Yet another proof that peace is super simple

It’s obvious that the main conflict between the State and an individual is that the State disrepects an individual. It wants to break anything that does not fit their template. One’s preferences, beliefs, convictions, principles, ethics mean nothing to the State.

Now, the tricky part.

The moment we think about disliking someone for their difference, we are sending a message “If I had legal power over you, I’d force you to fit my template”. Which makes us exactly like the hyper-powerful government. Which is an abomination.

Do you dislike gays? Non-Christians? Liberals? Conservatives? In-laws? Illegal immigrants? The government? People who think too much? People who follow blindly?

Flush them all out of your mind.

Exhibit 1:

Ardent Catholics and ardent anti-Catholics allocate the same amount of their mind space, and thus time and energy, to Catholicism. Which, in case of anti-Catholics, is pretty absurd.

The key is to keep one’s mind clear of things that don’t matter. Whenever they don’t threaten your immediate environment, classify them as “Who cares”. Whenever they do threaten your immediate environment, it’s this specific person that is a threat to be dealt with, not the labels they wear.

Just like I hate to be told by the State that I can’t wear a pink skirt with an orange tie to my wedding with another male*, so everyone else hates it when I disapprove of them. If I don’t want to be ruled, I have to let others rule themselves as well—otherwise freedom for me is tyranny for everyone else. Such world is not only unjust, but unhappy even for myself, here’s why.

Exhibit 2:

When you grab a 20lb dumbbell, is it your arm or your entire body that becomes 20lb heavier?

If you cause harm to a stranger who is different, is it the stranger’s world or your shared world that becomes worse?

* * *

The only person I am a natural master of is me. Everyone else is exactly the way they were supposed to be – it’s beyond my control. I don’t want to force them to change, as any forced change is a lie. What I can do is aspire them to be like me.

If I am strong and happy, everyone will want to be equally strong and happy. To be strong and happy, start by not wasting your energy on things that don’t matter.

* * *

Any personal dislike means “You must be what I want you to be”. But:

Universe is infinite, and as such it has no center. Therefore, none of us is physically capable of occupying this very important spot. We are all equally important in the complex tapestry of life.


* Do you want me to reassure you that I am straight? Tsk, tsk, tsk – it shouldn’t matter. At all. As long as I don’t preach my preferences to your kids.

2 comments to Yet another proof that peace is super simple

  • Right on the money. The state rules by violence. Don’t follow it’s edicts and you are arrested. Resist, and you are taken by physical force at the point of gun, thrown in jail. But we are all collectively injured when the natural rights of any individual are forceably taken from him. As millions of injustices are done, the entire foundation is weakened and eventually collapses.

  • Prudentis

    Nice Mustafa, but I would disagree on oone point:
    If the universe was infinite everyone of us would be not equally important, but equally unimportant.
    This is a very important distinction, because giving importance to anything in an infinite and chaotic universe is hillarious :)
    Where is the sense of your life? Where will it be, if not only you but earth and mankind are extinguished? In an infinite universe this “blip” in space and time would be infinitessimally unimportant.

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