Should We Teach Math In School?

25 comments to Should We Teach Math In School?

  • Jon

    Vibration equation, apparently not here. No wonder were such sheeple heading towards 3rd world status!

  • Darius

    This can’t be real…..

  • Pete

    Funny Funny….That had to be a joke right? Right? Your scaring me…no one is that stupid.

  • Paul

    Teach math?
    They do!
    Teachers: weapons of math destruction….

  • Bryan

    I assume this is a joke of some kind. I don’t believe real people would think like that, or should I say non-think like that.

  • Paul Prichard

    Are they kidding ?
    I burst out laughing a few times while watching this.

  • Ben

    This has to be a joke. And it’s awesome. As a son of two math tecchers, I found it’s value early on. Mathematics teaches you to thing critically, find relationships, define concepts and a whole host of other intellectually satisfying goodies. Both my parents believed in the concept of mathematics as a language. A tool to be used. Once you look at it from that perspective, a whole new world opens up.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  • …duh? I mean like, ya know? Math?? I have a calculator on my iPhone, ya know?

    UNBELIEVABLE…KUDOS again SilverShield. ..for jolting us again into reality! My nephew is a teacher in Knoxville, he calls me about 3-4 times a week….just to say YYYEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOWWWW! IDIOCRACY IS RAMPANT!!
    RON PAUL 2012!

  • Kevin Brown

    Take your pick beauty or brains or neither. Unbelievable! I’ll take silver

  • Ben

    I meant teachers not “tecchers” LOL…oh the irony.

  • Paul

    Hi Ben…Math is a relational language. With math you can create fiction just as with spoken and written language. Does anyone ever tell kids that? Where do pure concepts like Infinite, Random, and Vacuum fit in the observable world?
    They don’t.
    Math is a very useful tool, and I’ve got some statistics to prove it around here somewhere…
    Have Fun!

  • RealtyChick

    @Ben Thanks for the laugh!

  • Kyle

    Very funny video! Almost had me fooled, but after looking at the original video this one is a clever hoax. Nice try though!

  • This can’t be real. Either that or it is for Ms. Leftist Jerry Springer’s future assistant crack whore competition.

    Math is the most fundamental and universal language. If you can learn math you can pretty much explain anything to anyone…even an alien species would decode our mathematics and vice versa first before other language barriers would be cracked.

    One of the reasons there are so many sheeple is because math is NOT taught in schools. Even if it they learn how to memorize a bunch of equations most kids never learn the context of mathematics. Even worse that people perpetuate the lie that women do not make good engineers or mathematicians. The truth is that math explains the true nature of the universe and how the universe is fundamentally female. When we unite the fields, i.e. Einstein’s theories of relativity, special relativity, and string theory with gravity, we will truly understand the nature of God through mathematics…since our 3D brains cannot comprehend it using our spoken words…but even then language is mathematics also like in the movie PI.

  • Even E=mc2 explains emotional energy just like it does electrical energy and matter…since emotional energy is just a form of electrical energy in our brain as is the soul…and energy cannot be created or destroyed but merely transformed.

    But if organized religions or the dogmatic “religions” that is leftist university departments started teaching this, maybe people would really start understanding who they truly are and what God truly is….and TPTB cannot have that now can they? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • ib12541

    We are so screwed! And these chicks are gonna breed someday.

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    The video is satirical. Speaking of what should be taught in schools, there shouldn’t be any federally programmed schools in the first place. It’s up to every community to decide what to teach their kids. Those who don’t choose wisely, must fade away the market way.

  • Ron Mexico

    Satire, folks. What they are trying to do is make creation believers and man-made global warming deniers look stupid (as if evolution and AGW are able to be proved like math is). Geez, just look at the women and you can figure out they weren’t the real ladies from the Miss USA pageant.

  • twisted titan

    what sad is you can’t rule it out as a possibility…….then you can half way chuckle but not full fledge laugh…cause you know that level idiocy exists on the homefront

  • bad tom

    funny, but cant be real. That saying these girls are no way on earth any beauty queens.
    Real stupidity fr those girls, yes! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Prudentis

    The scariest thing is the original video, not this funny hoax.
    In the original actually some of them say things like
    “I don’t BELIEVE in evolution” or
    “it’s what people believe”

    Do your freaking experiments for crying out loud! Everyone can try falsify evolution on their own … and fail miserably in the process ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Rob

    They must be actresses, no one could be that stupid, if its for real, they should be sterilised.

  • Tim

    For all you idiots that questioned if this was real – you are dumber than the people are suppose to be in this video. Wow.

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