The Waning of “We”

All the turbulence of the latest 3 years is the beginning of the agony. The world of “We” is preparing to die and give way to the world of “I”.

Take three important books written in the XX century: first, “We” by Zamiatin, then “Brave new world” by Huxley, and finally—”1984” by Orwell. The main idea of these books is the same: “We” vs “I”. They all appeared in the first half of the 20th century, and this was the peak of “We”.

Once the idea was formulated, ready to be dissected, analyzed, and observed in everyday life, its decay began. All wars and currency tricks that began in the second half of the 20th century are a proof.

“We” is what made the following possible:

  • absurd laws
  • permanent wars
  • trade unions
  • unaccountable security mob
  • representative democracy
  • borders
  • terrorists
  • mass food poisoning approval by FDA
  • population half-sedated, half-dying thanks to big pharma
  • political correctness
  • suppression of reason
  • power taken away from individuals

How did “We” make it possible? Through the illusion of safety. “You are welcome to hide in my mass“, says We, “and no evil will ever find you. You will be protected by millions of others like you.” What We conveniently fails to mention, however, is that you must surrender your heart, soul and brain to enjoy the said illusion of safety.

When We’s offer first hits the market, it sounds like a fabulous win-win: part with a little bit of your personal power and let others worry about you. As more and more people fall for the sweet promise, We becomes so powerful and needs so much nutrition that it starts eating its own members by labeling them criminals and terrorists. By that time, all members of We are so grown into the organism that leaving is hard to even think about, let alone carry out.

As an example, let’s take unions. A person who knows his stuff, who wants to bring value to the world, who has no fear of his superiors must negotiate his own terms. Sneaks and slackers must perish.  But unions roll them together into one mediocre package, and force the best to pull 2 loads: for themselves and for slackers. Who wins? The scum of the trade and the union management. Who loses? The cream of the trade and end users.

Same for any level of We, down to the family and up to the State. The best and the brightest lose, yet those who should naturally vanish, don’t. “We” is god-sent for everyone average and lower, for every coward and swindler.

What is coming to replace the world of We is the world of I. Where everyone will live and die by his own decision. There will surely be less people in the new world. Lives will be shorter, but they will be honest and full.

Usually, when people call for a change, they hope to magically end up on top in the changed world. I don’t think I will survive the turmoil, because there are a lot of people smarter and stronger than me: I don’t hope to get a secure spot at the top of the new world. (There won’t be any secure spots, to begin with.)

I may be still alive today only thanks to the comfort, protection and perks of We. But with its perversion and lies, I want it to disappear, even at the price of my own disappearance with it. I want somebody, not necessarily me, to live in a cleaner, simpler, smaller, reasonable world of I.

The fact that I may not make it does not mean I shouldn’t help others to get there. When enough people accept this approach, the world of I will suddenly be here.

7 comments to The Waning of “We”

  • lastmanstanding

    MC…you kicked ass with this piece.

    I have lived in the world of ‘I” my whole adult life. Don’t get me wrong, there have been many along the way that have helped but, I have always relied on my own wits and instincts. (Not always with good results)

    I also want to help “others” get to,”the world of I” somehow I believe that many of us were destined for that world…I plan on doing whatever it takes to get my grandboys to that place…hope to see you and all dtom’ers there.

  • michael

    Powerful piece. Thank you.

  • Kevin Brown

    Great article! I work For myself And rely on, my Skills, good nature, intuition and awareness as much as possible. You attract what you are.

  • twisted titan

    I have to make it to the other side…….cause if I don’t the sociopaths who made it across will shackle my sisters and brothers just the same.

    I have to be there to rout them out.

  • Greg B

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the best book about We vs. I. That’s Ayn Rand’s “Anthem”.

  • Barbara

    I really liked this article!

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