CRIMEX Option Expiration Day On The 25th

We cannot let gold and silver rise going into that, now can we…

Once again, any short term paper gain for the manipulators will lead to long term and terminal physical losses at the end of this game.

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  • PitBull Pappa

    Thank you shorts… I hope they keep smack’n down the price more… Friday is pay day so I can BTFD!!

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • The Old Man

    Everyone is still looking at (rigged) charts in a (rigged) paper / pixel market.

    This false price discovery mechanism we currently use has a tremdous amout of power over those who still see the value of physical metal in ‘fiat terms’. Because of this ‘fixation’ (intentional pun, sorry) with these seemingly simple to manipulate charts, we will most likely continue to use them even after we reach a physical supply ‘event’ (and the real – much lower than currently believed – quantities of physical Gold and Silver available, then become known).

    The ensuing scramble for physical possesion of what little metal is actually available for delivery will leave ‘paper metal’ by the wayside and we will wonder why we even bothered with these charts at all when considering physical metal. Until then we are all caught up in the existing system, staring at charts like rabbits in a hunters night-lamp.

    Gold and Silver will eventually have thier day (true price discovery), we just need to be patient. We may even have to wait until a new or ‘evolved’ price discovery mechanism emerges. Hopefully non of this will not take too long (especially now that central banks are taking delivery of Gold – and with special thanks going to Chavez), and private investors are stockpiling / stacking physical Silver.

    Still, in the meantime the charts give us something to measure the ‘mainstream’ view of the value of precious metals (future money).

  • Anyone

    Another silver slam on the way!

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