Truth About Drug War/Resonate VII- Peruvian Cocaine by Immortal Technique

I am not a fan of rap, but I do love how I am seeing so much truth coming from it. I have always believed that being “street smart” is much more important than “book smart.” Having graduated from Boston College, I know first hand that being book smart is just another way of saying thoroughly indoctrinated. While you may be able to thrive in the current paradigm being “book smart,” when the paradigm changes, you will also the last to adapt since you have so much at stake in the prior paradigm. Being “street smart” means sensing what is really going on around you. If you can combine the information that I provide in the Academy with this awareness, you can stay ahead of the collapse and not only survive but thrive.

This song by Immortal Technique challenges what you may think about the war on drugs. I have no doubt that the Anglo American Elite derive so much of their power to the illicit drug trade that flows into this country. It  is so similar to the Opium Wars in China, except they now use it to control inflation and support the dollar. The drug trade exports cash that cannot be brought back into the country due to the “super note” fear. The super notes are identical to the real FRN’s we use everyday, but they lack one security measure that is only detectable at our banks. The “super note” has been blamed on everyone from Iran to Russian mob bosses to now North Korea. The problem is that the notes only show up in quantities that would suggest that who ever the counterfeiters are, are running at a loss due to the massive investment in creating the notes. I think it is much more logical to believe that the “super notes” are a instrument to keep illicit cash out of the country.

If you look at when the war on drugs got started in the 80’s, we were coming off rampant inflation. The drug war ran up the price of drugs and these drugs are solely bought with cash. If massive amounts of cash we constantly leaving the country, it would lessen domestic inflation.  The only way for these drug dealers to live and profit is if they invest their money into the Caribbean banks that then wash the money and invest it in to paper assets on Wall St which again keeps the money out of the domestic economy. If you ever wondered why Dick Grasso got such a large bonus look at who he hangs out with…

The Narco Dollar is very much like the Petro Dollar. Massive amounts of American currency are purposely kept off shore so as not to effect our domestic inflation, which would blow up the economy. Countries must hold dollars if they want to buy the life blood to their economies, oil. The Anglo American empire does everything in their power to ensure this monopoly. They depose Saddam for selling oil for Euros. They are attacking Libya for trying to put together the Golden Dinar. They want war with Iran for selling oil for any currency. Until that balance is upset, trillions of dollars are kept off shore for the sole purpose of buying oil. I do think Hugo Chavez sees this and his move to bring home his gold is probably a precursor to something much bigger.

One thing that I do have a problem with most of these artists, is that they then fall into the the Hegelian Dialectic of false choices. They think that some form of Socialism is the answer to this gangster Capitalism. Arists like Zach de la Rocha from Rage Against The Machine constantly speak truth, but then fall into the lie of collectivism. I believe in this next paradigm we will get artists who clearly see the whole picture like I describe in the Sons of Liberty Academy and we will have awesome music that resonates with humanity’s need for freedom.

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