A Quick Preview Of The Greatest Truth Never Told

I played around with some of the video production elements of what I am going to be doing over the next few weeks. You should see an huge improvement in the production quality of this project over the Sons of Liberty Academy. (It looks much better in HD than the small YouTube video) The production quality is one thing, but I believe the narrative I wove together is unlike anything anyone else has put together and will make the Academy look elementary.

I am also grateful to Julian Machala for contributing some of his amazing music to score the project. He is a local Ohioan that is aware and prepared and even flirted with selling his valuable violin and bow to buy more silver. :) I told him to never sell something that resonates with your soul.  As soon as he gives me a link or video to promote his work I will post it in a Resonate article.

Well that is 4 minutes done and only 3,000 more to go. See you in a couple of weeks with a finished product.

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  • Naturespace

    Nice. I like the black and white. For an intro it is good, but I hope I don’t have to look at your silly mug for hours on end. 😉
    The music is great.

    • Silver Shield

      That should be the only time you will see me.
      My wife thought it was important that people see who is talking to them at least once.

      I can tell you that I hate doing camera work as I am very critical of my self.

      That 4 minutes took almost an hour to record and another 4 to mix and produce.

      When I do audio recording it goes much faster.

  • Right On

    Very nice Chris. I am a former Marine like you and our core values are 100% aligned. When I found this site and the academy, it was definitely a breath of fresh air in a sea of lies and propaganda.

    The “Greatest Truth Never Told” is going to be a huge hit if the next 3000 minutes is as good as the first 4. When I first started reviewing the academy, it was clear in no uncertain terms to me that you had done your homework (as I have going all the way back to CompuServe in the 1980’s). The only “missing” element is a polished presentation as you pointed out as your main reason for revising.

    As some point I would like to talk with you more about a few idea I have for promoting your academy when it is revised. At then end of the day, all I care about is getting the word out to as many people as possible, and for those willing to invest the time, I think your academy is the answer.

    Keep up the good work Chris,
    Semper Fi!

  • Right On

    BTW, I realized after my post that some might misinterpret my “Semper Fi” as it is used in ceremony to our imperial government, however, when I use that term, it is “Semper Fi” to my true patriot brothers in the Corps, not to the war mongering banking oligarch and other elitists that get our brothers killed for their own greed and corporate interests. My allegiance will always be to my brothers who I fought with for the constitution, not the criminal bankers that have seized our country and loot it for their corporate and political conquest.

    Just wanted to make that clear. Chris, I know you are a smart guy and would know this, but I just wanted to make sure I was clear.

  • @ SilverShield…/WE SEE…You have taken on quite a task, young man.
    You DO have many behind [beside] you. Please recognize and commit daily thankfulness to HIM that you have been blessed with the mind and past experiences that have enabled you to be where you are today…the right place / the right time. Helping others to recognize their abilities to become physically free, even if only in spirit, is an ability that is worth more than silver / gold itself. …guaranteeing you a seat in the beyond.
    …as we move forward, try not to entrench yourself in this trek that you have chosen so much that you forget those who care for and love you. As you open OUR eyes to concepts that some have never recognized…try to keep YOUR OWN eyes open to those around you, those that no amount of silver / gold could ever obtain.
    As many others do so, I thank you. I commend you, and am honored to be within the SilverShield. THNX

    • Silver Shield

      I am aware of how fortunate I am to be where I am today and I use that everyday to best serve others.

  • Twisted titan

    We are at the veryt vanguard of the freedom movement.

    What is done today and those to come will be remembered throughout generations.

    make your mark well.

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    never sell something that resonates with your soul

    You do realize that this is bigger that just a comment in just this particular situation, don’t you. It’s a new, modern version of “No one can serve two masters”.

  • I follow you and went through your academy
    I appreciate what you do
    Keep up the good work
    I am long on phz silver and stocking food water guns etc
    Thanks again

  • Godspeed, and we can’t wait to see the video once you’ve finished!

  • Haole

    Keep up the good fight Sir!

    Here’s to red pills for the masses, as much as that might seems like an ideological fantasy at this point. There must always be hope.

    • Silver Shield

      That is the thing everyone is going to be forced to wake up when the dollar collapses and the illusion Is wiped clean.

      I hope this will provide humanity with an alternative course instead of the fear and tyranny the Elite want.

  • Manikin

    Looks totally awesome! Please let me know how I can help you with this project, or future projects. Perhaps it is time to organise us, and identify specific tasks for volunteers to take on?

    • Silver Shield

      I promote leaderless resistance and frown upon organized anything because centralization leads/attracts the power hungry.

      Do whatever you are passionate about and you feel that your talents and entries are best used.

  • Naturespace

    Smart wife. When I started the academy I was wondering what you looked like. Then saw you on an YouTube video interview, knowing the visual just puts the mind at rest and allows you to concentrate on the content.

  • Looks great, I like the approach.

    This should definitely take it another level.

    I can hardly wait!!!

    Just about to break out of the cocoon now – trying on the Superman cape for size…

  • Oh, yeah, Chris

    You look fine on camera and you have a good voice for the job and a great presence.
    What’s not to like?

    You should appear on camera as often as you like because you’re very presentable.
    Just thought I would add that before I left…

    • Silver Shield

      I really don’t like being in front of the camera. I feel it is a distratiOn from the ideas. When people are on camera we tend to drift into looking at them instead of their words.

  • Uno

    Like it, but would suggest some work on your audio equipment/quality.

  • Scott Friday

    I’m working my way through the Academy. No, production is not “polished”, but the content is excellent. None of it is new to me. However, it is good to see it all presented in one place and in a logical fashion. I have also enjoyed your personal commentary. In those regards, WELL DONE!

    3000 minutes is 50 hours. That is like several semesters of classes. In an age where people have been trained to exist on a diet of sound bites and catch phrases, I worry this may be to large a pill for many to swallow. Bear in mind, that would be the equivalent of four to five seasons of a typical TV show. Think how many shows go bust before even completing one season because people lose interest.

    You, myself, and some others might site through such a long presentation, but I think the vast majority of people won’t. I was thinking it might be good to have something a bit more stream lined to act as the gateway. Remember, taking the Red Pill was just Neo’s first step in the process of understanding reality. I am thinking there needs to be something like an Introduction that just hits a lot of the highlights to get people hooked and wanting to know more, then there can be the more substantial followup that has all real meat. I know there is a LOT of material, but if that intro could be done in a two hour (or less) video with decent production quality, that would go a LONG way toward getting people to explore the rest of the material. Think Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lession versus Mises’ Human Action or Rothbard’s Man, Economy,and State: with Power and Market. 😉

    If I could help I would, but you don’t want me doing your production as it would be atrocious! I would highly recommend hooking up with the folks at Mises.org, Lewrockwell.com, or even CampaignForLiberty.org. There are tons of folks with some real skills that could surely be of help.

  • Bradley


    I want to thank you for this project and for your efforts. I will follow what you have to say. I know your efforts will help many people which is your ultimate goal. Keep me on your list and hope that the gov. holds off total censorship for a while longer. My prayers are for you and your work of getting the truth out. Listen to your inner soul and pray for guidance and you will be a success for sure.

  • jim


    IMHO, the presentation here was great. Thanks for all of your efforts.

  • lastmanstanding

    Scott Friday. i was one of the first couple hundred to complete the academy early this year…It was the most gripping story I have ever read.

    Every free moment that I had was spent finishing a module to get to the next.

    I had NO PROBLEM with Chris’s delivery and content…the research was irrefutable

    Let me give you some advice…What is going to happen will be for the rest of your/ our lives…if people don’t get their head out of their ass, they will perish…and it will most likely not be pretty.

    TGSNT/SOLA/DTOM is his deal. 50 hrs to tell a story that encompasses hundreds of years is nothing.

    Losing interest on this one will be fatal for some…that is how the earth works.

  • Edith Cragg

    Dear Chris
    I have only just woken up to the reality of life, due to the fact that I just got so sick of seeing people dying unnecessarily at the hand of the ‘conventional medical system’, simply because falling ill meant that in the United States for example $800K goes straight into the “health system” for every patient.
    I went to the Dominican Republic to learn about MMS with an amazing compatriot of yours, Jim Humble. There I came across another 13 amazing people from all over the world who told me about the Illuminati etc.
    I consider myself a well travelled/educated person – I have lived all over the world, but I never thought these shenanigans were going on right under my nose.
    I have now woken up to these facts and just want to make it better for humanity – so I am working on trying to find cheap alternative health products, easily available to the ordinary Joe blog who has no health insurance etc.
    I am absolutely dedicated to this and am in a fortunate position not to have to work for an income – so coming across your log by accident – well I don’t think it was an accident though – the universe has a way to provide us with what we need at the time we need it.
    Anyway, just wanted to say from Australia – keep the good work up – and may we truly move into a more humane era
    warmest wishes
    Edith Cragg

  • mister


    I have never been a part of the US military, never will be, and am proud of it. Really appreciate your efforts being put forth in this area.

  • Jeff

    At first when I read your writings I could very easily identify myself with them since I am fully conscious of the disaster that is being inflicted upon humanity by the greed of the elites. HOWEVER, it did not take too long before I realized that you are also using the very same propaganda used by the bad guys, but against the Jewish people and the Zionism. You are talking high of love, merci, freedom, but it seems that this is for everyone except the Sons of Israel. Whenever it comes to Israel, you lose control of yourself and the venom of hatred and wickedness is dropping from your mouth in a way that Josef Goebels would not be ashamed of. You are not original in your antisemitism. We, the Sons of Israel, experienced it from the dawn of history. Your righteous forfathers accused us of using Christian blood in our Matzot for passover. Today, you are accusing us for the 9/11. What do you think, maybe we also caused Hurricane Irene? All the empires that thought to exterminate us are in the garbage can of history and long forgotten: Egypt, Babel, Greece, Rome. You could have become really a torch of freedom, but instead you have chosen to be part of the evil forces, and therefore, you will also go the bin of history. Now open you ears and hear: We, the Sons of Israel returned to our promised land and will free our land from the Arab occupation. You will also feel the Moslem aggression when they take over the power in US. (In Europe they are almost done). When that happens, you won’t be able to disseminate your thoughts over the web because the internet will be shut down just as it happened in Syria, Egypt Iran etc. It amazes me time and again how inteligent people are swept by all this antisemitic brainwashing.

  • Silver Shield


    Like is have said many times before I am against Zionism. Just like I am against socialism, communism, state capitalism, fascism or any other form of collectivism that is out to destroy human freedom. Zionism in particular is a racist form of capitalism that can be traced to the Rothschilds who own and control the world through their debt and death machine.

    You make the mistake of thinking this is an attack on the Jews, but let me assure you not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. I think you would be surprised at how many Jews are in the Academy and see this distinction.

    You could say that I am anti American through your glasses. I am against what we have mutated into with our militaristic, socialistic, narrcisitic ways. The reality is our government does not represent what our founders and most of the people who live in this country.

    As far as 9/11… Qui Bono? Look up Project For a New American Century or PNAC. There are a lot of Zionists there… and guess what they are not all Jewish.

    While you are at it maybe you could explain to me WTC7 or show me evidence of a Jumbo Jet hitting the Pentagon? Good luck with that one…

  • Dale

    Glen Beck has his “Stand With Israel” meeting last week.
    I need to know who to trust on this issue.
    Lies about the Jews are everywhere.
    I have never know a Zionist.
    The Bible mentions that the Jews will return
    to Christ in the last days.

    • Silver Shield

      Revelation 2:9 I know your afflictions and your poverty–yet you are rich! I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

      Revelation 3:9 Look, I will force those who belong to Satan’s synagogue–those liars who say they are Jews but are not–to come and bow down at your feet. They will acknowledge that you are the ones I love.

      Zionists are created by the Rothschilds as seen early as the 1917 Balfour Declaration.
      The Rothschilds have grown to be the greatest power on earth through their control of the world’s central banks. Theirs is a empire built on Debt and Death.

      Not all Zionists are Jews, not all Jews are Zionists.

      Zionism is not different than any other form of collectivism like Socialism, Communism, Fascism or State Capitalism except for its racist over tones.

  • Normally, I don’t like to spell these kinds of things out for people in a public venue; but this time I will make an exception, simply because this web site (Thank you Chris) is worthy of such…

    Zionism is an ancient and evil schism promulgated by entities that belong to another dimension. I know that’s hard to swallow, but you are adults; or are you?

    Read ahead if you can handle it; drink deeply if you will…

    There are methods established that enables a communication between these ‘Zionists’ and these other dimensional entities.

    These entities do not make racial distinctions other than to look at all humans as poker chips in the greatest of all poker games. These entities see us as something to be feared; but also we make tasty food treats.

    Someone is keeping count: One, two, three, red, blue; white. Except for one thing:

    God loves Jews especially well; they are his greatest achievement, therefore he looks upon them as ‘blue chip.’ (am I Jewish? well maybe a little..) I think I’m Jooo – ish.

    A Zionists favorite sport is to kill as many Jewish non-Zionists Jews as possible. Read again. That’s right, I said it.

    That is the experience of Human History, just ask Josephus and all the other Historians if you can find it…

    Because the Universe (God if you will)values these chips above all of his other creations; the powers that be will always try to use this venue (Zionism)as an avenue of approach in achieving what they call ‘Our great work’ and maintaining their place of power in this World.

    If you are already interested in how this is achieved; it is outlined in great detail through the Talmudic tomes. No secrets here. Personally, I suggest you not look too deeply; because there are traps and ‘studying the mysteries’ can be dangerous as the avenue to this approach is fraught with danger. I do not go there. I suggest you do not.

    If you like works of fiction; you could read C.S.Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters.”

    It will show you how this works in basic detail, without the danger. This classic novel gives a person who’s interested a hint of the kinds of methods that people like ‘Jeff’ here use to confuse us in our quest for solutions.

    I do not know if “Jeff’ is ignorant of these things or if he is a minor schill; but I will say that he needs to brush up on his arguments if he wants to debate on these issues as it is apparent to me that he is limited in his arguments(to say the least).

    You all have a good day now…


    Charles Patterson

  • Jeff

    Let me reiterate once more what zionism is about. Zionism is the movement of the return of the Jews from the diasporah and exile to their homeland. Therefore, it did not start with Rothschild, but was spelled by all the prophets in the Bible (the old testament). If this goal is illegitimate in your eyes, then stop talking about freedom. If Rothschild helped in this regard, then at least he has done one good thing.
    The citations you brought from Revelation are full of hatred, and explain why you are so upset by the return of Jews to their homeland, since it seems that one of the pillars of your belief is that the Jews are doomed because they did not accept Jesus, and therefore they are Satan etc. After the perspective of 2000 years it is clear that the Jews were right in not accepting Jesus for at least 3 reasons:
    1. His death was supposed according to Christian teachings to bring salvation and peace to the world. None of this happened. On the contrary, so much blood was shed in his name.
    2. God has sworn to Abraham Isaac and Jacob that their offspring will for ever be his chosen people (even if they sin), and that they will inherit the land of Israel. Christianity teaches that God changed his mind, and now the Jewish people is not any more his chosen people. You probably do not know what it means to sware in English. Also, the Christians do not even claim to have any affinity to the land of Israel.
    3. God commanded 613 commandments in the Bible (the old testament). Christianity teaches that none of these is important any more. You do not accept even the Shabbat (Saturday) as the day of rest that appears in the ten commandments. Instead you have chosen Sunday. God said the Torah (the Bible) is eternal. You say it is not. You think of God as of a human being that changes his mind every day. If you so believe, then tomorrow will come a person who will say that he is the true prophet and the son of God or God himself and that God changed his mind yet again. BTW, 600 years after Jesus came Muhammed and said he is the true messenger of God and spells the true religion. So whom should you believe? Jesus or Muhammed? The answer is none of them.

    The Bible says in Deuteronomy 13 2-6: If there appears among you a prophet or a dream-diviner and he gives you a sign or a portend saying “Let us follow and worship another god” whom you have not experienced-even if the sign or portend that he named to you co9mes true, do not heed the words of that prophet or that dream diviner. For the Lord your God is testing you to see whether you really love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul. Follow none but the Lord your God, and revere non but Him, observe His commandments alone, and heed only His orders, worship none but Him and hold fast to Him. As for that prophet or dream diviner, he shall be put to death for he urged disloyaltyto the Lord your God who freed you from the land of Egypt and who redeemed you from the house of bondage- to make you stray from the path that the Lord you God commanded you to follow.

    Now allow me to let you know what will happen in the end of the days as the Bible teaches us. When Messaiah comes (the true one), all the gentiles will recognize the one and only God, his one and only Torah (the Old Testament), and his one and only chosen people, and they will come to Jerusalem to pray in the temple that will be built on Mount Temple as the prophet Isaiah says in chapter 56, 6-8: As for the foreigners who attach themselves to the Lord, to minister Him, and to love the name of the Lord, to be his servants, all who keep the sabbath and do not profane it, and who hold fast to My covenant-I will bring them to My sacred mount and let them rejoice in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices shall be welcome on My altar for My House shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples. Thus declares the Lord God, who gathers the dispersed of Israel “I will gather still more to those already gathered”.

    Therefore dear Chris, if you are really out for the great truth, I suggest that you start reading the real Bible from the first page to its last one and you will discover the great truth that was already told and maybe this will be your greatest achievement and accomplishment. I urge you to be a BRAVE truth seeker even if it involves questioning all that you were taught as a child.
    If you are indeed interested in continuing this discussion in person (not over the web) let me know and I will send you the info of contact.

    As to Charlie Patterson, his hallucinatory incitement does not deserve any address.


  • Chris

    Speaking of brainwashing, not to mention hallucinatory incitement, the person suffering from brainwashing could just as easily be Jeff. I see no difference at all between the posts of Charles Patterson and Jeff. Both posts show an alliance to an ideology or dogma that you have chosen to identify yourself with that may or may not be the truth. If you can see others’ brainwashing, why can’t you see your own?

    • Silver Shield

      Just because two people can think logically, does not mean they are brianwashed.

      Emotional manipulative fear thought is a hallmark of brainwashing, not logical thought.

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