Silver Shield’s Final Warning- The Visualization

Very cool!

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  • Bartie


    Nice vid.
    First of all,
    excuse my english.
    I assure you, you’ve got a big influence (even more then you think).
    Last week i’ve convinced some of my colleges; we’ve bought 8 kilograms of silver.
    We intent to buy another 15 kilograms. Others are getting curious (/nervous 😉 )…..
    Keep on teaching…

  • Bob

    Excellent! Thank you.

  • Aeneas8

    SS. You have out-done yourself this time. Absolutely stunning article and video. Thank you so much for helping us all wake up before it’s too late.


  • Erik

    I had been watching this man’s videos for a few days and the union of your writing with his video talents will make for a VERY powerful message….
    And YES I have physical!

  • Dennis

    Great copy and voice talent that’s diminshed by your choice of music and audio mix. Particularly painful are the music vocals that fight the great voice over – way too irritating. I advise to replace the music and remix the audio. Just being honest from someone who does this professionally. You don’t need to publish this comment; just wanna help.

  • Joe

    Thanks the final warning (and acid flashback). I mostly thank you for the first two dozen though! I started stacking in 2007, but didn’t realize the importance until I started to read your educational blog last year. I look forward to your next project with great anticipation. While i originally complained that you were shifting gears, I’ve since realized that, because of you, I have convinced 3 other people to buy physical. They will convince 3 people, so on and so forth = exponential growth of your silver message. YOU HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB!

    • Silver Shield

      That is great.

      I know of at least 3 people working on moving over a million $ into silver very soon because of this final warning.

      I will never know how much money I have helped move into silver but I am sure a lot based off of just what I know of.

      I am dedicating my time from now on to people who cannot afford the metal or are stuck in the paradigm, so about 99.9% of the rest of humanity.

  • Very inspirational. Indeed, precious metals are the REAL money and a store of wealth. It is not that the value of gold and silver is going up. No – their value is staying the same. Rather, the value of paper fiat currency is going down. In other words, it requires more fake money to buy the real stuff.

  • Tony

    Bernard von NotHaus, 67, was convicted Friday by a federal jury of making, possessing and selling his own coins, said Anne M. Tompkins, U.S. attorney for the Western District of North Carolina.

  • Tony

    Why are we all not getting behind bernard & supporting him? have we forgotten? This issue is at the core of liberty, please Chris lets bring this to the forefront and launch an appeal for this obvious injustice.

  • john

    I question this video and the hypnotizing tactics incorporated throughout the video. While i hold silver and am a silver bull, i don’t understand why this video has to be the way it is. sketchy

  • I watched one of my old favorite childhood hero/role model…you all know him as Michael Jordan…as there is nothing truly more Constitutionally sound than the true life American Dream work-harder-than-anyone-alive-to-reap-directly-proportional-rewards and be known to the even the most remote huts in China as is Michael Jordan. Even where I live you still see “His Airness” airbrushed on jeepneys and little poor kids of age 5 are wearing his jersey…

    Watch the last 3 minutes of this MJ documentary and tell me that there wouldn’t be a better President of the re-United States after a brutal 20 year civil war than a 68 year old distinguished former militant head of the greatest team in sports history, satisfying our human tribal nature, as well as a Midas Touch American Dream free market capitalist?

    Can there be anyone more beautifully flawed and human yet so perfect as this great American?

    I say to ye all fair brothers and sisters of the Liberty Movement to the one man who can unite the people and the world will follow,


    Michael Jordan

    Think about it :)

    • Silver Shield

      We do not need a “hero” to save us from the bad guys.

      Our problems start and end with us.

  • Of course…that’s the point….the man who wants nothing more than to be left alone…as he says “You guys” to the media due to their endless hounding of him.

    Who better than to lead by example by wanting to be left alone and let the free market work?

  • I’m still stirring up visions in my head of how we can all work together to follow that American Constitutional self-reliant yet team oriented dream…I have a blueprint for perfect Anarchy that is still baking in the oven that is my brain 😉

  • I

    Love the animation and the music. Of course there is no real need to make it look so dramatic and so on, I agree with people’s comments.
    But it is so intensly soothing to see that people are capable of making use of different media (music, text, animation et.) not only to get a message across but at the same time producing something of beauty.

  • Absolutely love the vocals, but like the pro that offered his critique, the music just gets a little too overpowering near the end. The problem with that is that the message gets watered down, causing the viewer’s attention to waver. May you succeed beyond your wildest dreams with this project, but like one of the other comments pointed out, do not forget those around you. They are your greatest achievement, not educating others on the collapse that is surely coming. They will be there when all else falls away, therefore, they deserve more of you than we do. Keep the faith that this is important, this is pivotal and this is reality, unlike the illusion we are fed daily by mainstream media stooges. Thank you.

  • john

    you mention to get out 100% of paper assests… what about gold and silver miners? won;t these companies still need to produce the physical silver and gold? i think miners present a tremendous opportunity for investors if what you are proposing to be true. any thoughts?

  • Silver Shield


    Miners are not the answer.

    Not only are they a stock.

    They can be nationalized or taxed to death.

    My big problem with them is that energy prices are going to soar and that will make some either unprofitable or not worth doing.

    Buy already mined silver.

  • One of the things I’m working on are instructional videos about how families and communities can work together to create solar, wind, and hydro projects. Seriously all you need is to teach the kids to put down the video games and pick up a soldering iron and they will be wizards. When I was 8 I was already helping my father wire the neighborhood. Imagine Nicole Sheringer in overalls and a pony tail….that’s me…and always was me since I was a little girl.

    These things are not hard to do and they are really a lot of fun. Renewable energy and farming were never meant to be a business or a job. If you can sell your wares on the side, that’s just icing on the cake. A consultant or engineer is fine to be a paid consultant and leader, but the community should be banding together in their free time to get to know each other and invest their money in these types of projects.

    The economy doesn’t have to crash. If enough people band together and lead by example with true enlightened knowledge, the rest of the sheeple will follow our template like the 100th monkey phenomenon.

  • Seriously, unemployed, retired, or underemployed engineers and other people with technical know how should be organizing these types of community events and pay themselves a transparent commission for putting together the raw materials for the community education and construction of the project.

    When the word gets out to how much a commission could be made on a 3 Megawatt project, for example (7% of 3 million for example) and then a minimal consultation fee for ongoing training and maintenance in the community to run its food and energy grid everybody with said knowhow will be competing to set these up and generate wealth for their community overnight.

    Within a year we could turn the West from a net energy consumer to a net energy producer with nearly infinite amounts to spare.

  • SG

    You realize, of course, that there is already a one world currency.

    It is silver and gold.

    It is only that the banks have temporarily forced in bad money. In the end, the are selling convenience, but gold and silver are still what people will accept when under pressure.

  • SG

    P.S. Brilliant comment about Cook.

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