4 things to leave behind today

Warning: this post may be hazardous for your sacred cows. If you have known attachments, please consider NOT reading more. If you continue, remember: nobody can tell you what to think, feel, or do. If you don’t like what you read, stop reading.

  1. Religion

    Having faith is good, but religion is a part of the system that drains your resources. Follow the Book of your choice, not the preachers nor the interpreters of translations of other translations.

    Take Jesus: following his example makes you stronger. Following a sermon where a man like yourself tells you what another man like yourself meant in his epistle makes you weaker. Be Jesus. If you respect him, be his disciple, not a disciple of a disciple of a disciple of a disciple of someone else.

    Don’t trust me – read the Book and think. Don’t give in to interpretations. As Jesus originally said, “Self comes before Abraham” (note how generations of translators perverted these words in John 8:58). Expel money changers from the temple of your mind and start living your life.

    Another poison of religion is in the concepts of karma, rebirth and Judgment Day. Those at the top protect their status every way they can. One way is to prevent you from even THINKING about competing for the top — nooooo, we should quietly tolerate the disfigured world around us and look forward to God’s fair trial some time later. Hence all the tales about carrots awaiting us in some other life, time, place.

    Sorry, guys: life is unfair, yet life is the only thing each of us really has. When we die, we lose forever, full of regrets about things we should have done, but chose not to. Those who understand this live here-and-now, which makes them free.

  2. Esprit de corps

    You were born alone, you will die alone, you live alone. Each of your decisions is yours only, even more so when you make them wearing a uniform. You must investigate every circumstance you are in, as there are plenty of people whose well-being is based on your ignorance and complacency.

    You can’t feel safe because your buddies think it’s safe. You can’t follow a crowd if your Self tells you it’s a path to ruin. You can’t take out mortgage just because all your “friends” did. It takes a serious effort to ignore the warnings of one’s own Self, but if you succeed, you know who’s responsible:

    When men hire themselves out to shoot other men to order, asking nothing about the justice of their cause, I don’t care if they are shot themselves.
    Herbert Spencer

  3. Reverence

    Nobody and nothing can be trusted unless it agrees with your heart and mind. This is why you have your own heart and your own mind: to tell you what is right and what is wrong. When you hear anyone tell you that you should trust her more than yourself, make sure you never see this person again. When anyone tells you that your desires are wrong because she says so, leave this place immediately. Nothing is to be taken for granted. Test everything and everyone. If they are worthy of your respect, your guts will tell you.

    For example, you can’t respect a priest or a soldier or a fire fighter just for being what they are: no, they should be worth your respect. Question their motives.

    If somebody tells you “Mr. N is a hero”, don’t be too quick to worship Mr. N. Does he exist anywhere but on the TV screen? Who did he protect? From whom? How did he happen in that place at that moment? What did he sacrifice? How did his life change? How did he improve the world? Does he sound like a human or like a scripted extension of corporate PR? Why am I presented with this guy today—am I not supposed to notice something else while gazing at this guy? What does he want me to do, when all is said and done,—support a politician, a union, or give my money to his charity?

  4. Charity

    Never donate a penny to any charity. Never give your money to the likes of Greenpeace, Doctors against whatever, Hunger relief, Cancer research, nothing.

    1. Your money goes to the management of the charity, not the claimed cause.
    2. If there is a tsunami and they can’t recover without the help of the rest of the world, it’s a sign that Nature wants them to disappear. Just like panhandlers: push what is falling. Stop fighting Nature.
    3. If you donate to a cancer foundation that claims to be researching a cure, do you think the cure will be distributed for free to all who need it?

    Donate your skills and time to the people you know personally. Feed a beggar. Never give your money to those who play on your emotions. Any money-based charity is an anti-natural rip-off scheme designed to make you feel guilty about your being a healthy man who honestly earns his bread.


Doubt, question, poke your fingers into every sacred cow you can find. Identify your most sacred, most revered, the holiest, the most untouchable idea – your parents? Your church? Your kids? Yourself? – and start examining your relations with this person or concept. Ask yourself what it does to you; what you do for them; who and how benefits from your relationships; who uses whom and how. The catch: be honest to the end. If you cringe in embarrassment, you know you are on the right path.

Repeat it for everything in your life until you know what situations your chose yourself and what situations you are kept in against your will. Sever your ties to anything that makes no sense to you.

Don’t trust a word above unless it agrees with your Self. Question everything till the day you die.

If you know more things that drag us down, please share.

18 comments to 4 things to leave behind today

  • Ben


    Like the commercial says….BRILLIANT!

    Religion. Spot on. I try and tell people that God is between people. That is where he dwells. He is not in an institution, he is not in scripture, he is between the daily comings and goings of men and women, father and daughter, mother and son, husband and wife, neighbor and neighbor and on and on. That’s where God is. Quit looking for him. Find it in yourself first.

    Esprit De Corps. God is there is well. Between soldiers. Marines. Navy personel etc. Your bond should be with your fellow brother. Not the institution. I do not honor my past service. I honor the men I served with. Especially the ones I didn’t serve with, older men and women. I owe them a debt of gratitude for what they sacrificed. Most realize, it was not for service or country, but for the man fighting next to them.

    Reverence. You must find reverence in yourself first. Perhaps then, you will be able to see it in others.

    Charity. I always give of my time. I give money to people who actually need it that I know personally. Giving of time is always more rewarding. You get an immediate payoff emotionally….and you always receive smomething that is unintended. You truly do learn something new each day.

    Excellent stuff.

    Mustfa. Don’t ever put a disclaimer on your writings. You are one of the best posters on this site. And my personal favorite. I will alwways read your stuff.

    Keep up the metaphysical kicks to the balls! We all need it.

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    I very much respect your philosophy and enjoy your writing, Mustafa.

    This is one of your best…and your most important.

    No matter WHAT the future brings, what you have written will serve all of us well from this day forward.

    Molon Labe!

  • Silver Shield

    I am so glad you are here.

    This next revolution will be one of ideas and those that are able to get their head wrapped around it will thrive.

    Those that are stuck in the past may not survive.

    Question everything.

  • I am a disciple and follower of My Lord Jesus Christ and I happened to hold almost similar view except my focus and emphasis is “Everything, seen & unseen on Earth and in the Heavenlies are all made and exists for one purpose only – To Fulfill The Ultimate Plan and purpose of God for man and Jesus is the Centrality of That Intention and Purpose. I believes there are many like you whom I can truly called my brother. Keep up the good work ! I am very blessed by your work here in Don’t Tread On Me; both spiritually and materially (investing in sliver and gold) Thanks and Shalom! God Bless!

  • Scout

    Mustafa wrote: “If you know more things that drag us down, please share.”

    As Pogo said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

    We, or our monkey minds and egos, are our own worst enemy and the main influence in dragging us down. Learning to quell, even extinguish, those negative thoughts contrived by our imaginative minds is paramount to becoming whole, healthy and free. Learn to meditate deeply, seeking only your Divine Greater Self within for your understanding and your answers.

    As the Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh says, “Peace is every step,” “Attachment to views is the greatest impediment to the spiritual path,” and “In true love, you attain freedom.”

    For more mindfulness:


  • Kevin Brown

    Great article!Heaven on earth If the majority was awake.

  • Ben

    Excellent points Scout!

    And…I concur Kevin.

  • lastmanstanding

    Well done…as we all travel in our daily lives,remember to look around. The simplest things, the underside of leaves in a breeze, clouds floating by, we have different bees in our trees this year, why are there lots of white moths in the pines this year (again), in the west the Canada geese have been flocking for months…I saw a whitetail fawn today that could not have been more than 2 weeks old (not a good sign) On God’s earth, some things do/may not matter…certain things tell a story/share a tip of what may come…it is the ebb and flow of the planet.

    People included…know who you can rely on, but most likly you will have to go it alone…follow God’s path and the tips he provides…I hope we can stay on it.

  • cold beer man

    On religion , spot on, Be Jesus. it is a kingdom of conscience.

    On Esprit de Corps, you lost me. The only thing that kept me going outside the wire was my Marines. But out here in Disneyland America you are spot on.

    On reverence, I revere the veterans. WWII, Korea, Vietnam, I always thank them without a mention of my service.

    On charity , thank you for that , awsome, that is great the only one I have ever given to is Wounded Warrior Project just once.

  • THNX MC…Excellent….GREAT post!
    Religion- I live in the bible belt. My LAST time visiting a church I attended here the morning class was talking of scheduling of their upcoming Golf Outing.
    I stood and walked to the 2nd story room window, turned and asked if they were going to invite the homeless people that all plainly knew “lived” in an area across the street. They laughed, I walked out that morning, took the 4 boxes of donuts on front table with me, AND a thermos of coffee. They were speechless as I walked away. The homeless and I enjoyed fellowship that morning. I support my home church back in the hills of KY -400 miles away, they know humility and appreciate HIS Grace.
    Esprit de corps- You put that very concise and simple. Listening to our inner guide is one of the most difficult things to hear. Bombardment from MSM, peers, retailers, politicians, preachers…..distortions abound that warp our perceptions and judgement. This character quality of being TRUE to TRUTH is what statesmen and the wise have going for them.
    Reverence- Give of yourself to others from within. You are no better than I …I am no better than you. Intellect IS NOT intelligence.
    Charity- For most of your post I do agree, although it does take dollars in order to run a food bank, homeless kitchen, homeless shelter, free health services, etc. For someone to organized the logistics of these takes effort and knowledge and time. Finding quality people to volunteer to do all of these things for any one organization is impossible. These key people cannot be expected to handle these behind the scene needs while committing 100% of themselves without honest compensation. It is too bad that we do not have enough people who want to serve their fellow man as was the case 75-100 years ago. Charity was so different before WWII [I don’t know why- good discussion for later] You are 1000% correct about not giving money to large 501c3s. They are of majority a scam and yes, 70%+ goes to someones fine home and pockets. Guidestar.org allows members to examine the IRS 990 reports of any 501c3 org. IF one looks at a few it can truly be seen that abuse is rampant.
    Give of yourself to others in need, locally, regionally. I have gone to Mexico spending 3-4 weeks helping other Christian brothers building houses of worship for the locals, a very rewarding / humbling experience. We can all find needs to fill right in our own neighborhoods.
    I would add a no.5 to the list -PRIDE- This IS a character flaw of many. I will admit that it is a haunting issue with myself, but I work on it constantly. To some, PRIDE is just an out pouring of feelings to try to help others see that THEY can succeed also….BUT for others it is merely a statement of “I AM BETTER THAN HIM”. Yes, let’s leave pride behind also.

  • When I worked for UPS they said that they (we employees, not management) supported the United Way, because they had the best payout ratio.
    31%, that’s the best. 69% administrative costs!!!
    Are you kidding me.

  • twisted titan

    When men hire themselves out to shoot other men to order, asking nothing about the justice of their cause, I don’t care if they are shot themselves

    Now That is deep right there

  • Truth23

    Religion is a lie and system of control. Period.
    The following statements are not a joke. My job is to present the information to you and you, the reader/seeker, may choose to believe or not to believe:

    The Word of God is a man. His name is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall.
    He has been healing people from AIDS, Malaria, Cancer.
    He is Yahweh the father now and was Jesus the son before.
    Reincarnation is real and the idea has been systematically removed from writings, hence removed from our psyche.
    Please go to the YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BrianIsYahweh2

    When you speak of “Nature”, be sure that it was not controlled by HAARP. This system is being used against all continents and countries(particularly poor ones,i.e. earthquakes,floods). Everything is NOT AS IT APPEARS.

    Peace and Wisdom to you.

  • lastmanstanding

    cold beer man. My father was a Marine korean War vet…tank commander/sniper (in the old days you multi-tasked.) we heard selected stories as kids growing up, they became more graffic as we grew up. his idol was our great uncle who lost an arm an other items in WW2…along with a gentleman that live next to dad’s mom, he was a survivor of the Bataan Death March.

    My cousins(2) served in vietnam. One came home, the other is immortalized on the wall…His father was my great uncle…I can see the 2 cousins wrestling in my living room in 1968 before they shipped out.(Just out of high school)I was 7.
    i can see them to this day.

    My father NEVER encouraged us to join the military…now I know why.

    Dad said about a year ago,”had we been turned loose into N.Korea and China, we wouldn’t have had to deal with either one of those bastards today.” that was in 1950…It was bad for business.

    Today i heard on the news that China is adding to its military…now it’s good for business if your one of the bankers.

    My son did 6 in the Army…wanted a career there…saw the writing on the wall and got out.

    Also…My uncle was on the Bunker Hill, my father-in-law was also Navy in WW2 and a very close friend flew B-17’s and 29’s into Berlin…they are still alive.

    God bless you, Mustafa, SS, and all those that served our country.

    Stand in reverance with them…they would absolutely stand reverant with you.

  • Jim

    There is a God. And I am not him. Nor are you. His Name is Jesus Christ. He came to earth to die a substitutionary death for my sins. And yours. He rose from the dead. He’s alive for evermore. He is eternal. He’s active in the affairs of men, mine and yours. His Word is eternal, true, trustworthy, and infallible. He has declared war on every other god, for there is no other God but Him. Only He is able to meet our needs. He deserves our gratitude and trust. Trust in Self and you will die, eternally. Trust in Him and you will live eternally with Him forever. What I’ve written above is specifically grounded in specific words from His Word, the Holy inerrant Word of God, the only reliable source for our ultimate trust. Jesus Christ will ultimately break every sacred cow/god in the universe, especially the sacred cow/god of autonomous man, whether it’s the autonomous individual or collectivist man (statist man). Count on it. Count on His Word! It’s reliable.

  • Truth 23,

    Are you willing to bet your eternal soul that this man is Jesus and heaven forbid, God? The Word states clearly there will be those falsely claiming to be Jesus, and will be enabled with powers to deceive all but those fully aware of the Word. Listen, this man may be able to heal, and that is a wonderful gift, but I doubt he is God the Father.

    “The Word of God is a man. His name is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall.
    He has been healing people from AIDS, Malaria, Cancer.
    He is Yahweh the father now and was Jesus the son before.
    Reincarnation is real and the idea has been systematically removed from writings, hence removed from our psyche.”

    I am not trying to start an argument here, so please, just rationalize your thinking and challenge everything. I think you then find that this person is merely a faith-healer, and yes, they do exist.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    @ Jim:

    His Word is eternal, true, trustworthy, and infallible.

    Says who?

    He has declared war on every other god, for there is no other God but Him.

    First, says who? Second, how can a war be declared on something that does not exist?

    Trust in Self and you will die, eternally.

    Thank you for the illustration.

    Jim, this is my shortened comment. In the original version, I asked “Says who?” after every phrase you wrote.

    Here’s the difference between us: I don’t care what you think or believe in. I want people to be as different as possible, aware of their uniqueness, and proud of it. Using your vocabulary, who am I to dare question God’s plans, if it’s He who creates people with different beliefs and ideas? You, on the other hand, want everyone to be like you, even though your God doesn’t.

    Stop using “God commands” instead of “I, Jim, want”. Ever heard of whitewashed graves?

    I can’t resist:

    It’s reliable.

    Says who?

  • jan

    This is amusing, and backs up my thoughts:
    why do Christians (and others,But I dont know thier books authorship) believe what a BOOK says anyways? did you ever play “telephone” when you were a kid? It was amazing how things got screwed up as it went down the line. And the Bible starts out from stories handed down VERBALLY over centuries before they got written down, then those got translated into other languages which may not have the exact word that’s meant to be used.
    Then its translated into american english to make it easier to read (without the thou’s and thy’s). Are you really sure about what your reading? In general, its got some good moral teachings, but its also has plenty of contradictions if you get into it. here’s one:
    Adam and eve’s kids were sent to the land of Nod for wives. If Adam and Eve were the only people created, who are these Nods??
    Every culture has a creation story…life didnt just spring up in one place!
    Food for thought.

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