Weekly Silver Shield Interview On FSN With Kerry Lutz

I think Kerry and I are really settling into a good pace in these interviews. I only wish that we could have more time to talk.

Check out the latest interview here. Click Here.

2 comments to Weekly Silver Shield Interview On FSN With Kerry Lutz

  • voxOnox

    Great interview … keep on educating!!!

  • IDSilver

    Nice interview Chris.
    With respect to your frustration recognized and discussed in the interview. If it helps, you have changed the way I think and approach events taking place in our world today. Approximately 3 years ago I started pulling all my money out of the banking system but had no clue where to put it. I found your website by way of The Silver Bear Cafe. Followed through after reading the article posted and found your website it wasn’t long after that I started buying physical silver. Recently I just spent the last of my fiat 401k dollars on more silver rounds. Although I wasn’t in tune to the value of silver before this past April (almost bought in August 2010) I am now through the “Sons of Liberty Academy”. After completing the SOLA I have been more aggressive in aquiring physical silver. I’m to the point now where I will buy monthly amounts to keep my bank balance to minimum exposure.
    Additionaly for what it’s worth. I am also frustrated with the lack of actions from my family to get out of the paper money scheme. And I’m sure they look at me as some kind of nut (more then usual). It’sgreat to see silver rise but difficule to watch it drop as much as it did recently. But to provide you additional incentive for your work and efforts, I come back to your website for positive words of encouragement during these highly manipulated down times. We all need each other during this movement. We have all been conditioned to do things a certain way and to move in a new direction from the “norm” takes alot of strength and probably more valuable is the support to continue.

    Thanks Chris!

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