Silver Shield’s Final Warning

One year ago marked the beginning of silver returning to it’s rightful role as money in the world. One year ago silver was at $17.76 an ounce after a very long and drawn out consolidation that went all the way back to St. Patrick’s Day 2008. One year ago was the beginning of silver’s breathtaking run to almost $50 an ounce, a 178% return. Even today, despite the massive paper attack in May and the last two days, we are still up 104% year over year.

When I published the ground breaking Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield article February 25th silver was at $32. On June 27th I said to buy physical silver at $33 silver. Both date’s were very good days to buy and never went below those numbers. Now I am telling you all, for the last time, buy physical silver. I will be taking this weekend to make every effort I can to make those that have been wavering in their purchase of physical silver, to make the commitment and to do it before the end of this month. I believe that we are on the knife’s edge of a major shift that will make silver untouchable if you do not secure your metal right now.

The end of this month marks a seasonal shift for silver investors and the end of the “sell in May and go way.” With the expiration of the CRIMEX contract today and with Bernanke’s possible announcement of QE3 tomorrow, this could be that last, best time in your life to buy physical silver. If you look at this 37 year seasonal chart for silver you can see that the last week of September is the beginning of a very strong seasonal move in silver that should take us into another strong run all the way into February. If we get something similar like we did last year and it runs until May, we could see $100 silver early next year.

I do not believe we will see $100 silver, because of the massive fraud in the metal suppression business will make silver unattainable. Silver and gold are direct competitors to the Dollar. The folks at the Fed, the Treasury and JP Morgan do not want to see silver rise in price. They suppress the price, because if silver rose that would mean that the basis for all of their power, the dollar, would become worth less and eventually worthless. Andrew MacGuire exposed this fraud and nearly paid with his life in a very suspicious hit and run. His claim is that there is 50 to 100 times the amount of paper traded for every physical ounce of real silver and gold. Just look at all of the manipulation in the May silver drive by shooting I reported on.  The Elite use a myriad of paper schemes to suppress the price of the physical metal. They all work rather effectively, until the day comes that they cannot deliver on what they promised.

This coming seasonal silver bull run will coincide with a collapse in the dollar and the world’s paper markets. There will be a rush of humanity into anything of real tangible value.  Unfortunately, there is going to be a lot of upset people who think they have gold and silver, only find out that they only have nothing.  If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.  When this new reality becomes evident to those that do have the metal, they will not part with it for some paper money that they did not want years before. (Read: The 11 Mentality Shifts of Silver Investors.) That shift can happen in the span of a few days.  With the length of time I know it takes to move money around, if you wait until “it” happens, it is too late.

I think even Steve Jobs resignation yesterday marks a very important shift in people’s faith in paper assets.  It was widely reported that Apple’s market cap was higher than 32 of the largest banks in the Euro Zone.  It seems that all of the Elite money managers love Apple.  Apple’s market cap is the largest in the world and it is driven mainly by the cult like following of Mac users to Steve Jobs. (I am guilty of this, since I own an embarrassing amount of Apple products.)  At the end of the day, what goes up must come down.  I would hate to be Tim Cook today.  No matter what this guy does, he will never fill the shoes of Steve Jobs.  Even if he does prove to be successful CEO, the inflated market cap of Apple will take a hit as people’s perceptions of the company will be deflated without the God-like influence of Steve Jobs.  The fall of Apple will leave a lot of money searching for a home.  With the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar, there is no good place to keep your wealth inside the paper casino.

This seasonal shift is coinciding with a secular shift in power, so when I say that this could be your last, best chance to buy physical silver, I do not say this for shock value.  I say it because we are entering the most dangerous time in humanity as we head into this fall and into 2012. This will not be another 2008 or 1929. This mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar, will be the single largest event in human history. The collapse of the dollar will alter the way we live for generations to come. When it collapses, all paper assets will become worthless as the very basis for the paradigm ceases to function. Not only will people’s perception of values shift, I believe that power will shift from West to East and that will lead to war.

I have made every effort I know to convince you to sell every single paper asset you own to buy physical silver. I stated in the ground breaking article The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield that, “Buying physical silver is by far the greatest act of wisdom and rebellion any American can and should be doing right now.”  In that article, I put forth a plan that will fundamentally change the game and do it from outside the system. It will overthrow the Elitist system that enslaves us with debt and do so without a shot being fired. Most importantly, there is no way the Elite can stop it. The plan is quite simple, sell every paper single asset you own right now and buy physical silver.

As with anything else in life, knowing the answer is not as important as knowing the “why.”

The “why” is what brings about fundamental change in your thinking.

This change in thinking brings about absolute certainty of the outcome.

Absolute certainty brings about massive action.

If that was not enough, I went ahead and provided 10 more influential articles that further expanded the understanding of owning  physical silver and that it is the greatest investment opportunity in human history. I did not stop there, as I then set about on a campaign to knock the foundations out of all other things that you might have faith in. I have written about the dollar, bonds, IRA’s, 401K’s, Gold, paper gold, paper silverSLV, CRIMEX, BullionVault, Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange, Real Estate, unemployment and inflation statistics, where you live,  your awareness, your thinking, your politics, your pay check,  your paradigm, guys against the banksters, and even other gurus and writers that say the dollar is going to collapse, only to lead you back to other paper assets. I did this to get you to really think about where you are putting your faith and to take massive action before the collapse.

In my first article Doom is Always 6 Months Away I put forth a theory that at some point “the physical market of silver will not be available at any price.”   The paradigm shift that I went into further detail in the Silver Door is Closing and the 11 Mentality Shifts of Silver Investors will bring about such a change in public perception of silver that those that have the silver, will no longer even consider selling it for worth less paper money.   When you see action like Hugo Chavez bringing home tons of real gold from England to Venezuela, that shift is happening.  When you see the massive moves in the paper markets versus the real markets, that shift is happening.  When you see that the Fed can print $16 trillion out of thin air, that shift is happening.  When you see that the Governments will never say no to debt and the economy is headed down again, that shift is happening.  At some point in the very near future, a change is going to happen and if you are not into the safety of real assets, it will be too late.

I am not the only one that is seeing this move. One of my favorite writers, Jim Willie said last week, “The Silver investment demand is due to a big important recognition that Silver is in the process of resuming and reclaiming its monetary role. The Chinese lead in that parade, adding silver to their reserves in management of their $3.2 trillion reserves booty.”  With only 33 million ounces of silver in the Registered vaults of the CRIMEX, that is less than a .0375% of just Chinese reserves foreign reserve. That silver is less than six hours of debt that our government has been printing up at a record pace.  Less than .3% of Apple’s Market Cap could buy up all of the remaining silver at the CRIMEX. With 28,000+ contracts of open interest just in the September CRIMEX contract alone, only 23% of those contracts need to stand for delivery next month and there would be no physical silver left. If we included all of the other contracts floating on that same metal all the way out until 2016, that drops to just 6% need to stand for delivery. The actual amount in the vaults have been draining so fast and so long, that we are coming near the event horizon for silver.  When that happens there will be no “do overs”,  just people with their “shoulda, woulda, couldas” and those with the real stack.

I have concentrated my efforts on silver, because I knew that it was the place to get the most attention this year and there was still time. The time was ripe for people who are ahead of the curve, to work on getting their assets out of paper and into the real world.  At the end of this month, I feel if you do not have your assets out of paper assets and into silver, it will be too late.  I mean honestly, do you really need anymore evidence than the massive amount of work that I have put into your education?  Those that have not made the move will either be caught in the rapid and massive collapse of the dollar and all of the world’s markets or futilely waiting for some “pull back” in silver to make their move. I have always been a fan of dollar cost averaging into silver, but those days are over. You better have what you want today or risk not making it through to the next monetary paradigm with your purchasing power intact.  If you need a minimum number to shoot for, I would say 1,000 ounces of physical silver. Much less is needed for most. Many Academy members have bought much, much more than that. I encourage you all to do a lot of deep thought on this before you do anything rash like I did in 2005, when I sold everything I had including my house and bought physical silver.

 This is not about the dollar investment of silver, this is about a massive change in your life. Physical silver will be the least of your worries if you are not physically prepared with the real assets like food, fuel, water and guns. The most important thing you will need above all else, is the ability to think. Buying real assets now is just the kind of thinking your life will rely upon when”it” happens.

After today, I will no longer be writing  as much as I have on the DTOM blog and certainly not on the merits of physical silver, as I will explain in length below. I will post comments and articles of interest on current events, but I will no longer post articles that take me all day to compose and distribute, especially not anymore on buying silver.  I feel the new writers that are contributing to DTOM are doing a great job and I find myself looking forward to their every article.  If you have been lurking on DTOM for a while, you MUST get on our mailing list to keep up with my latest thoughts as we head into the Fall and the great upheaval, 2012 will bring.

I am going to devote my full energies into the revamp of the Sons of Liberty Academy and it will be called The Greatest Truth Never Told. I am so excited for you all to see this new project, as I believe this will be a game changer in the Freedom Movement. This project will be the answer humanity is looking for as the collapse of our paradigm happens. I changed the name to provide a more commercially acceptable title that almost compels people into at least look into the project. I have taken great care in improving the Academy in three specific areas.

1. Production value. When I did the first Academy, I was working full time in a very demanding 6 figure job. All of it was done either very early in the morning or very late a night.  This made for a “just get it done” quality to the Academy, including the vocal pauses, poor grammar choices, the occasional curse word, coughs and I think even a fart. I also had no idea what I was doing or how to produce anything on the internet, much less videos. My amateur efforts show despite the stunning quality of the information. Producing 48 hours of video lessons is tough enough, but doing it by yourself, learning along the way, and working a full time job, is next to impossible. Now, I have none of those excuses.

2. Content. I have been working diligently on closing some of the gaps the Academy left open.  I am comfortable now with all of the included material that the gaps have been closed and corrected. My hope is that this added content will not add any length to the project, as I will take great care to speed up the pace and energy of the whole presentation.

3. Narrative. The original Academy was a PowerPoint presentation that laid out a bunch of facts in the way that I wished I had learned it. The Greatest Truth Never Told will provide a documentary style narrative that will tie together these facts into a compelling presentation that should capture your imagination. I took great care to present all of the information in a way that builds upon itself with a powerful undertow to wipe away programmed paradigm thought and replace it with a tsunami of new ideas and facts that should end up being a life changing experience for all who make the journey.

The Greatest Truth Never Told will be my last, best effort to warn humanity about the coming paradigm shift. I plan on making the project available online, DVD, book, ebook and audio book. I will release them all as they get done, instead of waiting for all of them to get done together. Once done, I will either return to the blog full time or pursue other opportunities that will certainly be available after TGTNT is released.

Knowing the end is near for the dollar and cheap silver, I am preparing myself to stay ahead of the curve. I will be moving into the next area that will be the best place to be, teaching about the collapse and building the intellectual foundation for the next revolution of ideas. When the majority of the people in the world wake up to the dollar collapse, they will not want to hear that they should have bought silver, because it will be too late for them. I do not intend to keep speaking about it anymore. They will want to know what happened, who caused it, and what to do about it. That is why I intend to spend my time on The Greatest Truth Never Told. I will put my effort into that project to serve that huge coming need of humanity. That will bring us to the crisis where all bets are off and things get sticky. I hope that my Game Changer idea catches on, as I think that it is the best idea I have come up with. That would certainly take forces much greater than I could put together.

I wanted to build a network of people who “got it” before “it” happened.  Not only would they be the best and brightest who saw what was coming, they would be very wealthy when the new paradigm came. These are the kind of people I want to work with when the day comes. I do not want to work with some “Johnny come lately opportunist” who gets “it” after the collapse.  Quite frankly, it will be too dangerous to work with even the most well intentioned desperate person.  The crisis period will be a period that I will only work with the community of people who get it.  I am so proud of all of the really great people I have been in contact with over the past year.  With over 15,000 people in our Academy that is far in excess of what I set out to do.  I know that when the time comes, we are going to wonderful things in rebuilding a society where peace, freedom and honest money will rule the day.




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  • Great info as always Chris. Buy FOOD! Bullets, fuel….

  • Future Cat

    Thank you for everything that you’ve done so far, and may the Sun shine on your continued pereseverance. You have made a difference that I personally did not think was possible two years ago. In that you have opened yet another pair of eyes. May sanity reign

  • Ben

    Best of luck to you Chris. I really appreciate all that you do on this website. I love the articles and information. I wish I would have found it sooner. I am here now though and that is what counts. I look forward to seeing your new website. I am sure it will be great. I wish there was a way that I could help out.

    Best of luck!

    • Silver Shield

      I am not going anywhere but I am going to change my tune for the next chapter.

      The information I put out there can still be accessed for free.

      With The Greatest Truth Never Told coming, I am going to need a small army to get that out to the world when that is ready in a few months.

  • Rick

    I think you are spot on. In fact I tried to make a large purchase yesterday but I got shut out by a B.S. company I need to warn you all about., not to be confused with the sunshine mint which is awsome by the way. Do not try to buy from them. They have no phone number and no address on their site and once you place your order you have to wait for a confirmation email which will be accepted or not. Mine was not and I missed the dip price of $39.10. Now I am looking at $40.90.

    • Silver Shield

      In The 11 Mentality Shifts of Silver Investors smart dealers will no longer sell the metal but they should fulfill their previous commitments.

  • Annie Wade

    Chris: I am going through your academy and am very grateful for all the work you did on it and for all the work you are doing on the new material. Many people do nothing in their lives and a few people take action. You are one of the few! Annie

    • Silver Shield

      That is the one thing that gives me hope. So many people do nothing because they feel tied to this paradigm.

      When the dollar collapses humanity will be forced to make changes.

      Some will not make it.

      Those that embrace their new freedom will live life with a sense of purpose and will no longer be able to be fooled into living anything less.

  • The Old Man

    Over the decades I have been very fortunate indeed to have have known people from many walks of life, my only regret is that I often lacked the wisdom to understand some of the valuable words, thoughts, and ideas shared at the time. Some ideas sowed seeds within me that took years to even germinate, never mind bear fruit. Sometimes ideas / thoughts / conversations I had thought long forgotten suddenly come flooding back when someone mentions a phrase, or I read an article (such as this one) which sudenly stopped me in my tracks and took my thoughts back in time.

    A long time ago, during a discussion about middle-eastern religions and philosophies, an elderly gentleman explained to me (a lot younger me!) the meaning of many parabals / stories / sayings associated with the Abrahamic religions of Jewdaism, Christianity, and Islam. I now remember clear as day (thanks to being reminded by this article) that he told me about an Islamic belief that only Gold and Silver were true money. He also told me how over the centuries the Persians, Iraqis, Yemanis, Afghans, North African Arabs, and various other Islamic countries and groups have used Gold and Silver as units of exchange (not just as coins but as jewellery of specific weights too). I also remember him clearly telling me of a ‘warning’ apparently given by one of the ancient prophets (I can’t remember which one), with words to the effect of: ‘In a time of war during a time of peace, and in a time of famine (or shortage) during a time of plenty, in a time of poverty during during a time of great wealth, and in a time when wrong doers are raised above the righteous, be certain that coming over mankind will be a time in which there will be nothing (left) which will be of value, save for a dinar and a dirham’.

    A Dinar is a Gold coin and a Dirham is a Silver coin by the way (just like the type of coin Gadaffi was in the process of introducing before the ‘uprising’).

    Interesting also, that the West live in peace, yet much of the rest of the world are fighting civil wars / wars of choice / having war visited upon them by the west.

    The west have so much food they worry about getting fat and throw much of it away, yet millions starve.

    Gangsters are glamorised and often rich (especially if they work in finance), whereas charity workers and community helpers are either underpaid or unpaid.

    Having been around for longer than I ever wanted to be, or planned to be, and having seen the arogance of the western governments, particularly that of the British Empire and later the American empire / Dollar hegemony, I really do now belive that a great ‘humbleing’ of the western powers will occur.

    I also remember the elderly gentleman telling me about a Christian belief / saying. Again, sorry, I can’t remember the exact words but they were similar to: ‘Do not fret thyself because of him who prosperes through evil. Eventually the meek will inherit the earth and live in peace.’

    Yes, I think we are getting close to the end of the fiat / debt / gangster system. Will it end in a month, a year, a decade, I don’t know, but it certainly can not go on forever.

    In the meantime keep these articles coming – more people are been woken up each day!

    • Silver Shield

      It is not enough to listen to wise words you must put action behind thought.

      “Listen to all. Follow none. Walk your path the best that you can.” Chris Duane

      “All know the way, but few actually walk it.” – Bodhidharma

  • Yes Chris, thank you for all you have done. I have been buying physical since around 18, I found you about 6 months ago and you really helped to open my eyes. Thanks again. For you others, you can also pick up local 90 percent us silver which is a great way to buy it as well. I used to be able to get it for 70-90% of spot, but that has dried up. I am able to get it still for 98% of spot from my local gold buyer ( he’s actually the one who buys from the stores and other garage sale hunters and sells to the smelters). He will actually sell me rounds at spot or $1 over as well. A good source for you guys if you can find one local, just remember pre 1965 silver coins. If you guys can’t find anyone local, contact me and I will hook you up.
    Another one who has opened my eyes is Ron Paul. I hope you guys support him, and if not you should look into him. He is the closest thing we have to a founding father in our country as well. In every post I make I link to this video to try to wake people up as well
    Watching this will make you reconsider the propaganda you have been fed all your lives.
    Born Again Patriot

  • Anyone

    Thanks so much forall you have done. God bless you!

  • Joe

    Thanks again for the superb education this year Chris! I will cherish it.

  • Matt

    Hey Chris

    Great stuff. One question I have is, I have 50% physicla and 50% in goldmoney as I trust that company, and the reason I don’t have more is that I am concerned that too much physical is not liquid enough and if we have a blow off top in silver I want to be able to sell some quickly, as I can in Goldmoney account.

    What is your thoughts on this?


    • Silver Shield

      I am a big fan of physical but I understand that people cannot stomach it and GoldMoney is a great alternative.


    Canning tip…take empty peanut butter jars or any other jars with a rubber seal in the lid. Drop a chunk of dry ice in the bottom and pour in rice, flour (whole wheat or white), or any other carb dense dry food. Twist the lid on until it seats lightly and back it off a touch.

    As the dry ice sublimes it will fill the jar with CO2 which will prevent the bug eggs present in all grains from hatching and will keep whole wheat flour from going rancid. I have some whole wheat flour from 1961which is still in perfect condition and delicious.

    Recently, i saw a prepper blog which showed many book case like shelves stacked to the ceiling with canned peaches and other wet prepped foods in a rural christian commune. There was no cardboard between the jars which will all be broken by each other and a fall to the floor. If there is an earthquake or other physical shock, all their hard work and canning will be for naught as their emergency food was turned into heaps of broken glass fruit and juices.

    Just wait until you see that people will be willing to trade for a jar of brown rice or a roll of toilet paper. Along with your silver, a year’s worth of food and water will be life saving and VERY marketable. Also, this is very much worth repeating:

    Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is the money of slaves
    -Norm Franz, “Money and Wealth in the New Millenium”


  • Chicago silver

    Chris I turned my wife around to light based on my communicating my absolute conviction on silver and on your convictions in this blog entry. Count me in.

  • Scout

    Thanks, Chris, for all your articles and the Academy as well as your unwavering dedication to your members and your purpose. You are an inspiration and a guiding light in these troubled times. Semper Fi, brother!

    • Silver Shield

      That goes double for you.
      You have been a huge support to me personally on more than one occasion.

      This is not the end of me, only the next chapter.

  • Silverfox

    Chris, you’re a man ahead of your time. You saw the future many years ago when we didn’t and you showed us the way. Now your about to do it again with your new project, TGTNT. The biggest “thank you” in the world seems to fall short. But, Thank You

    • Silver Shield

      The best things in my life happen when I trust myself and no one else.

      2005 I sold my house and bet the house on silver. Everyone said that I was a fool especially with a pregnant wife. That house lost 30% of its value and silver is up 400%+
      2007 I was offered a seat on a board of a new bank for a million $. I told the Baby Boomer millionaires that I thought it was a great idea, bad time. They have lost 60%+ nominally of their equity of the bank and that is before the big one coming.
      2008 In May I walked away from millions in the family business as I saw the crash coming and that asset turns into a liability. October the auto business collapsed and has yet to recover. This coming collapse will wipe whatever is left away.
      2009 I went into the online foreclosure education business. I saw that foreclosures were the place to be in a collapsing market. It also turned out to be the place to open my eyes to the internet and the power to teach.
      2010 I put together the Sons of Liberty Academy.
      2011 I started blogging full time to warn people about what is coming and educate them about what has been working for me in a market where all people caught in the old mindset are getting hammered.
      2012 I think TGTNT is the next step as I set about educating people about how the collapse happened and that we do not need to.
      After that… Who knows?

  • David


    Right after you made the Academy free I took it. It changed my life. Like Ronnie always said Trust but Verify, I looked in to what you were sharing and I couldn’t believe what I found. The way the Elite have played games with humanity repulses me. In my gut for some time I have felt something wasn’t quite right, BUT, once I took the Academy I understood why.

    I’m glad you are updating the Academy it should make it more understandable to more people; it was on point but a little rough. The masses need to hear what you have to say and in order for it to be taken seriously by the masses it needs some polish. For anyone who hasn’t taken the time to attend the Academy I highly recommend (polish or not) you take the time, it WILL change your perspective on life as we know it. Goggle is the most wonderful thing we have at our disposal today. As you take the Academy take the time to research what you are being told so that you can draw your own conclusions.

    . I have been preparing for several years now. In my gut I could feel something wasn’t right and I was getting all wiggie and I couldn’t figure out why. My best friend of many years thought I was loosing it and I was. Finally in the middle one of my many sleepless nights it came to me. The only thing I can do is to Prepare! That was it, I set about buying a variety of guns and ammunition. At the same time my Wife set about learning about food storage and after we learned enough about it we started collecting food stuff. Then we started buying precious metals (mainly silver) in earnest. Once we got started and accumulated the first round of goodies all of a sudden I could sleep at night. It took accumulating these provisions in order for me to sleep. Now with an excess of food my children and their families can come home should the need arise.

    I believe Chris is correct about the timing for acquiring silver, NOW is the time! But don’t forget to start putting away some food as well. Sam’s club and Costco are your friends, use it while you still can. They have a new rule where they can limit the amount of food you can buy at one time compared to your buying history so how about you start that history now with a cart full of rice, beans, Mac& cheese and and & and. It’s amazing how much food you can put on one of those little flat beds for 300 bucks! If you can’t afford that then buy extra cans or a large bag of rice each time you grocery shop.

    If you are on this web sight then you already know things are happening. Share this with your Family and Friends regardless if they call you crazy. In the long run you will be crazy smart….

    If the SHTF they will be coming for you Chris so be careful.


  • Golden

    I live in New Zealand, Not sure what will happen here, but have taken your advice and bought silver

  • Nate

    Great stuff Chris, appreciate everything you’ve done. I hope to speak with you again sometime.

  • wafic

    As for as the timing of the dollar collapse it can happen at any moment. Certainly not a question of if but when. What’s clear is that a new economy has emerged of creditor nations are rich in the world’s depleting natural resources. The western economy of the US and Western Europe is one of debt and paper wealth for the vast majority of the population. That paper wealth will disappear and money will head East.

    Most people today sense things are bad but are not aware the depths of how our wealth is stolen from us in a stealth manner by way of inflation. Gold and silver investing is foreign to most let alone accumulating the physical. Counter party risk on what you own in the time of crisis is very high. It is imperative to remove all obstacles between you and your wealth.
    Own as much physical as you can. Ge out of 401k’s, IRA’s. Enjoy freedom again.

  • MPB

    Chris, Thank you for everything you have done! You area a very unique and generous man. A man with a passion and drive for the truth that puts everything into perspective and vision like no other. I truly am looking forward to the new SOLA – The Greatest Truth Never Told (An excellent title). All the best to you on it and all else – God speed. Please advise when the DVD version is available. I would like it and likely the book version for my family, friends and posterity. May NO ONE ever have to deal with the likes of this again – ever. That is perhaps to much to hope for but, I truly hope that may be possible. I personally have done almost all I can, now, after almost four years of preparing and, I am so very happy to have found your work earlier this year. You have been a great inspiration to continue to push forward. I am a bit run down. I must try to rest, just a little now, for the inevitable that awaits. That will surely be a much greater endeavor, to put it mildly. Best to you and everyone. May we all make it through this, though I am sure, a number greater than I would like to think about, will not.

    • Silver Shield


      I am very excited for TGTNT.

      I really believe that this one will be very well accepted and the timing is right.

  • alan beckworth

    I hate to see you go Chris. You have always given to us, for free, a great amount of useful information about silver and monetary policy. i listened and prepared as much as my limited budget would allow. i have the storehouse full for myself wife children and grandchildren. i have the necessary protection for them if it is needed. we have a plan in place to go away if need arises. the rest of my family and friends have laughed and kidded me constantly as i put these preperations in place. i will tell you the truth. it has been people like you who took the time to share your knowledge and research that convinced me to do it. i am at peace in this world of madness. my main concern is i wonder if i’ll have to defend my resources from attacks by those who have laughed at what i have done! God Bless you and your goodness. good luck in the new path you have chosen. i hope to meet you someday and shake your hand

  • Joe

    ….I really hope to see just a few more commentaries from you about silver as the “new year” starts. Do you really think you have no more to say? No disrespect, as you’ve helped so many to prepare.

    • Silver Shield

      No, I think that is it for me on silver and getting your house in order.

      I cannot be like Janus looking forward and back at the same time.

      I really want to stay ahead of the curve and that is in helping people understand how and why this happened, not what they should have done.

      I think this is also necessary for everyone else to get their head wrapped around what is coming.

      As much as the world will radically change, most of the world will surprisingly be the same.

      What will change is all that is fake in the world.

      What will be the same is all that is real in the world.

  • Legend! Awesome work! Thanks :)

  • amada

    Silver = 銀   Bank=銀行  Where silver goes

  • Chris,
    Many thanks to you for helping so many others to “See the light.” Good luck to you in your new endeavor. When the history books are written in the future, maybe we will see the name Chris Duane as the man who saved so many lives when the SHTF.
    God Bless you, your family and everyone else here at DOTM, SOLA. Good Luck and keep prepping and spreading the word.

  • Richard

    Hi Chris,

    Sound like the Us is not the place to be – where do you recommend and why?



    • Silver Shield

      I believe we will see massive upheaval in urban areas and along the coasts most likely declining into tyranny in major urban areas.

      In land America I think will the embrace massive decentralization we are going to see and I wait for communities that will embrace freedom and honest money. Look for areas that have food and water.

      I am not a fan of leaving the country if you are American.

      The world is going to hate Americans much more than they already do and I would not want to be a stranger in a strange land.

  • daan the man

    Keep on fighting!

  • Chris, like so many others, I appreciate what you have done. You’re articles have helped me prepare to what I’d call “mid-level” readiness. This Fall I plan to work on backup systems for heating, cooking, power, etc. With a hurricane coming in 48 hours, all of my prepping to date seems wise, not reckless. THANKS AGAIN!

  • Mal

    I have maturing investments q2 next year so look
    Set to miss a big slice of the run up ..I want to keep my silver & gold in Switzerland and bullionvault assure in writing that they never disclose your holding unless you money launder. Also have daily externally verified audits. However I note above that you have them under your ” exposed category” .. I have no intention of keeping a house worth of silver in my home without security .

    • Silver Shield

      Two places never to keep your stash, your home or a bank.

      You can probably throw your stash in a septic tank and be good.

      The world is a big place and if you think it is pretty easy to hide.

      I don’t know of any institution that is immune to the pressure if the Elite.

      That is why I am a big fan of holding the physical.

  • C.H. Gruyere


    What makes you think the Elite won’t label you a “money launderer” and confiscate from you?

    A little midnight gardening should be in your future . . .

  • 1027ozs

    …in 18mths the socio/economic//food systems are toast

    I got into silver at $23.3, I’m tired & given up trying to enlighten friends & family.

    The only thing bugging me is that Rothschild Inc, who planned the unfolding disaster/war & famine to come (again), are gonna get away with & come out stronger on the other side.

    Can nothing be done to kill the beast?

  • Nerdular

    Thanks, Chris. I am new to the academy and unfortunately have only just begun to buy food and supplies. No silver. Where can I buy it, and can I use a credit card? 😛 We are broke and drowning in student loans, which scares the crap out of me.

  • magadates

    if even a bank’s vault or your own home isn’t safe enough, what about BullionVault or GoldMoney? I mean, after all, it could be also impossible to get your stash back or sell it if there is such a systemic meltdown…
    I just wonder if there is any safe way…

  • jamie

    Here is a sign that silver is in a bubble (not!) I fill my tank up with gas and when I get change it’s a pre 1964 quarter.The cashier had no clue. It also happend at a store – pre 1964 dime

  • jamie

    Thank u Chris 4 being who u are/someone who cares about the truth Good luck n your next phase of being a truth warrior/the truth will set u free!!

  • Dave

    Has anyone heard of Mike Dillard of the elevation group?

  • Chris

    I have been following Mike Dillard since 2005. He is a great leader, mentor, and friend. Anything he is involved in is invaluable.

    • Silver Shield

      I have only heard good things about Mike and his Elevation group.

      I believe Robert Kyosaki is involved with him on some level.

      He is an exceptional promoter too, since I was familiar with him back when I was in the Real Estate info marketing guru game.

      I think I saw him once at a Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher event down in Austin last year. (It was across the room so who knows.)

      I would like to speak with him one day.

  • I’m convinced, I sold all my stocks and now I’m invested in silver bullion and a little gold. Buckle up the ride may be bumpy for the next 6 months and we’ll likely get a lot of silver price volatility, but the inexorable trend up is baked in the cake.

  • SilverSpiff

    1000 ounces? :( Damn I’m only at 300 maybe 320 ounces roughly..When your saying 1000 are you thinking long term as an inheritance also? LOL.. I’m a single guy with no kids so I guess I should be fairly satisfied with my stack.. Love all the great articles you have written thank you!!

    • Silver Shield

      320 ounces in my mind is 3,200 days of hard human labor or close to 10 years of savings.
      When you consider that most of humanity is completely broke or have 1 month of savings you are way ahead of the curve.

      Keep stacking while it is cheap.

  • The Silver Man

    Look, when the dollar collapses, all hell will begin to break loose!!! First, make sure you have a close relationship with God, because some of the things that will occur, silver can’t protect against. Surrounding yourself with like minded people will be a great asset, regardless of the number of ounces you hold. If possible, have a mix of-90%, 1 oz, 10 oz and if you plan on buying a large house or expensive car, a few 100 oz bars may be indicated.

    • Silver Shield

      I do believe faith is important to carry you through troubling times, but I think when we get down to it it is your awareness with clear thought that will get you through the mess.

      Surrounding yourself with like minded individuals is great and probably the most underrated preparation you can make.

  • ib12541

    I would say 1000 ozs. of silver and 10 ozs. of gold per family member would be sufficient. Get out of paper now! Keep only enough fiat to cover your expenses for a few months.

    Spend your currency and save your wealth in tangible. Just do it!

  • genevieve

    Thank you so much for the great information!

    Please, in future videos lower the volume of the music, which sometimes obscured your words.

    Blessings to you!

  • SilverDiva

    Thank you for your compelling video this weekend. I really appreciate the information, and have taken action to acquire 250 ounces as a start. It seems to me that your heart is in the right place sharing this information with as many people as possible, and your sincerity (combined with your history of accuracy in predicting when to purchase hard assets) is what allows me to absorb and act on the information with little hesitation.

    I also notice that you’re changing the name of your academy to a “commercially acceptable title” – and I would also note that it is a good move if you wish to include women in your circle. Perhaps you already do? I find the previous name to be a deterrent and look forward to hearing your thoughts on whether or not you are intending to market this to women as well as men.

    Thanks again.

    • Silver Shield

      The current SOLA has too many preconceived notions about it.

      Men only? No
      Militia? No
      What is with the snake? From the Don’t Tread On Me flag of the Revolutionary War

      TGTNT is a very curious title and leads naturally to people looking into it.

      I can assure you the narrative is what is going to be the best part of it.

      Freedom is a universal human desire.

  • dan

    I remember LBJ going off the silver standard….and Nixon going off gold….
    watching the Hunt brothers get owned by tptb and didn’t think real money would ever get another go around until I started prepping for Y2K in ’88.Been stackin’ and packin’ ever since….not the worst habit or lifestyle if you love freedom and don’t idolize man’s government. I always figured Thomas Jefferson was a good example to follow…with a touch of Ben Franklin thrown in :) Remember colloidal silver.

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