On Pointless Vindictiveness of the State

The purpose of the State is not to solve or prevent problems of its members. The purpose of the State is to force or corrupt its members into perpetuation of the State.

The State is based on fear and force: try unsubscribing from taxes and services. The agents of the State, seeing that almost everyone complies, understand that coercion and intimidation work at least as well as reason. Over time, they lose all interest in explaining themselves to wealth-generating masses, and “Because I said so”  becomes their only argument. Reason and discussion become vestigial virtues. Eventually, the longer the State exists, the less reasonable and more brutal it becomes.

As gradually as reason leaves the State, the irrational demand for preserving the status quo occupies every bit of vacated space. The Elite on the uppermost rung demand that they remain on top: the faster the lower rungs crumble, the more hysterical the demands from the top. (They can only demand the impossible, as they have no idea what life is below: true communication is only possible between equals.)

To meet the demands from the top, every manager on the lower rungs must be able to produce a report of the actions he has been taking to preserve the order. Since reason has all but disappeared from the system, there are no managers capable of solving problems and convincing their subordinates: they use cheating, force, intimidation, and “Because I said so”. Every next-step manager gains a title of Effective Manager, if he finds someone below to point a finger to and someone to dump responsibility on.

As soon as a culprit is assigned, a happy report is dispatched to the top and the problem is considered solved.

The whole pyramid is based on finding a scapegoat.

As any schoolchild knows (actually, with our education I am not so sure anymore) finding a scapegoat solves nothing.

I’ll dare to take a step further and insist that finding a real culprit solves as much: nothing. Punish him all you want — the damage he did cannot be undone.

Take Carl Panzram:

Did his hanging unkill or unsodomize all his victims? No. They remain dead and humiliated till the end of eternity. If any one of them defended himself and remained alive, that would have mattered. The State-sponsored murder of another creature does not matter: it does not teach anyone anything, except that the State can get away with murder, as if we didn’t know.

What is done cannot be undone. If a person caused harm by accident, she is not guilty. If she caused harm on purpose, a Pavlovian conditioning will only make her worse (look at prisons). Killing her in revenge will send citizens deeper into the hole of forfeiting their freedoms to the State.

Boy, is it wrong. Every free man and woman should take care of themselves. Matters of life and death cannot be delegated to a brainless, faceless, endless bureaucracy, which will eagerly appoint me a scapegoat, if I am easy enough to grab.

* * *

Bloated and swelling as they are, even this situation has a silver lining:

The ever-expanding powers of the enforcing institutions are a sign that they are all lost, that they are required to send more and more happy reports further up. The reason has left the building; full-time hide-preservation mode is engaged. The house is falling.

One caveat though. We can’t know how long till the State dies. Today it may be closer to full health and power than to the end. Plutarch warns that one day, just one day before Sulla died

on learning that the magistrate there, Granius, refused to pay a debt he owed the public treasury, in expectation of [Sulla’s] death, he summoned him to his room, stationed his servants about him, and ordered them to strangle him.

* * *

To those who will survive the social rebirth:

Don’t judge others. Literally. Protect yourself, protect your friends and family with the highest level of force necessary, but don’t judge others. Do what you have to. Doing what you don’t have to is a waste of resources. Don’t hunt anyone down to take your revenge: you’ll waste energy and undo no harm.

Revenge solves nothing, but makes the avenger look like a government official of a State that has already degenerated into a witch hunt. In other words, like an anachronism from the torturous medieval past.

1 comment to On Pointless Vindictiveness of the State

  • Ben


    Nice work Mustafa.

    “A tragic situation exists precisely when virtue does not triumph but when it is still felt that man is nobler than the forces which destroy him.”
    – George Orwell

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