objects, one with the opposing magnets in it, the other nothing. The one with no magnets arrived first so he canceled out gravity to some extent.

    I have a link in some of my videos of a source from ESA which did an exeriment which generated a small gravity field.

    i seen people actually confirmed Boyd Bushmans experiment just like people have done with John hutchison. If 250,000 scientists were gathered to create nuclear, why isnt the same energy going into antimatter or anti gravity? if there will be antimatter reactors on earth they must be tested first to see if its safe.

    Because hemp is illegal, its difficult to have physical evidence to claim 1800 gallons of ethanol per acre, except OTHER sources confirm 1800 gallons of ethanol from sugar cane, and hemp is superior so in all truth there is evidence but not from hemp because most tests from hemp are the low THC strain. Moderate THC strains produce far more seed and ethanol per acre because the low THC strain got that way after centuries of not allowing females to grow, which produces less seed each season. Half the cars in brazil are running on ethanol from sugar cane so it can be done.

  • Ben


    You do excellent work.


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