US Day of Rage

(Editor’s Note: Please read The Two Coming American Revolutions before you get too excited about this. That being said, with the Steve Jobs stepping down and the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar, this protest will not be a good thing for any paper assets you may hold.)

A protest is being planned for Sept.17, called the day of rage.  The main thrust is to take money out of politics, and restore basic democracy. To contact the organizers to get involved go here. An even more aggressive Occupy Wall Street Effort is here.The Wall Street Examiner

US Day of Rage: Non Violent Civil Disobedience

American institutions and government have been captured by oligarchs and kleptocrats, who systematically set about stealing and looting what was once a great nation.

America can once again be a great nation, but we must take it back. NOBODY will do this for us. It will not be handled back to us by bought ‘representatives’.

Wall Street is a huge contributor to the political machine, which in turns enables Wall Street’s corporate plunder of our nation. Both the Democratic and Republican parties set the bankster agenda because of the MONEY. When we speak of ‘taking the MONEY out of politics’, we have no choice but to focus on the sources of the MONEY.

As a critical FIRST STEP, we call on Citizens to take the lead. Bring your friends and neighbors together to non-violently protest the tyranny of kleptocrats on Sept 17, 2011

We at DO NOT tolerate violence of any kind. US Day of Rage NYC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles stand is solidarity with each others’ actions and endorse the planned actions of the NYC Assembly to occupywallstreet on Sept17. – US Day of Rage Call to Action & Planned Protests: Sept17 – Occupy Wall Street

“I Gotcha Covered Goldman”
"I Gotcha Covered Goldman"

It has been questioned who’s behind this call to action and the concern is legitimate.   Money; who controls it and their ability to pervert the democratic process and thus free market capitalism is at the heart of our economic and social wows.  Collectivism and Crony capitalism are both the bane of liberty and self determination.   Below is an excerpt from: that details our beliefs, some of which were reinforced from ideas found on this blog.

A Constitutional Democracy and inherent Rule Of Law, combined with Free Market Capitalism is the best method for improving a societies standard of living. A system of free market capitalism is defined by failure: when you fail, the loss is born by you alone. When you succeed the spoils are yours to do with, what you wish.The tragedy is “our system” has been usurped by an elite financial class and governmental minions who put themselves above the law. The central banking cabal our founding fathers gave their lives to escape again controls the apparatus of government and commerce.

As their leveraged “free market” speculations soured the Banksters demanded ”WE THE PEOPLE” absorb their losses. In other words Banksta Capitalism is the antithesis of free market capitalism; profits are capitalized but losses “debts” are Socialized transferring the debt to independent citizens. And the promise of “Hope And Change” has done nothing but prove our system has been hijacked in a Financial Coup d’État where the elite determine all outcomes. – Inflection Point

See The Wall Street Examiner’s 16 statistics which prove that the American people are absolutely seething with anger right now…. US Day of Rage story at Inflection Point

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  • question

    From what I have read this is a thug tactic by the SEIU, ACORN and like minded to bring down wall street and JP Morgan (not that our monetary system collapsing won’t do the same thing in time). Please see this article or google SEIU US day of rage.

    Why would we want to join the thugs?

    This is cognitive dissonance. Who is right here? It can’t be both good, and lead or orchestrated by shady characters at the same time. The same type of people who lead ACORN and SEIU wouldn’t have changed their tune so how can this be good?

    Who benefits here? Is it controlled resistance?

    • Silver Shield

      Very good grasshopper!
      Which is why I put the editor’s note to read my article on the Two Coming American Revolutions….

      The enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend.

  • Good to Know. Excerpts of “the Two Coming American Revolutions” as well as links to it are included in “THE FOUNDING FATHERS: MYTH ASIDE, THIS IS A VISION GONE WRONG! – Part One: WAKE UP AMERICA” – the piece before this.

    The call to action; the elimination of money from politics cuts to the heart of the problem and is thus a worthy pursuit. Left controlled or right (the tea party usurped by the Koch’s and they don’t even know it) I want to see if the American people can get off their buts and stand up for something.

    The capture of Capitalism and its fascist perversion for the benefit of a few must be reformed so that it serves the many.

  • twisted titan

    anything that is mobilzed by unions or policyical action commitees of any stripe are honey traps.


    the most effective means of crushing the system is withdrawing as much support away from it as possible

    Gold and Silver in your personal possesion
    Tangible items that are useful and nesscesary.
    Ability and willingness to defend your famly person and property

  • rainmaker92506

    The term “capitalism” should be stricken from this blog and “free market” inserted in its place. Its important to understand that while the dictionary description of capitalism is “economic and social system in which the means of production are privately controlled”, capitalism is still Keynesian in concept, hence the root “capital”. “free market”, on the other hand, is without govenment intervention and representative of the Austrian theories of economics.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    @ question (8:19 am):

    >> Is it controlled resistance?

    No doubt. Any organization with a leader is created for the benefit of the leader. Any flashmob is organized either to give power to the organizer, or to drain power from those who can’t think of a better way to use their time.

    In this case, leaders set up a Facebook group and send sheep to the slaughter: to be photographed, identified, recorded, possibly harassed by the enforcers – for ZERO results in return.

    Instead of fighting the system, they walk out to taunt it: “Hey, squid! See me? I don’t like you! And I am sure this news will frighten you out of existence!”

    What they do is disclose their intentions without striking a blow. Intentions can be revealed only in decisive action: never draw your weapon if you are not going to use it.

    These guys shout about their intentions and follow with nothing. They wait for somebody to tell them they are free. They dream about license, not freedom. Concentration camps are usually populated with exactly this type of people.

    XX century tactics of mass loitering have been proven useless over and over again. If you want to change something, there is no need to join a crowd. Quite the opposite: leave the crowd; disconnect from the idiots (even the best-meaning of them); make a change in your life.

  • twisted titan

    Well said Mustafa…….

  • Ben

    “ Hindsight is not only clearer than perception-in-the-moment but also unfair to those who actually lived through the moment.”

    – Edwin S. Shneidman


    “We at DO NOT tolerate violence of any kind” Ya’ll are pathetic. Violence is the only thing these greedy sons-of-bitches understand.

    • Silver Shield

      Non violent non compliance worked well for Jesus, Gandhi and MLK to change the world.

      Those that want violence are most likely government agents trying to get some poor stupid sap to frame and put into their “justice” system.

      If you want a revolutionary plan read the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield

  • This is probably a march ordered by Obama and soros so they can put pressure for tier “tax the rich” scheme, u know 250k plus millionaires. Looks like the same thing they did before they put in a pay czar so he could pay out big bonuses to the bankers.
    Anything seiu is in is bad news for us.
    Born Again Patriot

  • Sean O

    “They” are going to taunt and manipulate patriots into taking violent action. This is not the right path for us to take at this time and the powers that be know it. Unfortunately some over zealous patriots may not and their actions will lead to more government control. (For our own good of course.)Hide in plain sight and the right path of action will reveal itself when the time is right.

    Keep stackin’.


    No where in this piece is there a call for violence.

    In fact “US Day of Rage: Non Violent Civil Disobedience” is a prominent headline to the piece.

    What amazes me is the people are not outraged and marching in the streets. People cling to the hope someone else (POTUS zer0) is going to fix their problems and, bringing them around has been slow.

    “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.”- Voltaire

    Your attack is one of the points I tried to make.

    “The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” Steven Biko

    As we saw in Brittan. THOSE OF YOU WHO SUCCUMB TO HATE will be playing right into the hands of the Oppressor. It is not about liberal vs. conservative, democrat vs. republican, Red vs. Blue, Black vs. White, Muslim vs Christian. The oppressor and the powers that our supposed’ leadership’ caters to is a global financial elite and corporate fascist cabal that has captured our lawmakers and regulators.

    Through their capture of “Our Government” they have enacted policies that are extracting trillions from the government and the people. The top 1% over the last 25 years has increased their annual income be $1.5+ Trillion; the equivalence of our annual deficit and essentially the amount the middle class has surrendered in stagnant and lower wages. They have extracted $Trillions more through fraudulent schemes (mortgage fraud, securities fraud, foreclosure fraud, bailouts, backstops…) with the American people holding the bag.

    Lost jobs, illegal immigration, unfair tax policies, multiple wars, systemic fraud, impotent regulators; basically all of our social and economic woe’s are of their making.

    Welcome to the New World Order of Debt Slavery Economics. It is all about repressed wages, mitigated production costs, rents extraction, and the yoke of crushing debt. And the goal is to make chattel of us all.

    We must rally the people to PHYSICALLY TAKE A STAND (real democracy in action) and demand the government serve the people. Civil disobedience and withdrawing our support from the criminal regime is our weapon.

    “You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul. -Mahatma Gandhi,

    Anger and violence waged against each other or them gives these corrupt sociopaths an excuse to further curtail our rights, crack down and diminish our hopes to stand together and demand the return of our Constitutional Democracy and the Rule of Law for all American’s. Do not give them the excuse as you will be cutting your own throat.

    “Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.” – Mohandas Gandhi

    It is our birthright that “We The People” physically stand together against Tyranny. – Inflection Point

    Visit Inflection Point –

  • Dean

    In the feight agaist the banksters/world banking cartel/Federal Reserve System/US government, there will be the Corporate Fascists/Communists and the people of The Republic of America. The Republic of America is horribly out numbereed, because the fascists and communists hold control and the people have been so propagandized. But faith, hope, freedom and truth must prevail; return to America’s founding principles or we will be slaves of the worst Fascist/communist system of dictatorship the world has ever known. It will make the Nazis and Soviets look like school children. Please make sure you are on the side of truth: The American Republic and a return to our founding pricipals. Remeber who is the sorce of truth and freedom; The Lord God Almighty! Even if the church is a total failure, God is not. The time is short for this country, pray like our founding fathers did and be willing to take back America at any cost. Soon we will be at the point of no return…
    God Bless America, to hell with the US government!

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