Child’s questions

  1. Why would police want an end to crime?
  2. Why would spies and generals want peace?
  3. Why would oil giants welcome solar power?
  4. Why would banks encourage prudence and frugality?
  5. Why aren’t all addictive drugs illegal, or why are alcohol, caffeine and tobacco legal?
  6. Why would tech companies make breakthroughs, if their warehouses are full of last-year models?
  7. Why would pharma want to develop cheap and efficient cure, if they profit from treatment?
  8. If yolk is addled, and white is addled, is the egg still fine?

4 comments to Child’s questions

  • Paul

    And why would government schools foster critical thinking?
    Addled eggs? That’s a ducks explanation of why there are chickens… solves another riddle too…

  • lastmanstanding

    mc, you are on again…our country is fucked…unless those of us with balls stand firm with the founders.

    I pray to God daily for the strength to honor him and the life he has given me.

  • doug

    and why doesn’t water go up your arse when you sit in the bath tub?cheers

  • Twisted titan

    How can a bank, go bankrupt when they lend nothing but a electronic book entry???

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