3 Reasons to up-sticks and move location


Consideration of your location should be integral to your planning throughout the impending paradigm shift.  Although I believe it is impossible for any man or woman to accurately perceive the future in all its complexity, I also think that we interact and are interdependent with the outer-world.  Facilitating change within your immediate area will be crucial, as will essential supplies of food and water.  To try and visualise your immediate area just print off a map, get a compass, then draw a circumference around your home – use ‘bike-ride’ distance as a guide.  This is essentially my plan A – to stay-put.  Plan B is to get-away to safety using every means at my disposal, whilst Plan C is incorporated into both plans and is essentially to go-with-the-flow.  There’s an unquantifiable number of variables – including nature itself – involved with this paradigm shift and its therefore unclear whether something ‘unforeseen’ could occur – stay open-minded.

This article will focus on selecting a place to ‘stay-put’ and three reasons why you should move.  Idealism is sometimes a curse, and you may not be able to re-locate to your desired location.  Restrictions could include family ties, lack of finances, and mixed information thus mixed feelings.  There possibly isn’t an ‘ideal’ location, as nature could throw a few surprises along the way, and should also be considered alongside the $US collapse, lack of oil, and arresting the elite.  Ultimately, we cannot control nature – something we’ve forgotten by-the-way – but we can influence our location. The three reasons you should move are:

1.        You live in a city

“Guns, gold, and getaway plan” ~ Gerald Celente

If you live in a city you really need a deeply thought-out getaway plan.  A city, similar to overcrowded islands, is completely dependent upon imported goods, and essentially will have massive food shortages.  The most extreme cases are cities such as Las Vegas, as they are completely dependent on imported water.  When oil imports to Cuba where cut-off by our psychopathic Anglo-American elite, the citizens were able to grow food due to having enough water, and ultimately survived without the use of huge amounts of oil.

However, there are countless variables involved with human behaviour. The Cuban desire to decentre food production, with immediate effect, allowed the survival nature of our fellow rugged humans to get through that ordeal.  In many western cities there are swaths of humans dependent on food-stamps, Job-seekers allowance, or whatever other name they call welfare these days.  Add in the crime factor rate, the gangs, the drug-use, and the fear-thy-neighbour mindset of the typical western city dweller and it’s a recipe for disaster.

If you cannot move, for whatever reasons, then you really need substantial food and water supplies that are hidden from view – which includes the vegetables you are intending to grow/are growing.  Unlike the Cuban cities that suffered a reduction in imported goods, many western cities will become extremely dangerous places once incoming supplies are reduced and/or cut-off.  Over-time, the Cuban model could occur with people gardening alongside each other, but it’s doubtful that will be the behaviour in the short-term.

2.       You live on an over-crowded island

I should move, I live in one of the areas considered to be the worst places to be after the petro-dollar collapse; a collapse that is mathematically inevitable.  I cannot persuade my family to move, I love my family, I cannot and therefore will not simply leave my family ,and I’m also uncertain which other country I would go to anyway.  I’ve essentially needed to identify a suitable rural area, one that’s doing quite well without the need for excessive imports – especially oil imports; a bike-riding distance type of area/community.  England is relatively small, so a full fuel tank could get all my family in one location quite rapidly.

Britain has a population of 60 million, and we import approximately a third of our food.  In other words, there are twenty million mouths dependent upon petro-dollar-driven imports.  Although I’m confident that we can, and will, arrest the minions of Rothschild aka employees of the ‘City of London’, I’m well aware that a third of the population, if not more, are very vulnerable.

Combine 1.living in a city and 2.living on an over-crowded island and you have the perfect starvation storm.  If you’re currently living in a British city, you really should move ASAP.  Not only will our imports stop/reduce dramatically, but our petro-farming methods will become dysfunctional.  Food shortages will be a factor regardless of other variables, and in the past when this has occurred, usually during war, the states have supplied us with the required food deficit.  The States, however, will have their own problems, and so the sooner we accept there will be no oil, and consider what the Cubans did when they had no oil, the better it will be.

Even if the pseudo-Greenback theory behind the lawful bank works, that will only provide us with a platform for internal trade, and I doubt the oil producing nations will accept the currency.  Furthermore, when the $US deflates/inflates into the history book of fiat currencies, the oil supply line will lose its’ protection from the US military: so even if we could pay in gold for some oil, it may not get past various pirate ships.  Essentially, if you’re stuck in the Orwellian nightmare of England without the option to move, we must close-down Rothschild’s Fiefdom – the city of London – and then take it from there.  The Cuban model of food production without oil will be crucial.  After all, it rains all the time, there is a lot of fertile land, and there are still many rural areas to escape to.  Barring fundamental weather change the main problem for the British is sunlight and winter frost; both can be tackled using greenhouses and greenhouse heating systems.  Be prepared to bunker-down, as food shortages will occur regardless.

3.       You live in a naturally dangerous zone

Las Vegas and other desert cities will not be able to import sufficient water and therefore won’t be able to grow their own food as the Cubans did.  Many areas are susceptible to subtle variations in sea-levels and become flooded extremely quickly.  There are numerous earth-quake lines throughout the globe – some more potentially dangerous that others.  Violent winds can tear apart entire communities.  Volcanoes can and do erupt, often unexpectedly after remaining dormant for many centuries.

Nowhere is immune to Armageddon-type scenarios, but there are many areas that are clearly more vulnerable to ‘attacks’ from nature itself.  We all know if we are currently living in such an area, and the answer as to whether your location is more likely to be affected by powers beyond the control of man lies within yourself.


Some areas will fair better than others during the impending paradigm shift, and factors that affect it are population density, dependence on the petro-dollar, and nature itself.  You may not be able to steer your path to the ideal location, but you should at least give thought to you local area, the culture you’re currently living in; and you should also be thinking of coping strategies.  The next paradigm, one without the Anglo-American empire, will be challenging, dramatic, and as of yet – unclear.  Prepare, and keep safe.

4 comments to 3 Reasons to up-sticks and move location

  • Ben


    Some of us are hunkering down. We do not have the options or resources to leave to a retreat. So, we have decided to stay and work out our plans with our neighbors. Work collectively to make it thru the paradigm shift. Is this the best way? Probably not, and time will tell, but that is my plan. If things get too sporty, we can always go to to my cousin’s small town just North of my spot.
    I have no plan C.

    We are here to stay. There will be a myriad of challenges but if we make it thru to the other side and are relatively unscathed, then I think we can go from there and I can say that I made it the paradigm shift. I am not sure anyone is truly ready for every scenario, but you do your best with what you have and go from there.

    There is no doubt there will be pain. That is a given.

    Life will change. It always does.

    So I am dug in, just outside of town and I am holding down the Bois Jacques.

    I hope the winter is mild.

    Great stuff!

  • Gareth

    Cheers, Ben

    I doubt there is such a thing as an ‘ideal’ location, but some places will be better than others. The people around you, and the relationship you have with them, will become stronger or weaker – you’ll need to weigh that one up yourself. I’m still hopeful, but remain cautious.

    There’s a combination of factors in this paradigm shift, and it’s beyond my comprehension in its totality – I just know/feel/believe that something both scary and wonderful is about to occur, and probably quite soon.

    My Plan C, by-the-way, is to simply go with the flow. From out-of-sync polar and magnetic north, to unpredicatble sunstorms, there’s a role for nature in this next chapter for humanity. Get back to nature at a spiritual level and allow it to ‘speak’ to you.

    All the best

  • ewkeane

    let the faint of heart abandon the land of their fathers.
    woe to the man who moves to mexico, or canada, or to far flung shores, he may never be able to reclaim his inheritance that is inside this patch of land.
    today in silver http://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html#ny the last three days of this weeks session shows that this low is well ahead of this months low average at 38.29. this also shows that while prices diped lower, it ended higher than or near 40.2155 cumulative yearly average. This months high price is 43.49.
    this seems to follow the historic 10 year trend of higher prices. Long position may become the masters of this market, as future gains may not excite the short term investor once it begins to become equivalent to the value of paper money, the only sure sign of stable money system.

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